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debris - static disposal

From Chickasha, OK comes this total dada / punk / psych obscurity. This is the ORIGINAL 1976 self released vinyl rarity, featuring Charles Ivey. The sound is much more intense compared to the inferior reissues that have appeared over the years. Not for the fainthearted! More Info
Static Disposal (PIG-0000) / US Still Sealed

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columbus circle - st. john's eve
(ITEM 2) COLUMBUS CIRCLE - On St. John's Eve

Glastonbury, Connecticut collegians doing avant-garde jazzy prog-psych. Concept begins with side-long title track in three movements: "Sundown"; "The Devil's Festival"; "Postlude At Dawn". Side two has: "The Morning After"; "I'm Your Salvation"; "Oh, Henry!"; "Lad From Lombard"; "Hustlin'"; & "Quincy Nights". From 1976, featuring Paul Coyle (flute & sax), and John 'Purple' Hayes (guitar).
Pharoah (PHA-105) / US Still Sealed

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the hubbles

Trippy Folk-Psych-Pop originals w/ Fuzz Guitar & Sitar. This delightful obscurity from 1969 features a vocal duet with Mary Ann Frazell of Dayton, Ohio, and Bob Hubbel of Tarrytown New York, reminiscent of early Jefferson Airplane or Richard & Mimi Farina. Really atmospheric writing & beautiful singing. They gained some notoriety for what many consider the weakest song on the LP: "Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man", a catchy novelty number, but the real gold is in the other tracks. Selections are: Candlelight; Misty Morning; Cotton Candy Dream; Dream Mover; Sunrise Setting; Now Is Forever; You Keep Me Hangin' On (Holland-Dozier-Holland song); City Woman; Brother Wrong; & Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man. Produced by Ray Ellis for Shel-Ray Productions.
Audio Fidelity (AFSD6221) / US Mint

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r. crumb - ordinary records
(ITEM 4) R. CRUMB & His Keep On Truckin' Orchestra - 10" 78 RPM - Rare 1973 Debut Recording

Robert Crumb is best known for his incredible pioneering underground comic book stories, art, & characters, such as Fritz The Cat; Mr Natural; The Snoid; Flakey Foont; Devil Girl; & many others. This multi-talented master of the melancholy became an American icon of legendary status, with a vast
body of work ranging from 60s & 70s album cover art to the biographical documentary film "Crumb". Along the way, R. Crumb began performing 1920's style 'syncopated' music of an early Jazz & Blues style that Louis Armstrong would be proud of. On this nifty 10" Microgroove 78 RPM vinyl record, we hear two exclusive selections: "River Blues" bw/ "Wisconsin Wiggles".   R. Crumb himself, can be heard crooning & warbling, while the flip features a string band with musical saw. Record sleeve & label art is of course by R. Crumb, for this second April 1973 pressing, long out of print. This is his Debut Recording, and plays with ANY 33 1/3rd Phonograph Needle, but even if your turntable does not rev all the way up to 78 RPM, you'll still want to own this incredible R. Crumb rarity, manufactured by the now defunct Krupp Comic Words, of Milwaukee, WI. with the catchy motto: "A HIGH STANDARD OF STANDARDNESS"
Ordinary Records (#5000) / US Unplayed Mint!

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sherman hayes - catman

Sherman Hayes Jr, son of the famed Hotel Orchestra Bandleader, teams up with Dick Rosmini, Ralph Shuckett, Larry Knechtel, Joe Osborne & others, including members of "Pan", as well as Tom "Zippy" ("Zip") Caplan of "The Litter" & "White Lightning", and Mick ("Slick") Stanhope of "White Lightning". The fine southern rock styled selections are: Catman (2:51); Winter's Just Like Coming Home (4:10); South's Gonna Rise Again (2:55); Dreamer (4:00); Keepin' to the Backroads (3:46); Creepy Crawly Feelin' (2:55); Mandy (2:05); Spirit (2:08); Waitin' for Tomorrow (2:45); Country Rain (2:54). This is a rare 1973 white label promo. More Info

Barnaby Records (BR-15009) / US Mint

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gems - various girl groups of the 60s
(ITEM 6) GEMS - Girl Group Anthology - Various Artists

20 original Girl Groups from the 1960s, includes: The Kittens "Don't Let It Happen Again" (produced by Larry Finnegan who hit in 1962 with"Dear One". His two sisters sing lead), and The Significant Other "What Is The Reason?" (Maine all-girl garage band). More Info
Gems (002) / US Still Sealed

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suicide lp on red star records

This innovative "pre-punk era" NYC duo was an important influence on Birthday Party, Soft Cell, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Nine Inch Nails and the Sisters Of Mercy with their potent fusion of rockabilly/blues & electronic music on cheap equipment. Suicide's shocking 1977 debut is an pioneering avant-garde lo-fi masterpiece featuring some tremendous reverb, ear shattering delay & echo. The amazingly catchy songs & melodies are generally built around two-chords, & the powerful minimalist repetition tends to increase the intensity. Martin Rev is the maestro; & Alan Vega provides verbal psychosis in a sub-Elvis rock & roll croon through massive amounts of echo and delay. Oh yeah, there are no guitars & the percussion heavy throbbing beats & loops; rapid fire, but let's not confuse it with Heavy Industrial, No-Wave or Techno Rock. Tracks are: Ghost Rider; Rocket U.S.A; Cheree; Johnny; Girl; Frankie Teardrop; Che. Not for all tastes.
Red Star (RS1) / US Still Sealed

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roy buchanan - debut lp w/ burlap cover
(ITEM 8) ROY BUCHANAN - Buch And The Snake Stretchers

This is the original first edition 1971 Roy Buchanan "Butch & The Snakestretchers" LP on his own privately pressed label, housed in its original oversized burlap bag cover, roughly 18" x 13", made of very thick burlap material, stitched together at the sides with white thread, and spray painted in large black and red stenciled letters. This one-of-a-kind LP was produced & distributed by Gene Rosenthal. The bag spraying of these highly collectible covers took place in his driveway (circa 1971) in preparation for this first edition release of only 1,000. Roy Buchanan was thought to be the next Hendrix, & on this album he lets loose with his signature blistering guitar work. The Snake Stretchers deliver heavy garagey blues rock backup including versions of Neil Young's "Down By The River", Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" and some extended blues jams.
Bioya Sound (MM-519) / US Near Mint

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judy henske / jerry yester - farewell aldebaran
(ITEM 9) JUDY HENSKE & JERRY YESTER- Farewell Aldebaran

Bluesy folk singer Judy Henske married Jerry Yester who replaced Zal Yanovsky (in 1967) in the Lovin' Spoonful until the group folded in 1968. They are in rare form on this 1969 collaborative LP. Judy Henske & Frank Zappa were managed by Herbie Cohen. Zappa got Judy to put her poetry to music & this LP was one of the first released on his Straight label. It's a wildly eclectic, impressive album showcasing her great vocal range, & owes more to psychedelic music than folk. The cryptic production is reminiscent of an adventurous Van Dyke Parks or Brian Wilson. Baroque music filtered through acid-colored glasses. Henske & Yester were later in a band called Rosebud, but never matched the inspired weirdness of this record. Jerry Yester & Zal Yanovsky co-produced the selections: Snowblind (3:07); Horses on a Stick (2:10); Lullaby (2:55); St. Nicholas Hall (3:35); Three Ravens (3:30); Raider (5:12); Mrs. Connor (2:17); Rapture (4:09); Charity (3:17); and the title track, Farewell Aldebaran (4:21). A quintessential 'Acid-Folk' album if there ever was one! The gatefold record jacket shows some color rubbing but appears in overall Excellent condition. Back cover is pictured.
Straight (STS-1052) White Label Promo / US Mint-

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pass on this side
Pass On This Side

Jazzy psych-folk singer-songwriter LP by Leslie Fradkin & Paul Thornton of Godz, recorded between 1970 & 1974, the year it was released. A couple of interesting guest appearances sets this little known effort apart from most others. The song "To Err Is Human" was written & sung by David Peel, while the title track, "God Bless California", features Randy Edelman on piano & vocals. Backing him are drummer Dennis Seiwell & two of his bandmates from Wings, Paul & Linda McCartney, making this one of their most obscure & collectible outings. Selections are: God Bless California; M'Lady; Jimi (tribute to Jimi Hendrix); Christopher's Sorrow; Walking Guitar Blues; Oh Woman; To Err Is Human; Sometimes. The album was packaged in a plain black cover, with plain black labels & includes the original set of stickers with which the buyer could assemble his own arrangement of the cover art design. The insert sticker sheet has the title strip, credits. plus 2 extra labels, red & green, that you can stick onto the black labels if you want to distinguish one side from the other. Additional musicians include Bob Unger, Richard Davis, & Andrew Lloyd. This was reissued on CD by ZYX in 1992 titled "Godz Bless California" & credited to the Godz, but here you're bidding on the seldom-seen original vinyl release, with superior analog sound & the rare 63019 catalog number, not the later but still hard-to-find 3019 ESP catalog number. Includes seldom seen insert of other ESP-Disk titles. This is the ultimate issue for collectors of Godz or Paul McCartney rarities!
ESP-Disk (63019) / US SS

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sing out
(ITEM 11) SING OUT! - 1965 Colwell Bros. Folk LP with actress Glenn Close of The Green Glenn Singers

This is the hard-to-find PACE MAGAZINE SING OUT MUSICAL that was broadcast in a television spectacular sponsored by the Schick Safety Razor Co. It celebrates the mid-1960's generation for it's achievements of reaching farther into space, deeper below the sea, and further into science & technology than those before them. The motivational revue consists of The Colwell Brothers, creators of the "Sing-Out" musical explosion, "Up With People!" They perform: Freedom Isn't Free; The Ride Of Paul Revere; Design For Dedication; Don't Stand Still; You Can't Live Crooked & Think Straight; A New Tomorrow; and others. They also back singer Linda Blackmore on: The Ballad Of Joan Of Arc; and Somewhere. The Green Glenn Singers are led by now-famous actress GLENN CLOSE! I'm not sure, but I think her father was the choral director. She toured with "Up With People" for at least a year. Gleen (as her name is mis-spelled in the liner notes) is pictured with musicians Jennie Dorn, Vee Entwhistle, and Kathe Green who perform: Run & Catch The Wind; and The Happy Song. Charles Woodard performs Which Way America?, and Effie Galletly is heard on The Spirit Of The Green. The selections were written by The Colwell Bros. & Herbert and David Bliss Allen. The record cover includes photos & quoted endorsements from John Wayne, Pat Boone, and Walt Disney! This is a seldom seen Original 1965 STEREO pressing on the custom Pace Magazine record label, with lyric innersleeve. Highly unlikely to ever be released on CD.
Pace Magazine Record Label (1101) / US Still Sealed

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(ITEM 12) BEATLESONGS! - The Best Of The Beatle Novelty Records- Various Artists

With original William Stout cover artwork. Due to the controversy that arose from the depiction of Mark David Chapman on the cover, this album was quickly pulled from distribution shortly after its release in 1982. Fairly tough to find now days, and the song selections are great! More Info
Rhino (RNLP-803) / US Still Sealed

Auction Ends on Wednesday, April 30th, 2018. BID NOW!

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