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Q: How do I make an order?
A: Please e-mail to reserve an item.
Click here to send an email:
For a quicker response, write to me at:
Please include a subject line that has the word bongos, as well as your topic of interest.

Q: Why can't I see your email address?
A: The above addresses are encrypted to hide them from spam-bots. If they do not display properly in your browser, please make sure Java Script is enabled. If you are in frames from a referring site, some features may not work on this site, including seeing email addresses.

Here are some alternate ways to contact me: On the bottom of the site-search results page there is an email link. It also appears on the bottom of the Advanced Search page, or after saving your search preferences in My Preferences. Simply click one of those email links to contact me. If that doesn't work, you can go to the auction a-go-go page and use the form mail to contact me. If all else fails, please send a postcard to my mailing address, found below, and on the order page.

Q: I emailed but never heard back. Why?
A: Perhaps your spam filters are set too high. Please configure your email program to accept email from the above addresses.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping for 1 or 2 record albums is $5.00, which includes Media Mail and Delivery Confirmation (tracking). No matter how large your order is, you never pay more than $10 shipping for LPs. Shipping rates for Books, Movie Trailers & Videos will vary. Priority Mail, Airmail, and/or insurance is extra. Details can be found here: More Info

Q: Where do I send my payment?
A: Richard Julio, PO Box-106, Portland, ME 04112. Please do not send payment without emailing first to reserve your item.

Q: Why don't you take Paypal?
A: Perhaps someday, but right now phishing is too prevalent, and Paypal has not yet adequately addressed this security problem. Furthermore, Paypal offers no seller protection if you ship to an unconfirmed address, and all non-U.S. addresses are 'unconfirmed' in Paypal's view, & require expensive international registered mail. I prefer to use traditional payment methods which provide greater security & privacy for the buyer, such as a Postal Money Order.

Q: How do I know if a listing is for an LP or CD?
A: Unless otherwise indicated, all listings are Original Label Stereo USA 1st pressing 12" black vinyl LPs, mostly from the 1950s, 1960s & 1970s. I will list a Promo LP as 'DJ' only if the label indicates it, not just the jacket. None of the LPs listed on this site have UPC bar-codes unless specified. If you see "More Info", you can click it for additional details about that entry. With so many items, it's hard to have a 'more info' page for each & every title, so you are encouraged to write with any questions.

Q: How can I trust your record grading?
A: I have over 40 years experience as a professional record dealer, and my accurate record grading is reflected in my eBay feedbacks. Because there are no returns or refunds, you are encouraged to ask questions about an item before your purchase, to avoid any misunderstandings. You'll know exactly what you will be getting, so your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Q: Can I get a CD-R; DVD-R; or HD DVD-R of a title instead?
A: Yes, certain titles or custom compilations are available, but only by special request, produced only on an as needed basis. 5% surcharge added for transfer of LPs valued over $50. Dubs are made on studio grade stand-alone audio or video equipment. Write for details.

Q: Do you accept want lists?
A: Yes, you can email your want list, but please do not send it as an attachment. Pages are updated daily, but I have many more titles available that have not been listed yet, so if there is a particular item you are looking for, please ask.

Q: Why can't I find an artist with the site search?
A: This site provides AltaVista style search results, listed from the most relevant to least relevant. The search results page collects text before & after your key words (leaving out the punctuation), gives numbered paragraphs with highlighted keywords where a match was FIRST found on a given page within the site, and provides a link to that particular page. Any matches further down that given page are NOT shown in the results. For example, if you are searching for Bob Dylan and you get a return for Harry Belafonte listing Bob Dylan as a supporting musician, you will not see that further down that page there are other titles with Bob Dylan. However, the more often your keyword appears on a given page, the higher the ranking in your search results.

Click the link to reach the target page, then use your browser's 'find' feature (Ctrl+F) to locate each instance of your keyword on that particular page.

Please note: Boolean, quotes (""), asterisks (*), special characters ($&#+), or words with accent marks (Renée, choräle) CAN NOT be used. A dash (-) is treated as part of the word. ie: Shangra-Las, ex-Drifters, or pre-release, and can be used as part of a single word search. Modifiers like And; Or, or Not, should not be used on this site search. You should use the 'Advanced Search' feature for filtering options. The search is not case sensitive.

If you are searching for a particular record by a particular artist & not having luck finding it with site search, try visiting the category where you would expect to find that artist. ie: Dizzy Gillespie would be listed in jazz; Johnny Cash in country; or Bert & I in comedy.

By setting 'My Preferences' you can opt to open your search results in a new browser window or in the same window.

Q: Why can't I browse the site by clicking on a picture of the item for the description?
A: With such a large number of items available here, that would make for a very graphic-heavy site. In the interest of having pages load reasonably fast, this is a text-oriented site. Scans of specific items are available by request only if a detailed description does not address your concerns.

Q: I reached this site through a search engine but now I can't find the page I was interested in. Are there any hard-to-reach pages on the site that are not on the menu?
A: Yes, there are some. You can use the 'Next' button at the bottom of a page to navigate through each consecutive page of the site. While exploring, be sure to visit these non-menu pages: Celebrity Vocals; Rare Movies; Scopitones; Music DVDS; TV Deja-View; Radiola; Girly Pocket Digests & Briefs; RCA Stereo-Action Series; Classical Music; Warner Bros Loss-Leaders; Discography of The Brood; Lyres tapes... and other non-menu pages. For some levity, dig the Funny Pages. If all else fails, use the Site Map to make sure you don't overlook any goodies being offered.

Q: Do you have a Facebook page?
A: Yes, and we run many specials exclusively for our Facebook friends. Click here to visit our Facebook page, and if you like us on Facebook you'll receive $5 credit on your next order!

Q: I would like to use some information & graphics I saw on your site. Do I need permission?
A: Yes, you must get permission to use any text or graphics you see on this site. Simply write to me with what you'd like to use. I most always grant permission. For example, many eBay sellers want to use my descriptions for their ads. Without expressed permission they would be stealing, and subject to having their listings removed. For additional details about use of this site, all visitors are expected to read our Terms Of Use.

Q: Why don't some pages display properly on my monitor?
A: This site is best viewed using the latest Chrome browser, and degrades nicely in Mozilla Firefox. Please have your Active X & Javascript enabled to view all the features. If you are using IE-8, please click your 'Compatibility View' toolbar button, or better yet, from the Command Bar, select Tools, & then select 'Compatibility View Settings' to add this site. Also, make sure your monitor has been calibrated for optimal image display. There are several sites that offer simple guidelines for adjusting your monitor.

Also, if you are using a handheld, you might find browsing this site from the site map to be a bit easier.

Q: If I order, will you send me updates about new additions?
A: No. I do not save email addresses or send newsletters. Currently, various pages on the site get updated every day. Many pages are still incomplete. I suggest bookmarking the site (from the home page), and checking your favorite categories on a regular basis for new additions.

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