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ALEXANDRA- Premiere Mit Alexandra- (her debut LP w/ "Gypsy Boy") Germany / Philips M- $14
ALL NIGHT SINGERS- Same- Reprise VG+ $8 or Reprise Mono DJ VG $8
PETER ALSOP- Same- (some Dr. Demento involvement) Peaceable SS $25
ALZO- Same- (Alzo Fronte) Bell M- $88
ALZO & UDINE- C'mon & Join Us!- (Funk & folk-rock w/ Brazillian & latin influences. Awesome hooks & fantastic beats. Eric Weissberg sits in) Mercury DJ M $125 Scarce!
AMERICAN AVATAR- Love Comes Rolling Down- (eccentric folk-blues w/ Lisa Kindred & Boston's Mel Lyman, plus Jim Kweskin; Geoff Muldaur; Bruce Langhorne. It's said this LP sold only 1,764 copies, 1,000 of which were reportedly bought by Jim Kweskin. Gatefold) Reprise M- $165 or DJ M $235 or DJ EX $155 or DJ VG $78 More Info
CASEY ANDERSON- Live At The Ice House- (folk-blues) Atco Mono EX+ $17
ERIC ANDERSON- Avalanche- Warner Bros M $14 or EX $10 or Germany / Warner Bros 7 Arts M $18
ERIC ANDERSON- Today Is The Highway- Vanguard VG- $5
ERIC ANDERSON- Blue River- (w/ insert; Joni Mitchell) Columbia M- $14
ERIC ANDERSON- Retrospective- (Autographed! w/ lyric innersleeve) Dutch / Norway Arista M $28
APPALOOSA - Same (Compton & Batteau w/ Al Kooper, who also produces. Lyric insert) Columbia SS $99 or VG+ $45
APPLEJACK- With Bob McQuillen- (Contra Dance Music New England Style) Green Linnet EX- $8
ARLINGTON ST. WOMEN'S CAUCUS- Leave The Breads A-Burning!- (Boston area lesbian-folk) Gyn VG $22
ARROGANCE- Rumors- (ex-Greer rural folk-psych w/ Scott Davison; Robert Kirkland; Marty Stout; Don Dixon; Eric Weissberg) Vanguard SS $65
JOHNNY ARTHEY- The Golden Songs Of Donovan (Orchestral Songbook) RCA M- $26
ARTHUR- Dreams & Images- (haunting folk-psych w/ Arthur Lee Harper, produced by Lee Hazelwood) LHI SS $199
STEVE ASHLEY- Stroll On- (w/ Danny Thompson; B.J. Cole) Gull SS $30
THE ASSOCIATION- Renaissance- (lead singer & guitarist Jim Yester is the brother of folkie Jerry Yester, who produces this underrated LP, w/ original verson of "No Fair At All") Valiant Mono M $33
AUTOSALVAGE- Same- (Frank Zappa folk-psych discovery w/ Darius Davenport & Thomas Donaher, both pre-Bear; plus Rick Turner ex-Ian & Silvia sideman, & Skip Boone, brother of Loviní Spoonful bassist Steve Boone. Zappa rumored to appear) RCA M $135 or M- $95


THE BACHELORS- Presenting The Bachelors- London ffrr Mono EX $8
THE BACHELORS- Back Again- London ffrr Mono VG $8
THE BACHELORS- Marie- London EX $8
THE BACHELORS- Bachelors' Girls- London Mono EX $14
THE BACHELORS- Sing The Golden All Time Hits- London VG+ $8
JOAN BAEZ- Joan Baez 5- Vanguard Mono EX $8
JOAN BAEZ- Hits / Greatest & Others- Vanguard M- $12
JOAN BAEZ / BILL WOOD / TED ALEVIZOS- Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square- (Rare debut release of 19 year old Joan Baez, recorded May, 1959 in Boston & released as a limited edition by Veritas Records of Copley Square, Boston, Mass. in early 1960, after her appearance at Newport but before her Vanguard LP. Side-1 features Joan Baez on 6 songs plus three duets w/ Bill Wood. Side 2 featured Bill Wood & Ted Alevizos. The last song features Joan w/ Bill & Ted) Veritas Mono VG $75 or (reissue) Squire M $38 or Emus Mono VG+ $28
BALDWIN & LEPS- Same- (Rural folk-psych violin & guitar duo. A-Side is a semi-rock-opera about drug dealing drifters, w/ gatefold) Vanguard M- $25
KEITH BARBOUR- Echo Park- (ex-New Christy Minstrels. His only solo LP) Epic M $30
THE BASICALLY SOUND- A Trip With The Basically Sound- (Mid-1960s folk trio from St. Louis, ala Simon & Garfunkel, Foggy Dew-O, Tom Paxton. Mostly originals, mixing faster numbers w/ slow haunting ballads like "Tolivar"; an oddly touching cover of The Monkees' "I Want To Be Free" & ambitious 8½ minute 4-part mini-epic called "A Travel Suite". Obscure Private Pressing!) Premier Film & Recording Corp (7-16645) M $99
BEAR- Greetings Children Of Paradise- (Eric-Justin Kaz; Artie Traum; & Steve Soles w/ Darius Davenport & Skip Boone of Autosalvage. Produced by John Boylan of Appletree Theater w/ lyric sheet) Verve-Forcast DJ M- $85
THE BEATLES- Rubber Soul- Capitol (rainbow label) Mono VG- $8
WINI BEATTY- Folk Songs For Taxpayers- (Satire w/ Rhett Fink & The Folkniks. 1966 LP of Right Wing themed folk songs. Key Records was run by the John Birch Society & released many titles of a paranoid or conspiracy nature) Key Mono M- $55
BEECHMONTS- In A Concert Of Folk Songs- (New England Area Trio) Mt. Verson Music VG+ $14
HARRY BELAFONTE- The Midnight Special- (Bob Dylan's LP debut! He plays harmonica backing) RCA M- $35 or VG $25 or RCA Mono VG+ $22 or RCA Mono VG $20 or RCA Mono VG- $12
HARRY BELAFONTE- Belefonte- RCA Mono VG $6 or RCA (2nd pressing) Mono VG $2
HARRY BELAFONTE- An Evening With Belefonte- RCA Mono VG $6 or VG- $2
HARRY BELAFONTE- Mark Twain & Other Folk Favorites- RCA Mono VG $12
HARRY BELAFONTE- Belefonte On Campus- RCA Mono EX+ $12
HARRY BELAFONTE- At Carnegie Hall- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) RCA Mono VG $5
HARRY BELAFONTE- Harry Belefonte Returns To Carnegie Hall- (2-LP Set, gatefold w/ Odetta & Miriam Makeba) RCA Mono VG+ $12
BEANS- Same- (Obscure folk-pop & rock sitar from Phoenix w/ Courtney Colletti; Paul Levine; Luis Molina; & Skip Roberts. Tubes related. Cover art by John Van Hamersveld) Avalanche SS $45
THE BEREA COLLEGE CHAPAL CHOIR- Appalachian Ballads & Hymns- (Directed by Rolf Hovey, arrangements by Gladys Jameson. The Bera College is located in Southern Appalachia, Kentucky) VG $9
LEON BIBB- Tol' My Captain- (Chain Gang & Work Songs) Vanguard Mono M $16
LEON BIBB- Leon Bibb Sings- Columbia (6-Eyes) Mono VG $12 or Columbia SP M $10
THE BIG THREE- Same- (Cass Elliot; Tim Rose; Jim Hendricks, pre-Mugwumps. Includes "The Banjo Song", written by Tim Rose, based on "Oh! Susanna", which The Shocking Blue lifted the arrangement of, as "Venus") FM EX- $48 or FM Mono EX+ $45
THE BIG THREE- Live At The Recording Studio- FM VG $33
THEODORE BIKEL- The Best Of Theodore Bikel- Elektra M- $16
BITTER END SINGERS- Discover The Bitter End Singers- (w/ Tina Bohlman; & Nancy Priddy, mother of actress Christina Applegate. Liner notes by Tony Bennett) Mercury Mono M $35
BITTER END SINGERS- Through Our Eyes- (w/ Bruce Farwell & Nancy Priddy) Mercury DJ Mono VG+ $28
ANNA BLACK- Meet Anna Black- (loner folk-psych LP includes "Little Annie Weed", a spooky take of "Eleanor Rigby"; "Gloomy Sunday"; plus "Freedom Train" w/ fuzz guitar) Epic M $75 Rare!
ANNA BLACK- Thinking About My Man- (loner folk-psych w/ guitars by James Burton & David Cohen) Epic M $60
NORMAN BLAKE- The Fields Of November- (w/ Charles Edwards Collins;
Robert Arthur (Tut) Taylor; Nancy Ann Short) Flying Fish M $25
DAVID BLUE- These 23 Days In September (aka S. David Cohen or David S. Cohen. The Joni Mitchell song "Blue" & the Bob Dylan song "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" were written about him) Warner Bros 7-Arts / Reprise SS $95
DAVID BLUE- Stories- Asylum SS $55
DAVID BLUE- Cupid's Arrow- Asylum SS $60
THE BLUE THINGS- Same- (Byrds style folk w/ the Gene Clark meets John Lennon inspired vocals of Val Stöecklein & underrated guitar of Mike Chapman) RCA Mono EX+ $155
BO GRUMPUS- Before The War- (Boston folk-pop recorded by Tom Dowd & produced by Felix Pappalardi w/ Herb Lovelle; Joe Hutchinson; Jim Colegrove; Ronnie Blake; N.D. Smart (pre-Kangaroo & Remains); & singer guitarist Eddie Mottau who later appeared on John Lennon's "Rock'n'Roll" & "Walls & Bridges" LPs) Atco SS $135 More Info
BOA CONSTRICTOR & A NATURAL VINE- Same (Only LP by little-known downer psych-folk duo George Figgs & Ben Syfu, recorded in Searsmont, Maine. Cover art by children's book author & illustrator Phoebe Stone. George Figgs has appeared in almost every John Waters film since 1967) Vanguard / Apostolic SS $120
BUDDY BOHN- Places- Happy Tiger M $40
GORDON BOK- A Tune For November- (Maine folkie, w/ lyric book) Folk Legacy M- $23
GORDON BOK- Peter Kagan & The Wind- Folk Legacy (w/ 5½" x 8½" lyric booklet) M- $20 or Folk Legacy (w/ 8½" x 11" lyric book) M- $27
GORDON BOK- Jeremy Brown & Jeannie Teal- (A-Side is the uplifting Christmas story of Jeremy Brown & Jeannie Teal. B-Side has 5 songs, including "Herring Croon") Folk Legacy (FSI-84) M $12
JAY BOLOTIN- Same- (obscure loner folk gem w/ Bobby Mason of The Fugs) Commonwealth United M- $88 Rare!
BILL & GENE BONYON- Yankee Legend- (The Story Of New England through it's Ballads & Songs, as sung in Old Sturbridge Village) Heirloom w/ 16-page booklet insert & card) Heirloom (deep groove) M- $14
BRANDYWINE SINGERS- Same- (w/ The Shaw Brothers, Rick & Ron) Joy Mono EX $22 or VG- $6
BRANDYWINE SINGERS- Stop The World... I've Lost My Yo-Yo?- Mainstream DJ Mono M $50
BRETHREN- Same- (Stu Woods; Tom Cosgrove; & Rick Marotta at Gold Star Studios w/ Dr John; Rusty Young of Poco; & The Blossoms w/ Darlene Love. Original cover w/ group seated under the archway of an old granite building) Tiffany SS $110 or Tiffany (2nd cover picturing group in front of barn) M- $70
BRETHREN- Moment Of Truth- (Lindisfarne related. Gatefold cover pictures woman reading to girl in chair) Tiffany SS $95 or M- $60
MARTY BRILL- The Roving Balladeer- Mercury Mono VG- $5
JAIME BROCKETT- Remember The Wind & The Rain- (includes "Legend Of The U.S.S. Titanic" & "Talking Green Beret New Super Yellow Hydraulic Banana Teeny Bopper Blues") Oracle M- $74 or EX- $53 or VG $28
JAIME BROCKETT- 2- (great rural folk-psych) Capitol M- $60
THE BROTHERS FOUR- Same- Columbia (6-eyes) VG $6
THE BROTHERS FOUR- Rally Round!- Columbia (6-eyes) M $12
THE BROTHERS FOUR- B.M.O.C.- (Best Music On / Off Campus) Columbia (6-eyes) DJ Mono VG $3
THE BROTHERS FOUR- Sing Lennon & McCartney- (subtitled 'A Beatles' Songbook') Columbia Mono M $18 or Mono VG $5 or Columbia Mono DJ EX- $12
THE BROTHERS FOUR- Songbook- (gatefold w/ booklet attached) Columbia (6-eyes) DJ Mono VG- $5
THE BROTHERS FOUR- Cross Country Concert- Columbia Mono DJ M- $12
THE BROTHERS FOUR- Roamin' With The Brothers Four- Columbia (6-eyes) M $18
THE BROTHERS FOUR- The Honey Wind Blows- UK / CBS VG+ $12
THE BROTHERS FOUR- Greatest Hits- Columbia (6-eyes) VG $3
BROTHERS & SISTERS- Are Watching You- (private press folk LP w/ insert) UK / University Of Sussex Folk Club M- $150
TIM BUCKLEY- Same- (debut LP) Elektra M $35
TIM BUCKLEY- Happy Sad- (Produced by Jerry Lester & Zal Yanovsky) Elektra EX $22
TIM BUCKLEY- Goodbye & Hello- (folk-psych w/ gatefold) Elektra VG+ $18
TIM BUCKLEY- Lorca- Elektra M- $28 or VG+ $16
TIM BUCKLEY- Star Sailor- (w/ Lee Underwood + Buzz & Bunk Gardner of The Mothers Of Invention) Straight SS $195
BUD & TRAVIS- Same- Liberty Mono M- $18
BUD & TRAVIS- Spotlight On Bud & Travis- Liberty Mono M $14
BUD & TRAVIS- In Concert- (2-LP Set)- Liberty Mono M- $12
BUFFALO NICKEL JUGBAND- Same- (Swamp Rock Folk w/ Joel Tepp & Denny Hall) Happy Tiger SS $66 or M- $44
BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD- Same- (gatefold 1st pressing wo/ song "For What It's Worth". Has "Baby Don't Scold Me") Atco Mono (33-200 w/ gold & grey label) VG $155 Rare!
BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD- Retrospective- (Best Of...) Atco VG+ $7
RANDY BURNS & THE SKYDOG BAND- Same- (Textured cover) Mercury DJ M- $50
BURTON & CUNICO- Strive, Seek, Find- (Rural country tinged hippy folk w/ Ray Burton & Gino Cunico of the Australian 60s pop flower psych band The Executives. They later joined Ayers Rock) Paramount DJ EX $20
THE BYRDS- Preflyte- (Exclusive early demo recordings by Jim McGuinn; Chris Hillman; Gene Clark; & David Crosby w/ original issue gatefold) Together SS $88
THE BYRDS- Mr. Tambourine Man- (produced by Terry Melcher) Columbia Mono VG $9
THE BYRDS- Never Before- (All Previously Unreleased Tracks In True Stereo w/ insert & poster. Original pre-Rhino issue) Re-Flyte M $45
THE BYRDS- Doin' Alright For Old People- (Live reunion concert at The Boarding House, San Francisco, Feburary 10, 1978. Includes alot of their hits) Excitable M $95
THE BYRDS- Live At Buddy's In England- (Roger McGuinn, Gene Parsons, Skip Battin, Clarence White) Fly (502) M- $99


SIMON CAINE- Same- (Canadian folk-psych pop artist w/ dark prog blues moves) RCA M $25
HAMILTON CAMP- Here's To You- (w/ Van Dyke Parks) Warner Bros M $24
HAMILTON CAMP- Welcome To Hamilton Camp- (Wavy Gravy aka Hugh Romney did the cover collage) Warner Bros (gold label) VG $14
DICK CAMPBELL- Sings Where It's At- (His Dylan-esque debut LP w/ backing by Paul Butterfield & band: Mike Bloomfield; Sam Lay; Mark Naftalin & Peter Cetera) Mercury Mono SS $66
GLEN CAMPBELL- Gentle On My Mind- (w/ songs by Donovan; Jimmie Rodgers; Terry Slater; Rod McKuen; Harry Nilsson; Johnny Cymbal; Roy Orbison; & the title track by John Hartford. AUTOGRAPHED by Glen Campbell on front!) Capitol VG+ $55
JIMMY CAMPBELL- Half Baked- (psych-folk-prog w/ Pete Clarke of The Escorts, Billy Kinsley & Tony Crane of The Merseybeats, & Joey Molland of Badfinger. Jimmy Campbell went on to form Rockin' Horse. Unipak cover) Vertigo SS $95 or M- $75 Scarce!
CAPTAIN MATCHBOX WHOOPIE BAND- Smoke Dreams- (Australian folk group in the Jim Kweskin style w/ David Hubbard (Michael's dad) & Jim Conway. Gatefold) ESP Quadraphonic SS $60
CARR & KAHL- Communication 1- (Rare moody folk-psych w/ Bob Carr & Bill Kahl in the style of John Fahey or Davy Graham w/ Eastern influences bubbling under; beautiful mystic female vocals on several tracks & some electric guitar) Grotesque M- $399
CHAD & JEREMY- Yesterday's Gone- World Artists (1st pressing) Mono VG+ $25 or World Artists (2nd pressing w/ white border cover) Mono VG- $4
CHAD & JEREMY- Sing For You- World Artists VG $15 or Mono M $18 or Mono VG- $8
CHAD & JEREMY- More Chad & Jeremy- Capitol EX $14
THE CHARLATANS- The Autumn Demos- August 1965- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ Mike Wilhelm on early versions of "Baby Won't You Tell Me"; "The Blues Ain't Nothing" bw/ "No. I"; "Jack Of Diamonds") Germany / Line SS $48
BILLY CHARNE- Same- (Canadian country-folk rock singer songwriter aka William Chernoff w/ Carl Walden & Jerry Cole) Sussex M- $12
CHUBBY CHECKER- Chubby's Folk Album- Parkway Mono M $40
CHRYSALIS- Definition- (gatefold w/ Nancy Nairn) MGM M- $95 or MGM Mono DJ EX+ $99 Rare! More Info
THE CLANCY BROTHERS & TOMMY MAKEM- At Home With The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem- (Irish Folk Music) Tradition EX $6
CLEANLINESS & GODLINESS SKIFFLE BAND- Greatest Hits- (w/ Phil Marsh; Brian Voorhees & Richard Saunders who also recorded as 'The Masked Marauders' on the infamous spoof LP. Guests here include Chicken Hirsh of Country Joe & The Fish; Gary Salzman & Judy Linsky)- Vanguard M $48 or DJ M $56
TIMOTHY CLOVER- Cambridge Concept / A Harvard Square Affair- (Nice popsike written & produced by Bruce Patch, Lennie Petze (Teddy & The Pandas) & Larry Jaspon. May be no such person as Timothy Clover, but rather a studio group only) Tower M- $65 More Info
PETER COFIELD- Same- (folk-psych w/ gatefold) Coral M- $40
PETER COFIELD- What Exactly Is A Friend- (Engineered by Scotty Moore, Produced by Tommy James w/ gatefold) Metromedia DJ EX- $40
DAVID S. COHEN- Me- (aka David Blue. The Joni Mitchell song "Blue" & the Bob Dylan song "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" were written about him) Reprise (W7 Riverboat label) M- $68
LEONARD COHEN- Songs Of Leonard Cohen- (debut LP w/ now classics as "Suzanne"; "Sisters Of Mercy", more w/ lyric insert) Columbia M- $16
TONY COLE- If The Music Stops- (Tarney-Spencer Band related, w/ John Farrar; Herbie Flowers; Kevin Peek; Terry Britten; John Burden & lyric insert) 20th Century M- $9
JUDY COLLINS- In My Life- (Lennon / McCartney title song) Elektra VG+ $8
JUDY COLLINS- The Judy Collins Concert- (Town Hall March 21, 1964 w/ Chuck Israels & Steve Mandell. Has original release of "Bottle Of Wine", later a hit for The Fireballs & others) Elektra (gold label w/ white guitar player logo) Mono EX+ $28
SAM COOKE- Same- (LP aka 'Swing Low' or 'SC'. Folk Favorites w/ Orchestra conducted by Sammy Lowe) RCA (LPM-2293) Mono EX $38 (Write for more Sam Cooke LPs available)
DON COOPER- Bless The Children- (Beautifully funky folk by the vastly under-rated Don Cooper, this LP includes his rare Roulette Press Kit, plus 6 glossy photos) Roulette EX- $45
JON COOPER- The Works Of Jon Cooper- (Maine fiddle player on small Bethel, Vermont label, w/ Creighton Lindsay of Maine's premier newgrass band, Wild Mountain Thyme) Rooster VG+ $16
COPPERPENNY- Same- (Canadian folk-psych w/ Kenny Hollis & Rich Wamil both ex-Penny Farthings) RCA SS $95
BOB CORT- The Bob Cort Skiffle - Ain't It A Shame To Sing Skiffle On Sunday- (Bob Cort w/ Ken Sykora; George Jennings; Nigel Sinclair & Bill Colyer (Ken's brother) on washboard) UK / London EX $65
GENE COTTON- Rain On (country tinged folk w/ Steve Gibson) ABC SS $16 or M $9
GENE COTTON- For All The Young Writers- ABC DJ M $12
GENE COTTON- Power To Be- (his 2nd LP) Impact M $16
GENE COTTON- Liberty- (w/ lyric insert) Myrrh M $9
KEVIN COYNE- Marjory Razorblade- (ex-Siren solo debut of haunted folk-psych ala Nick Drake or Roy Harper) Virgin SS $68
DON CRAWFORD- Same- Verve Folkways Mono SS $35
DON CRAWFORD- Would You Understand My Nakedness- (w/ lyric insert) Roulette DJ EX $30
PAPA JOHN CREACH- Same- (country-blues-jazz violinist solo debut. Jefferson Starship / Hot Tuna related, w/ gatefold) Grunt M- $22
PAPA JOHN CREACH- Filthy!- (w/ gatefold) Grunt M- $22
PAPA JOHN CREACH- Rock Father- Buddah M- $22
PAPA JOHN CREACH & ZULU- Playing My Fiddle For You- (w/ poster insert) Grunt M- $22
JIM & INGRID CROCE- Another Day, Another Town- (early material produced by Terry Cashman, Gene Pistilli, & Tommy West, who also apprear, along w/ Eric Weissberg, others) Pickwick (cover art w/ drawing of Jim's face) SS $35 or Pickwick (original dark cover photo w/ railroad tracks) M- $30 or VG $14
THE CURRENT EVENT- Hits Of Simon & Garfunkel- (UK studio group provides jazzy instrumental renditions) Ambassador M- $14


KAREN DALTON- In My Own Time- (bluesy folk-psych recorded at Bearsville studios, produced by Bob Dylan's bass player Harvey Brooks, who also plays. Liner notes by Fred Neil. Original issue on Just Sunshine label, run by famed Woodstock promoter Michael Lang. Cover photos by Elliot Landy, photographer for 'The Band'. Guests are: Richard Bell (The Band); Dennis Siewell; John Hall; John Simon. Songs by Richard Manuel; Dino Valenti; Paul Butterfield) Just Sunshine SS $195
DANKS- Same- (Scarce Male-Female soft-psych folk duo w/ Raul Danks, produced by Jerry Ross) Colossus VG+ $22
BOBBY DARIN- If I Were A Carpenter- Atlantic (original "orange top/purple bottom" label. Original cover, which does not have "Lovin' You" printed on front) Mono M- $18 or Atlantic (Orig cover w/ 'The Girl That Stood Beside Me' factory sticker on cover) Mono EX $9
BOBBY DARIN- Inside Out- Atlantic M- $18
JIM DAWSON- Songman- (Unipak) Kama Sutra M $28
JIM DAWSON- You'll Never Be Lonely With Me- (Rare Promo Only b&w cover w/ Rolling Stone review by Toby Goldstein) Kama Sutra DJ ONLY SS $38
SANDY DENNY- The North Star Grassman & The Ravens- (Folk prog-psych by ex- Fotheringay & Fairport Convention. Her solo debut, w/ Roger Powell, Richard Thompson, & members of The Young Tradition. Gatefold) A&M DJ M $85
CHERYL DILCHER- Special Songs- (debut by folk-psych acid hippie goddess w/ Bette Midler backing vocals. Has rare lyric innersleeve) Ampex DJ M- $75
MARK DINNING- Wanderin'- (Fabulous LP from the "Teen Angel" fame singer. Hard to find in Stereo) MGM M $75
DO'A- Ornament Of Hope- (New Age Folk & Jazz w/Randy Armstrong & Ken LaRoche) Philo EX $4
BONNIE DOBSON- Same- RCA SS $33 or M $22
BONNIE DOBSON- Dear Companion- Prestige M- $25
DR WEST'S MEDICINE SHOW & JUNK BAND- The Eggplant That Ate Chicago- (Norman Greenbaum) GoGo Mono SS $45
DICK DOHERTY- For Real People Only- (An assortment of originals & folk covers of Tim Harden; Buffy Sainte-Marie & Rod McKuen, Recorded Live at The Mad Russian in Boston w/Jerry Fuchs, bass & William Martin, drums. Dick Doherty is known as "The Godfather of Boston Comedy" & former owner of The Improv at The Wilbur Theater w/ Budd Friedman) Bos-Tone City (G-L 72pt) Mono EX- $28 Scarce!
LONNIE DONEGAN- An Englishman Sings American Folk Songs- (Skiffle style pioneer, sometimes spelled Lonnie Donnegan) Mercury Mono (black/silver label) EX $55 or VG $40 or VG- $20
LONNIE DONEGAN- Lonnie Rides Again- UK / Pye Mono (plum label) M- $75
DONOVAN- Catch The Wind- (His debut LP at 19 yrs old) Hickory Mono VG- $8
DONOVAN- Fairytale- Hickory Mono VG- $8
DONOVAN- Like It Was & Forever Shall Be- Hickory VG $14
DONOVAN- The Hurdy Gurdy Man- (great folk-psych, w/ "Jennifer Juniper". Title cut backed by pre-Led Zeppelin members, minus Robert Plant) Epic M- $25
DONOVAN- Barabajagal- (Title cut backed by The Jeff Beck Group) Epic SS $30
DONOVAN- For Little Ones- Epic M- $14
DONOVAN- Colours- UK / Hallmark M $28
DONOVAN- Donovan P. Leitch- (2-LP Set w/ original 2-pocket gatefold cover) Janus M- $45
DONOVAN- The Reedy River- (Live cuts from various US TV shows, plus concerts around the US & Canada. RED VINYL) TMOQ (71004) M $99
DONOVAN- Donovan's Greatest Hits- (True stereo version of "Season Of The Witch") Asia / First (FL-1815) VG $12
NICK DRAKE- Same- (gatefold w/ John Cale; Danny Thompson; Doris Troy. His sister is actress Garbielle Drake of the UK sci-fi TV series UFO) Island M $66
NICK DRAKE- Bryter Layter- (w/ John Cale) Antilles M $66
THE DUBLINERS- A Drop Of The Hard Stuff- (w/ "I'm A Free Born Man") Epic M $40
DORINDA DUNCAN- The Songs Of Bob Dylan Through The Heart Of A Girl- (Solo debut by ex-Briarwood Singers, includes unreleased Dylan song "Farewell". Produced by LeRoy Holmes) United Artists Mono DJ VG $60 Scarce!
BOB DYLAN- Freewheelin'- Columbia (360 Sound w/ white lettering) VG+ $25
BOB DYLAN- Blind Boy Grunt- (13 tracks from December 22, 1961 Minnesota hotel tape recordings w/ "VD Woman" listed as "VD Gunner's Blues"; plus "Ballad Of Donald White" from March 1963 WBAI-FM broadcast; & "Only A Hobo", "Talkin' Devil" & "John Brown" from 1963 Broadside recordings) BBG (1001) Mono M- $135
BOB DYLAN- GWW: Talkin' Bear Mountain Massacre Picnic Blues- (The Witmark Tapes 1963 & Studio Out-Takes possibly part of the Warner Bros Demos cut in late 1961. Original Red Vinyl) Trade Mark Of Quality (TMOQ-71009) Mono M- $199
BOB DYLAN- Bringing It All Back Home- Columbia (360 Sound w/ white lettering) Mono M- $58 or VG- $18 or Asia / First (FL-1988) M- $90
BOB DYLAN- Highway 61 Revisited- Columbia (360 Sound w/ white lettering) VG+ $28 or Columbia (360 Sound w/ white lettering) Mono EX- $46 or VG- $14
BOB DYLAN- Highway 61 Revisted Again- (Rare 1965 LA Studio outakes & acetates w/ Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield) SS $225
BOB DYLAN- Motorcycle- (13 songs from basement tapes & Whitmark demos. Plain white cover w/ die-cut senter hole to expose dark blue label) Motorcycle (1943) EX+ $125
BOB DYLAN- Zimmerman Looking Back- (2-LP Set of Royal Albert Hall electric set May, 1966 + acoustic show at Berkeley Community Theater) Zerocks M-/M- $145 or M-/VG+ $98
BOB DYLAN- John Wesley Harding- Columbia (red / white 360 Sound label) VG $7
BOB DYLAN- Blonde On Blonde- (2-LP Set w/ original nine inner photos including females Claudia Cardinale & unidentified female) Columbia (360 Sound) M- $60 or Columbia (360 Sound) Mono EX $55
BOB DYLAN- Nashville Skyline- (w/ Johnny Cash) Columbia M- $9
BOB DYLAN- Manchester Prayer- (2-LP Set Live November 15, 1978, LA Forum) Impossible Recordworks SS $125
BOB DYLAN- Down In The Groove- (has innersleeve w/ correct credits) Columbia M $12
BOB DYLAN- Let Me Die In My Footsteps- (Side 1 has the original verson of title track, plus 5 tracks from Gleason's 1961 Home Tapes. Side 2 has 8 selections including "World War No. Three"; "Denise, Denise" (Out-take from "Another Side Of Bob Dylan"); & the rare instrumental "Number One" recorded w/ The Hawks. Original 1st pressing by Popo Productions, predecessor to the famous Trade Mark Of Quality (TMOQ) Label) Popo Productions (BD-001) EX+ $225 Rare!
BOB DYLAN- VD Waltz- (15 songs from: The Minnesota Tape, December 22, 1961; Witmark Demo Tapes, 1961; Basement Tapes, 1967; Isle of Wight Concert, August 31, 1969) Trade Mark Of Quality (TMOQ-71027 - Mustard yellow cover w/ blue rubberstamped title; Day-Glo 1.5&qot; 'Farm Pig' sticker; back cover has Xerox insert) Mono SS $225
BOB DYLAN- Greatest Hits- (The only LP release of the original 45-single version of "Positively 4th Street". Later pressings use a different mix) Columbia (red / white 360 Sound label) EX $18
BOB DYLAN- Greatest Hits Vol 2- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Columbia M- $16

E - F

EASTFIELD MEADOWS- (Graham Parsons era Byrds-like folk-psych obscurity w/ Wayne Grajeda; Dwight Payne; David Carpenter; James Whittemore; John Bierber, & Tony Harris who also produces. Kent Henry, lead guitarist from Steppenwolf & Mike Botts, famous for his drumming behind Linda Rondstadt, are session musicians. Results are reminiscent at times of The Buffalo Springfield or Michael Nesmith) VCM SS $135 Rare!
ECLECTION- Same- (w/ future members of Fotherigay; Sailor; Mogul; Thrash; Family; Fairport Convention) Elektra EX- $50
DUANE EDDY- Duane Eddy Does Bob Dylan- Colpix EX $47 or Colpix Mono M $60 or Colpix Mono M- $48
JONATHAN EDWARDS- Same- (ex- Sugar Creek w/ gatefold) Capricorn EX $14 or VG $7
EIRE APPARENT- Sun Rise- (Psych-Folk masterpiece is Brinsley Schwarz; Help Yourself; Pretty Things; Metropolis related, produced by Jimi Hendrix, who also performs uncredited. w/ gatefold) Buddah SS $85
ELIZABETH- Same- (w/ Steve Weingarten, ex-Cumberland Three; Hank Ransome pre-Good God & Duke Williams & The Extremes. Some nice fuzz guitar. Steve Bruno on organ) Vanguard M- $148 or EX $95
FRED ENGELBERG- The Smoke Dreams Of Fred Engelberg- (Actor in several films, including "The Lost Missile" (1958), "The Beat Generation" (1959) & "Dinosaurus" (1960), turned loner folkie. w/ original textured cover) Crestview Mono M $60
ERIK- Look Where I Am- (hippy folk fuzz-psych by Erik Heller, produced by Sam Charters) Vanguard SS $125
EUPHORIA- Same- (Boston sunshine-folk band w/ Tom Pacheco, ex-Ragamuffins, plus Roger & Wendy Beckett. Produced by Jerry Ross. Gatefold) Heritage M $78
PAUL EVANS- Folk Songs Of Many Lands- Carlton Mono EX+ $33 or EX $22
THE EVEN DOZEN JUG BAND- Same- (Only group effort by Stefan Grossman & Peter Siegel w/ Pete Jacobson; Frank Goodkin; Dave Grisman (pre-Earth Opera); Fred Weisz; Steve Katz (pre-BS&T); Bob Gurland; John Benson (aka John Sebastian); Peggy Haine; Maria D'Amato (aka Maria Muldaur); & Joshua Rifkin, produced by Paul Rothchild) Elektra Mono M- $45
EVERLY BROTHERS- Songs Our Daddy Taught Us- (their 2nd LP) Cadence Mono VG+ $35
EVERLY BROTHERS- Folk Songs By The Everly Brothers- Cadence Mono VG- $9
THE EVERPRESENT FULLNESS- Same- (After Los Angeles surf guitarist Paul Johnson of The Belairs wrote the smash "Mr. Moto", he met up w/ the Big Sur folk duo Jack Ryan & Tom Carvey. Adding the rhythm section of Steve Pugh (bass) & Terry Hand (drums pre-Thorinshield) the group blends Folk & Beat-Pop w/ a hint of Country Blues Rock, all produced by the team behind The Turtles. This is their Rare Original pressing w/ early Warren Zevon cover "The Way She Is" & Paul Williams song "The Room") White Whale M $150
JOHN FAHEY- The New Possibility- (Solo guitar Christmas Album) Takoma SS $22
JOHN FAHEY- Christmas With John Fahey Vol. II- Takoma M $24
FAIRPORT CONVENTION- Same- (includes rare Bob Dylan song "Jack O' Diamonds" w/ Richard Thompson) Cotillion DJ M $88
FAIRPORT CONVENTION- Liege & Leif (gatefold) A&M DJ M $78
FAIPORT CONVENTION- Babbacombe Lee- (Prog-folk concept LP has the amazing true story of John "Babbacombe" Lee, from his navy days to being unjustifiably accused of murder, his death sentence, & his ultimate survival. Unipak gatefold cover w/ booklet & lyric innersleeve) A&M EX $44
RICHARD & MIMI FARIÑA- The Best Of Mimi & Richard Fariña- (2-LP repackage of "Reflections In A Crystal Wind" & "Celebrations For A Grey Day" LPs. Has more songs than the CD reissue. w/ Bruce Langhorne, who also plays on Bob Dylan's 'Bringing It All Back Home' LP; John Hammond; & Felix Pappalardi. Mimi is the sister of Joan Baez. Inner gatefold photos by Kenneth van Sickle) Vanguard (gold label) NM $30 or DJ NM- $38
FARQUAHR- Same- (w/ Eric Weissberg) Elektra SS $50 or M $40 or M- $33 More Info
FARQUAHR- Fabulous Farquahr- (w/ Doug Lapham & McGowan Bros) Verve DJ M- $65
CYRUS FARYAR- Islands- (ex-Whiskeyhill Singers & Modern Folk Quartet goes folk-psych, w/ Dick Rosmini. Produced by John Simon) Elektra DJ M- $65
FAT CITY- Reincarnation- (Obscure debut LP by pre- Starland Vocal Band w/ Bill Danoff & Taffy Nivert who later worked w/ John Denver. Backing by Artie Traum; Bernard Purdie; Hubert Laws; Ronnie Zito; Dave Appel, others. Produced by Dick Weissman of The Journeymen. Gatefold) ABC / Probe SS $48 or M- $33
FATHER IAN & CAROLINE- (Xian folk-pop-psych by hip Episcopalian priest Ian Mitchell & his wife, w/ The Robert DeCormier Singers) Omega EX $9
THE FIFTH AVENUE BAND- Same- (w/ Peter Gallway & Kenny Altman produced by Jerry Yester & Zal Yanovsky) Reprise EX $35 or VG+ $22
TOMMY FLANDERS- The Moonstone- (ex-Blues Project) Verve Forecast DJ EX- $45 More Info
FLYING CIRCUS- Same- (Byrds influenced pop-psych Australian group resequenced their 'Gypsy Road' LP as a self-titled release) Capitol M $45
FOTHERINGAY- Same- (gatefold. ex-Eclection & Fairport Convention w/ Sandy Denny) A&M EX+ $60 or VG $28
THE FOUR PREPS- On Campus- Capitol Mono VG $5
CONNIE FRANCIS- Sings Folk Song Favorites- MGM Mono SS $20 (Write for more Connie Francis LPs)
FRASER & DeBOLT- With Ian Guenther- (w/ "All This Paradise" by Daisy DeBolt & Allan Fraser w/ Ian Guenther on fiddle) Columbia SS $99 or Columbia (red & white '360 Sound' label) EX- $40
RUTHANN FRIEDMAN- Constant Companion- (moody femme-folk-psych w/ gatefold cover art by Peter Kaukonen who also appears on one track. Ruthann is best known for writing "Windy", a hit for The Assocation) Reprise DJ M $95
BRIAN FRIEL- Same- (w/ The Phantom & members of The Chocolate Watchband) PYE SS $75
BRIAN FRIEL- Ashes & Matchsticks- PYE SS $45
FRIEND & LOVER- Reach Out Of The Darkness- (Jim Post & Cathy Conn, produced by Joe South) Verve M- $25
FRUMMOX- Here To There- (gatefold w/ Texas legend Steve Fromholtz & Dan McCrimmon) Probe M $66 or M- $40
FUGS- The Village Fugs- (Debut LP w/ Tuli Kupferburg; Ken Weaver & Ed Saunders, along w/ Peter Sampfel & Steve Weber, later to the Holy Modal Rounders. Original 1st issue cover w/ divided pocket jacket & lyric insert) Broadside (304) Mono VG $170 Rare!
FUGS- The Fugs First Album- (reissue of Broadside 304) ESP VG $45
FUGS- Same- (w/ original black & white cover) ESP M $95
FUGS- It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest- (gatefold w/ Ed Saunders, Ken Weaver, & Tuli Kupferberg joined here by Charles Larkey) Reprise VG $35 or UK / Edsel NM $28
FUGS- The Belle Of Avenue A- (like Henry Miller novels set to music) Reprise M- $45


PETER GALLWAY- Same- (of Ohio Knox & The 5th Avenue Band) Reprise SS $45 or M $38 or DJ M- $30
FRED GARDNER- Love Shortage- (Basketball & politics are featured on the song "Patti Hearst & Bill Walton". Legalized marijuana is the theme on "Ballad Of Dennis Peron". Folky banjo, mandolin & ragtime feel prevail) Leaves In October M- $27
GALE GARNETT- My Kind Of Folk Songs (debut LP w/ "We'll Sing In The Sunshine") RCA Mono (Original B&W cover) M- $40 or RCA Mono (color cover) VG+ $16
GALE GARNETT- The Many Faces Of Gail Garnett- RCA M- $35
GALE GARNETT- Lovin' Place- RCA Mono M- $30
GALE GARNETT- New Adventures- RCA Mono M- $28
GALE GARNETT & THE GENTLE REIGN- Sausalito Heliport- (folky pop-psych) Columbia (360 Sound) M $45
GALE GARNETT & THE GENTLE REIGN- An Audience With The King Of Wands- (folky pop-psych) Columbia Mono DJ M $60 Rare!
THE GASLIGHT SINGERS- Same- (w/ Martha Velez) Mercury M- $25 or Mercury Mono M- $20 or VG+ $12
THE GATEWAY SINGERS- At The Hungry I- Decca Mono VG- $5
THE GATEWAY TRIO- In Person - The Mad Mad Mad Gateway Trio- Capitol Mono EX $9
ARTHUR GEE & THE WHIZZ BAND- City Cowboy- (Perry Leopold styled dark loner folk w/ Paul Beaver involvement. Gatefold) Tumbleweed DJ M $45
STEVE GILLETTE- Same- (was co-writer of many songs for Ian & Sylvia, Carolyn Hester. Has original version of "Back On The Street Again" covered by The Sunshine Company) Vanguard EX $30
JOE GLAZER- Sings Garbage ...& Other Songs Of Our Times- (Backing by Joe Byrd. Cover art by Larry Rivers. All rare original pressings) Collector Records (Autographed) M $88 or Collector Records (Autographed) Mono EX+ $75 or Collector SS $70
TOM GLAZER- The Ballad Of Namu The Killer Whale- United Artists SS $14
TOM GLAZER- The Twelve Days Of Christmas- (Folk Carols & Christmas Songs w/ Chris Hayward. Cover art by Ben Shahn) CMS M $8
TOM GLAZER & RICHARD DYER-BENNET- Sings Olden Ballads- (one artist per side) Mercury (black/silver deep groove label) Mono VG- $5
LYNN GOLD- Same- Warner Bros Mono M $28 or M- $22 or DJ VG+ $17
THE GOLDBRIARS- Same- (w/ Kurt - as it was spelled back then - Boettcher, later of Millennium) Epic Mono SS $135 or Mono VG $55
THE GOLDBRIARS- Straight Ahead- Epic Mono DJ M- $95
GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY- Same- Capitol (ST-444) SS $35
GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY- Welcome To Goose Creek- Capitol M $24
GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY- Do Your Thing But Don't Touch Mine- Columbia DJ M- $33
GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY- Words Of Earnest- Capitol VG+ $8
GORDIAN KNOT- Same- (folk-pop-psych w/ Pat Kincade & J. D. Weatherly) Verve M $78
EDDIE GREENSLEEVES- Humorous Folk Songs By Eddie Greensleeves- Cameo Mono DJ M- $24
THE GREENWOOD COUNTY SINGERS- Have You Heard- (Debut LP by Terry Gilkyson project w/ Van Dyke Parks & his brother Carson Parks; Reg Bannister, later of the "Phantasia" movie series) Kapp Mono EX $33
MICK GREENWOOD- The Living Game- (w/ Jerry Donahue, Pat Donaldson & Gerry Conway, all ex-Fotheringay; plus Dave Pegg of Fairport Convention, along w/ Lynn Dobson (Third Ear Band); Karl Jenkins (Soft Machine) & Tony Cox, who also produced) Decca M- $40
BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT- Voor De Overlevenden- (2nd LP by the underrated Dutch protest loner-folk-psych singer/songwriter) Holland / Decca (original blue & silver ffrr label) Mono EX- $40
ISAAC GUILLORY- Same- (Folk-Psych w/ ex-Cryan Shames & Sam Gopal) Atlantic M $33 More Info


BILL HAMBY- Kentucky Folk- (former WABW Radio personality & WTOP-TV director in the Annapolis, Maryland / Washington DC area, performs over a dozen rural Kentucky Folk Songs collected for this, his only LP release) MVM (186) EX $18
THE HANGMAN'S BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER- Same- (Trippy UK mod-folk group w/ vocals by Emily Brown. Includes xeroxed hype sheet from record company) Voxx M $16
THE HARD TIMES- Blew Mind- (San Diego psych-folk-pop w/ Rudy Romero & Bill Richardson. This LP version of "Fortune Teller" is stronger than their single version. Members went on to T.I.M.E.; Steppenwolf; & The Union Gap) World Pacific M- $195 Scarce!
TIM HARDIN- Tim Hardin 1- (w/ John Sebastian; Gary Burton; Earl Palmer; others. Has original version of "Reason To Believe", a hit for Rod Stewart) Verve Forecast EX $9
TIM HARDIN- Best Of - UK / Verve M- $14
EMMY LOU HARRIS- Gliding Bird- (Rare debut LP for Emmylou Harris. Jubilee went bankrupt within weeks after this LP came out) Jubilee (w/ original 'feathered hat' cover photo) VG $88 or Emus (budget reissue of the Jubilee LP) M- $22
ANNIE HASLAM- Annie In Wonderland- (Folk-Pop Solo debut by the 5-octave soprano of Renaissance w/ Joe Camp & Roy Wood) Sire SS $50
FRANK HATCH- Frank Hatch Sings Songs Of Old Castine- (Folk songs of & about the town of Castine, Maine, w/ a wry Yankee humor twist. Original 1961 recording) Bert & I, Inc. (#7) Mono EX $28
RICHIE HAVENS- Electric Havens- (Producer Alan Douglas overdubbed Havens' original unreleased solo demos w/ electric instruments) Douglas M- $25
RICHIE HAVENS- Richard P. Havens, 1983- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold & insert. Includes "Indian Ropeman" later modified by Bob Marley to become "African Herbsman") Verve Forecast M $47 or Verve Forecast (no insert) M- $9
RICHIE HAVENS- Portfolio- (includes 10 original Richie Havens Lithographs in original envelope. Gatefold) Stormy Forest M $60
ELMER HAWKES & THE COONVILLE FERRYBOAT FROG KILLERS- Dirty Magazines- (Rare deep acid-folk gem from Cambridge, Mass loner w/ eccentric vocals, 'real people' vibe, acoustic & electric guitar, some banjo parts. Stoned feel similar to Roger Rubin & Rotfree Anderson) LP-520365 M- $88
LEE HAZELWOOD- Friday's Child- Reprise Mono DJ M $55
LEE HAZLEWOOD- Trouble Is A Lonesome Town- Mercury M- $55 or Mercury Mono EX $45
HEDGE & DONNA- Hedge & Donna 2- Capitol EX+ $22 or VG $8
HEDGE & DONNA- All The Friendly Colours- (w/ John Sebastian; Kim King) Capitol M $28 or EX+ $18
HEDGE & DONNA- Special Circumstances- (w/ Bernie Leadon; Janis Ian) Capitol M $30
HEDGE & DONNA- Revolution- Polydor M $23
HEDGE & DONNA- Capers + Carson- Janus DJ M $45
JUDY HENSKE- Little Bit Of Sunshine... Little Bit Of Rain- (aka The Queen Of The Beatniks) Mercury Mono M- $58
JUDY HENSKE & JERRY LESTER- Farewell Aldebaran- (co-produced by Zal Yanovsky) Straight DJ M- $220 Tough LP to find!
JOHN HERALD- Same- (solo debut by former Greenbriar Boys lead singer & guitarist, here w/ all future members of Bob Dylan's infamous Rolling Thunder Revue Tour) Paramount M $35
MIKE HERON- Smiling Men With Bad Reputations- (Debut LP by ex-Incredible String Band w/ Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Elton John, John Cale, Keith Moon, Steve Winwood, Richard Thompson) Elektra SS $45 or M $28 or M- $14 or UK / Island (w/ gatefold) M- $35
CAROLYN HESTER- Same- Tradition M $58 More Info
CAROLYN HESTER- Scarlet Ribbons- (Her rare debut LP, produced by Norman Petty. Although not credited, Buddy Holly plays guitar on at least 2 songs) Coral Mono VG $65
CAROLYN HESTER- That's My Song- Dot Mono M- $58
CAROLYN HESTER- At Town Hall- Vol 1- Dot VG $14
CAROLYN HESTER- At Town Hall - Vol 2- Dot Mono EX- $18
CAROLYN HESTER- This Life I'm Living- Columbia Mono DJ M- $60
CAROLYN HESTER- Simply Carolyn Hester- (w/ "This Life I'm Living") Columbia Folk Odyssey M $30
HICKORY WIND- At The Wednesday Night Waltz- (Autographed by all 5 members! Pete Tenney; Bob Shank; Sam Morgan; Glen McCarthy; & Mark Walbridge) Adelphi M $50
HIGHWAYMEN- Same- United Artists Mono EX+ $10
HIGHWAYMEN- Standing Room Only- United Artists Mono EX+ $9
HIGHWAYMEN- Encore- United Artists Mono M- $9
HIGHWAYMEN- March On, Brothers- United Artists Mono M $9
HIGHWAYMEN- On A New Road- ABC Paramount M- $9
RANDY HOLLAND- Cat Mind- (Rare original folk-psych country-blues w/ burnout acid guitar) The Mother Record Corp. M $70
THE HOLLIES- Words & Music By Bob Dylan- Epic SS $35 or M $26
JAKE HOLMES- The Above Ground Sound Of Jake Holmes- (Features underrated guitarist Ted Irwin, w/ original version of "Dazed & Confused" later ripped-off by Jimmy Page) Tower SS $225 or Tower M $175
JAKE HOLMES- A Letter To Katherine December- (folk-psych) Tower SS $225 or VG $88 Scarce!
JAKE HOLMES- How Much Time?- (w/ lyric sheet) Columbia M $110 or M- $88
JAKE HOLMES- So Close, So Very Far To Go- Polydor M- $75
BILL HORWITZ- Lies, Lies, Lies- (original gatefold w/ cover art by celebrated caricaturist, William Levine, Bill's cousin) ESP M $28
THE HUBBELS- Same- (Folk-Psych-Pop w/ Fuzz Guitar & Sitar) Audio Fidelity M $155 Rare!
JOHN HULBURT- Opus III- (aka Opus 3- Mega Rare self-released homemade LP by ex-Knaves guitarist Jonno Hulbert. Front cover has B&W photo attached & back cover has xeroxed song titles, credits etc; taped to it. John Fahey / Rogers Park inspired loner-folk from Chicago, 1972, w/ some flute additions by David Starr of 'Hollins & Starr') Clarence M- $575
ALAN HULL- Pipedream- (Solo debut by ex-Lindisfarne front man w/ R. Magritre cover art 'La Lampe Philosophique') Elektra DJ M $40
HUMBLEBUMS- Same- (w/ Jerry Rafferty of Stealer's Wheel) Liberty SS $99
HUMBLEBUMS- Open Up The Door- (w/ Bernie Holland of Jody Grind & Terry Cox of Pentangle) Liberty SS $99
MICHAEL HURLEY- Blue Navigator- (Released on vinyl only by Rooster Records of Bethel, Vermont in 1984. A thousand copies were pressed, but most were destroyed in a fire that also wiped out the master tapes & put Rooster out of business) Rooster M $595 Rare!
BRIAN HYLAND- Rockin' Folk- Philips VG+ $25

I - J

JANIS IAN- For All The Seasons Of Your Mind- Verve Forecast EX $6
JANIS IAN- Present Company- Capitol M- $12
JANIS IAN- Who Really Cares- (w/ Al Kooper) Verve Forecast M $12
JANIS IAN- The Secret Life Of J. Eddy Fink- (w/ lyric insert) Verve Forecast SS $22 or M $14 or M- $9
IAN & SYLVIA- Same- Vanguard Mono EX+ $22
IAN & SYLVIA- Play One More- Vanguard Mono VG- $2
IAN & SYLVIA- So Much For Dreaming- Vanguard (tan label) VG+ $16 or Vanguard (silver label) Mono M $22
IAN & SYLVIA- Four Strong Winds- (w/ John Herald, Eric Weissberg) Vanguard EX+ $17
IAN & SYLVIA- Same- (timing strip on cover) Columbia M- $24
IAN & SYLVIA- Same- MGM (Golden Archive Series) DJ EX $18
IAN & SYLVIA- The Best Of Ian & Sylvia- (Has original recorded version of "You Were On My Mind" later a cover hit for The We Five) Vanguard Mono DJ EX $28
INCREDIBLE BROADSIDE BRASS BED BAND- The Great Grizzly Bear Hunt- (good-timey folk-blues hippie-rock by Connecticut based band led by Bill Comeau. Studio recording w/ live audience. Includes cult classic "Little Dead Surfer Girl") Poison Ring SS $135 Rare!
INCREDIBLE STRING BAND- The 5000 Spirits Or Layers Of The Onion- Elektra (original tan label) M $45 or Elektra (red label) M- $28 or Elektra (butterfly label) M $12
INCREDIBLE STRING BAND- Hard Rope & Silken Twine- UK / Island M $38 or Reprise DJ (w/ special label & cover art) M $40
INCREDIBLE STRING BAND- I Looked Up- Elektra (red label) M- $28
INCREDIBLE STRING BAND- Wee Tam- Elektra (red label) M- $28
INCREDIBLE STRING BAND- Changing Horses- (gatefold) Elektra (red label) M- $28
INCREDIBLE STRING BAND- U- (2-LP Set w/ lyric insert, gatefold) Elektra M $30 or M- $22
INSECT TRUST- Same- (avant-garde jazz-blues folk-psych w/ Bernard Purdie; Chuck Rainey; Robert Palmer; Hugh McCracken; Nancy Jeffries, Unipak cover) Capitol M- $125 or EX+ $99
INSECT TRUST- Hoboken Saturday Night- Atco DJ M $88 or EX $70
BURL IVES- Same- Camay VG $9
BURL IVES- Australian Folk Songs- Decca Mono VG $14
BURL IVES- The Wayfaring Stranger- Columbia (6-Eyes label) Mono VG+ $9
BURL IVES- Burl Ives Sings Little White Duck & Other Chrildren's Favorites- Harmony Mono VG- $1
BURL IVES- Chim Chim Cheree & Other Children's Choices- Disneyland Mono VG- $1
BURL IVES / ED McCURDY- Burl Ives Sings 5 Early Tunes- (split LP) Spin-O-Rama VG $12
BURL IVES / THE FOLK SINGERS THREE- (split LP) Bellflower Mono VG $14
IVY BARFLIES- To The Tables Down At Mory's- (A collection of songs for singing & drinking by The Ivy Barflies, Hollywood session vocalists heard in film, record & radio commercial backgrounds, directed here by Lee Gotch & produced by D.L. Miller. Mory's is a pub in New Haven, CT w/ cultural & historical ties to Yale University, but the cover photo was taken at the 'Towne House', Media, PA) Somerset (Spectra-Sound) Mono VG+ $9
THE IVY LEAGUE TRIO- On & Off Campus- Coral (deep groove maroon & silver label) Mono M $18
THE IVY LEAGUE TRIO- Rare & Well Done- Colal (maroon & silver label) Mono M $18
JADE & SARSAPARILLA- (Cape Cod, Hyannisport, Mass feminists Janet Hood & Linda Langford w/ Richard Appleman, Gene Roma, & Bob Gullotti. Some funk overtones. Includes their cover of Laura Nyro's "It's Gonna Take A Miracle". Janet Hood & her writing partner Bill Russell later scored the musical "Elegies For Angels, Punks & Raging Queens". Comes w/ lyric insert) Submaureen M $60 or M- $52 or EX+ $44 or EX $35 or VG+ $25 or VG (no insert) $14 or CDR $16 (ppd) More Info
KEEF JAMES- One Tree Or Another- Rare Earth M $18
JAMME- Same- (Loner folk by warlocks Keith & Don Adey w/ Paul Downey (pre-Standells), Jim Gordon & Larry Knechtel, produced by John Phillips. Includes "Strawberry Jam Man" & "Changes") ABC / Dunhill SS $88
JAN & DEAN- Folk 'N Roll- Liberty Mono EX+ $30
BERT JANSCH- Birthday Blues- (of Pentangle) Reprise DJ M- $28
JEREMY'S FRIENDS- Same- (w/ Carole Mann, Brooks Jones, & actor Alan Arkin of The Tarriers) Warwick Mono M $45
JIM & DALE- 86% Of Us- (Jim Carter & Dale Jared) United Artists SS $33
JIM & JEAN- Changes- (pioneer NY Folkies Jim Glover & Jean Ray w/ Al Kooper; Harvey Brooks; Phil Ochs liner notes. This LP inspired the Fairport Convention) Verve / Folkways Mono SS $75 or Mono M $48 or Verve / Forecast VG+ $33
JIM & JEAN- People World- (pop folk-psych mixture of solid originals & interesting covers including Phil Ochs' "Ringing Of Revolution" melded w/ "Hang On Sloopy", & Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" melded w/ Pete Seeger's "Guantanamera". Other highlights include Ochs' "Cross My Heart", & Jean Ray's trippy "Topanga Road" about The Buffalo Springfield's drug bust) Verve / Forecast SS $75 or M $48
RICHARD JOHNSON- Plum Island- (Rural New England folk-blues w/ Mike Turk on harmonica. Autographed by Richard Johnson on back cover!) Fretless M $45
THE JOHNSTONS- Colours Of The Dawn- Vanguard SS $65
JONATHAN & LEIGH- Third & Main- (Obscure folk duo John Alden (Jonathan) & Sandy Lee Bashaw (Leigh) w/ Vinnie Bell, Russ Savakus, Jay Berliner, Warren Smith,William Salter, Richard Davis, others) Vanguard M- $44 Rare!
THE JOURNEYMEN- Same- (debut LP by Papa John Phillips, Dick Weissman & Scott McKenzie; w/ "500 Miles") Capitol (rainbow label) Mono M $14


SI KAHN- New Wood- (Appalachian music w/ The Mountain Musicians Cooperative. pre-Philo pressing) June Appal M $25
BARBARA KEITH- Same- (Her solo Debut LP w/ N.D. Smart (Remains, Bo Grumpus); Jim Colegrove (Bo Grumpus, Great Speckled Bird, Hungry Chuck) & Jeff Gutcheon (Great Speckled Bird, Hungry Chuck), produced by Peter Asher) Verve Forecast M $115 or EX $78
KELL STREET CAMP MEETING- Dinner & Joy On The Ground- (Esther Broughton & Yvonne Gary perform Rural Folk Hymns, backed by Mouse & The Traps) Paula SS $90 or M $68 or M- $50 Scarce!
PETER KELLEY- Path Of The Wave- (rural folk-psych blues w/ original textured cover) London / Sire M $75
PETER KELLEY- Dealin' Blues- (w/ Peter Brittain of Wund In The Willows. Produced by Richard Gottrehrer) Polydor / Sire SS $65 or M $45
KINGSTON TRIO- Same- (Debut LP for Dave Guard; Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds) Capitol (rainbow label w/ logo on left side) EX- $14 or VG- $3
KINGSTON TRIO- ...From "The Hungry i"- Capitol (rainbow label w/ logo on left side) Mono VG+ $12
KINGSTON TRIO- Sold Out- Capitol (rainbow label w/ logo on left side) Mono VG $8
KINGSTON TRIO- String Along With The Kingston Trio- Capitol (rainbow label w/ logo on left side) Mono EX- $12
KINGSTON TRIO- The Last Month Of The Year- Capitol (rainbow label) EX- $12 or Capitol (rainbow label) Mono EX+ $12
KINGSTON TRIO- Make Way!- Capitol (rainbow label w/ logo on left side) Mono EX+ $16
KINGSTON TRIO- Goin' Places- Capitol (rainbow label w/ logo on left side) Mono VG- $5
KINGSTON TRIO- Close Up- (1st LP w/ John Stewart in place of Dave Guard) Capitol (rainbow label w/ logo on left side) VG $9
KINGSTON TRIO- Something Special- Capitol Mono VG $7
KINGSTON TRIO- The Kingston Trio #16- Capitol VG $3
KINGSTON TRIO- Same- (Nick, Bob, John) Decca EX+ $16 or Decca Mono EX $12
KINGSTON TRIO- Once Upon A Time- (2-LP Set retrospective w/ souvenir collage page & test, plus live performances July 1966) Tetragrammaton M $35
KITCHEN CINQ- Everything But... The Kitchen Cinq- (folky pop-psych ala Blue Things or Beau Brummels, by Amarillo, Texas group formerly known as The Y'Alls. w/ Lee Hazelwood involvement) LHI Mono SS $199 or M $175
KNOB LICK UPPER 10,000- The Introduction Of Knob Lick Upper 10,000- (w/ Dwain Story; Pete Childs & future country folk-rock producer, Erik Jacobsen) Mercury (green label) DJ M- $85
K.O. BOSSY- Same- (Stoned blues folk-psych obscurity, not to be confused w/ the later Chicago group of the same name) Toya (TSTLP-2003) M $99
BONNIE KOLOC- Same- (gatefold) Ovation (Quadrophonic) SS $55
BONNIE KOLOC- Close Up- (w/ Steve Goodman & Rusty Young) Epic SS $40
LEO KOTTKE- 6 & 12 String Guitar- (1st pressing of his debut LP. A protege of John Fahey) Takoma NM $40
JIM KWESKIN- Richard D. Herbruck Presents Jim Kweskin's America, Co-Starring Mel Lyman & The Lyman Family- Reprise DJ VG+ $48
JIM KWESKIN & THE JUG BAND- The Best Of Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band- (w/ Mel Lyman) Vanguard M- $30


CHARLES LAMONT- A Legend In His Own Mind- (obscure folk-psych, w/ Tom Scott. Related to "Alexander's Timeless Bloozband") Uni M $45
JOHN LANGSTAFF- The Christmas Revels - Wassail! Wassail!- (An American Celebration Of The Winter Solstice, Directed by John Langstaff w/ The Cambridge Symphonic Ensemble; Appalachian Cloggers; & poetry read by Robert J. Lurtsema. Legendary Kentucky folksinger Jean Ritchie lends her voice & dulcimer to the Revels chorus. North American folk cultures from Iglulik Eskimo to Huron Indian are represented. While there is a Christmas theme, several pieces are not seasonal: "The Young Convert" (a Sacred Harp number), "Shall We Gather At The River?" (turn of the century revivalist gospel hymn), "I Will Bow & Be Simple" (Shaker). w/ gatefold cover) Revels Records M $9
DAVID LANNAN- Street Singer- (His debut LP of loner folk-psych, recorded Live on the streets of San Francisco at the Stock Exchange, FBI & City Hall by Mike Stands, Jeffrey Cohen & Bruce Good. Includes cover of Bob Dylan song "You Ain't Going Nowhere". w/ Unipak cover) San Francisco M $45
LARAMIE- Same- (Hippy rural folk rock w/ Thomas Jefferson Kaye, produced by Barry Seidel) Mercury DJ M $40
LAVENDER JANE- Lavender Jane Loves Women- (pioneering lesbian folk-rock w/ Alix Dobkin, Kay Gardner & Patches Attom. Includes Dusty Springfield song "I Only Want To Be With You". Rare 1st pressing w/ original cover art) Ladyslipper / Women's Wax Works M- $45
MARK LeVINE- Pilgrims Progress- (Mega rare Los Angeles 'Dylanesque' folk-psych w/ Paul Humphrey; Michael Deasy who also produced; Larry Knechtel; Ry Cooder ex-Rising Sons & Captain Beefheart's Magic Band; Joe Osborne; & members of Goldenrod. Stoned out bluesy back-porch hippie Deadhead type tunes w/ laid back Garcia style guitar. Original pressing) Hogfat M $125
LEVITT & McCLURE- Livin' In The Country- (Daniel Levitt ex-Pan, pre-Beau Brummels & Marc McClure ex-Joyous Noise w/ involvement by Ron Elliott of The Beau Brummels. The instrumental "Reflections" still gets some airplay as background music & bumper music on some TV stations) Warner Bros 7-Arts DJ EX- $28
BOB LIND- The Elusive Bob Lind - Verve / Folkways SS $38
LINDISFARNE- Fog On The Tyne- (US Version w/ Alan Hull & lyric insert) Elektra DJ M- $38
LINDSFARNE- Back & Forth- (folk prog w/ lyric innersleeve) Atco M $44
LINDISFARNE- Nicely Out Of Tune- (die-cut cover w/ lyric sheet) Elektra M- $38
TRINI LOPEZ- Plays & Sings- (contains "Sinner Man", "Only In My Dreams", "Rosita", plus 8 songs by Johnny Tores) Crown (CST-481) M- $33
TRINI LOPEZ- Same- (contains "Sinner Not A Saint", "Only In My Dreams", "Rosita", plus other songs by Johnny Tores) Crown (CST-349) EX- $30 or Crown Mono (CLP-5349) M- $30
TRINI LOPEZ- Greatest Hits- Reprise EX+ $16
THE LOVE BAND- The Oneness Space- (Early & obscure California new-age folk-jazz, soft rock & ecletic pop w/ Summer Raven & Marcus (aka Mark Allen). Inspired by the book "Handbook To Higher Consciousness " by Ken Keyes, Jr. w/ Gatefold) Living Love Records EX- $5
LOVIN' SPOONFUL- Once Upon A Time- (die-cut cover) Kama Sutra M $26
LOVIN' SPOONFUL- The Best Of The Lovin' Spoonful- (gatefold w/ all 4 photos) Kama Sutra SS $28 or Kama Sutra VG+ $14 or Kama Sutra (w/ 2 photos) VG $2 or Asia / Chung Hwa (CH-3013 w/ Orange Vinyl - never came w/ photos) M- $22
LOVIN' SPOONFUL- The Best Of The Lovin' Spoonful Vol 2- Kama Sutra M $18
LOVIN' SPOONFUL- 22 Hits From The Incomparable Lovin' Spoonful- (2-LP Set) GRT M $16
THE LSD ENIGMA- Same- (Spacy electric Folk-Rock by Rochester, New York's Dave Anderson & Darren Brennessel ex-McFadden's Parachute, Projectiles; Riviera Playboys; Lost Marbles; Purple Flashes & the cryptically mystic group, Green Forests, which featured the late Sky Saxon) Jargon CD ONLY SS $6


BROWNIE MacINTOSH- Coastline Brownie- Continental (CORI) SS $35 or VG $16
BRUCE MacKAY- Same- (Acid-Folk w/ Richard Tyler of the Holy Modal Rounders; Lee Crabtree (of The Fugs); Chuck Raney; Warren Smith. Shades of Velvet Underground in "Song About the Railroad Shack")- ESP / ORO (1) SS $175
BOB MARTIN- Midwest Farm Disaster- RCA M $125
JOHN MARTYN- Well Kept Secret- Duke M $36
JOHN MARTYN- So Far So Good- (gatefold cover) Island EX $35
JOHN MARTYN- Inside Out- Island M- $37
JOHN MARTYN- Sunday's Child- Island SS $45
JOHN & BEVERLY MARTYN- Stormbringer!- Warner Bros M- $45 or DJ M $55
JOHN & BEVERLY MARTYN- The Road To Ruin- Warner Bros SS $65 or M- $50 or DJ M $60
RIC MASTEN- Sunlight / Shadow- (private pressing by the poet troubadour w/ lyric insert) Unitarian Universalist Mono M $16
JUDY MAYHAN- Same- Decca M- $23
JUDY MAYHAN- Folk Songs Of Old Eire With Dulcimer- Tradition M $28
MARY McCASLIN- Way Out West- (w/ lyric insert) Philo M $12
ED McCURDY- When Dalliance Was In Flower- (w/ ex-Tarriers Erik Darling & actor Alan Arkin) Elektra (#110 original white label w/ blue logo & blue print) Mono VG $9 or Elektra (#110 gold label w/ white 'teeth' around perimeter & white logo) Mono EX $9
ED McCURDY- When Dalliance Was In Flower, Vol III- Same- Elektra (Original white label w/ red logo & print) Mono M- $14
SUNI McGRATH- The Call Of The Mourning Dove- Adelphi VG+ $48
BARRY McGUIRE- Eve Of Destruction- Dunhill Mono M- $32 or Mono VG+ $17 or Mono VG $9
BARRY McGUIRE- This Precious Time- (Producer Lou Adler had the Mamas & Papas doing backing vocals on this LP, including the original version of "California Dreamin'". He later took the same backing track, substituted Papa Denny Doherty's lead vocal & changed the solo from harmonica to Bud Shank's lilting flute, creating the The Mamas & Papas hit cover version) Dunhill Mono EX $34
BARRY McGUIRE- Inside Out- (Live) Sparrow SS $48
BARRY McGUIRE-Seeds- (w/ lyric sheet) Myrrh EX $23
BARRY McGUIRE- The Barry McGuire Album- (backing by The New Christy Minstrels) Horizon SS $40 or M- $27 or Mira VG+ $17
RALPH McTELL- Live- Fantasy SS $30
RALPH McTELL- Eight Frames A Second- (debut LP) UK / Transatlantic $33
RALPH McTELL- Ralph McTell's Unfinished Album- (1-Song 12" Promo Only "Streets Of London" w/ patterned vinyl on blank side. Great biographical liner notes) Paramount (DJS-2) DJ ONLY M $58 Rare!
MELANIE- Same- (gatefold) Buddah M $32
MELANIE- Garden In The City- (die-cut Unipak cover) Buddah SS $40 or M $22
MELANIE- Candles In The Rain- (Rare original issue w/ "Alexander Beetle" instead of "Close To It All". The title track "Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)" was inspired by her performance at Woodstock. Also has her version of The Rolling Stones' hit "Ruby Tuesday" & the James Taylor hit "Carolina In My Mind". Gatefold) Buddah M $45 or VG+ $9 or VG- $3
MELANIE- As I See It Now- Neighborhood SS $40
MELANIE- Try The Real Thing- (wAlso has The Edwin Hawkins Singers) Pickwick SS $28
MELISSA- Same- (femme folk-pop-psych includes "Brother Can You Spare A Dime", & The Beatles' Lennon / McCartney song, "I Will". Produced by Robert Lissauer) Decca M $45
BARRY MELTON- We Are Like The Ocean- (ex- Country Joe & The Fish) Music Is Medicine SS $35
BARRY MELTON- Bright Sun Is Shining- Vanguard SS $35
TINA & DAVID MELTZER- Poet Song- (ex-Serpent Power. Grateful Dead related) Vanguard M- $175
MICHAELANGELO- One Voice Many- (Tiffany Anders aka Angel, leads this ethereal cult folk-baroque group on electric Autoharp! w/ Steve Bohn guitar) Columbia EX- $45
MILKWOOD TAPESTRY- Same- (Minstrel folk-prog rarity w/ gatefold) Metromedia EX+ $99 or EX $88 More Info
ARTHUR MILLER & ALL THE LITTLE MILLERS- Hanging Out & Settling Down- (folky-jazz w/ John & Barbara Miller, Stanley Schwartz, Tim Jerome; Bob Pozar, Paul Motian. Produced by John Hammond, Sr.) Columbia M- $17
THE MISHTABULA MAINE MARCHING BAND & SOIL SALVATION SOCIETY- Same- (flower power folk-psych w/ Jules Blattner) MGM M $40 or MGM DJ M $40 or MGM DJ M- $30
BILLY MITCHELL- Might Be Hope- (Bluesy folk-psych gem w/jazz moves & great cover of Jerry Merrick's "Guess I'll Pack My Things", plus 7 minute track "Electronic Dance" w/ sitar, weird voices, spacey flutes, early synth, etc... Nicolas Roeg used it in his pioneering personal 'journey-of-self' film "Walkabout". Other musicians include: Richie Havens; Hugh McCracken; Harvey Brooks; Bobby Scott; Charles Nealy; Denny Seiwell & others. Arranged by Al Gorgoni & produced by Brooks Arthur & Steve Duboff. Cover art by Lynn Sturm) Mercury (SR 61335) M- $25 Scarce!
CHAD MITCHELL- Himself- Warner Bros (gold label) VG+ $14
CHAD MITCHELL TRIO- Mighty Day On Campus- (their debut LP w/ Roger 'Jim' McGuinn, later to The Byrds) Kapp VG+ $25 or Kapp Mono DJ VG- $14
THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO- At The Bitter End- (Live recording w/ Roger 'Jim' McGuinn, later to The Byrds, debuts the song "The John Birch Society") Kapp Mono VG $22
THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO- Singin' Our Mind- (contains their controversial parody of "The Twelve Days Of Christmas") Mercury Mono EX- $16
THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO- Reflecting- (w/ songs by Shel Silverstein; Tom Paxton; John Herold; & others, including "The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face)" which pre-dates the Roberta Flack hit version by several years) Mercury Mono EX $26
THE MITCHELL TRIO- The Slightly Irreverent Mitchell Trio- (w/ Chad Mitchell. Includes "The Draft Dodger Rag" by Phil Ochs) Mercury Mono M $26
THE MITCHELL TRIO- That's The Way It's Gonna Be- (w/ John Denver. Includes songs by Shel Silverstein; Bob Dylan; others) Mercury Mono VG $25
THE MITCHELL TRIO- Alive- (w/ John Denver. Their final LP, includes their original recording of "Leaving On A Jet Plane" & a soft, harmonized version of The Beatles' "She Loves You") Reprise (original tri-color Riverboat label) M $30
THE MITCHELL TRIO & THE GATEMEN- In Concert Everybody's Listening- (6 early songs by each group, per side) Colpix Mono EX+ $35
JONI MITCHELL- In Perfect Harmony- (w/ James Taylor, Live at Royal Albert Hall, 1970) Escargot EX $85 Rare!
STEPHEN MONAHAN- Same- (Del Shannon related w/ gatefold) Kapp DJ M $50
MONTFORT MISSION- Yesterday's Gone- (Original label pressing by St. Louis folkies w/ guest Mary Travers. Produced & arranged by Milton Okun. LP was later released on Reprise) GIA Records SS $45 Rare!
MORDICAI JONES- Same- (aka Bobby Howard of the British Walkers w/ Doug & Link Wray) Polydor M $85 or EX+ $55 Scarce!
EDDIE MOTTAU- No Moulding- (ex- Jolliver Arkansaw & Bo Grumpus w/ lyric innersleeve. Produced in Maine by Noel Paul Stookey who also plays) New World SS $235 or M $195
MOUSE & THE TRAPS- A Public Execution- (w/ Ronnie Weiss) France / Eva M $65
THE MUGWUMPS- Same- (Cass Elliot & Denny Doherty pre- Mamas & Papas w/ Zal Yanovsky pre-Lovin' Spoonful, & Jim Hendricks of The Big Three) Warner Bros M- $25
MAURY MUEHLEISEN- Gingerbreadd- (After backing Jim Croce, Maury released this loner folk, soft psych solo debut LP, produced by Terry Cashman & Tommy West, w/ Eric Weissberg; David Bromberg; Jim Ryan; others. Insert included) Capitol M- $95 or EX+ $75
BRUCE MURDOCH- 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Minute- (Dylanesque Quebec folk-psych loner discovered & produced by Richie Havens. w/ Monte Dunn & Dave Mason) Stormy Forest M- $66

N - O

ERIC & MARTHA NAGLER- The Gentleness Of Living- Philo SS $26
TERESA NEAL- Same- Playboy- M $9
HOLLY NEAR- Hang In There- Redwood (original textured cover) EX+ $17 or Redwood EX $9
HOLLY NEAR- A Live Album- (w/ Jeff Langley) Redwood EX+ $6
HOLLY NEAR- You Can Know All I Am- (w/ Jeff Langley; Lee Ritenour; Roy McCurdy; lyric insert) Redwood M- $6
FRED NEIL- Little Bit Of Rain- (aka 'Bleecker & MacDougal' w/ Pete Childs, John Sebastian & Felix Pappalardi) Elektra EX $45
THE NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS- (w/ Barry McGuire (of "Eve Of Destruction" fame), Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes (best known for the 1981 hit, "Betty Davis Eyes"). One-time members included Keith Barbour (of "Echo Park" fame). Group leader Randy Sparks also went solo and released several songs in the mid 1960s that were minor hits)
NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS- Remembrance Of Things To Come- (w/ Mike Seeger) Verve / Folkways DJ VG+ $14
THE NEW WINE SINGERS- The New Wave- (Chicago jazz-turned-folk combo w/ Bob Connelly; Elaine McFarlane (pre-Spanky & Our Gang); Bill Malloy; Arn Lanza; They perform songs by: Bob Dylan; Phil Ochs; Tom Paxton; Pete Seeger; Shel Silverstein; Mike Settle; Fred Geis) Village Gate Mono M $58 Scarce!
JOHN JACOB NILES- Sings Folk Songs- Folkways SS $35
NINA & FREDRIK- Lovers Of The World Unite!! (Danish folk-pop duo Nina & Frederik Van Pallandt) Atco M- $16
TOM NORTHCOTT- Upside Downside- (w/ Bob Buckley, Pete McKinnon, Ed Patterson, Doug Edwards, others) Uni SS $35
LAURA NYRO- The First Songs- (her debut LP) Verve Forecast VG- $5
LAURA NYRO- New York Tendaberry- Columbia (360 Sound w/ lyric insert) EX $9
PHIL OCHS- In Concert- Elektra (gold label w/ 'E' logo at top) VG- $5
PHIL OCHS- Greatest Hits- (w/ Ry Cooder; James Burton; others. Produced by Van Dyke Parks) A&M M- $24
CAHIR O'DOHERTY- Rock My Soul- Ireland / EMI M $18
THE OD'S- Follow The OD's, Sam & Steve- (local) Paradice M $45
CARL OGLESBY- Going To Damascus- (folk-psych masterpiece by activist writer) Vanguard M $16
OHIO KNOX- Same- (w/ Peter Gallway. Gatefold) Reprise DJ M $40 or DJ M- $35
LAWRENCE OLDER- Adirondack Songs, Ballads & Fiddle Tunes- Folk Legacy M $26
R.C. O'LEARY- Nantucket Rainbow- (Richard O'Leary recorded these original songs of Nantucket Folklore: Nantucket Sleighride; Madaket Milly; Nantucket Blues; & 7 others w/ local themes. This LP is AUTOGRAPHED by the artist!) Schrimshaw Records (original pressing) M $55
THE ORIGINAL MARAUDERS- Now Your Mouth Cries Wolf- (Rare Bob Dylan songs that he never officially recorded, simulated to resemble the way Dylan might have recorded them. Tribute produced & conceived by Charles M. Mann) Rare Records / Pied Piper M $145
THE OUTSIDERS- Cheer Up Me Lads- Argo / Folk Mono VG+ $14
THE OVERLANDERS- Michelle- (Lennon / McCartney song) Canada / Pye Mono M $37
THE OVERLANDERS & THE SETTLERS- Go! With The Overlanders- UK / Pye Mono SS $88 or M $70
FRAN OWENS- The Many Sides Of Fran Owens- (Only album by local Boston songstress w/ Charles Beckler, Jim Snow, & Ronnie Des Marais) Fleetwood EX $55

P - Q

PACHECO & ALEXANDER- Same- (Tom Pacheco (ex-Ragamuffins & Euphoria) & Sharon Alexander w/ N.D. Smart (Remains); Harvey Brooks; John Hall; & others) Columbia SS $58
PAIR EXTRAORDINAIRE- It's A Wonderful World- (Carl Craig & Marcus Hemphill) Liberty Mono VG $9
PAPER BUBBLE- Scenery- (Magical folk-psych produced by Dave Cousins & Tony Hooper of The Strawbs. A young Rick Wakeman guests) UK / Deram M $275
PAUL PARRISH- Forest Of My Mind- (Hippie Folk Funk includes "English Sparrows". produced by Dennis Coffey) Music Factory M- $110
PAUL PARRISH- Songs- (w/ Steve La Fever & Dick Rosmini) Warner Bros SS $68 Scarce!
SANDY PATON- Never Trust A Skier & Other Songs Sung In The Alpen Inn- (Folk songs recorded at The Alpen Inn, Sugarbush Valley, Vermont by 'The Green Mountain Bard', Sandy Paton) Droll Yankee (DY-9) M $45 Scarce!
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE- One Nation Underground- (Their debut LP. Cover features the "Hell Panel" from Hieronymus Bosch's 15th century painting "Garden of Delights") ESP (brown cover) M- $99 or EX- $88 or ESP (b&w cover) VG- $22 or ESP (color cover) VG- $18
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE- Balaklava- (Front cover painting by Peter Bruegel, Jr. Back cover drawings by Jean Cocteau) ESP (Limited advance white label test pressing promo) M $150 (Note: I don't know if the Test Pressing differs in any way from the final release) or ESP (proper printed stock label) M- $88
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE- These Things Too- (folk-psych w/ Tom Rapp) Reprise (W7) EX+ $45
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE- Beautiful Lies You Could Live In- (Billed as Tom Rapp & Pearls Before Swine) Reprise DJ M- $88
THE PENTANGLE- Basket Of Light- (Bert Janch, Terry Cox, & John Renbourn w/ gatefold) Transatlantic EX $30
PEOPLE- I Love You- (Folk-Psych LP features Larry Norman. Has their hit cover of the Zombies song "I Love You"; plus "The Epic" rock-opera which was the inspiration for Pete Townshend's "Tommy") Capitol M- $50
JOHN PERRAULT- Thief In The Night- (NH Folkie) Fretless SS $16
SHAWN PHILLIPS- Contribution- (1st in a trilogy of jazzy folk-psych w/ sitar. Musicians include Jim Capaldi & Steve Winwood) A&M (w/ lyric innersleeve) M- $38 or A&M (no lyric innersleeve) VG+ $22 (While still available, get all 3 in the trilogy for $75)
SHAWN PHILLIPS- Second Contribution- (2nd in the trilogy, w/ gatefold) A&M VG+ $28 (While still available, get all 3 in the trilogy for $75)
SHAWN PHILLIPS Collaboration- (3rd in the trilogy, w/ gatefold) A&M DJ M $46 (While available, get all 3 in the trilogy for $75)
SHAWN PHILLIPS- Do You Wonder- A&M SS $53
THE PHOENIX SINGERS- Same- (Roy Thompson, Arthur Williams & Ned Wright, originating from The Belafonte Folk Singers) Warner Bros M $16
POET & A ONE MAN BAND- (pre-Fotheringay w/ Pat Donaldson; Jerry Donahue & Albert Lee. Rest of group evolved into Heads Hands & Feet. Contains the songs "Dirty Heavy Weather Road" & "Sackfull O'Grain", exclusive to this US pressing only) Paramount SS $155 Scarce!
JIM POST- Colorado Exile (Unipak) Fantasy VG $9
JIM POST- Looks Good To Me- (w/ Merle Saunders; Vassar Clements; Johnny 'Guitar' Watson; David Pomeranz; others) Fantasy M- $14 or VG $9
POTTER ST. CLOUD- Same- (Country-psych w/ Endle St. Cloud & D.F. Potter ex-East Side Kids, along w/ James Harrell, Matthew Moore, Sneaky Pete, Buzz Clifford, Gary Montgomery) Mediarts SS $99
RISA POTTERS- Take Me Away- (Backing group is 'Capability Brown'. Has gatefold w/ lyric insert) Buddah SS $48 or M $35 or DJ M $40
NANCY PRIDDY- You've Come This Way Before- (Shakespearean actress ex-member of The Bitter End Singers, & mother of Christina Applegate, Nancy Priddy was the subject of the Stephen Stills-penned Buffalo Springfield classic, "Pretty Girl Why" (think "Priddy Girl Why"). A Folk-psych masterpiece, produced by Phil Ramone, w/ some DJ-enticing drum breaks. Gatefold) Dot EX $120
PRIDE- Same- (Spanish-guitar-like folk psych w/ some funky drum beats, produced by David Axelrod. Lyrics by his son, Michael Axelrod. w/ Carol Kaye, Don Randi & vocals by Noony Ricketts (of Love) Warner Bros SS $115
JOHN PRINE- Same- (w/ Lyric Insert & wrong back cover factory error! Has back cover of David Blue 'Stories' on Asylum instead) Atlantic DJ VG $23
FRANK PROFFITT- Memorial Album- (Appalachian Folk) Folk-Legacy SS $38 or M $26
BILL PUKA- Same- Columbia SS $45 or EX $28
THE PURPLE GANG- The Purple Gang Strikes- (Artsy UK folk-psych jug band. Includes "Granny Takes A Trip". Rare US Only cover art) Sire (97006) SS $99


MARTHA RADCLYFFE- Same- (Nashville Lesbian Folk music) Athena M- $9
ED RAETZLOFF- Drivin' Wheels- (Secular Folkie music) Newpax EX $35
THE RAFTSMEN- Here & There With The Raftsmen- (Quebec Folkies) RCA Mono EX $20
THE RED CLAY RAMBLERS- Merchants Lunch- ("High Yellow" & "Kildare's Fancy" open & close early PBS-TV episodes of Roy Underhill's Woodwright's Shop) Flying Fish M $22
THE RED CLAY RAMBLERS- Stolen Love- Flying Fish M $6
REDWING- Same- (ex-Glad members Timothy Schmit (Poco, Eagles), Tom Phillips & Ron Floegel) Fantasy M $35 or Fantasy white label TEST PRESSING M- $58 (Don't know if this Test Pressing differs from final commercial release)
SUSAN REED- Same- (debut 12" by the esteemed redhaired folk singer & harpist) Elektra (original grey label w/ logo in red circle) Mono M- $55
REJOICE!- Same- (Folk duo Tom & Nancy Brown, backed by Joe Osborn, Hal Blaine, Larry Knechtel, Ron Wells. Produced by Terry Melcher & Steve Barri. Cover art by Randy Tutten) Dunhill EX $14
JOHN RENBOURN- Sir John Alot Of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng & Ye Grene Knyghte- (ex-Pentangle members) Reprise M- $12
REVIVAL- Same- (folk-pop w/ Michelle Conway & Dan Daley pre-Free Beer; gatefold) Kama Sutra DJ M $46
MALVINA REYNOLDS- Malvina Reynolds Sings The Truth- Columbia Mono SS $50
TURLEY RICHARDS- Same- (w/ "I Heard The Voice of Jesus" Gordon Lightfoot's "Softly;" Bob Dylan's "One Too Many Mornings" & "Love Minus Zero / No Limit") Warner Bros SS $45
KARL RICHEY- Same- (Undiscovered San Francisco Loner Acid-Folk) Studio 10 SS $110
JEAN RITCHIE- Clear Waters Remembered- (w/ Eric Weissberg, Russ Savakus, Dick Weisman, & Happy Traum) Sire / London M $50 or Geordie SS $35
JOHNNY RIVERS- Rocks The Folk- (Great folk songs in Johnny's à go-go style, w/ Mickey Jones & Chuck Day) Imperial (original black label w/ pink & white at left) VG $5 or Asia / Crown (OB-3003 w/ Rare Cover Art) EX+ $24
THE ROAD HOME- Peaceful Children- (Obscure Californian hippie folk-psych produced by Dennis Lambert & arranged by Jimmy Haskell. Male / Female vocals w/ Peter Wickersham & Dee Archer. Selections sampled by DJ Krush; Black Thought, & Malik B. Gatefold) Dunhill (w/ lyric insert) M $35 or Dunhill (no insert) M $18
JOHN ROBERTS & TONY BARRAND- Nowell Sing We Clear- (A Pagent of Traditional English Mid-Winter Carols w/ Fred Breunig, contra dance fiddle & Steve Woodruff, button accordion & Anglo concertina) Front Hall SS $38 Scarce!
ROBIE ROBICHAUD- Listen- (w/ Noel Paul Stookey) Audem M $25
ANDY ROBINSON- Break Out Of The City- (Underrated West-coast style loner folk-psych debut from Philadelphia folkie, w/ Al Stewart inspired vocals on "Need Somebody On Your Bond" & nice cover of Joni Mitchell's "For Free". w/ early Tim Moore, Daryll Hall & John Oates backing) Janus DJ M $45
THE ROCKETS- Same- (ex-Psyrcle, pre-Crazy Horse who later backed Neil Young. Folk-psych w/ Danny Whitten, Ralph Molina, & Billy Talbot produced by Barry Goldberg of The Electric Flag) White Whale SS $88 or M $66 Scarce!
JIMMIE RODGERS- Jimmy Rogers Sings Folk Songs- Roulette (white label w/ colored spokes) Mono VG $14
JIMMIE RODGERS- At Home With Jimmie Rogers. An Evening Of Folk Songs- (w/ Joe Reisman's Orchestra & Chorus) Forum Mono VG- $5
JIMMIE ROGERS- Songs America Sings- (w/ The Lamplighters) Guest Star EX $20 or Mono VG- $5
JIMMIE RODGERS- Big Hits Of Jimmy Rogers- (Includes "Honeycomb" & "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine") Pickwick M $4
THE ROOFTOP SINGERS- Walk Right In!- (Their debut LP w/ Rare AUTOGRAPHS of Erik Darling; Bill Svanoe & Mindy Stuart, who briefly replaced Lynne Taylor in the group) Vanguard (maroon label) VG $45 More Info
BIFF ROSE- Same- Buddah M $23
BIFF ROSE- The Thorn In Mrs. Rose's Side- Buddah M $16
BIFF ROSE- Children Of Light- (ex-comedy writer for George Carlin & Steve Martin, turned troubadour. The song 'Fill Your Heart' was covered by David Bowie & Tiny Tim. Co-produced by former New Christies Minstrels Nick Woods & Art Podell) Tetragrammaton SS $33 or M $20 or VG $9
ROSEBUD- Same- (Judy Henske, Jerry Yester, Ray Brown, Buddy Emmons, Craig Doerge, John Seiter, David Vaught, Barry Zweig, Mike Deasy) Reprise DJ M $200 Rare!
SPARKY RUCKER- Bound To Sing The Blues- (includes "Rollin' & Tumblin") Tradition SS $40
MERRILEE RUSH- Angel Of The Morning- Bell SS $44 or Asia / Pioneer (PRC-5016) VG $9


BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE- It's My Way!- (Her debut LP) Vanguard (Stereolab w/ original black & silver label) EX+ $22 or Vanguard Mono VG $9
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE- Fire & Fleet & Candlelight- (Includes covers of Joni Mitchell's "The Circle Game" & "Song To A Seagull" both predating Mitchell's own release. Also has "Reynardine"- A Vampire Legend; plus some Baroque-Folk numbers arranged by Peter Schickele. Other selections include Bruce Langhorne & Russ Savakus) Vanguard EX $9 or VG $5
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE- She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina- (w/ Jesse Ed Davis; Ry Cooder; Merry Clayton; Danny Whitten; Ralph Molena; Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Arranged & produced by Jack Nietzsche, w/ insert) Vanguard EX $14
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE- Sweet America- ABC DJ M- $22
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE- The Best Of Buffy Sainte-Marie Vol 2- (2-LP Set, gatefold cover) Vanguard near VG $5
THE SALLYANGIE- Children Of The Sun- (Folk psych debut of Mike & Sally Oldfield. Mike Oldfield later joined Kevin Ayers & The Whole World before recording "Tubular Bells". His sister Sally later had hit w/ "Mirrors") Warner 7 Arts SS $120 or DJ EX $68
ANNE SAROFEEN- Love In A Woman's Heart- GWP M- $75
SAROFEEN & SMOKE- Do It- (prog-psych) GWP EX+ $99 Rare!
DON SANDERS- Same- (Upbeat & satirical rural counterculture folk-psych from Texas, has Country Joe; Holy Modal Rounders; Arlo Guthrie feel & drug references. Scarcer than his one-sided EP. Generic plain white cover is die-cut to expose the label. Includes even rarer bio + press kit) Mean N Low M- $120
JOHNNY SEA- Day For Decision- (w/ "God Bless America," "This Land," "I Believe," "When Johnny Comes Marching Home," "America," "The Star Spangled Banner", & others. Johnny Sea sounds alot like Johnny Cash) Warner Bros SS $26 or Mono M- $12
JOHNNY SEA- Live At The Bitter End- Philips EX $14
JOHN SEBASTIAN- Live- (Recorded Live, 1970, this unauthorized LP was quickly withdrawn after a lawsuit) MGM M- $30
JOHN SEBASTIAN- Cheapo-Cheapo Productions Presents Real Live John Sebastian- (Recorded during 4 Live shows in California, & quickly released to compete w/ the illegal MGM Live LP & to capitalize on John's appearance at The Woodstock Music Festival) Reprise M- $17
IRV SEEBLER- The Fiery Sounds Of The Newborn Sun- United Galaxy M $99
PETE SEEGER- Story Songs- Columbia (6-Eyes) Mono DJ VG- $5
PETE SEEGER- Dangerous Songs- Columbia (360 Sound) VG+ $12
PETE SEEGER- Traditional Christmas Carols- Folkways SS $30
PETE SEEGER- Greatest Hits- Columbia (360 Sound) EX- $9
THE SEEKERS- Same- Marvel Mono VG $9
THE SEEKERS- The New Seekers- Capitol Mono EX $8
SEEMON & MARIJKE- Son Of America- (aka Simon Posthuma & Marijke Koger, who designed clothing & album covers for The Move, Hollies, Cream & their own group, The Fool. They designed the set to Goerge Harrison's Wonderwall movie, & painted Apple Boutique building mural. Joni Mitchell guests on 1 cut. Produced by Graham Nash) A&M M $40 or A&M DJ M $45 or DJ M- $35
MARIAN SEGAL With SILVER JADE- Fly On Strangewings- (UK Folk Psych w/ James Litherland (Colosseum); Clem Cattini (Rumplestiltskin, The Ivy League, The Tornadoes); John Wetton (Family, Asia, King Crimson); Pete Sears (Fleur de lys, The Sam Gopal Dream, Jefferson Starship); Michael Rosen (Eclection, Fotheringay); Terry Cox (Pentangle); Pete York (Spencer Davis Group, Hardin & York); Mick Waller (Rod Stewart); Produced by John Miller) DJM SS $90 or DJM M- $54 or DJM DJ M- $66
MIKE SETTLE- Same- (gatefold cover) Uni M- $9
THE SHAGGS- Wink- (Notre Dame group) MM Records Mono M $350
THE SHAW BROTHERS- The Shaw Brothers Greatest Hits Volume 1- (Rick & Ron Shaw of The Brandywine Singers w/ Kevin Evans & Woody Woodward. Local New Hampshire release) Brandywine (BWS-1001) M- $28
THE SHENANDOANS- Same- (Obscure mid-60s New England folk quartet: George Thompson; Bruce Davis; Nat Adams; Pete Lineberger of Middlesex High School, Concord, Mass. w/ involvement from Mike Hurd; Howard Wall & Glenn Berry. Rare & decent self-released folk album) VG $58 Rare!
THE SHIP- A Contemporary Folk Music Journey- (Rare concept LP produced by Gary Usher. Gatefold) Elektra DJ M $35
ROGER SHRIVER- Same- Buddah DJ M $9
PAUL SIEBEL- Woodsmoke & Oranges- Elektra SS $45
THE SILKIE- You've Got To Hide Your Love Away- (Beatles involvement) Fontana (purple cover) Mono EX $28 or Mercury (color cover) VG $24 or Mercury (black & silver label w/ color cover) Mono VG $35
JUDEE SILL- Same- (folk-blues-psych w/ Graham Nash, Clyde King & Rita Coolidge. Unipak cover) Asylum EX $82 or Asylum DJ M- $95
JUDEE SILL- Heart Food- (w/ Spooner Oldham. Has gatefold w/ lyric pages still attached in middle) Asylum M $99
SHEL SILVERSTEIN- Freakin' At The Freakers Ball- (gatefold) Columbia M $45
SHEL SILVERSTEIN- Songs & Stories- Parachute M $45
SIMON SISTERS- Same (Lucy & Carly Simon, daughters of the publishing giant) Kapp Mono M $195 or M- $165
THE SIMON SISTERS- The Simon Sisters Sing For Children- Columbia Mono VG $30
THE SINGING NUN- Her Joy, Her Songs- (Soeur Sourire. Gatefold w/ Lyric sheet) Philips (blue cover w/ seal) Mono EX+ $12
THE SINGING NUN- Same- (Soeur Sourire w/ enclosed sketches & embossed white gatefold cover) Philips EX- $12
THE SINGING POSTMAN- The Best Of The Singing Postman- UK / Starline M- $14
THE SINGING SWINGING BANJO- Same- (Americana type songs w/ no artist credited) Riviera Mono EX $5
SIREN- Same- (Kevin Coyne on John Peel's label) Dandelion SS $88 or EX+ $55
THE SKUNKS- Gettin' Started- ('60s Wisconsin garage teens play jangly folk-pop ala The Byrds w/ some psych fuzz leads & boss bass. They evolved into The Corporation) Teen Town (TTLP-101) SS $175
PATRICK SKY- Two Steps Forward One Step Back- Leviathan M $45
PATRICK SKY- Songs That Made America Famous- Adelphi SS $95
PF SLOAN- Measure Of Pleasure- (His debut LP fo Atco, after leaving Dunhill. Produced by Tom Dowd, the R&B-tinged country-folk-rock-blues-jazz fusion is reminiscent of Tim Hardin & Tony Joe White) Atco SS $50
PETE SMITH- Spittin' Image- (Cambridge, Massachusetts rustic loner folkie w/ engaging style. Some selections recorded live at Nero's Fiddle, Fall River, MA & The Old Stone Church, Newmarket, NH, February 20, 27 & 28th, 1976 w/ ONLY 500 PRESSED!) Whipoorwill unplayed M $250
SMOKEY & HIS SISTER- Same- (Larry & Vicki Mims produced by Paul Harris) Warner Bros 7-Arts DJ M- $135
WILLIE SORDILL- Please Tip Your Waitress- (Loner folk & bluegrass w/ strong reflective songs, great instrumentation & some jazzy elements ala Leo Kottke, John Prine, & Steve Goodman; w/ 12-page booklet) Folkways NM $5
STAINED GLASS- Aurora- (folk psych w/ Jim McPherson pre-Copperhead) Capitol M- $70 Scarce!
BILL STAINES- Third Time Around- (Long out-of-print 1971 rarity by New England folkie, produced by Harry Bee & Bruce Patch. Staines is left-handed playing a right-handed guitar upside-down w/ bass strings on bottom, resulting in his own fingering & picking style) Catfish NM $95
STEELEYE SPAN- Parcel Of Rogues- (UK Folk-Prog w/ Maddy Prior. Insert) Canada / Boot Records Ltd. / Sanachie M $9
STEELEYE SPAN- Now We Are Six- (UK Folk-Prog w/ Maddy Prior. Opens w/ 3:15 version of "Thomas The Rhymer". David Bowie guests on 1 track) Chrysalis M- $7
STEELEYE SPAN- Below The Salt- (gatefold) Chrysalis M $6 (write for more Steeleye Span LPs)
CAT STEVENS- The World Of Cat Stevens- UK / Decca M- $36
CAT STEVENS- Very Young & Early Songs- Deram VG+ 14
LINDY STEVENS- Pure Devotion- Decca EX+ $14
AL STEWART- Love Chronicles- (w/ Jimmy Page, Richard Thompson & other members of Fairport Convention) Epic SS $48 or M $35
JOHN STEWART- California Bloodlines- Capitol (rainbow) M- $35
JOHN STEWART- Willard- Capitol VG $14
JOHN STEWART & SCOTT ENGEL- I Only Came To Dance With You- (original members of The Walker Brothers) Tower SS $40
ST. GEORGE & TANA- Is Now!- (only LP by great undiscovered psych-folk duo, reminiscent of Blackburn & Snow, Leon & Malia, Smokey & His Sister, Jim & Jean, Friend & Lover, Good & Plenty, etc; w/ great version of Richard Fariña song, "Reno Nevada". Wayne Moss & Charlie McCoy sit in on the session backed by members of Area Code 615. Tana is aka Chris Sacks; St. George is aka mystery novel author John Campo) Kapp DJ M $275 Rare!
VAL STÖECKLEIN- Grey Life- (downer folk by ex-Blue Things singer) Dot M $88 or M- $65
BILL STONE- Stone- (Loner-folk solo debut by ex-Bradbury Street Singers. The Old Town, Maine naitive performs w/ Tom & Bob Blackewell; Arthur Webster; Beth Waterhouse, produced by WLOB DJ Jeff "Jefferson" Weinstein. Album jacket design by renowned artist Alan Bray. Front cover is AUTOGRAPHED by Bill Stone in red ball-point pen to Flash Therriault) Omni (ZB-252 Portland, Maine label) M- $350 Rare!
DAVID STOUGHTON- Transformer- (edgy, trippy baroque acid folk-psych performance-art, similar to Tim Buckley's "Starsailor") Elektra M $65 or M- $48
BILLY STRANGE- The Best Of Billy Strange- (Funky 12 String Guitar w/ The Transients) Surrey (black label) Mono VG+ $18 or Surrey (purple label) Mono VG $12
JACK STRAW- The Strawman- (self released) JSR-86001 M $30
JUD STRUNK- Daisy A Day- (Jimmy Buffett style with a Maine humor edge) MGM SS $30 or EX $22
STUFFY & HIS FROZEN PARACHUTE BAND- Stuffy's Frozen Parachute Band- (upbeat rural folk-psych w/ Sigmund Snopek, later known for his work w/ The Violent Femmes. Cover art by Jansen Eding Clapper who also did Todd Rundgrenís 'A Wizard, A True Star' LP cover) Water Street (WST-1002 w/ lyric insert) M- $55 or Water Street (Advance Review Copy in generic cover) M $55 or Paramount SS $48 or M $30
LAURIE STYVERS- Spilt Milk- (w/ Henry Spinetti of Judas Jump & The Herd) Warner Bros M $35
ANDREW ROWAN SUMMERS- Christmas Carols- (Sung by Andrew Rowan Summers w/ dulcimer. Lyric insert) Folkways (FC-7502) Mono M $12
THE SUPERFINE DANDELION- Same- (Phoenix Arizona rural jangle folk-psych ala Buffalo Springfield meets The Byrds w/ hints of Jefferson Airplane meets The Beau Brummels. Ed Black & Mike McFadden both pre-Goose Creek Symphony & Linda Ronstadt; Rick 'Gator' Anderson later joined Beans who evolved into The Tubes) Mainstream SS $199 or M $140
THE SWAGMEN- Meet The Swagmen- Parkway Mono M- $10
SWAMPWATER- Same- (Their obscure debut LP w/ John Beland & Gib Guilbeau of The Flying Burrito Bros.; Thad Maxwell of Tarantula. Both Linda Ronstadt & Arlo Guthrie used Swampwater as their backing band) King M- $68 Rare!
SWAMPWATER- Same- (Their 2nd LP. With die-cut Unipak cover) RCA M $48 or M- $38
KEITH SYKES- The Way That I Feel- Midland International M $38


TAMALPAIS EXCHANGE- Same- (Produced by Adrian Barber, this strange NY group mixes rural hippie folk, rock & pop w/ vocal harmonies. Includes lyric sheet w/ quasi philosophical & religious lyrics) Atlantic SS $45
NORMA TANEGA- Walkin' My Cat Named Dog- New Voice Mono SS $65 Scarce!
JAMES TAYLOR- Tailor Made- (2-LP Set recorded Live at Anaheim Convention Center March 21, 1971. Original cover) Rubber Dubber M $85
JAMES TAYLOR- Same- (1st pressing Unipak w/ original versions of "Carolina In My Mind" & "Something In The Way She Moves", which inspired a certain George Harrison tune. Produced by Peter Asher) Apple SS $68 or M- $38 or EX $23 or EX- $17 or VG $9 or VG- $5
JAMES TAYLOR & THE ORIGINAL FLYING MACHINE- Rainy Day Man- (1967 recordings w/ ex-King Bees, later to Jo Mama) Trip SS $40
KATE TAYLOR- Sister Kate- (w/ Bernie Leadon of The Eagles, Dillard & Clark, The Flying Burrito Brothers) Cotillion SS $38
KATE TAYLOR- It's In There & It's Got To Come Out- Columbia DJ M $25
B.J. THOMAS- B.J. Thomas- (2-LP Set) Springboard Super II Series M $12 (Write for more Billy Joe Thomas)
B.J. THOMAS- Greatest Hits Vol II- (Unipak) Scepter EX $9 (Write for more Billy Joe Thomas)
MAYO THOMPSON- Corky's Debt To His Father- (Avant-folk-psych solo debut by ex-Red Crayola/Red Krayola mastermind. Original pressing!) Texas Revolution SS $499
RICHARD THOMPSON- Henry The Human Fly- (Solo debut by ex-Fairport Convention guitarist is said to be the worst-selling US LP Reprise ever had. Sandy Denny guests on piano & backing vocals) Reprise SS $88 Rare!
RICHARD & LINDA THOMPSON- Pour Down Like Silver- (This is the superior sounding original mastering here, not the botched CD reissue) Island SS $45
THE THOUGHT- Same- (Dutch folk-psych trio, sung in English) Index Two SS $18
3's A CROWD- Christopher's Movie Matinee- (aka Three's A Crowd, Canada's folk-rock answer to 'Spanky & Our Gang', produced by Mama Cass Elliot & Steve Barri w/ gatefold) Dunhill SS $44 or M $33 or M- $22
THE 3 D's- New Dimensions In Folk Songs- (Dick, Denis, & Duane set poetry to folky music, produced by David Axelrod) Capitol EX $18
THE TIKIS- Same- (pre-Harpers Bizarre) Philips Mono M- $30
TIR NA NOG- Strong In The Sun- (great folk-psych w/ Matthew Fisher) Chrysalis DJ M- $58
TIR NA NOG- A Tear & A Smile- (gatefold) Chrysalis M- $58
THE TOKENS- The Lion Sleeps Tonight- RCA Mono M $55
THE TOKENS- We The Tokens Sing Folk- RCA M $28 or UK / RCA VG+ $15
THE TOKENS- Both Sides Now- Buddah M- $12
THE TRADEWINDS- The Folksinging Favorites Of The Nation's Campuses- (The National College Champions) Diplomat Mono VG- $2
THE TRAVELLERS 3- Live! Live! Live! At Last- (The Travelers 3 are: Pete Apo, Charlie Oyama & Dick Shirley) Elektra Mono M $18
THE TRINIDADS- Sing Out- (from Trinity College, Hartford, CT) Capitol Custom Mono EX+ $18
TRUTH 'N' TEENS SINGERS- Potpourri- ('Reverent & Relevant' songs by local Maine / New Hampshire Xian group w/ backing by The Marksmen of Magog, Quebec, Canada on two) Majestic Mono VG $14

U - V - W

THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT CHORAL UNION- An Early New England Christmas- (conducted by James G. Chapman) Philo M $5
THE UNSPOKEN WORD- Tuesday, April 19th- (Long Island, NY group debut LP w/ gatefold. Sophisticated folk rock w/ touches of psychedelia, featuring the vocals of Dede Puma, the gal who suggested that The Pigeons change their name to Vanilla Fudge) Ascot SS $88 or M- $58 or EX $38
THE UNSPOKEN WORD- Same- (their folkadelic follow-up to the above) Atco SS $75 or M $58 or EX $38
DINO VALENTE- Dino- (aka Chet Powers of The Outlaws; Quicksilver. Original issue) Epic SS $225
HILTON VALENTINE- All In Your Head- (ex-Animals guitarist w/ involvement from actress Natasha Pyne) Capitol EX $78
DAVE VAN RONK- Sings The Blues- Verve / Folkways Mono M- $25
TOWNES VAN ZANDT- Same- Poppy (40007) M- $68
VICTIMS OF CHANCE- Goin' Home Blue- (self-released rural folk-blues w/ prog-psych moves) Pama Productions SS $125
VINCENT- Wild Strawberries- (Vinnie Contreas private pressing of rural loner folk-psych from Massachusetts w/ Steve Hobson on electric guitar. A number of the tracks have a Grateful Dead influence ala 'Workingman's Dead' period) Audem SS $120 or EX $48 Scarce!
JERRY JEFF WALKER- Driftin' Way Of Life- (w/ lyric insert) Vanguard VG- $5
PETER WALKER- Rainy Day Raga- (sitar / raga folk-psych w/ Jeremy Steig. Timothy Leary says: "Peter Walker plays on the ancient protein strings of the genetic code") Vanguard SS $120 or EX- $78
PETER WALKER- Second Poem To Karmela Or Gypsies Are Important- Vanguard SS $145
THE WAYFARERS- At The World's Fair- (The 1st LP recorded at the 1964 World's Fair. w/ Sean Bonniwell pre-Music Machine) RCA SS $40
THE WAYFARERS- Come Along With The Wayfarers- (w/ Press Kit: bio sheet of each bandmember, including Sean Bonniwell; Press Info (4-pages); 8.5" x 11" glossy promo photo of group. Press Kit comes in a tabbed file folder within a pocketed outer file folder) RCA Mono M- $46
WE FIVE- Catch The Wind- (w/ Michael Stewart) Vault SS $35
WE FIVE- You Were On My Mind- A&M VG+ $6
WE FIVE- The Return Of The We Five- A&M / Trident EX $12 or VG+ $6
THE WEAVERS- Weavers Gold- Decca Mono EX $12
THE WEAVERS- The Weavers At Carnigie Hall- Vanguard (maroon label) Mono VG $8 or VG- $3
THE WEAVERS- Folk Songs Made Famous by The Weavers- Decca Mono EX- $9
THE WEAVERS- Best Of The Weavers- (Side 1 is The Weavers; Side 2 is Ed McCurdy) Spinorama VG+ $6
THE WEAVERS- Travelling With The Weavers- (illustration by Anton Refregier) Vanguard EX- $12
ELYSE WEINBERG- Elyse- (death-fixated medieval folk psych w/ sitar by Collin Walcott. The backing group was the LA band, 'Touch'. Includes the song "Band Of Thieves" which Cher later recorded as title song for her film debut, "Chastity") Tetragrammaton M- $77
MICHAEL WENDLING & FRIENDS- Who Could Eat At A Time Like This- (Idaho folkie debut w/ cheesecake cover painting by John Hanson) Sheepeater (0003) M $45 Scarce!
WENDY & BONNIE- Genesis- (pop folk-psych by SF-based sisters Wendy & Bonnie Flower on the Skye label, owned by Gary MacFarland; Gabor Szabo & Cal Tjader. This is their only LP w/ some great backing musicians & gatefold) Skye SS $275
WEST- Bridges- (Rural folk psych obscurity w/ female vocals. Features a solid rendition of Bob Dylanís "Down Along The Cove". Produced by Bob Johnston) Epic (original pressing w/ yellow label) M $75
JOSH WHITE- Sings Great Folk Songs- Sutton VG $9
WILDWEEDS- Same- (Electrified rural folk-psych w/ Al Anderson pre-NRBQ) Vanguard DJ EX- $77
CHRIS WILLIAMSON- Same- (gatefold cover) Ampex SS $28 or VG $8
JESSE WINCHESTER- Same- (gatefold) Ampex EX+ $40 or Ampex DJ M- $50 or Ampex DJ EX+ $44 or 2nd pressing on Bearsville wo/ gatefold SS $22
WIND IN THE WILLOWS- Same- (Hippie flower-power downer-folk pop-psych w/ Debbie Harry pre-Blondie, produced by Artie Kornfeld. The band was named after the classic book by Kenneth Grahame & includes "There Is But One Truth Daddy" which is a reading from Grahameís book set to music. Also includes a cover of Roger Millerís "My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died". w/ Unipak cover) Capitol M- $55 or EX+ $40
MARTYN WYNDHAM-READ / GEOFF & PENNIE HARRIS / ARKY'S TOAST- Maypoles To Mistletoe- (w/ Colin Cater, Andrew Brown, Greg Trice. Based on the book) UK / Trailer M $38 Scarce!

X - Y - Z

YAMA & THE KARMA DUSTERS- Euphoria Blimp Works Presents Yama & The Karma Dusters Up From The Sewers- (Protest folk-psych from Chicago w/ Howard Berkman ex-The Knaves. Engineered by Barry Mraz, who worked on LPs by The Siegel-Schwall Band & Styx. Has red textured 'rose' cover w/ silk screened art. Only 500 pressed) Manhole M $950
ZALMAN YANOVSKY- Alive & Well In Argentina- (ex-Lovin Spoonful) Kama Sutra M $35 or EX $22
GLENN YARBROUGH- Jubilee- (ex-Limelighters) Warner Bros DJ M- $12
PETER YARROW- Peter- (gatefold) Warner Bros VG+ $9
PETER YARROW- Love Songs- Warner Bros SS $17 or Warner Bros DJ M $14
JOHN YLVISAKER- Cool Livin'- (Jangly Xian folk-psych meets The Shaggs as Lutheran musician John Ylvisaker (pronounced elvis-sacker) sings in ernest theatrical styles w/ his wife Amanda on organ) Avant Garde SS $295
JESSE COLIN YOUNG- The Soul Of A City Boy- (aka Perry Miller) Capitol (rainbow label) Mono VG $25 or VG- $8
JESSE COLIN YOUNG- Young Blood- (w/ John Sebastian) Mercury Mono VG $17 or VG- $3
JESSE COLIN YOUNG- Two Trips- (early demos exclusive to this LP w/ M.C. Escher style cover art in gold border) Mercury M $40
ANDY ZWERLING- Spiders In The Night- (w/ Lenny Kaye, who also produced makes his production debut. Features only known vocal appearance on record of Lisa Robinson. Unipak cover) Kama Sutra SS $65 or M- $45