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THE ARCHIES- "You Know I Love You" (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Post Alpha-Bits Cereal Box Record, neatly cut. This is Song #2 on Design #2 Version 'A' w/ red/brown background) Kirshner M- $28
THE ARCHIES- Boys & Girls- (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Post Super Sugar Crisp Cereal Box Record, neatly cut. This is Song #2 on Design #3 w/ blue background) Kirshner M $20 See Picture
BILLY & THE BOINGERS- "I'm A Boinger" bw/ "U-Stink-But-I-Love-U"- (2-Song 33 1/3rd-RPM two-sided flexi soundsheet) EX- $5
THE BUCKINGHAMS- "Kind Of A Drag" bw/ "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-14) Mono M $20
CAL & GID CARSON- "Birmingham Jail"- (aka Frank Luther as Cal Carson, & Carson Robison as Gid Carson. 4" 78-RPM circa early 1930s w/ blank B-Side. One of only 5 titles in a series that originally came with 'Hit Of The Week' Records) Durium Junior (A2) EX $28 Rare!
BEN CARTWRIGHT CHEVROLET PROMOTION- A Musical Message From Ben Cartwright- (6" X 6" 33 1/3rd RPM Cardboard Record used to promote Test Drives of Chevorlet's 1964 Models. Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) of Bonanza is pictured on the front, and 5 Chevy Models pictured on the back. Spoken word w/ musical backing by Bill & Glen) Roy Ross Enterprises, NYC, Mono M $5
DICK CLARK- Dick Clark Talks To You About Your Future- (Find out from Dick how you can start building a solid future through the Army's many exciting opportunities for ttraining, a job & travel. 33 1/3rd-PRM cardboard disc w/ nice photo of Dick) US Army M $5
THE CYRKLE- "Red Rubber Ball"- (6" square cardboard picture record, bonus cut from 'Teen Scoop' Magazine. Flip side has bio) Teen Scoop M- $17
NEIL DIAMOND- "You Got To Me" bw/ "Solitary Man" (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-17) w/ exclusive Mono mix M $35
THE DOORS- "Light My Fire" bw/ "Break On Through (To The Other Side)"- (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve showing exclusive artwork of a transparent Jim Morrison superimposed over the faces of his bandmates. Rarest of the Hip Pocket releases) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-9) Mono M $35 or VG $14
THE FALLEN ANGELS- "Room At The Top" bw/ "Most Children Do" (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-23) Mono M $35 Scarce!
FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM- Dawnrazor- (7" Rare PROMO ONLY Cardboard soundsheet w/ Carl McCoy reading text off the sleeve of their "Power" 12" to introduce the song "Dawnrazor") Beggars Banquet M $18
HANSEL & GRETEL- Same (4" 45-RPM w/ blank B-Side) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-204) M $3
LUTHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCHESTRA- "Old MacDonald Had A Farm"- (6" square 33 1/3rd-RPM cardboard record w/ selection from the Columbia LP 'Pop! Goes The Westerns'. Flip side has casserole & ham recipies sponsored by 'Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil') Auravision / Columbia (6-Eyes) Mono M $6
HORROR ROCK CLASSICS- Same- (9" Pumpkin shaped orange vinyl EP w/ Jack-O-Lantern label design. Includes: The Fiends- "Addams Family Theme", produced by Sonny Bono; The Challengers- "Out Of Limits"; Jumpin' Gene Simmons- "Haunted House"; Sheb Wooley- "Purple People Eater". Printed clear vinyl cover artwork by David Barber) Rhino (RNDF 281 original w/ 8.5" x 9.5^quot; die-cut white backer board) M- $22 or Rhino (RNDF 281 w/ 9.75" x 10" die-cut yellow backer board, printed on back) M- $13
TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS- "Mirage" bw/ "I Think We're Alone Now" (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve w/ exclusive photo) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-1 - Their debut release) Mono EX $23
TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS- "Hanky, Panky" bw/ "Gettin' Together" (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve w/ exclusive photo) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-2) Mono EX $12
KEITH- "98.6" bw/ "Ain't Gonna Lie" (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-20) Mono M $18
MARX-ATOMIC- Cape Canaveral Missle Range Phonograph Record- (6" square 33 1/3rd-RPM cardboard record for 'Junior Missile Officers' w/ actual recorded sounds of Air Force missile launchings & count downs, designed to suppliment the boxed toy set) Louis Marx & Co. Mono M- $45 Rare!
VAN MORRISON- "Brown-Eyed Girl" bw/ "Midnight Special" (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve w/ exclusive photo) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-16) Mono M $24
MUSIC TO SHAVE BY- The Adjustable Remington Roll-A-Matic Shaver Presents: Music To Shave By- (This is the first Hi-Fi recording ever to be included in a national magazine ad. From 1959, w/ exclusive recordings by Bing Crosby; Rosemary Clooney; Louis Armstrong; The Hi-Lo's on a 6" 33 1/3rd RPM cardboard record) Manufactured by Auravision / Columbia M- $5
ALFRED E. NEUMAN- "It's A Gas" (33 1/3rd-RPM cardboard record, originally included in 'The Worst From Mad' 9th Annual Magazine, 1966, featuring a saxophone solo by King Curtis) Mono M $60 Scarce!
PHIL 'N' THE BLANKS bw/ THE WILD STARES- (2-Songs by each group on a 7" 33 1/3rd-RPM flexi disc that came with Trouser Press Magazine #85 May 1983) Trouser Press (Flexi #17) M- $5
WILSON PICKETT- "Land Of 1000 Dances" bw/ "Midnight Hour" (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-11) Mono M $22
PLASTICLAND "Her Decay" bw/ FUZZTONES "99th Floor"; THE VIPERS "We're Outta Here"- (3-Song 7" 33 1/3rd-RPM RED Flexi that came w/ 99th Floor Fanzine #5) 99th Floor (Flexi-1) M- $33
THE PREACHERS- SFTG Presents The Preachers- (7" 33 1/3-RPM red flexi soundsheet w/ "Take Me Down" & "Tried To Hide", 13th Floor Elevators song written by Tommy Hall & Stacy Sutherland, making this one of the more obscure Elevator's related collectibles) UK / Sound For Industry M $70
BOMIS PRENDIN- Phantom Limb- (Washington DC industrial electro-pop ala early Suicide. 13 tracks on a 10" flexi disc by Bomis Prendin w/ Candeee;Corvus Crorson; Miles Anderson. Limited edition of 2,000) Artifact (Hand sealed w/ sticker - unplayed) SS $40
RED BOOK MAGAZINE ORCHESTRA- "Notre Dame Victory March"- (4" 78-RPM circa early 1930s w/ blank B-Side. Originally came with 'Hit Of The Week' Records) Durium Junior EX $7
DIANA ROSS, MARVIN GAYE, SMOKEY ROBINSON & STEVIE WONDER- "Pops, We Love You" (1979 2-track 9" x 10" Red Vinyl Heart Shaped 45-RPM disc bw/ Instrumental Version. Has 12" die-cut insert record holder w/ envelope style protective PVC outer sleeve) Motown (M9-1455F) SS $38 Rare!
MITCH RYDER- "Jenny Take A Ride" bw/ "Sock It To Me Baby" (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-4) Mono M $22
THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICANS- Beyond Fiscal Distress- (One-sided 10" 33 1/3rd-RPM flexi disc by these Northampton, Massachusetts no-wave techno-pop dub) Tekno Tunes SS $55 Rare!
BOBBY SHERMAN- "July Seventeen"- (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Cereal Box Record, neatly cut along dotted line. Song #3, Series #1 Blue Shirt w/ Blue Label) Honey Comb / Metromedia M $15
BOBBY SHERMAN- "Seattle"- (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Cereal Box Record, neatly cut along dotted line. Song #3, Series #2 Blue Shirt w/ Red Label) Alpha Bits / Metromedia M $12
BOBBY SHERMAN- "Spend Some Time Lovin' Me"- (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Cereal Box Record, neatly cut along dotted line. Song #5, Series #2 Blue Shirt w/ Red Label) Alpha Bits / Metromedia M $12
BOBBY SHERMAN- "Little Woman"- (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Cereal Box Record, neatly cut along dotted line. Song #1, Series #3 Purple Shirt w/ Orange Label) Raisin Bran / Metromedia M $12
BOBBY SHERMAN- "I Think I'm Gona Be Alright"- (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Cereal Box Record, neatly cut along dotted line. Song #3, Series #3 Purple Shirt w/ Orange Label) Raisin Bran / Metromedia M $12
BOBBY SHERMAN- "I'm Still Looking For The Right Girl"- (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Cereal Box Record, neatly cut along dotted line. Song #5, Series #3 Purple Shirt w/ Orange Label) Raisin Bran / Metromedia M $12
BOBBY SHERMAN- "Little Woman"- (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Cereal Box Record, neatly cut along dotted line. Song #1, Series #4 Striped Shirt w/ Blue Label) Rice Krinkles / Metromedia M $12
BOBBY SHERMAN- "Hey Mr. Sun"- (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Cereal Box Record, neatly cut as a full square. Song #2, Series #4 Striped Shirt w/ Blue Label) Rice Krinkles / Metromedia M $12
RED SKELTON- The Pledge Of Allegiance as reviewed by Red Skelton (Cardboard record marketed by Burger King of a patriotic message from 'The Red Skelton Hour' TV broadcast January 14, 1969) Auravision / CBS Columbia Special Products Mono M $6
SPANKY & OUR GANG- "Making Every Minute Count" bw/ "Bird Avenue" (4" 45-RPM w/ envelope-style picture sleeve) Philco Hip-Pocket Record (HP-19) Mono M $14 or EX $7
THE SUGAR BEARS- "You Are The One" (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Cereal Box Record, neatly cut. This is Song #2) M- $22
THE SUGAR BEARS- "Happiness Train" (5 ½" 33 1/3rd-RPM Cereal Box Record, neatly cut oversized about ¼" outside the dotted line so all of Sugar Bear's guitar shows. This is Song #4) M- $30
THE SWING YEARS- Reader's Digest Presents The Swing Years- (7" 33 1/3rd-RPM cardboard Audition Record w/ sample selections edited from the vinyl LP set) Reader's Digest M- $1
TEMPORAL PAIN- How Absurd- (6-Song one-sided 33 1/3rd-RPM 8" flexi disc of completely psychotic sounding acid-damaged post-punk delirium, in a psychedelic picture sleeve) Split Conscious Music Ltd. Products M $75
THE TURTLES- Turtlesized- (4-Song Turtle Shaped Green Vinyl w/ "Happy Together"; "Outside Chance" bw/ "Eve Of Destruction"; "She'd Rather Be With Me") Rhino (280) SS $24
WARSAW- Talking Volume- (5-Song two-sided 33 1/3rd-RPM 8" clear fexi disc in fold-open cover) Friends / Hot Wax (unplayed) M $45
WAVVES- Hippies Is Punks- (33 1/3rd 7" x 5" postcard shaped flexi made exclusively for Record Store Day, April 20, 2013 w/ Nathan Williams) Warner Bros M $12
YARBROUGH & PEOPLES- "Heartbeats" (3:59 Vocal) bw/ "Heartbeats" (4:18 Instrumental)- (9" x 10" RED VINYL Heart Shaped Disc PROMO ONLY 45-RPM by Cavin Yarbrough & Alisa Peoples) Total Experience M $28
ZODIO DOZE- "Americommandoes"- (9" x 7" 45-RPM cardboard picture postcard record. The logo banner at top is perforated, & when removed the postcard becomes a 7" x 7". Boston power-pop group led by Beverly & Philip Tatro w/ past & future members of The Buzzarians & Atlantics. Lyrics on backside. The centerhole punch-out is still intact. All perfs are firm) Trak 4 Productions Unplayed M $50 Rare!


THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN- A Rockomic!- (starring Spider-Man in the Rock & Roll adventure, "From Beyond The Grave", w/ Rene Auberjonois as the voice of Peter Parker & Spider-Man. There four bubblegum pop songs by The Webspinners (Ron Dante of 'The Archies' fame). Great gatefold cover art & huge full color poster by John Romita!) Buddah SS $85 or EX $40
THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN- Spider-Man: Rock Reflections Of A Superhero- (This seldom-seen LP retells the origin of Spider-Man, his encounters w/ Dr. Octopus & The Green Goblin, & his romance w/ girlfriend Gwen Stacey. Narration by Marvel's own Stan Lee. Music by Crack The Sky, w/ Tommy West, Alan Axelrod, Ray Dahrouge, & super-saxophonist David Sanborn. Jingle singer & ex-Manhattan Transfer vocalist Marty Nelson as Spiderman. Cover art by famed Spidey-artist John Romita) Lifesong SS $295
BALDWIN & LEPS- Same- (Rural folk-psych violin & guitar duo. A-Side is a semi-rock-opera about drug dealing drifters, w/ gatefold) Vanguard M- $33
THE BLACKWOOD APOLOGY- House Of Leather- (Civil War theme w/ post-Castaways members. Unipak cover) Fontana M $55 or EX $45
THE BLAZERS- Drinking Songs Sung Under The Table- ABC Paramount Mono M- $9
THE BLAZERS- More College Drinking Songs- ABC Paramount Mono VG+ $6
THE BOSTON BAKED BEANS- The Stripper- (Music To Strip By) Diplomat Mono M $9
THE JIMMY BOWEN ORCHESTRA & CHORUS- Sunday Morning Comics- (Themes from radio's greatest shows: Batman; Superman; FBI In Peace & War; Little Orphan Annie; Jack Armstrong; Tom Mix; The Whistler. Cover art by Paul Taylor) Reprise SS $40
BUCKNER & GARCIA- Pac-Man Fever- (all songs about video games w/ original game patterns diagram innersleeve) Columbia M- $18
WILBURN BURCHETTE- Guitar Grimoire- (Transcendental improv guitar for meditations, spells, rites, rituals & ceremonial magic. Inspirational music for witches, wizards, mystics & covens. Debut LP w/ rare original issue cover art by warlock Wilburn himself, who uses homemade instruments to get some really exotic trance-psych sounds going. Occult!) Burchette Brothers SS $385
JOE BYRD & THE FIELD HIPPIES- The American Metaphysical Circus- (w/ Tom Scott) Columbia SS $125
ROBERT CALVERT- Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters- (Monty Python humor meets the prog space-rock of Hawkwind w/ Brian Eno; Arthur Brown; Lemmy; Adrian Wagner & members of The Pink Fairies & Hawkwind. The spoken sketches are by Robert Calvert; Viv Stanshall; & Jim Capaldi. w/ insert) United Artists M $65
CAMEL- Music Inspired By The Snow Goose- (Essential concepitual prog masterpiece w/ songs by Peter Bardens & Andy Latimer, based on the short story of the same title written by Paul Gallico in 1941. Produced by David Hitchcock & John Burns w/ David Bedford conducting the London Symphony Orchestra. Laminated cover w/ Insert) France / Dcca / Gamma (278.135) M- $22
FREDDIE CANNON- The Explosive Freddie Cannon- (Songs about Boston; New Orleans; Georgia; Tallahassee, Florida; Carolina; Okefenokee; California; Chattanoogie; Indiana; St. Louis; Kansas City) Swan Mono VG $28 or VG- $12 (Write for more Freddie Cannon LPs)
CAPES & MASKS- Comic Book Heroes- (Cool cartoon concept LP has great spy jazz & 60s beat tunes mixed w/ sound effects. Bob Shad recycled tracks by Shorty Rogers ("Hang Ten! With The Wedges") & Irving Joseph ("Murder Inc"). Cover illustrations by Jack Lonshein recycled from Jules Feiffer) Mainstream M- $50
CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT- Dinner With Drac!- (Story in song of big party at Count Dracula's house. Kinda like the plot of "Mad Monster Party". Band later changed their name to "The Monsters") PIP SS $65 or PIP DJ M $45
THE COLLECTORS- Grass & Wild Strawberries- (based on the stage play by George Ryga, w/ gatefold. The group became Chilliwack after Howard Vickers left) Warner Bros 7-Arts VG $35
JESS CRAWFORD- Wedding Music- (The ultimate Wedding LP!) Decca SS $33
RICHARD ELLSASSER- The Wedding Album- (Richard Ellasasser plays the Great Pipe Organ of The John Hays Hammond Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts) MGM (SE-3398) SS $45
TOMMY FACENDA- High School USA- (The only song published & simultaneously released on 45-RPM to 28 different markets, October 1959. The names of local High Schools were incorporated into the lyrics of each version, collected here for the 1st time on 2-LPs by Boston legend, Little Walter. Hear all 28 versions, tailored for: Pittsburgh; Los Angeles; Indiana; Baltimore/DC; Chicago; Detroit; Kansas City/St. Louis; Boston; Philly; Denver; The Carolinas; Virginia; Nashville; New Orleans; Texas; Florida; Buffalo; Minneapolis/St. Paul; San Francisco; Newark; Hartford; NYC; Alabama; Georgia; Seattle/Portland; Cleveland; Cincinnati; Memphis; Oklahoma; PLUS the original Virgina version, home of the 'Norfolk Sound'; & the universal National version, suitable for all locations) Legrand (1008 & 1009) both SS $50 for the pair.
FAIPORT CONVENTION- Babbacombe Lee- (Prog-folk concept LP has the amazing true story of John "Babbacombe" Lee, from his navy days to being unjustifiably accused of murder, his death sentence, & his ultimate survival. Unipak gatefold cover w/ booklet & lyric innersleeve) A&M EX $44
FAMILY TREE- Miss Butters- (Pop-opera concept LP is pre-Dudes; Roxy; Wackers related w/ Bob Segarini. Sonny Bono & Harry Nilsson involvement, w/ same session backing line-up as Nilsson's 'Aerial Ballet' LP. Mike Olsen later re-named himself Lee Michaels) RCA SS $88 or M- $58 or VG $28
1st NATIONAL NOTHING- If You Sit Real Still & Hold My Hand, You Will Hear Absolutely Nothing- (obscure rock theatre commune, mixes rock folk psych & sardonic humor, w/ Bill Takas & Leon Rix, both of Ten Wheel Drive; future Rocky Horror/Spin City actor Barry Bostwick; Holly Near; Kenny Ascher; Teddy Irwin & J. Marks) Columbia SS $45 or M $35 or M- $28
FLASH FEARLESS- Versus The Zorg Woman Parts 5 & 6- (concept LP w/ Alice Cooper; Elkie Brooks; Jim Dandy; James Dewar; John Entwhistle; Frankie Miller. Guests: Keith Moon; Bill Bruford; Chick Churchill; Nicky Hopkins; Carmine Appice; Justin Hayward; Eddie Jobson; Leslie Duncan; Johnny Weider; Thunderthighs. Includes rare 12" x 12" comic book by Dave Pierce & Paul Sample) Chrysalis DJ EX $38 or Chrysalis (wo/ comic book) DJ VG $18
FLASHMAN- Same- (concept LP by ELP inspired keyboard dominated prog glam-rock trio from the UK) Vanguard EX $28
FORD THEATER- Time Changes (Prog-psych musical tale of Clifford Smothergill & his search for meaning & significance in life. Includes the track "Jefferson Airplane". Performed by ex-Joyful Noise members from Boston area, w/ Harry Palmer, pre-Silk. Produced by Bill Szymczyk. Gatefold) ABC M- $58
GLASS PRISM- Poe Through The Glass Prism- (They were the El Caminos & later split into 'Shenandoah' & 'The Bouys'. Poems by Edgar Allan Poe set to music. Produced by Les Paul & his son, Russ) RCA SS $50 or M $35 or M- $30
GULLIVERS TRAVELS- Same- (Tony Caldery & David Callison psychedelic journey inspired by the famous Jonathan Swift book. Full of effects & trippy stoned sounds, prodicer Andrew Loog Oldham included unlicensed song bits from The Small Faces, Lovin' Spoonful, The Nice, Little Richard, & others, so it was quickly withdrawn. Only a few hundred copies still exist!) UK / Instant (INLP-003) M $785
BO HANSSON- Music Inspired By Lord Of The Rings- Famous Charisma SS $45
BO HANSSON- El-Ahrairah- (Music Inspired by "Watership Down") Sweden / Silence Records (YTF-50350) M $45
JIMMIE HASKELL- California 99- (Obscure concept LP written by Tom Gamache, where a big California earthquake turns the Great Plains into a "Marijuana & Insect Corridor", & Florida into a desert, w/ Joe Walsh, Jimmy Witherspoon, Big Wanda & The Wombats, Papa Denny Doherty, Merry Clayton & Clyde King. Has fold-out wrap-around poster cover of topographical US map) ABC M $75 Scarce!
PETER IVERS- Knight Of The Blue Communion- (Debut LP by ex-Beacon Street Union member Peter Ivers. A surreal parade of free jazz & psych rock w/ classical instrumentation, electronics, & vaudeville vignettes. Features opera singer Yolande Bevan & profoundly spiritual lyrical themes written by Timothy Mayer, future Associate Director of the American National Theater. Evokes the music of Frank Zappa; Captain Beefhart or The United States Of America. Produced by Sandy Linzer. Suffice to say it was not a hit. Peter Ivers later hosted "New Wave Theater") Epic M $99
JEFFERSON STARSHIP- Blows Against The Empire- (The story of a group of people who steal a Starship from the elite & find utopia elsewhere. w/ Jerry Garcia; Mickey Hart; David Crosby & Graham Nash. Gatefold w/ booklet & proper innersleeve) RCA M- $18 or EX+ $14
J.K. & Co.- Suddenly One Summer- (Masterpiece of orchestral baroque psych by Jay Kaye (ex-Loved Ones), intended to musically represent the life & death of a man. Produced by Robin Spurgin (The Collectors, Painted Ship), w/ members of Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck. For fans of The Bee Gees "Odessa" or George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" LPs. Jay is the son of pioneering guitarist Mary Kaye, of the Mary Kaye Trio) White Whale M $199 or M- $168 Scarce!
BOB JOHNSON & PETE KNIGHT- The King Of Elfland's Daughter- (ex-Steeleye Span members w/ Christopher Lee; Mary Hopkin; Alexis Korner; PP Arnold; Derek Brimstone; Chris Farlowe; Frankie Miller; Chris Spedding; more, based on the 1924 Lord Dunsany fantasy novel) Chrysalis SS $50
COLONEL JUBILATION B. JOHNSTON & HIS MYSTIC KNIGHTS BAND & STREET SINGERS- Moldy Goldies- (The hits are attacked & annihilated in this one-shot by producer Bob Johnston who got together the core of Bob Dylan's band from the 'Blonde On Blonde' sessions: Joe South (guitar), Bill Atkins (keyboards), Wayne Butler (trombone), Paul Griifin (piano), Ken Buttrey (drums), Jerry Kennedy (guitar), Wayne Moss (guitar), Hargus "Pig" Robbins (piano), & Charlie McCoy (bass). Genius parodies of Phil Spector, et al) Columbia ('360 Sound' Label) M- $45 or Columbia ('360 Sound' Label) Mono M $50
THE KINKS- Preservation Act 1- (Ray Davies rock-opera presents a more thematic rendering of characters & themes first explored on "The Village Green Preservation Society" LP. w/ lyric sheet) RCA M $32
JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO- Unfinished Music 1.-Two Virgins- (Collage of found sounds, bits of other recordings, some piano, guitar & other instruments, as well as Lennon & Ono variously talking & vocalizing. Yoko debuts her singing style of whoops, warbles, & shrieks. There are amusing verbal exchanges between the couple. Recorded May 1968 at Lennon's home studio in Weybridge, Surrey, England. One of the most controversial album covers of all time) Tetragrammaton / Apple (Original w/ paper outersleeve) M $120 or Tetragrammaton / Apple (Original w/ no paper outersleeve) M- $68 or thick vinyl PICTURE DISC (w/ paper outersleeve) unplayed M $88 or UK / Apple (Original. Only 5000 pressed) M $150
JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO- Unfinished Music 2.- Life With The Lions- (Avant-garde improv feedback & Yoko screeching) Zapple NM- $88 or EX- $88 or UK / Zapple M $150 Scarce!
COUNTRY JOE McDONALD- War, War, War- (Country Joe alone on guitar, harmonica, footstomping, tambourine, organ, vocals, performing songs based on poems written by Robert Service. Images of Mick Jagger; Bill Wyman & Charlie Watts on cover art by Robin Menken) Vanguard M $45
ROD McKUEN- The Sea (Lyrics & Musical Storyline by Rod McKuen; Music Composed & Arranged by Anita Kerr who Conducts The San Sebastian Strings) Warner Bros (WB on cover, W7 on label) M- $12
ROD McKUEN- The Soft Sea (Lyrics & Musical Storyline by Rod McKuen; Music Composed & Arranged by Anita Kerr who Conducts The San Sebastian Strings) Warner Bros M $16
MERCHANTS OF DREAM- Strange Night Voyage- (Rare 1968 concept album by Shadow Morton & Vinny Testa, based on "Peter Pan") A&M DJ M $88
GENE MOSS- Dracula's Greatest Hits- (Jack Davis cover art) RCA Mono VG $80
THE NATIONAL GALLERY- Performing Musical Interpretations Of The Paintings Of Paul Klee- (Beatnik jazz-psych w/ Chuck Mangione. Insert) Philips SS $70
NATURE- Henry David Thoreau's Walden- (The Nature group consists of Berrnie Hoffer, Lou Toby & Joe Cinderella. Words & music by Les Ledo & Edna Lewis who set the poetry of Thoreau's 'Walden' to verse. w/ insert) Alithia M $20
HARRY NILSSON- The Point- (Beatles-era pop-fable of a well-rounded young boy named Oblio, from the Land of Point, who is outcast from the community by those who resent his pointlessness. Nilsson conceived this on an acid trip. Includes "Me & My Arrow". w/ rare booklet having "Yellow Submarine" inspired art) RCA EX- $16
NIRVANA- The Story Of Simon Simopath- (About a boy's wish to fly) Bell M $120 or Bell DJ Mono M- $99
ON THE SEVENTH DAY- Number One- (weird blend of original progressive song fragments, brief narrative sections, sociopolitical news clips, & assorted sound effects by Alan Bernstein & Victor Millrose, who scored hits for Neil Diamond; Gary Puckett & The Union Gap; & Gene Pitney. Has rare original banned cover photo) Mercury M- $85 or EX $50
PLUS- Seven Deadly Sins- (Nirvana related prog-psych concept LP w/ die-cut gatefold cover) Probe EX $75
POE- Up Through The Spiral- (aka Playboys Of Edinburgh; hard-psych concept LP based on the life of Edgar Cayce; w/ gatefold) Uni EX+ $75
THE RED CRAYOLA- Kangaroo?- (A musical discussion of Soviet Communist ideals & history w/ the group, Art & Language, plus Allen Ravenstine of Pere Ubu) Rough Trade SS $55
LAURIN RINDER & W. MICHAEL LEWIS- Seven Deadly Sins- (Spacey disco outlining the seven deadly sins: "Pride", "Anger", "Lust", "Sloth", "Covetousness", "Gluttony" & "Envy") AVI SS $55
RINGLING BROS. & BARNUM & BAILEY'S BAND- Circus Music- (Conducted by Merle Evans) Harmony (original maroon & silver label) Mono M $30
RITE OF EXORCISM- Same-(Exploito exorcism concept, mostly spoken w/ rock backing & effects by Morty Jay & Friends (ex-Jaywalkers) Crunch SS $65
ROSS- The Pit & The Pendulum- (John Entwhistle's backing band, Alan Ross w/ Bob Jackson pre-Badfinger & Searchers, w/ hard prog-rock telling of the Poe story) RSO (w/ lyric innersleeve) EX $25 or RSO (wo/ lyric innersleeve) EX $20
ARMAND SCHAUBROECK- Alot Of People Would Like To See Armand Schaubroeck Dead- (Debut 3-LP Gatefold Set chronicles Armand's checkered past in theatrical style spoken word passages & songs. A lost masterpiece of theatrical rock! Armand runs The House Of Guitars in Rochester, NY) Mirror SS $300
THE SHIP- A Contemporary Folk Music Journey- (Rare concept LP produced by Gary Usher. Gatefold) Elektra DJ M $35
FRANKIE STEIN & HIS GHOULS- Shock! Terror! Fear! / Ghoul Music / Monster Melodies- (3 separate LPs) Power (339 / 340 / 341) Mono
JEFF WAYNE'S MUSICIAL VERSION OF THE WAR OF THE WORLDS- Same- (2-LP Set is a prog-rock retelling of "The War Of The Worlds" by H. G. Wells, featuring music by Jeff Wayne; Justin Hayward (Moody Blues); Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy); David Essex; Julie Covington; Chris Thompson; Jo Partridge; Herbie Flowers & others. Narrated by Richard Burton. Most songs written by ex-Elton John lyricist Gary Osborne. Includes "Forever Autumn" by Justin Hayward, plus booklet insert w/ paintings by Peter Goodfellow, Geoff Taylor & Michael Trim that help illustrate the story) Columbia DJ M $50 or Special DJ ONLY abridged LP w/ special intros & endings added, as the tracks weren't originally written w/ radio in mind. (Note: This is NOT the commercially released 'Highlights' LP, but rather the rare original DJ ONLY alternate version) Columbia DJ M $50
WOODY THE WOODCHUCK- Christmas Sing Song- (Low budget cash-in on the Chipmunks' success, even lower budget than The Nutty Squirrels or Shirley & Squirrely) Premier VG $12
FRANK ZAPPA- Joes Garage Act I- (Concept centers around story narrator 'The Central Scrutinizer', whose job it is to enforce laws that have yet to be passed. Pages still attached inside gatefold cover) Zappa M- $20
FRANK ZAPPA- Joe's Garage Acts II & III- (Concept centers around story narrator 'The Central Scrutinizer', whose job it is to enforce laws that have yet to be passed. Pages still attached inside gatefold cover. 2-LP Set) Zappa M $24


HIGH FIDELITY DEMONSTRATION RECORD- (5 tones w/ 30, 50, 100, 1,000 & 10,000 cycles, plus selections of classical music) Urania Mono EX $14
HOLIDAY IN NEW YORK- (w/ Dr. Harlow White, your Stereo Host for a day in Sound & Music including Times Square Subway; Palisades Park; Charlie Spivak Orchestra; Al Donahue Orchestra; Test Tone; & more. Front cover is Gold Glitter on Black) Stereo Spectrum (DS-1) EX $28 Unique & Scarce!
SOUNDS IN SPACE- (A Stereophonic Sound Demonstration Record w/ Various Artists. Narrated by Ken Nordine) RCA M $17 or EX+ $12
STEREO DEMONSTRATOR- Same- (Several selections by the Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra & "101" Strings; to demonstrate the depth of this 'new' recording technique known as 'Stereo') Stereo-Fidelity Records M $2
THE THOMAS ORGAN / STEREO HI-FI PHONOGRAPH COMBINATION- (Don Wilson, Jack Benny's announcer, answers questions from his wife Lois about stereophonic sound & the Thomas Organ with built-in record player) Thomas EX $55


THE ART OF BELLY DANCING- With Music & Oral Instruction- (includes Shoulder Movement; Waist Movement; Hip Thrust & Vibration; Head Glide & Hands; Bust Excercise; Belly & Snake Movements) Gateway M- $28
CAMBRIDGE LANGUAGE SERIES- Russian- (Learn the Russian language at home in 24 easy lessons. A basic language course on LP, plus a 32-page reference booklet. For individual or classroom work) CLS Mono M $18
THE COMPLETE COCKATIEL TRAINING ALBUM- (14 lessons for training Cockatiels; Parakeets; Mynas & other talking birds to whistle & speak. Side-1: Whistled Tunes / Side-2 Phrases. Extensive liner notes by William Patterson) Pet M $35
JOSEPH COOPER- Introduction To Strings, Reeds, Brass & Percussion- (Also, The History Of The Piano, w/ British music educator Joseph Cooper & The Sinfona Of London) Golden Wonderland Mono M- $8
DRUGS WON'T GET IT, PEOPLE WILL- An Educational Record About Narcotic Addiction- Medi-Disc M $45 Scarce!
THE EASY, NEW COLOR-MATIC SYSTEM TO PLAY THE ELECTRIC GUITAR- Same- (2-LP Boxed Set complete w/ 36-page instruction book & adhesive 'Color-Matic' sheet, still intact. Apply colormatic strips to your guitar neck & play along to the hits. Cool!) Columbia Special Products (RSC-0202) SS $40 or M- (no book) $12
RUSS FARNSWORTH- Revolutionary New Word Method To Learn Radio Code- (3-LP Gatefold Set) Epsilon Mono EX $20
AL GILBERT- GRADED TAP-DANCING TECHNIQUE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD- Same- (Put real pleasure in learning to tap dance w/ Al Gilbert's instructional voice set to music for easy learning of Tap Dance techniques. Accompanying piano music by Eric Valinsky. 6-page booklet included)- Stepping Tones (#704) Mono M- $8
HOW TO BELLY DANCE- Same- (Learn how to Belly Dance The Authentic Way for Fun, Health & Profit! Complete excercise for your mind & body w/ Jodette Sihi aka Kamelia. Backing music by Aboud Abd El Al & His Orchestra) M $40
HOW TO BELLY DANCE FOR YOUR HUSBAND- Same- (Sonny Lester Orchestra w/ Little Egypt Instruction Booklet inside) Emus SS $26
HOW TO STRIP FOR YOUR HUSBAND- Same- (Music To Make Your Maggiage Merrier by Sonny Lester Orchestra w/ Ann Corio Instruction Booklet inside) Emus SS $33
THE METRIC SYSTEM MADE EASY- Same- (this educational LP teaches & improves math skills for 4th Graders to Adults. Learn metric weights & measures. w/ instruction manual & conversion table insert) Conversa-Phone Institure (EM-644) Mono SS $24
MIND-POWER- Sleep Therapy- (An Educational Course Of Instruction by The Cambridge Institute of Los Angeles. 78-RPM) Mind-Power Records (MP-8) M- $30
LEARN MORSE CODE- Advanced Ameco Code Courses 11 through 22- Ameco M $18
JIMMY NELSON- Jimmy Nelson's Instant Ventriloquism- (The quickest course in how to become a ventriloquist ever devised for the beginner w/ comments by Danny O'Day & Farfel the Dog, produced by Vivian Jupiter) Juro Celebrity EX $45 or VG $18
PARAKEET LESSONS- Same- (10" 33 1/3rd RPM. The correct method to teach your parakeet to talk! Produced & directed by Allen B. Jacobs, your parakeet will learn phrases like Pretty Blue Boy'; 'Hello Sweetheart'; 'Jimminy Crickets'; 'Good Morning Everybody'; 'When Do we Eat?') Dauntless / AMA Music Co. (5001) Mono M- $45 Scarce!
PETER M. F. SICHEL- On Wine: How To Select & Serve- (On Side-1 Wine expert Sichel enlightens us on the 'nectar of the Gods' w/ Warren Moran & Kay Lande. Side-2 has appropriate musical selections for your wine tasting party) Columbia Special Products EX+ $28
TECHNIQUES FOR MEDITATION- Same- (Johnny Temple & Tom Mains provide a simple guide to relaxation & relief from everyday stress & anxiety) Plantation SS $45
THE VENTURES- Play Guitar With The Ventures- (The 1st LP of the 'Learn To Play' Series, using the Guitar Phonics System for lead, bass & rhythm guitar. Gatefold comes with 14-page illustrated booklet (unattached) w/ easy-to-follow diagrams for "Walk Don't Run"; "Raunchy"; "Tequila"; "Memphis") Dolton M- $88 Scarce!
THE VENTURES- Play Guitar With The Ventures Volume 2- (The Ventures show you how to play by ear using the Guitar Phonics System for lead, bass & rhythm guitar. Gatefold comes with 12-page illustrated booklet w/ easy-to-follow diagrams for "Pipeline"; "Wipe-Out"; "Out Of Limits"; "Let's Go!") Dolton M- $66 Scarce!
THE VENTURES- Play Guitar With The Ventures Volume 3- (The Ventures show you how to play by ear using the Guitar Phonics System for lead, bass & rhythm guitar. Gatefold comes with 12-page illustrated booklet w/ easy-to-follow diagrams for "Diamond Head"; "Secret Agent Man"; "No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)"; "A Taste Of Honey") Dolton M- $66 Scarce!
THE VENTURES- Play Electric Bass With The Ventures (Play Guitar With The Ventures Volume 4)- (The Ventures show you how to play by ear using the Guitar Phonics System for lead, bass & rhythm guitar. Gatefold comes with 16-page illustrated booklet w/ easy-to-follow diagrams for "La Bamba"; "Red River Valley"; "Shot Gun"; "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag"; more) Dolton M $77 Scarce!


BIRDS ON A MAY MORNING- 36 Different Eastern Song Birds identified & heard in natural settings. Flip side has same songs, minus commentary. Perfect for Ornithology buffs. Droll Yankees Mono M $18
ENVIRONMENTS- Vol 1- (The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore / Optimum Aviary) Syntonic Research VG+ $9 or Atlantic VG $4
THE FROG POND- Same (w/ Pickerel Frogs; Tree Frogs; Wood & Bull Frogs; Peepers; Fowler's Toads; American Toads) Droll Yankees Mono M $18
THE LANGUAGE & MUSIC OF THE WOLVES- Same- (One side has Howls, Growls & Barking of Wolves alone & in packs, both near & afar. More. Other side has 'The Wolf You Never Knew' narrated by actor Robert Redford. Text details the calls) Natural History Magazine / Tonsil Records M- $14 or Columbia (w/ liner notes by Charles Burr) M- $12
MUSIC FOR YOUR PLANTS- Same- (Selections by Vivaldi; Mozart; Grieg; Beethoven; Mendelssohn & Tchaikovsky, proven to stimulate good health & grown in house plants) Carmel M $40
PLANT MUSIC- Music To Keep Your Plants Happy & Healthy- (Studio group 'The Baroque Bouquet' perform original music engineered to stimulate the growth of house plants. Conceived by Peter Boyles, based on published research) Amherst M $40
THE SEA / THE RAIN - An Album For Lovers- (Mastered by Stan Ross at Gold Star Studios) Ear Records SS $12
THE STORM & THE SEA- Sounds For Love (A Mobile Fidelity CD-4 Quadraphonic Disc) Sutton Miller Ltd M- $26


THE ASTROLOGY ALBUM- Your Horoscope & Character Analysis In Music & Narration (Psych music by Gary Usher. Interviews w/ Chad Stewart; Jeremy Clyde; David Crosby; & John Merrill of The Peanut Butter Conspiracy. The Libra, Virgo & Pisces tracks were used as B-sides on the first 3 Usher-produced Sagittarius singles) Columbia EX+ $33 or Columbia Mono EX+ $18
RUSS BURGESS- The Burgess Method of Developing Your ESP Powers- (Front cover autographed by Psychic Russ Burgess) Mono EX $35
RONNIE GANN- The Wild World Of ESP- (w/ ESP experiments that the listener can participate in. Cover AUTOGRAPHED by noted Boston area parapsychologist Ronnie Gann & dated 4/24/69. Gann owned Max Holden's Magic Studio in Boston. As a performer he was billed as 'Mr. Mystery') Musicor Mono EX+ $145 Rare!
MORT GARSON- The Zodiac- Cosmic Sounds- (Celestial Counterpoint w/ words by Jacques Wilson) Elektra VG- $14
SYDNEY OMARR- Capricorn: December 29 To January 19- (Complete Spoken Word Analysis by the World's Most Renowned Astrologer) Astro (112) Mono M $22 or EX+ $14
REVEEN- Study & Concentration With Reveen- (Australian Hypnotist w/ original cover art depicting obligatory concentric circles radiating from his right eye. Here he mesmerizes the listener into improving their learning & recall skills) QC (285) M $18
SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC- Aries- (Jacques Wilson & Mort Garson w/ narration by Nancy Priddy. Unipak) A&M (4211) DJ M $28
SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC- Taurus- (Jacques Wilson & Mort Garson w/ narration by Nancy Priddy. Unipak) A&M (4212) DJ M $28
SLEEP THERAPY- (12" 78 RPM) Mind-Power Records Mono EX $35
MAURICE WOODRUFF- Capricorn (Astrological & Clairvoyant Predictions) Map City EX+ $22


AUSCULTATION OF THE HEART- Technical recordings of various heart beat sounds to aid cardiology medical students. Compiled by J.B. Barlow & W.A. Pocock. Produced by Warner-Chilcott Labs- London ffrr M- $14
FRAN CARLTON- Excercise With Fran Carlton Vol 1- (An Easy Way To Fitness & Figure Control for Men & Women. These Isonmetric & Reqular Excercises were seen on WFTV Ch. 9, Orlando, Florida, circa early-mid 1960s. Music by Lin Phelps) Fran Carlton Mono M- $18
DEBBIE DRAKE- Feel Good! Look Great!- (Debbie is backed by The Noel Regney Orchestra as she works through 38 exercises. Comes w/ large 12-page booklet & nutrition guide) Epic (yellow label) Mono M- $14
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING- Plan For Reducing (The Bob Prince Quartet w/ Julie Conway) Includes insert chart) Harmony M $8
MEDICINE, MIND AND MUSIC- 2-LP Set (Their links trough history. Hear: Ancient Hymns; Egyptian Doctor Invocations; Drug & Disease Blues; Plague Songs; Smoking & Spanish Flys; Medieval Therapeutic Incantations; Songs of Quacks. 35 selections in all, Plus large Illustrated Book) Columbia SS $140 Rare!
BONNIE PRUDDEN- Keep Fit / Be Happy- Warner Bros M- $9
CATHY RIGBY- Stay Slim (Aerobic Exercise Album presented by Stayfree w/ poster sized exercise chart) RCA Special Products M $14


JIM BAILEY- Same- (Judy Garland; Peggy Lee; Barbra Streisand w/ gatefold & interview innersleeve) United Artists EX $27
RAE BOURBON- Around The World In 80 Ways- (off-color songs & skits by female impersonator) UTC M $50 Scarce LP!
CHARLES PIERCE- Live At Bimbo's- (His San Francisco stage routine w/ impressions of Bette Davis; Joan Crawford; Katherine Hepburn; Mae West; Talullah Bankhead) Blue Thumb M $40


DUANE ALLMAN- Dialogs- (Rare Promo Only of 1970 WPLO-FM radio show w/ interview by Ed Shane, who also interviews Atlantic's Jerry Wexler & rock critic John Landau, after Duane's death) Capricorn (PRO-545) DJ ONLY M- $99 Rare!
THE BEATLES- American Tour With Ed Rudy- (documentary #2 w/ interviews) Radio Pulsebeat News (original yellow label) M- $175
THE BEATLES- Beatle-Views- (Ken Douglas interviews the Fab-4 during their 1966 American tour. Topics include songwriting, home life, hobbies & plans. This is the original pre-Capitol pressing, made for radio stations only!) Ring Around The Pops M $225
THE BEATLES- Hear The Beatles Tell All- (KRLA DJ's Jim Steck interviews John Lennon on A-Side & Dave Hull interviews all 4 Beatles on the B-Side. From August 1964, w/ Hal Blaine) Vee-Jay (PRO-202) SS $40 or M- $18
THE BEATLES- Talk Down Under- (Australian Interviews, etc) PVC / Raven SS $55
BLONDIE- Rapture Rappin'- (Interview Picture Disc w/ Debbie Harry & Chris Stein w/ song clips) HSP (1871) Picture Disc SS $88 Rare!
MARC BOLAN- An Interview With Marc Bolan... Where's The Champagne?- (Picture Disc of December 1971 interview discussing the release of "Electric Warrior", in die-cut sleeve) Rhino (252) SS $65
KARLA BONOFF- Inter-Chords- (DJ ONLY interview + music LP w/ the famed singer-songwriter who once backed Wendy Waldman, Warren Zevon & Linda Ronstadt. Produced by Kenny Edwards; interview by Jim Monohan of WNEW-FM) Columbia (AS-390) DJ ONLY M $58
DAVID BOWIE- An Evening With David Bowie- (Superstar Radio Network interview LP to promote "Stage". Songs are rare live versions from this album) Original RCA DJ ONLY unplayed M $78
DAVID BOWIE- Interview- (Scarce Danish double sided interview PICTURE DISC featuring 2 different images of David in concert at the mike) Denmark / NCB (AR-30009) unplayed M $40
DAVID BOWIE- Let's Talk-- (Scarce Danish double sided interview PICTURE DISC) Denmark / NCB (AR30010) unplayed M $40
DAVID BOWIE- Drag Cover Picture Disc- (Bowie in drag picture disc of 'Scary Monsters' Interview) MWP (Matrix # MWP 123075) Mono SS $99
LOUISE HARRISON CALDWELL- All About The Beatles- (Beatle questions answered by the sister of George Harrison in live radio interviews on WMEX-Boston; WHK-Cleveland, WKNR-Detroit, WNOR-Norfolk & KIMN-Denver. Original, w/ Beatles photo insert) Recar Mono SS $250
JOHN CALE- Hear 'Fear' Interview With John Cale- (Hosted by Frank Vincent. Generic white cover w/ rubberstamped title) Island (IXP2) DJ ONLY M $88
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART / RY COODER- Interview LP- (Captain Beefheart on Side-1, interviewed July 1969 at the time of the moon landing, by Meatball Fulton, just prior to the release of 'Trout Mask Replica'. Ry Cooder is interviewed on Side-2. Generic white cover dated 1-21-71) Warner / Reprise (PRO-447) DJ ONLY Mono A-Side M / B-Side NM $495
FRANK CARILLO- College Network Radio Presents Frank Carillo- (promo only interview LP w/ some music) Atlantic DJ ONLY M $44
CURRENT AUDIO MAGAZINE- Vol. 1 No. 1 August / September 1972- Mick Jagger Interview; Elvis Presley First & Only Press Conference; Interviews w/ Robert Klein &Ted Kennedy; Ed Saunders on Charles Manson; Plus: Angela Davis, Monty Python, Bella Abzug; & Sensuality Test w/ Jaye P. Morgan (includes fold-out booklet) Current / Buddah EX+ $285 Rare!
DAVE EDMUNDS & ROCKPILE- College Radio Network Presents dave Edmunds & Rockpile- (Promo Only 30 minute radio program featuring a conversation w/ Dave Edmunds & music from the LP 'Tracks On Wax 4') Swan Song (PR-320 w/ white label) DJ ONLY M $60 or Swan Song (PR-320 w/ colored label) DJ ONLY M $45 or Swan Song (PR-320 w/ colored label) DJ ONLY M- $33
45 GRAVE- What Is 45 Grave? A Tale Of Strange Phenomena- (Limited Edition 12" Mini-LP by Goth Rock pioneers 45 Grave (ex-Vox Pop & Germs members). Side-1 has 5 songs from various sources, including an exclusive Live version of "Black Cross" from The Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles 1982. Side-2 has open-ended interview w/ band. Back cover has script for DJ to give interview. Comes w/ insert book) Enigma (E-1127) M $135
ROBERT JOHN GALLO- Audio Biograpgy- (Bob Gallo aka Robert John is interview by Richard Robinson of Pop Wire Services) Mandala (3009) SS $99 Very Rare!
THE GUESS WHO- Track & Dialogue- (Songs from 'All This For A Song' LP & interview by Jim Millican of CBC, Winnipeg, Canada November 1978) Hilltak (PROMO ONLY) M $85
GEORGE HARRISON- Dark Horse Records Presents A Personal Music Dialogue w/ George Harrison At 33 & 1/3rd- (Promo Only LP of Mike Harrison's interview w/ George to promote the 33 1/3rd LP) Dark Horse (PRO-649) DJ ONLY M $63
ROY HARPER- An Introduction To Roy Harper- (Radio DJ Bob Harris has conversations w/ Roy Harper, Paul McCartney, Dave Gilmour, Ian Anderson & plays some unreleased music in-between. Includes "Hallucinating Light" by Paul McCartney w/ members of Pink Floyd; "Hats Off To Harper" by Led Zeppelin; more) Chrysalis (PRO-620) DJ ONLY M $175
ALEX HARVEY- Alex Harvey Talks About Everything- (In-depth interview w/ Alex Harvey of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band w/ 'scripts' for the DJ. Includes exerpts from 'The Impossible Dream' LP) Vertigo (MK-7) DJ ONLY M $58
NONA HENDRYX- Inter-Chords- (An interview w/ Nona Hendryx of Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles, turned space-age diva in LaBelle, then went solo) Epic (AS-399) DJ Only M $48
IRON BUTTERFLY- Interview With Mitch Reed- (Generic white cover, rubber stamped) Atco (PR-161) DJ ONLY M- $65
MICK JAGGER- Interview- (Rare Original Promo Only LP of April 1971 Interview w/ Tom Donahue, pressed for Radio Stations Only in support of the release of 'Sticky Fingers') Rolling Stones (PRB-164) PROMO ONLY DJ M- $495 or EX+ $450
JOHN LENNON- Listen To This Picture Record- (Picture Disc - includes WNEW-FM interview) unplayed M $120
JERRY LEE LEWIS- Southern Roots - A Radio Special- (Exclusive PROMO ONLY open-ended interview w/ Jerry Lee Lewis plus highlights of his new Mercury LP 'Southern Roots') Mercury (690) DJ Only M- $78
JACKIE LOMAX- At Home- (Promo Only interview in Woodstock about everything to date, by Michael Cuscuna) Warner Bros Mono DJ ONLY M $65
PETE MARTIN- Face To Face- (2-LP Gatefold Set w/ interviews by Pete Martin of celebrities Mary Martin; Perry Como; Sammy Davis Jr; Ethel Merman; Danny Thomas; Maurice Chevalier; Bing Crosby; Edith Adams; Bob Hope; Danny Kaye; Groucho Marx, plus disc of songs by them, including Bob Hope duet w/ Shirley Ross) Decca Mono M $28
CURTIS MAYFIELD- Rapping- (Special promo only LP. Side-A is a radio interview; Side-B is The Best Of Curtis Mayfield) Buddah / Curtom DJ ONLY EX+ $60 or EX $50
PAUL McCARTNEY- The McCartney Interview- (Limited Edition US Pressing was deleted the day it was issued! Has "secret" message in the run-out groove at end of side 2, not available on the UK edition. It's four words, confirming what John told us in 'Glass Onion') Columbia (PC-36987) SS $88
PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS- Open-ended Radio Interview for "Band On The Run" LP. (Produced in London by Fred Robbins. Includes 5-page DJ script. The idea is for the DJ to pretend Paul is live in the studio. They play the LP, ask questions from the que sheet (w/ times), & the answers are on the LP. Comes in plain white cover) National Features Corp / Capitol (2955) DJ ONLY M $450 Rare!
PAUL McCARTNEY- Press Conferences: Madrid & Los Angeles- (Recorded November 27, 1989 at The Los Angeles Forum. The flip-side was recorded November 2, 1989 at the Palacio de Sportes, Madrid, Spain. PICTURE DISC) UK / Wax (TUGA 4P) M- $70
METALLICA- Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc- (Features a great picture of James Hetfield on B-Side, while A-Side pictures the group on the 'Master Of Puppets' tour w/ Jason Newsted!) UK / Baktabak (Talking Pictures Series #2066) M- $75
NEKTAR- Remember The Future- (Rare Radio Station Edition w/ songs & interview!) Passport DJ ONLY EX- $75
HARRY NILSSON- Scatalogue- (w/ proper innersleeve) RCA (SPS-33-567) DJ ONLY SS $199 or EX- $120
NIGEL OLSSON- Drummers Can Sing Too!- (A personal music dialogue w/ Elton John's drummer, Nigel Olsson ex-Plastic Penny) The Rocket Record Co. (PIG-1932) DJ ONLY M $40
ELVIS PRESLEY- Exclusive Live Press Conference- Final Edition Extra- Green Valley (1st pressing) SS $75 or (2nd pressing) SS $45
ELVIS PRESLEY- The Elvis Presley Interview Record: An Audio Self Portrait- (PROMO ONLY LP to launch the RCA / Elvis '50th Anniversary' Series) RCA (DJM1-0836) DJ M $99
JOEY RAMONE- Newsweek-FM Interview #19 bw/ #20, March 21, 1983. Thirsty Ear Production (8319/8320) DJ ONLY M $795
BRIAN ALEXANDER ROBERTSON- Radio Show Interview to promote his debut LP 'Wringing Applause'. Comes wo/ cover. Has letter to stations) Ardent M- $65
NINA SIMONE- Come Together With Nina- (Interview LP w/ gatefold cover inside pages attached. Also has a script & 2-page press release) RCA (SPS 33-559) DJ ONLY M- $185
THE GRACE SLICK INTERVIEW- (Open-ended interview w/ Grace Slick promoting 'Welcome To the Wrecking Ball'. Includes guide script for DJ to ask questions as if Grace Slick was there in the studio, in person. One-sided Promo Only LP) RCA (DJL1-3922) M- $68 Rare!
LIVINGSTON TAYLOR- Epic Records & Inter-chords presents an interview w/ Livingston Taylor (w/ 5 songs & interview by George Meier. Both side same except Side-1 is not banded, Side-2 is banded) Epic (AS-487) DJ ONLY M $45
RAY THOMAS- From Mighty Oaks- (PROMO ONLY LP where Ray Thomas ex-Moody Blues discusses the recording of his solo debut 'From Mighty Oaks'. A Radio Programming Aid that includes Interview & Music) Threshold (THSX-102) DJ Only SS $90
LIBBY TITUS- Inter-Chords / Libby Titus Interview- (On this Limited Promo Only LP, Libby is interviewed by comedian Chevy Chase) Columbia (AS-396) DJ ONLY M $120
PETE Townshend- A Special Record From Pete Townshend & Thunderclap Newman- (PROMO ONLY 1-Sided Radio interview w/ rubber-stamped white cover) Track (PR-160) DJ ONLY M $125
BRIAN WILSON- The Crawdaddy Brian Wilson Interview- (Rare Promo Only 1-Sided LP w/ 23-minute Brian Wilson interview conducted by disc jockey Pete Fornatele of WNEW-FM in NYC, November 24, 1976, released June, 1977) Crawdaddy (6-1977) M $595
JOHNNY & EDGAR WINTER- Discuss Together- (PROMO ONLY Interiew LP) Blue Sky (ASZ-242) M $45


BBI CONCERT BAND SERIES- '74- (High School Marching Band Scores produced under the direction of Bob Lowden & Jerry Nowak, includes interpretations of "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII" by Rick Wakeman; plus songs by The Carpenters; Carly Simon; Helen Reddy ("I Am Woman"), Albert Hammond; Three Dog Night; Isaac Hayes; Scott Joplin & more) Big Bells Incorporated (BBI-100) DJ ONLY M- $28
BAND OF THE IRISH GUARDS- Marching With The Beatles- (John Lennon & Paul McCartney songs arranged by Arthur Wilkinson & conducted by Major C.H. Jaeger) Tower (Specially engineered for Stereo EX- $55 or Tower Mono M $88
THE BEACH BOYS- Stack-O-Tracks- (Backing tracks of their hits, minus vocals, so you can sing along. Gatefold w/16-page sheet music booklet of lyrics & chords) Capitol (rainbow) M $110 or M- $88
THE BEATLES- Sing A Song With The Beatles- (Instrumental background re-creations of their big hits, by Jimmie Haskell. Printed lyrics & chord symbols included w/ gatefold cover) Tower (KAO-5000) Mono VG- $12 or Canada / Capitol (KAO-6114 The '6000' Series) VG $45
THE BEATLES- The Beatles Story- (2-LP documentary set w/ gatefold. Narrative & musical biography of Beatlemania) Capitol (rainbow) SS $48 or Capitol (green) M- $20
THE BEATLES- Beatles Blast In Stadium Described By Erupting Fans- (this rare & original '60s LP has an announcer interviewing fans in the audience during the Shea Stadium concert. An interesting & unique piece of Beatlemania w/ off-white newsprint cover art) Audio Journal SS $245
THE BEATLES- The Beatles Christmas Album- (collects all their fan-club messages) APPLE (SBC-100 rare guaranteed original) SS $795 or APPLE (exact repro) SS $170 or M $125 or Trade Mark Of Quality (TMOQ-BCC-104 on RED VINYL as "The Beatles Complete Christmas Collection 1963-1969" w/ pig sticker) M- $115 or ZAP (7857 as "The Beatles Christmas Album - Second Amendment") SS $115
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS AT A RECORDING SESSION- Confidential Recording Secrets Revealed (Box Set w/ Joanne Sommers; booklet included) Warner Bros SS $160
BRITISH WAX MUSEUM- Radio Show #88-01, December 28, 1987- (Produced by Rock Over London w/ Rick Savage; Bob Elliot; Phil Collins; Dave Edmunds; Manfred Mann playing The Kinks; Beatles; Moody Blues; ELO, etc. Includes cue sheet) Westwood One M- $12
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS AT RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL- (1958 spectacular featuring: Raymond Paige & The Radio City Music Hall Symphony, Richard Leibert at the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ, & The Radio City Music Hall Choral Ensemble. Wrap-around gatefold cover photo of The Rockettes w/ 8-pg fold-open booklet inside) RCA (LOP-1010 deep-groove black label w/ dog on top) VG $28 Rare!
CHRISTOPHER CLOSEUP- A Look At The People Who Are Shaping Tomorrow's World Today- 10" 33 1/3rd-RPM Microgroove Issued to subscribing Radio Stations Only- (Hosted by Richard Armstrong & Jeanne Glynn: Program #1159 w/ Marlo Thomas bw/ Program #1160 w/ Ralph Nader. Rare!) The Christophers M $28
TROY CORY- What Film Personalities Are Identified With These Songs?- (Harrison Carroll presents a unique puzzle contest where the listener matches the song w/ a movie celebrity. Includes quiz sheet insert which you would use to send your answers in to win a trip to the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany!) Cinema Prize M $24
JOHN DENVER- The John Denver Radio Show- (1-Sided LP of radio program starring John Denver, for radio use only) RCA DJ ONLY (DJL1-0075) DJ M- $135
JOHN DENVER- The 2nd John Denver Radio Show- (50-minute radio program made for radio use only) RCA DJ ONLY (DJL1-0683) DJ SS $145
WALT DISNEY- The Music Of Walt Disney- (Rare LP created to benefit the California Institute of the Arts) Buena Vista Mono VG $40
STAN FREBERG- Kaiser Foil Salesman Faces Life!- (One of Freberg's best advertising successes was this 1958-1960 campaign for Kaiser Foil, a small company getting crowded off the shelves by Reynolds Wrap. Though dubious of Stan's approach, Kaiser saw its sales increase w/ these Soap Opera style ads. This Rare 10" 33 1/3rd record was made for selected retailers ONLY, & features the voice of radio legend Jim Ameche & others, along w/ Stan who also delivers a 'A Special Message To The Grocer'. Gatefold cover) Freberg Ltd. Mono EX- $95 Rare!
GET OFF- Anti-Drug PSA w/ Frank Zappa; Leonard Nimoy; William Shatner; Nichelle Nichols; Burton Cummings; Alice Cooper; Ringo Starr; Judy Collins; Bob Weir; BB King; Mark Farner; Jim Croce; Glenn Frey; Harry Chapin; Phil Ochs; Al Kooper; Duncan Renaldo (Cisco Kid). 47 in all! (Original pre-ABC pressing w/ gatefold) MCA DJ Only EX- $125
THE GROUPIES- Same- (Audio documentary of 1969 groupie scene w/ members of The Plaster Casters & GTO's, recorded by Alan Lorber & Robert Callender) Earth Records SS $78 or M- $48 or EX+ $38
JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO- Wedding Album- (A-Side recorded April 22, 1969 at Abbey Road. John & Yoko call out each other's names. B-Side is press conference & 4 musical numbers, recorded March 26, 1969 at their honeymoon 'Bed-In' in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. Original issue in a 13" square box w/ 1.5" x 6" photo strip ; 3.5" x 5.5" postcard; 24" x 36" 2-sided poster of wedding photos; 12" x 36" 2-sided poster of John & Yoko lithographs; 12" square mylar bag w/ "Bagism" printed on it (not included in Japanese reissue); 11.5" square photo of a piece of wedding cake inserted in the mylar bag; 17-page black cover 'Press' booklet of wedding photos & clippings; & copy of wedding certificate glued to the inside box lid) Apple (SMAX-3361) SS $650
SHARI LEWIS- Fun In Shariland- (Play & Singalong w/ Lambchop & Charley Horse) RCA (Children's Bluebird) Mono EX $9
LSD- Recordings of tripsters under the influence of psychedelic drugs, narrated by Dick Clark (uncredited), plus comments by Dr. Timothy Leary; Mrs. Aldous Huxley; Allen Ginsburg; others (Gatefold) Capitol Mono SS $120
MICKEY MOUSE CLUB- Songs From The Mickey Mouse Club Serials- Disneyland (DQ-1229) G- $1
THE ORGANIC EXPERIENCE- Same- (Rare over-the-top psychedelic collage of rock, words, sound effects, sitars & more, by Steve Bradford, Bob Willett, Barry Daniels, & Jeffrey Weinstein who also produced in association w/ the 1970 University of Maine Yearbook Staff. Tracks are: "Earth Art"; "The Woodstock Experience"; "The Ginsberg Thing" (actually Allan Ginsberg reciting his poetry live on campus - exclusive to this LP, & not included in the Ginsberg bibliography by Morgan!! The reading is lengthy, about 10 minutes, & includes the poem "Northwest Passage", which Ginsberg composed in April 1969); "Son Of Earth Art"; "A Liberating Experience" & "The Organic Experience". There's some live-recorded rock & folkrock, but no artists are credited; tracks include "Born To Be Wild", "Green Rocky Road" & others, plus 'found music' & effects, w/ a passage of backwards music) Omni Records (ZB-434 Portland, Maine) M $275 Rare!
PLAY ME A MOVIE- (Piano music for silent films, composed & played by Abraham Lass, veteran player of the pre-talkie era. Insert included) Asch M- $28
BARRY LOUIS POLISAR- I Eat Kids & Other Songs For Rebellious Children- (outrageous kid songs!) Rainbow Morning Music Alternatives SS $50 Rare!
Original live radio programs of the 1930's, 1940's & 1950s, usually from 16" Transcription Discs, but other sources as well. You'll find Crime shows; Comedy shows; Westerns; Personalities; Variety & more! All the Radiola Records are Rare 1st pressings, bearing their Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y. address, made prior to their move to Sandy Hook CT. For a list of available tiles on the Radiola ; Mark-56 & Memorabilia Records labels, click here.
HEINZ SANDAUER ORCHESTRA- Aus Vorkriegs - Musikalischen Lustspilen- (2-LP Set of songs from pre-war Musical Comedies: Der Schiefe Hut; Hochzeitsreise; Warum Lugst Du, Sherie; Rose-Marie (Operetta); Das Ministerium Ist Beleidigt; Sie, Johann; Romanze. Hear the voices Of Friedl Czepa; Gusti Huber; Lola Von Huebner; Franz Engel; Fritz Schulz; Wiener Boheme Quartett; etc. Recorded in Europe, w/ English & German text. Gatefold) Request SS $50 Rare!
SEARCH - ENCOUNTERS WITH SCIENCE- A Weekly Radio Service From The National Science Foundation- (8 weekly radio programs running 4:30 long each, covering Social Science; Biology; Astronomy; Environment; Oceanography; more. w/ insert) National Science Foundation (issued coverless NSFRP-11) M $9
THE SOUNDS OF SELLING- (Promo Only LP for GM's AC Spark Plugs w/ 3 Les Baxter TV commercials, + 3 radio ads w/ The Modernaires; Sportsmen; Kirby Stone Four. Side-2 is ½ of the Les Baxter LP "Voices in Rhythm") Reprise M $58
JO STAFFORD- "St. Louis Blues" (RR-22270) bw/ "I Only Have Eyes For You" (RR-22271)- (7" 78-RPM w/ small center-hole & blue label, given as a Premium from 'Snowy Bleach' & 'Glass Wax'. Both tracks recorded August 1954 & licensed from Columbia. Orchestra under the direction of Paul Weston. "RR" signifies 'Radio Recorders', where Columbia rented studio space from 1949 to about 1960. The Jo Stafford TV show (sponsored by Snowy Bleach & Glass Wax) ran from 1954 to 1955. "St. Louis Blues" has sort of a Mambo beat) Gold Seal VG $9
THEMES LIKE OLD TIMES- 90 Of The Most Famous Original Radio Themes- (From the 'Radio Yesteryear' archives hear original 1930s, 40s & 50s opening radio themes to: Superman, Shadow, Lone Ranger, Tarzan, Gunsmoke, Pepsodent Show, Green Hornet, Mysterious Traveler, Amos & Andy, Boston Blackie, Tom Corbett Space Cadet, Captain Midnight, Red Ryder, & many more! Liner notes by Gary Owens) Viva M $18
TOUCH UNLIMITED PRESENTS PHASE II- Same- (LP is Sales Marketing Tool for the company Touch, Unlimited who provide radio stations with "the most unique station promos in the history of radio". Operated by Bob Todd; Don McGinnis & Shadoe Stevens, the A-Side explains to station managers what they can produce for you. The B-Side is a sampling of actual promos, bumpers, jingles & station id's made for KRLA Radio. Includes insert of the 41 selections on the KRLA side) Touch Unlimited Mono M $28 Rare!
WHAT'S MY LINE?- (John Daley hosts game show panelists Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, Dorothy Kilgallen, & Steve Allen who try to guess the mystery guests: Marilyn Maxwell, Rosalind Russell, Fred Allen, Peter Lawford, Dave Garroway, Judy Holliday, William Bendix & Jayne Meadows) Dot Mono M- $225 Rare!!


ATARAXIA- Electronic Musical Impressions Of The Occult- (Deja Vu; Astral Projection; Tarot; Seance; Sorcerer; Wind Dance; Cabala; I Ching; The Unexplained. Mort Garson producer) RCA M $135
DR. PHILTER BANX- Plays Mood Moog Music- Insertion In Middle "C"- (Scientifically programed background music for intimate couples, by Phillip Ross. Electronic/experimental prog-like w/ tons of great Moog synth, guitars, loops etc. The LP was pulled from the market due to lawsuit over the mock 'Deutsche Grammophon' cover artwork. Side 1- High Heels & Mirrored Thighs- 17:50. Side 2- Love Pulse, 18:40) Canada / Criminal Records NM+ $495 Rare!
BEAVER & KRAUSE- In A Wild Sanctuary- Warner Bros DJ EX+ $28
BEAVER & KRAUSE- All Good Men- (w/ inserts) Warner Bros DJ M- $33
JOSEPH BYRD- A Christmas Yet To Come- (ARP 2600 Synthesizer w/ Oberheim Expander Module) Takoma SS $60
JOHN CAGE- Three Dances (For Two Amplified Prepared Pianos - Side-1) / STEVE REICH- Four Organs (For Four Electronic Organs & Maracas- Side-2)- (w/ Ralph Grierson; Michael Tilson Thomas; Roger Kellaway; Tom Raney) Angel M $28 or M- $22
JOHN CAGE- Variations II- / MILTON BABBITT- Ensembles For Synthesizer- / HENRI POUSSEUR- Trois Visages De Liège- (Electronic Music from 3 Leaders of The Abant-Garde) Columbia Masterworks (grey & white 360 Sound label) M $20
COPPER PLATED INTEGRATED CIRCUIT- Plugged In Pop- (Sears Electronic Music Production w/ gatefold) Command VG+ $33
CY & THE CYCLONES- Electronic Organ In Rock & Roll Style- Shelley Mono VG $16
THE ELECTRONIC CONCEPT ORCHESTRA- Electric Love- (Eddie Higgins arranged by Bob Schiff. Includes "Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus" by Serge Gainsbourg) Limelight M- $55
MORT GARSON- Electronic Hair Pieces- (liner notes by Tom Smothers) A&M VG $28
MORT GARSON- The Wozard Of Iz - An Electronic Odyssey- (collaboration w/ Jacques Wilson is a psycho-electronic re-working of "The Wizard of Oz". Lee Hazelwood cohort Nancy Sinatra (aka Suzie Jane Hokum) provides vocals. Produced by Bernard Krause) A&M M $65 or EX $40 or A&M DJ M- $55
MORT GARSON- The Zodiac- Cosmic Sounds- (Celestial Counterpoint w/ words by Jacques Wilson) Elektra VG- $12
MARTY GOLD- Moog Plays The Beatles- (w/ sitar & orchestration in places; Gatefold) Avco Embassy M- $65
BRUCE HAACK- The Way-Out Record For Children- (Acid-Rock & pioneering electronic experimentation w/ Miss Esther Nelson; Risa & Mara Sokolsky; Ted 'Praxitéles' Pandel, Tony & Harry Spiridakis; Chris Kachulis. A pre-cursor to his "Electric Lucifer" LP. Now a cult figure & subject of a documentary film, Haack filled his songs w/ whimsical, creepy & brooding instrumentation. The lyrics, intended for elementary school kids, were filled w/ bizarre sexual undertones & wildly imaginative story lines) Dimension 5 Mono M $295 Rare!
GEORGE HARRISON- Electronic Sound- (w/ proper innersleeve) Zapple SS $88 or EX+ $55 or UK / Zapple M- $75
PIERRE HENRY- Le Voyage- (An Electronic Score Based On The Tibetan Book Of The Dead. A Panorama Of Experimental Music) Mercury (maroon Living Presence label) M $95 Rare!
DAVID HENTSCHEL- Startling Music- (Interpretation of the 'Ringo' LP produced & performed by David on an A.R.P. 2500 Synthesizer. Only LP ever released in America on Ringo's short-lived 'Ring O'Records') Capitol / Ring O' SS $275
DICK HYMAN- Moog- The Electric Eclectics Of Dick Hyman (w/ gatefold cover. Includes "The Minotaur") Command / ABC M- $40 or VG $9
ANDREW KAZDIN & THOMAS Z. SHEPARD- Everything You Always Wanted To Hear On The Moog, But Was Afraid To Ask For- (Kazdin & Shepard conduct The Mighty Moog through selections by Bizet 'Carmen'; Chabrier 'España'; Lecuona 'Malagueña'; plus a 14:33 version of Ravel 'Bolero') Columbia Masterworks M- $6
JOHN KEATING- Space Experience- (a classic in this genre) Columbia (Quadraphonic) SS $48
LUCIFER- Black Mass- (Mort Garson interprets witchcraft & the dark arts) Germany / Uni EX $110
MARKS & LEBZELTER- Rock & Other Four Letter Words- (McLuhanesque audio collage of sounds & events, mild political satire, choruses, & tripped-out fuzz rock created in an era of free experimentation by J. Marks aka Jamake Highwater & Shipen Lebzelter on the Moog Synthesizer III, w/ Hilda Harris; Janet Graham; Carol Miller; Susan Zaher; Andrew Cyrille; Sangeeta Michael Berardi; Roswell Rudd; Alex Bradford; The Gregg Smith Singers; plus the voices, comments, & blurbs of many rock stars including Brian Wilson; Jefferson Airplane; Ginger Baker; Tim Buckley; Mickey Most; lots others! Produced by John McClure w/ gatefold cover) Columbia (gray '360 Sound' Masterworks label) M $88 or M- $66
PROF. EMERSON MEYERS- Provocative Electronics (Electronic Constructions on Traditional Forms from the Electronic Music Lab) Westminster Gold EX $28
JOHN MURTAUGH- Blues Current- (Moog w/ Herbie Hancock; Gerry Jemmott; Bernard Purdie) Polydor M- $35
NEW WORLD ELECTRONIC CHAMBER ENSEMBLE- Switched On Beatles- (Instruments include Moog, ARP, & Roland synths; w/ gatefold) Island SS $58
PERREY & KINGSLEY- Kaleidoscopic Vibtations: Spotlight On The Moog- (Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gershon Kingsley kick-off 'The In Sound From Way Out' series, paving the way for techno-pop & electronica by a decade) Vanguard (original copper-tone label w/ white horseman at bottom) VG- $14
JOE RENZETTI & TONY LUISI- Electric Tommy- (The world's first rock opera goes electronic. A product of the Wes Farrell Organization, produced by Snuff Garrett. Harvey Ehrlich cover art) Viva EX $28
GEORGE RUSSELL- Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature- (gatefold) Flying Dutchman M- $35 or DJ M- $38 or Strata-East SS $38
SILVER APPLES- Same (Avant moog-psych-prog debut LP for Dan Taylor & Simeon, w/ photo poster insert & metallicized reflective silver cover) Kapp SS $225 or VG $66
SILVER APPLES- Contact- Kapp SS $225 or M $165 or M- $130
SPOOKY TOOTH- Ceremony- (An Electronic Mass written by Pierre Henry & Gary Wright; Performed by Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry) A&M M- $36 or EX $26
MORTON SUBOTNICK- Silver Apples Of The Moon- Nonesuch M $22
WHITE NOISE- An Electric Storm- (Original issue of groundbreaking avant electronic LP by ex-Unit Delta Plus members David Vorhaus; Brian Hodgson & Delia Derbyshire, composer of the Dr. Who TV Theme song) Island (pink rim label) SS $110 or M- $75
IANNIS XENAKIS- Electro-Acoustic Music- (Electronic & computer music pioneer who applied mathematics, statistics, & physics to music. Here he presents: Bohor I (1962); Concret P-H II (1958); Diamorphoses II (1957); Orient-Occident III (1959-60). Liner notes by James Mansback Brody) Nonesuch M $38 Scarce!
THE ZEET BAND- Moogie Woogie- (w/ Mike Bloomfield; cover illustration by Andrew Epstein) Chess M $88


WILLARD CANTELON- The New World Money System- (Original cover w/ artwork by Marjorie Nordwall, this 1964 LP may be worth more than its weight in gold when you find out the why, when & what's of 'The New World Money System' & how to prepare now to avoid great financial losses in the future. By United Church Minister & student of Bible prophecy, as well as author of the book 'The Day The Dollar Dies'. A few years later Cantelon released the anti-drug LP 'LSD: Battle For The Mind') Logos International Mono M $45
BUD COLLYER- Selling Is Money & It's Yours For The Taking- (was host of TV game show, 'Beat The Clock') Laurie SS $75
EARL NIGHTINGALE- The Strangest Secret- (the key to making the most of your capabilities) 10" M- $28
EARL NIGHTINGALE- 20 Minutes That Can Change Your Life- (Talk about get rich quick!) M- $18
GLEN W. TURNER- Reaching For The Stars- (aka "Mr. Enthusiasm", founder of Koscot Interplanetary, Inc) Koscot VG $20
ZIG ZIGLAR- Biscuits, Fleas & Pump Handles- (Zig's the man who made Zigmanship synonymous with Salesmanship) Richland Custom M- $25


LES BAXTER / BILLY MAY- Music Out Of The Moon / Peace Of Mind- (2 10" LPs on one 12" LP: Side-1 is "Music Out Of The Moon" w/ Les Baxter conducting. Side-2 is "Peace Of Mind" w/ Billy May conducting. Both sides w/ Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman at The Theremin) Capitol (P-390 w/ Original Dark Green 'Microgrooved' label) Mono VG+ $18
DWIGHT BEACHAM- Dwight Beacham Plays The Allen Computer Theatre Organ- (Real Theater Organ Sound from a programmed church organ known as "The Music Scene". It has a punched card reader for voicing) Allen Organ Company M $15
BILL BELL- Bill Bell & His Tuba- (aka 'King Of The Tuba', William Bell was part of the Arturo Toscanini Orchestra; Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; NBC Symphony & New York Philharmonic Symphony) Golden Crest Mono M- $35 Scarce!
E. POWER BIGGS- A Biggs Festival- (Played on great & historic organs in America; Austria; England; Germany; Holland; Italy; Spain; Switzerland, & on the unique pedal Harpsichord) Columbia Masterworks (EPB-1 w/ grey label) M- $6 (Write for more E. Power Biggs Harpsichord music)
CHRISTMAS MUSIC BOX FAVORITES- Same- (from the Gay 90s Village collection of Paul Eakins, Sikeston, MO) Audio Fidelity M $15
PETER COOPER- Four Centuries Of Harpischord Music- (Peter Cooper play Harpischord built by Thomas Goff on pieces by Purcell; Rameau; Handel; Delius; Murrill; Mozart; Bach; Scarlatti; Couperin; others) UK / PYE (Golden Guinea Series) M- $12
THE DELLER CONSORT- Music Of Medieval France - 1200-1400 - Sacred & Secular- (Alfred Deller directs Concentus Musicus of Wein, using an ensemble of Ancient Instruments, & Choir) The Bach Guild (656) Mono EX $9
WALT DISNEY PRESENTS TUBBY THE TUBA- Same- (Songs for children about music, narrated by Annette Funicello. Composed by Paul Tripp & George Kleinsinger w/ John Thomas Johnson on Tuba) Disneyland (DQ-1287) Mono VG+ $35
LEE ERWIN- Sounds Of The Silents- (Lee plays the nineteen-rank Wurlitzer at Brandt's Beacon Theatre, Manhattan, New York on 'The Eagle Suite' bw/ 'Songs From The Valento Years'. Back cover Autographed!) Concert Recording M $40
LARRY FERRARI- Larry Ferrari At The Mighty Wurlitzer- (Recorded At The Detroit Organ Club, 'Especially For You'. Larry was a broadcast pioneer, hosting a Sunday morning organ show in Philadelphia from 1954-1997) Sure (706) M $14
THE HARPSICHORD QUARTET- Baroque Music- (Pieces by Girolamo Frescobaldi; Johann Rosenmüller; François Couperin) Esoteric VG $8
BRUNO HOFFMANN- Music For The Glass Harmonica- (Excellent music composed for Ben Franklin's 1761 invention, the "glass armonica" (posterity has added the "h"). It's an eerie sound & many composers wrote for this unique instrument, such as Mozart; Röllig; Schulz; Naumann & Reichardt, all featured here along w/ the magic fingers of Bruno Hoffmann 'master of the musical glasses', who performs on a glass harmonica of his own design & build) Vox M $33
JANOS HOSSZU & ENSEMBLE- A Cymbalom Lelke- (The Sound Of The Cymbalom, a traditional Hungarian / Romanian instrument, is similar the that of the Hammered Dulcimer) Request SS $18
IGOR KIPNIS- Harpsichord Played by Igor Kipnis- (2 LP Set Autographed by Igor Kipnis to Emily & John Corbett) Golden Crest Mono M- $28
KOTZSCHMAR MEMORIAL ORGAN CONCERT- Same- (This is the 1st Municipal Organ in the USA, & resides in Portland, Maine City Hall Auditorium, w/ John Weaver playing on A-Side & John Fay playing on B-Side, circa 1960s) Coastline Mono EX- $70
MUSIC AT M.I.T.- "Handel's Concertos For Organ & Orchestra", recorded by Peter Bartók at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Chapel w/ Associate Music Professor Klaus Liepmann conducting the Unicorn Concert Orchestra. Lawrence Moe plays the unique Holtkamp Organ, custom built in a 17th Century suspended 'Swallow's Nest' style to suit the M.I.T. Chapel, having qualities favorable to Handel's Concertos) Unicorn (1032) Mono M $14
SY MANN- Everybody's Christmas Favorites- (Wurlitzer Organ & Chimes) Palace VG- $1
THE MISTLETOE ORCHESTRA- Merry Christmas- (2-LP Set w/ over 1 hour of Organ & Chimes music) Mistletoe SS $5
MUSIC BOXES- Christmas Melodies (from the Collection of The Musical Wonder House, Wiscasset, Maine) RPC M- $35
MUSIC BOXES- Ragtime & Cakewalks (28 songs from the Collection of The Musical Wonder House, Wiscasset, Maine) RPC M- $35
MUSIC BOXES- Sampler No. 2 (from the Collection of The Musical Wonder House, Wiscasset, Maine) RPC M- $30
MUSIC BOXES & CHIMING CLOCKS- (from the Collection of Alec Templeton) RCA M $22
NICKELODEON and STEAM CALLIOPE- (From the temperance / gaslight era) Cook Mono EX- $16
HARRY PARTCH / JOHN CAGE- The Music Of John Cage & Harry Partch- (Gatefold cover w/ front cover art by John Cage & 4-pages of detailed text inside by Ben Johnston. Side-1 is Harry Partch in Stereo. Side-2 is John Cage in Mono) New World Records M $40
MARIO PERALTA- Mario Peralta At The Regency- (Mario is Uraguay's master of the Bandoneon, a large accordion-like squeeze box designed in Germany, but popular in Argentina, & typically heard in most Tango music. Peralta took bandoneon playing to the next level by playing songs like "Superstar"; "Hey Jude" & "Help Me Make It Through The Night". He had a steady gig at The Polaris Lounge, a flying saucer shaped revolving resturant atop the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, pictured on the cover) Rose Records M $45
RON RHODE- Organ Stop Pizza Presents Ron Rhode- (Organ Stop is a Pizza Resturant in Arizona, & home to a Mighty Wurlitzer Organ, originally built for Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theater. It's one of the largest & finest theater organs in the world, w/ 5000+ pipes, numerous percussions, & countless traps, all expertly played here by Ron Rhode. Great kitschy cover art!) Organ Stop Pizza near VG $28
RHYTHM PLUS YOU- An assortment of Rhythm Section settings from the Thomas Organ. You add the Melody! VG $25
CLARA ROCKMORE- Shirleigh & Robert Moog Present Clara Rockmore, Virtuoso Of The Theremin- (She studied w/ Leon Theremin himself) Delos M $45
BILLY ROWLAND & HIS THUMBTACK PIANO- They Laughed When I Sat Down- (Billy Rowland places thumbtacks on the 88 piano hammers for a 'ticky' sound, making the tack-accented piano a sort of po'-boy harpsichord) RCA (deep groove black label w/ dog on top) Mono M $28
THE STREETS OF NEW YORK- The Wurlitzer 164 Plays Nostalgic Music Rolls- (One of the largest Band Organs, The Wurlitzer 164 (aka The General- the last surviving model 164 of the 3 originally built by Wurlitzer) plays a sound spectacular of nostalgic Music Rolls from the collection of Paul & Meryl Torin, produced by Thomas Frost) Columbia Masterworks DJ M $30
VARIOUS 19th CENTURY INSTRUMENTS- American Ballroom Music (Waltzes, Marches, Polkas, & Other Dances played by The Smithsonian Social Orchestra & Quadrille Band, Conducted by James Weaver. Original period instruments from the Smithsonian Museum collection) Nonesuch VG $8
RUTH WELCOME- Romantic Zither- Capitol (Full Dimentional Stereo) M $33
RUTH WELCOME- Hi-Fi Zither- Capitol Mono M- $28
RUTH WELCOME- Zither Magic!- (Great sorcery Witchcraft cover art, posed by Dolores Greer) Capitol (rainbow label) VG $14
THE WIND HARP- Songs From The Hill- (Incredible 30' tall sculpture & 86 string musical instrument that plays itself according to the movement of the wind. This Aeolian Harp was built in 18 months by Thomas Ward McCain on a hilltop in Chelsea, Vermont. 2-LP gatefold Set w/ proper printed innersleeves. An excerpt of this LP is heard in the movie "The Exorcist") United Artists EX+ $70
HENRY WOLFF & NANCY HENNINGS- Tibetan Bells- (w/ Drew Gladstone. This original vinyl pre-'New Age' meditation classic is preferred over the remastered CD version because bells & drums are in audio harmony here. w/ gatefold cover & proper printed innersleeve) Island (original clouds & sunrays label w/ red outer band) M $33 or Antilles M $17
GEORGE WRIGHT- Merry Christmas- (The Wurlitzer Pipe Organ at the New York Paramount Theater, one of the world's largest) HIFI SS $28


BAMA- The Village Poet- "Ghettos Of The Mind" (aka George McCord w/ musical backing by George Purdie; Richard Tee; Cornell Dupree; Gordon Edwards & Jimmy Wizner) Chess Mono SS $88
DANIEL BERRIGAN- America Is Hard To Find- (Poetry by Daniel Berrigan w/ an 'Electric Prunes' inspired Rock Mass by John Hostetter; Allan Sorvall; & David Turner. Cover art by Sister Mary Corita Kent) Multi-Trax SS $185
JOE BROOKS & ROSKO- Morning (Joe provides musical backing to poetry by Rosko) Metromedia SS $95
ELAINE BROWN- Seize The Time!- (jazz-poetry by former chairwoman of the Black Panther Party. Based on Bobby Seale's book. Unipak cover) Vault DJ M $99 Very Rare!
VICTOR BUONO- Heavy!- (the actor recites comical poems about fatness) Dore SS $55 or EX+ $28
SEBASTIAN CABOT- Bob Dylan, Poet- (Mr. French on TV's "A Family Affair" gives a dramatic reading w/ music) MGM VG+ $38 or MGM Mono M- $48 or Mono VG- $6
RICHARD CHRISTENSEN- Muve- (Prog Rock Poet w/ enticing psych-pop music arranged & conducted by John Andrews Tartaglia. Hip original spoken-word voiceovers alá Cyrus Faryar or Rod McKuen, sometimes set to the music of familiar songs by The Beatles or Simon & Garfunkle, w/ some neat lysergic guitar runs mixed in. Gatefold) Capitol M- $55 Scarce!
THE DIAL-A-POEM POETS- Same- (2-LP Set w/ William Burroughs; John Cage; Jim Carroll; Kathleen Cleaver; Diana De Prima; Allen Ginsberg; John Giorno; Taylor Mead; Ed Sanders; Bobby Seale; John Sinclair; Anne Waldman; Heathcote Williams, many others) Giorno Poetry Systems (001/002) SS $98 or NM $70
THE DIAL-A-POEM POETS- Disconnected- (2-LP Set w/ John Ashbury; William Burroughs; John Cage; Jim Carroll; Diana De Prima; Ed Dorn; Allen Ginsberg; John Giorno; Michael McClure; Peter Orlovsky; Ron Padgett; Ed Sanders; Lorenzo Thomas; Anne Waldman, many others) Giorno Poetry Systems (003/004) SS $77
THE DIAL-A-POEM POETS- Biting Off The Tongue Of A Corpse- (w/ William S. Burroughs; John Cage; Diane DiPrima; John Giorno; Frabnk O' Hara; Ed Sanders; John Weinbers; others) Giorno Poetry Systems (005) SS $55
LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI- Same- (The Beat Poet recites: Tyrannus Nix?; Assassination Raga; Big Sur Sun Sutra; Moscow In The Wilderness, Segovia In The Snow w/ Jeffrey Chinn, guitar) Fantasy (7014) SS $78
ROBERT FROST- Robert Frost Reads His Poetry- (Recorded at his Cambridge home May, 1956) Caedmon Mono EX $14
ROBERT FROST- Reads The Poems Of Robert Frost (23 selections) Decca Mono EX $22
JACK HAMMER- Rebellion- (Jack Hammer Sings & Reads Songs & Poems Of The Beat Generation, set to a background of bongos & beatnik-jazz backing music by Tony Middleton. Hammer, aka Earl Burroughs, wrote some big early hits, such as "Great Balls Of Fire" for Jerry Lee Lewis, & "Fujiyama Mama", successfullly covered by Wanda Jackson) Warwick (2014) Mono DJ M $195 Rare!
TULI KUPFERBERG- No Deposit No Return- (An Evening Of Pop Poetry w/ Tuli Kupferberg ex-Fugs; & Gary Elton, on Yellow Vinyl w/ generic white label) ESP M $75
THE LAST POETS- Same- (New York's Black Power rappers The Last Poets, pioneered & defined the 'Jazzoetry' genre. w/ gatefold) Douglas SS $195 Rare!
THE LAST POETS- This Is Madness- (w/ gatefold) Douglas VG $75
THE LAST POETS- Chastisment- (gatefold) Blue Thumb SS $175
THE LAST POETS- At Last- Blue Thumb SS $160 or M- $99
THE LAST POETS- Right On!- (A Woodstock in Poetry, includes "Soul" from the hit movie "Right On!") Juggernaut SS $195
LIVERPOOL SCENE- Bread On The Night- (Poetry band w/ Andy Roberts; Adrian Henri; Mike Evans ex-Clayton Squares; Percy Jones & Brian Dodson. Scaffold & Grimms related. Includes 'I've Got Those Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack, John Mayall Can't Fail Blues') RCA SS $48
ROD McKUEN-In Search Of Eros- Epic VG+ $27
ROD McKUEN- Listen To The Warm- RCA M- $17
ROD McKUEN- Lonsome Cities by Rod McKuen- (Arranged & conducted by Arthur Greenslade, w/ gatefold) Warner Bros 7-Arts M- $28 (Write for more Rod McKuen)
ROD McKUEN- Desire Has No Special Time- Everest M- $35 Scarce!
KEN NORDINE- Same- (word-jazz 2-LP Set) Blue Thumb SS $150
PAT PARKER & JUDY GRAHN- Where Would I Be Without You (The Poetry of Pat Parker & Judy Grahn w/ insert) Olivia M $22
LIZ RENAY & BILL FORREST- Moods- (Liz Renay wrote all 11 poems on this LP, which are set against a musical background. She reads 5 of them & her then-husband, actor Bill Forrest, reads 6. Includes "Your Eyes"; "No Return"; "The Rain"; "The Quarrel"; "Life"; "The Pearl"; "A Knock"; "The Wind"; "A Rose"; "My Prayer", & the track "Slave To Gold" which reportedly cost thousands to make. She became a stripper, had 7 husbands plus flings w/ Marlon Brando; Joe DiMaggio, Regis Philbin, & Cary Grant among many others. She was the playmate moll of Mickey Cohen & other hoodlums & also appeared in John Waters' films. 1956 RED VINYL pressing w/ gatefold cover AUTOGRAPHED by Liz) Voice Poetic (P1001) Mono NM $250 Rare!
KENNETH REXROTH & LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI- Poetry Readings IOn The Cellar- (w/ The Cellar Jazz Quintet) Fantasy (7002 Original press) Mono SS $55
WANDA ROBINSON- Me And A Friend (Poetry w/ Music backing by The United Chair w/ Julius Brockington, Arp) Perception SS $40
DYLAN THOMAS- A Child's Christmas In Wales & 5 Poems- (Volume 1) Caedmon Mono M- $12
DICK WHITTINGHILL & LINDA WOOD- Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology- (Poetry w/ background music by Bill Justis & Donald Bagley. Gatefold) Ranwood M $9
WOMAN TALK- Caribbean Dub Poetry- (w/ Afua; Elaine Thomas; Breeze; Anita Stewart; Louise Bennett) Heart Beat EX+ $12


SPIRO T. AGNEW- Speeches That Stirred America- Podium Mono M $30
AIR FORCE SERGEANT'S ASSOCIATION- Bull Durham's Songs Of SAC (Strategic Air Command) Sgt Major M- $10
EVERETT McKINLEY DIRKSON- Gallant Men- (Stories of The American Adventure told by Senator Dirkson. Original score by John Cacavas, text by H. Paul Jeffers) Capitol Mono M- $14
DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER- Soldier & Statesman- (w/ 4-page Illustrated booklet) MGM Mono SS $38
SENATOR SAM J. ERVIN, JR.- Senator Sam At Home- (The 'Conscience Of The Nation' recites his favorite poems, anecdotes & songs) Columbia VG $12
BARRY GOLDWATER- The Man & The Issues (Side 2 has voices of John Wayne; Senator Tower; Ronald Reagan; Archie Moore; White Bear (Hopi Tribe); Robert Stack; Hedda Hopper; Randolph Scott; many others) American United Mono M- $45
HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION- Narrated by Dallis Cory (gatefold w/ 8-page booklet attached) Chart EX $14
PATRICK JUVET- I Love America- (Promo Only 12" Single w/ 3:47 version & exclusive 13:55 version) Casablanca Blue Vinyl M $12
SENATOR EDWARD M. KENNEDY- Reads dramatic highlights from the John F. Kennedy book "Profiles In Courage" (From the Award Winning TV Broadcast w/ Leonard Nimoy; George Mitchell; Brian Keith; Burgess Meredith; Walter Matthau; many others. Music by Nelson Riddle) RCA Red Seal Mono M- $55
JOHN F. KENNEDY- The Presidential Years 1960-1963- (Various speeches as recorded by Fox Movietone News) 20th Century Fox Mono M- $12 ( original B&W cover or blue cover available)
JOHN F. KENNEDY- John Fitzgerald Kennedy, The Presidential Years 1960-1963- (Original Speeches w/ narration by Ed Brown) Premier EX+ $5
JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY- Tribute- (A Memorial Album of his most famous speeches, w/ comments by Barry Goldwater; JBJ; Adlai Stevenson; Sir Alec Home; Pope John XXIII) Diplomat Mono VG $3
JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY- That Was The Week That Was- (The British Broadcasting Corporation's Tribute to JFK, as telecast on the BBC November 22, 1963 w/ David Frost; Millicent Martin; Kenneth Cope; David Kernan. Backing music by Dave Lee) Decca (9116 w/ maroon & silver label) Mono M- $16
MUSIC OF THE CIVIL WAR ERA: THE UNION / THE CONFEDERACY- (Pair of large 14" x 12.5" hard cover & bound albums w/ embossed & gilded linen covers. The Union has a deluxe illustrated 60-page book attached, The Confederacy an illustrated 32-page book attached. Each have essays by Bruce Catton & Clifford Dowdey. Allan Nevins provides additional text to The Union. Historical Music of 1861-1865 compiled by Richard Bales, conducting The National Gallery Orchestra w/ The Cantata Choir of the Lutheran Church Of The Reformation w/ Florence Kopleff; Thomas Pyle; Peggy & Jule Zabawa. Narration by actor Raymond Massey & Rev. Edmund Jennings Lee) Columbia Masterworks (DL-220/DL-244) M $75 for 2-Set
NOSTALGIA NEWS NETWORK- Same- (Side A: Program #1011-1012 Aired August 6, 1977 on the 32nd Anniversary of bombing Hiroshima. Interview w/ a witness / survivor of attack. Program #1013-1014 Aired August 7, 1977 interview w/ US pilot Francis Gary Powers, who was captured by the Russians); bw/ CANDID NEWS NETWORK- Same- (Side B: Program #101B-101C Aired August 9, 1977 interview w/ California Congressman James Corman on the energy crisis. Program #101D-101F Aired August 10, 1977 interview w/ black Congresswoman Yvonne Brathwaite Burke) (Both Sides Hosted by Steve Nielson w/ locked grooves between shows) Silver Hill Recording, Inc. M $18
ADAM CLAYTON POWELL- Keep The Faith, Baby! (gatefold) Jubilee Mono M $45
PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN SONGS- (21 Selections from 1800 to 1960 includes: "Tyler & Tippecanoe"; Get On The Raft With Taft"; "Hooray For Bill McKinley"; "Keep Cool & Keep Coolidge"; & 17 others) Columbia Mono M- $33
RONALD REAGAN RECOMMEMDS- Award Winning Music From Hollywood- (Before he was President, Reagan recommemded listening to these 8 Academy Award Winning Selections, played by The General Electric Transcription Orchestra. Reagan is pictured prominently on the cover) Raleigh Mono VG- $8
BARRY SADLER- Back Home- RCA Mono VG $4
JOHNNY SEA- Day For Decision- (w/ "God Bless America," "This Land," "I Believe," "When Johnny Comes Marching Home," "America," "The Star Spangled Banner", & others. Johnny Sea sounds alot like Johnny Cash) Warner Bros SS $26 or Mono M- $12
THE SOUNDS OF CONCORD- Vol 1- (Alexander Scourby gives a patriotic narration of the History Of Concord New Hampshire. w/ photo insert) Northbridge Ltd. VG $9
ADALI STEVENSON- The Stevenson Wit- RCA Red Seal Mono M $25
CARL B. STOKES- The Mayor & The People- (A Black Suite for String Quartet & Jazz Orchestra by Oliver Nelson w/ press conference by Carl Stokes, of Cleveland, Ohio, 1st black Mayor in USA. Gatefold) Flying Dutchman M $66 Scarce!
THE STORY OF OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM- Narrated by Arthur Godfrey from the film "O'er The Ramparts We Watched" (Also: Buster Crabbe narrates "The Pledge Of Allegiance" & other tomes) US Rubber M $24
THE SUNTONES- Keep America Singing- (Barbershop Quartet) Freedom Productions SS $20
TRAINING THE UNITED STATES MARINE- Parris Island (gatefold w/ 12-page booklet attached) Documentary Mono M $12
UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINES- Songs Of The Sea- (Rare) Riverside Mono EX+ $28
WASHINGTON IS FOR THE BIRDS- (Way before sampling, George Atkins & Hank Levine put soundbites of Lyndon & Lady Bird Johnson, Nixon, Goldwater, Humphrey, Bobby Kennedy & others into custom-made pop tunes. w/ great cover art by Frank Armitage) Reprise Mono VG+ $18


AMERICAN ANSWERING MACHINE TAPES- Volume 1- Hilarity & Despair- (compiles some of the most incredible telephone answering machine greetings & messages ever recorded. Culled from hours & hours of unearthed one-of-a-kind audio reality) Sebastian Speaks M $33 Scarce!
KALI BAHLU- Kali Bahlu Takes The Forest Children On A Journey Of Cosmic Remembrance- (Kali, "The Gypsy Star Child" recites unselfconscious acid-poetry w/ psych backing music of sitar, tabla & bells. Has "A Cosmic Telephone Call From The Angel Lieale & The Budda". Unipak) World Pacific M $175 Scarce!
'GOLDEN JOE' BAKER- Live At The Brothers Four- (One of the earliest & rarest Elvis Impersonator LPs to find, w/ the silver-suited Dick Laviolette of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, who later performed 11 years in Las Vegas, appeared on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno & proudly served w/ the Flying Elvi. His only LP) Robat Enterprises M- $125 Rare!
BEAUREGARDE- Same- (Beauregarde, aka Larry Pitchford, was a pro-wrestler who recorded this sole biker psych-rock LP, featuring the recording debut of Greg Sage & Dave Kolpel, both pre-Wipers. This is the original pre-F-Empire & pre-Jackpot pressing) Sound Productions (SP-7104) SS $399
THE BIG EL SHOW- In Concert- (This debut LP by Larry Seth, one of the first & best Elvis Presley impersonators, was once the subject of a lawsuit because of the similarity to the real Elvis) Castle Mono SS $99 or M $65
GYPSY BOOTS- Unpredictable!- (Fitness pioneer Robert "Gypsy Boots" Bootzin, ran the 'Health Hut' which had a Tiki theme that inspired the crew of "Gilligan's Island" TV series. The hit song "Nature Boy" was written about Bootzin by fellow "tribesman" Eden Ahbez. This is his only LP, with backing by Davie Allan) Sidewalk / Tower Mono SS $125 or M $75
COSMIC MICHAEL- Same- (crude stoned improv loner folk-psych & cosmic blues vibe w/ piano & guitar. DIY came wo/ cover) Bliss EX $399 Rare!
SALLY EATON- Farewell American Tour- (This very off-kilter singer-songwriter has been getting attention for "Maybe My Love For You" & "Flowers In The Air", but the whole LP is fascinating start to finish, in a beatnik sort of way) Paramount M- $99 Rare!
WILDMAN FISCHER- Wildmania- (recorded partly live at Dodger Stadium) Rhino SS $130
GERALDINE & RICKY- Same (w/ John Bos on organ) VG+ $65 Rare!
DORA HALL- Dora Hall Sings Top Teen Tunes- (wife of paper cup manufacturing mogul who financed her recording career. This LP is notable for early Randy Newman song "Did He Call Today Mama") Premore Mono slight warp - plays w/ weighted tone-arm, otherwise is M- $22
DORA HALL- Greatest Hits- Dot Mono M- $22
HEINO- Halli, Hallo, Wir Fahren- (Jello Biafra would play Heino LPs before Dead Kennedy concerts. In German w/ gatefold) Germany / Columbia / EMI (Blue Label) Mono VG $22
HEINO- Deutsche Weihnacht ...& Festliche Leider- (Side-A subtitled "Weihnachtsliederpotpourri", Side-B subtitled "Choräle und festliche Lieder". w/ The Dom Of Cologne's organ & bells. Unique pop-up gatefold cover opens to a manger scene w/ the Baby Jesus; Mary & Joseph; The Three Wisemen; Shepards, etc) Germany / Columbia / EMI EX $66
MICKEY HOLIDAY- Hang Up Your Hang Ups- (ex-Metros; Truetones; Jaywalkers & Dick Cole Trio, Mickey plays all instruments on this self-released Xian folk / Northern Soul private pressing, AUTOGRAPHED by Mickey Holiday) EX- $9 Scarce!
LELAND- This Is My World- (Leland Yoshitsu is a self-taught Hard-Rock musician, who plays guitar, bass, synth, & organ. Drums by Dana Rose. Ultra-primitive early DIY basement spaced-out psych-prog proto-punk w/ inserts. Engineered by David Blossom of 'Fifty Foot Hose') Contempt (R-2954) SS $199
CHARLES MANSON- Lie: The Love & Terror Cult- (Actual LP title was to be 'Charles Manson Sings', but it was released after his murder trial, hence the change. The folk-psych recording session was Produced by Dennis Wilson & Terry Melcher. Personnel: Charles Manson: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, tympani; Bobby Beausoleil: electric guitar; Paul Watkins: french horn; Catherine Shore: violin; Dianne Lake: recorder; Steve Grogan: electric bass; Mary Brunner: flute; Backing vocals: Nancy Pittman; Sandra Good; Catherine Share; Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme; Mary Brunner, & Cho-Cho. Contains "Cease To Exist", recorded by the Beach Boys as "Never Learn Not to Love". G.G. Allen covered "Garbage Dump" & other songs are also covered by Devo; Brian Jonestown Massacre ; Redd Kross; Lemonheads; Guns N' Roses'; Dilute; Crispin Glover) Awareness (Original 1970 First Pressing w/ yellow label on heavy vinyl) M $525 or ESP / Aware (Scare limited 1974 pressing) SS $275 Rare!
MRS. MILLER- The Country Soul Of Mrs. Miller- Capitol VG $14
MRS. MILLER- Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller?!- Capitol Mono VG+ $14
MRS. MILLER- Greatest Hits- Capitol (rainbow label) EX+ $28 or Capitol (rainbow label) Mono EX+ $22 or EX $18 or VG+ $12 or VG $9
MRS. MILLER- Special Veteran's Administration LP "Here's To Veterans" program 1050. (Side A: Mrs. Miller sings; Side B: Misc. VA spots) EX- $135
MOONDOG- Same- (aka Louis Hardin, The Viking of 6th Ave; a jazzy NYC subway serenader who invented his own instruments. w/ Buddy Morrow; Hubert Laws; Ron Carter. Unipak) Columbia Masterworks (original plain gray label) M $125 or EX $85 or Columbia Masterworks (gray label w/ orange logos around perimeter) M $70
MOONDOG- Moondog 2- (gatefold w/ booklet) Columbia M $99 or M- $88 or EX $66
R. STEVIE MOORE- Phonography- (Self-released debut LP by Zappa influenced one-man-band R.S. Moore, the son of Bob Moore, veteran Nashville A-Team bassist. Back cover signed in marker & hand-numbered #145) H.P. Music SS $250 Rare!
DAVID PEEL & THE LOWER EAST SIDE- Have A Marijuana- (New York City street musician & political activist) Elektra (tan label) M- $90 or Elektra (red label) M- $58
DAVID PEEL & THE LOWER EAST SIDE- The American Revolution- (Gatefold) Elektra M $88 or M- $70 or Elektra DJ VG $55
DAVID PEEL & THE LOWER EAST SIDE- The Pope Smokes Dope- (Banned LP, produced by John Lennon & Yoko Ono) Apple SS $150
THE PORTSMOUTH SINFONIA- Hallelujah - At The Royal Albert Hall- (w/ Steve Beresford & Brian Eno, who also produces) Antilles SS $88 or M $70
THE PORTSMOUTH SINFONIA- The Portsmouth Sinfonia Plays The Popular Classics- Columbia M- $85
THE REAL THINGS- Doin' Their Thing- (Their Rare Debut LP) RFD M- $120
THE REAL THINGS- Mother Likes It!- (early 70s Ogunquit, Maine duo w/ David Moran, drums, & Ray Mathieu on the Allen Continental Carousel Organ performing such gems as: Valley Of The Dolls; RD's Boogie; Midnight Cowboy; Real Things' Cha-Cha; Midnight Hour; M*A*S*H; Shaft (7+ minutes!); Proud Mary; a Polka Medley & more. Recorded on location at 'Poor Richard's Pub' by Lee Quimby (Century Records) & Richard Greeley (Sound Service Inc.) RFD Records M- $88
THE SHAGGS- Philosophy Of The World- (New Hampshire based all-girl trio. Rounder & Andy Paley reproduced this reissue from my personal copy of the original LP!) Rounder SS $120 or M $88
THE SHAGGS- Shaggs Own Thing- Red Rooster / Rounder M $66
STARS OF THE STREETS- (Street Minstrels & Real People recorded live outdoors in NYC: Gene Palma; Roy Hytonen; Mostly Mozart Trio; Steamboat Gothic; Fly By Night String Band; Tequila Mockingbird; Eve Moon; Sugar Blue; Street Masters; Victor Brady; Brian Slawson; Astracarnival) France / Egg M $90 Rare!
TERRY TIGRE- Elvis, We Love You...- (tribute LP to the king by sound-alike Terry Tigre, w/ backing by Scotty Moore, D.J. Fontana, Bob Moore, Willie Rainsford, Steve Chapman & The Jordanaires) Gusto-Starday SS $45
TINY TIM- God Bless Tiny Tim- Reprise (W7) M- $14 or EX $8
TINY TIM- Tiny Tim's 2nd Album- (gatefold cover) Reprise (W7) SS $28 or EX- $12
TINY TIM- For All My Little Friends- Reprise (W7) EX+ $33 or EX $22
TINY TIM- With Love & Kisses From Tiny Tim: Concert In Fairyland- Bouquet M- $33
JOHN YLVISAKER- Cool Livin'- (Jangly Xian folk-psych meets The Shaggs as Lutheran musician John Ylvisaker (pronounced elvis-sacker) sings in ernest theatrical styles w/ his wife Amanda on organ) Avant Garde SS $295


JIM BAKKER- How To Accomplish The Impossible (w/ The Big Three Mountain Movers)- PAX Mono M $18
DAVID & RHONDA BEAN- Something's Happened To Daddy- (featuring "Poor Rich Man", and other Zionist themed original songs, including the title track, which 5-year old Rhonda & her daddy David sing w/ their Maine accents, about him finding Jesus. Recorded at EAB Studios in Lewiston, Maine by Ed Boucher) EAB (103) M $28 Rare!
FLIGHT FINAL- (death as a plane trip, written by Evangelist Forrest McCullough) custom label M- $28 or Mono M $27
BILLY GRAHAM- Crusade In Miniature (w/Ethel Waters; George Beverly Shea) RCA Custom / World Wide Publications (in unique mailer jacket) SS $16
REV. BOB HARRINGTON- The Chaplain Of Bourbon Street- (Circa early 60s. Preaching from the stage of the famous 'Sho-Bar' strip club, home of Blaze Starr! Featuring Exotic Dancer Miss Patti White; Gospel singer Wally Fowler; musical backing by Ronnie Kole (Kole's Corner) w/ vocalist Earl Williams; plus the 1st Baptist Church Youth Choir of Milan, TN. Both sides Autographed by Bob Harrington) Mark Records Mono M- $40
DON LONIE- Still Talking- (Don Lonie of the Farmington / Dearborn Michigan area, has addressed over 3500 high school assembly audiences, w/ a reputation as a straight talking, hard hitting, yet often hilarious speaker that teenagers will listen to. This is the original pre-Word Records label pressing) Assembly Recording (1003) EX $6
THE LUTHERAN HOUR- Christmas In Hong Kong- (a special program hosted by Dr. Oswald Hoffmann, presented by the St. Louis, Mo. Lutheran Hour, December 1977. Flipside contains 4 Chinese musical pieces. Comes in original generic white cover w/ xeroxed sheet) International Lutheran Laymen's League Mono M $48 Very Rare!
LITTLE MARCY- Little Marcy & The Bible Story Book Volumes 1 & 2- (wacky child puppet, voiced by ventriloquist Marcy Tigner, singing Bible Stories for children) Word M- $18 for both LPs as a set!
LITTLE MARCY- Marcy Sings Jesus Loves Me & 14 Other Children's Songs- (AUTOGRAPHED by Marcy Tigner) Word Mono VG+ $18
THE MISSION- Soulful Sounds For A Church In Change- (Debut LP w/ AUTOGRAPHED back cover. Includes program of an appearance they made at Colby College, Maine, November 7, 1970) Tribute EX $38 or Tribute (not autographed) VG+ $16
ONE-SONG- Same- (Xian folk rock group from Houston, Texas w/ male & female vocals. Songs by Pete Sanchez, Jr; & Debbie Sowell) Paula (LPS 2228) M- $12
NORMAN & MARYALICE PASLAY- Happy People- (Pentecostal music w/ Nilah Rose; Jean Urshan; & The Kinzie-Hosch Party w/ Pam Hosch & her Hawaiian guitar) Gospel Melodies Records, Inc Mono VG+ $18
POPE PAUL VI- (Historic 1st visit ever by a Pope to the USA. Pope Paul VI visits with President L.B. Johnson; addresses the United Nations; celebrates a 'Mass For Peace' at Yankee Stadium; & more, presented by United Press International) AMY (8009) Mono EX- $12
PRIESTS CHANTS OF THE SACRAMENTARY- Same- (According to English Translations approved by the National Conference of Bishops. Sung by Rev. Joseph F. Flusk as Rev. James A. Pindar presides, at the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey. Includes the responses of the people) The Gregorian Institute Of America (EL-48) Mono M $15
ROCK OF AGES 1976- Four Nights- (tent revival LP w/ Nov-Dec '76 issue of "The Way" Magazine) W.O.W. SS $20
SOMETHING GOOD IS HAPPENING- World Plan- (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi plan to spread cosmic consciousness w/ music by Rick Stanley of the Gentle Soul, & ex-Loading Zone member Paul Fauerso on Harmonium, along w/ Paul Horn; Tom Scott & Doug Dillard) M $65
CARDINAL SPELLMAN- 50th Anniversary Tribute- (His Eminence speaks about Faith; Civil Rights; Pope Paul VI; Pope Pius XII; JFK; Boston; & more. Narration by Merv Griffin. w/ 4-page booklet enclosed) MGM Mono M- $12
JIMMY SWAGGART- The Ring Of Fire - Sermon To Youth- (as preached at the First Assembly Of God, Van Buren, Arkansas) Jim Records 'Golden Sound Sermon Series' Mono SS $14
JIMMY SWAGGART- I've Got Nothing To Lose- (on this one, Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart also play his Golden Gospel Piano) Jim Mono VG $5
JIMMY SWAGGART- Looking For A City- (w/Charlie McCoy) Jim Records M- $9
THE TRIPLE TRUMPETEERS- Same- (Jack Stafford; Ken Lorenz; Eugene Prout accompanied by Alfred Walter on Red Vinyl 10" 33 1/3rd Microgroove) Chapel Mono VG- $2
VERMONT HARMONY- Same- (The University Of Vermont Choral Union directed by James Chapman, presents Christian Harmony & Sacred Songs of the late 1700's to mid-1800's by New Englanders who moved to Vermont & wrote hymns. This unique collection of rural minstral 'psalmody' has liner notes by Betty Bandel detailing the lives of composers Ebenezer Child; Eliakim Doolittle; Justin Morgan (famed horse breeder); Elisha West; Jeremiah Ingalls; Hezekiah Moor; Uri K. Hill; Joel Harmon, Jr) Philo (1000) SS $46
WORDS OF FAITH FROM FAMOUS PEOPLE- Public Service Spots From Various Celebrities (w/ Dick Van Dyke; Anita Bryant; June Lockhart; Robert Young; Norman Vincent Peale; Kate Smith; Mary Martin; Fran Allison; Art Carney; Lorne Greene; others) Guideposts Records Mono M- $16


AUTHENTIC SOUND EFFECTS- Vol 3 (Jac Holzman production w/ 4-Piston Airplanes; WW1 & WW2 Fighters; 707 Jet; F-100 Jet; Helicopter; Air Raid Alerts; Rocket; Fire Scene; Crowd Noises; Applause; Construction; Steamship; Ferry Boat; Seagulls; ; Factory Lathe. 42 in all!) Elektra EX $9
AUTHENTIC SOUND EFFECTS- Vol 7 (Jac Holzman production w/ M1 Rifles; Machine guns; Explosions; Rocket Launcher; Marching Soldiers; Oil Well Drilling Rig; Gasoline Pump; Tobacco Auction; Dentist Drill; Car Wash; Breaking Glass; Riveting. 39 in all) Elektra VG $8
CHILLING, THRILLING SOUNDS OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE- (w/Cats; Birds; Space Things; Martian Monsters; Drips; Thunder; Long Fuse; Groans; Creaks; Crashes; Screams & more) Disneyland M- $5
ECHOES OF THE STORM- Red Vinyl LP-('A' Side has a majestic thunderstorm. 'B' Side has a rotary saw, water dripping, hammering, drumming, & music box) Audiophile Mono VG $5
INSTANT PRODUCTION MUSIC- An Electronic Studio w/ 42 Selections by Don Voegeli (Themes & Transitions from light & sunny to neutral & serious for TV or Radio) EX+ $18
NUCLEAR POWERED AIRCRAFT CARRIER SOUND EFFECTS- The CVA(N) "Enterprise"- Everything from Raising Anchor to Launching & Landing the Skyraider; Phantom & Skyhawk Jets; Air Boss Announcements; & More) Audio Fidelity EX $9
SOUND EFFECTS- Vol 2- Doctored For Super Stereo (w/ Car Crash; Screaming Tires; Walking On Stairs; Lawnmower; "Boings"; Restaurant; Slot Machine; Dogs; Farmyard Animals; Chimps; Sea Lions; Pigeons; Walking In Snow; 48 in all!) Audio Fidelity EX+ $9
SOUND EFFECTS- (Nice collection w/ Boats; Traffic; Wind; Applause; Crowd Sounds; Auto Skid & Crash; Thunder; Rain; Screams; Laughs; Diesel & Steam Train; Seagulls; Baseball Crowds; Diving Board & Swimming Pool; Galloping Horse. 28 in all) REALISTIC EX+ $18
SOUNDS TO MAKE YOU SHIVER!- (Side-1 is "A Night In A Haunted House" consisting mostly of howling winds & screams. Side-2 is sound effects w/ a good witch laugh; female screams; angry cat, 'Phantom Piano', & more wind, as used on TV's "Adventures of Superman" whenever George Reeves took flight. Cover art by Frank Daniel) Pickwick International M- $9
U.S. AIRFORCE FIREPOWER SOUND EFFECTS- w/ B-52 Bomber; B-57 Canberra Bomber; C-130 Hercules Transport; F-100 Super Sabre; F-101 Voodoo; F-102 Delta Dart; F-104 Starfighter; F-105 Thunderchief; F-106 Delta Dagger; Genie Rockets; Bull Pup Missile; Falcon Missile; Vulcan 20mm Cannons; Gatling Gun; Low Level Bombing Runs; Nuclear Bomb on Yucca Flats. 38 in all) Audio Fidelity M- $14
VOICE OF THE SEA- Nautical sounds w/ Queen Mary Whistle; Pebbly Surf; Sandy Surf; U.S.S. Columbus; Harbor Sounds from Mt. Desert Island, Maine; Bay Of Fundy; Gloucester, Mass; Fire Island; Jersey Coast; Mazatlan, Mexico) Cook Road Recordings VG $6


THE BIG SOUND OF THE DRAGS- (Stock Cars; Roadsters; AA Dragsters; Winternational Elimination's) Capitol Mono EX $40 or Mono VG $20
DRAG BOATS- World Championships, Long Beach Marine Stadium, California (Highlights & Eliminations) Fleetwood Mono M- $40
HOT ROD CARAVAN- Atco National Record Runs; Bonneville Speed Trials; Bakersfield; Detroit Nationals & Pomona, CA Winternationals) Battle Records Mono SS $68
HOT RODS IN ACTION- Sounds Of American Ingenuity At Work On The Drag Strip- (Recorded by Ray Fowler at the 5th Annual National Hot-Rod Championship Drag Races, Detroit, Michigan, Labor Day Weekend 1959) Riverside Mono EX $50 Scarce!
RICHARD PETTY- Meet Richard Petty- (Richard Petty describes the action of race car driving w/ sounds of the race track) TGR M- $155 Very Rare!
SOUNDS OF SANFORD- w/ Art & Walt Afron's "Green Monster", the world's 1st Jet engine powered race car (pictured on front cover); SRC Dragster; Bluebird Special; Hot Rods; Tappets; Pink Hog; & many others recorded live at the drag races, Sanford, Maine) Fleetwood VG-- $22 or Fleetwood Mono EX+ $160
SOUNDS OF SPEED- ('Best Of' Sampler features Sports Cars; Hot Rods; Grand Prix Cars; Dragsters; Go Karts; Bonneville Trials Cars. Recorded at Sebring; Utah Salt Flats & other locations) Riverside (deep groove black & silver label) M- $55


A TIME TO KEEP: 1963- Voices & Events Of The Year- (An NBC News Production w/ Chet Huntley & David Brinkley, recorded by Alan Bates. Gatefold cover) RCA Mono M $9
THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN- Marvel Age Comic Spectaculars Come To Life- (Exciting Action Stories Recorded Word For Word & Sound For Sound. A Marvel Comic Group Book & Record, Compete w/ early (1966) Spiderman #1 comic book reprint made especially for this record package) Golden Record (SLP 186) Mono SS $250
AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS- Adventure Stories In Sound- (w/ comic cover art by Wally Wood) Bell High Camp Adventure (#6) Mono M $60
PEARL BAILEY- Co-Star (The Record Acting Game w/ script book. You act scenes opposite your favorite star) Co-Star (CS-114) EX $22
LES CRANE- Desiderata- (aka Lesley Stein, radio announcer, TV talk show host & pioneer in interactive broadcasting reads the poem, 'Desiderata' as well as prose by Henry David Thoreau; Maxim Gorky; Dorothy L. Nolte. w/ Jim Horn, flute; Dennis Budimir, guitar. Crane was married to actress Tina Louise) Warner Bros DJ M $28
BOB DYLAN- Bob Dylan Vs. A.J. Webberman - The Historic Confrontation- (notorious phone-feud between the poet & Yippie garbologist January 6 & 9, 1971. Original w/ insert & unreleased version of "The Ballad of A.J. Weberman" by David Peel; & "Farther Bruce" by Grace Slick. Immediatly withdrawn) Folkways (FB-5322 / Broadside #12) SS $875
EVENING AT THE POPS- With Narration by Julia Child (Arthur Fiedler conducts w/ Chester Schmitz as Tubby The Tuba) Polydor M- $8
EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN- The Voices of the Walter Schumann Chorus are used to create the spooky otherworldly backdrop for a narrative of space flight, read by Paul Frees, involving the takeoff of a rocket from the Pacific, soaring into space past the moon & arriving on Venus. Script by Rip Van Ronkle. Music by Leith Stevens. The rocket blastoff on the first track was used in the opening countdown of the program 'X Minus One') RCA (black deep-groove label w/ dog on top) Mono M- $55
MARY LEE FAIR- Confesions Of Love- Passions In Prose By Mary Lee Fair- (sex talk w/ Harp by La Villa Tullos & Trumpet by Dave Zauder) Carlton Mono VG $9
THE FANTASTIC FOUR- Marvel Age Comic Spectaculars Come To Life- (Exciting Action Stories Recorded Word For Word & Sound For Sound. A Marvel Comic Group Book & Record, Compete w/ early (1966) Fantastic Four #1 comic book reprint made especially for this record package) Golden Record (SLP 185) Mono SS $199
THE FIRST MAN ON THE MOON!- Adventure Stories In Sound- (w/ comic cover art by Wally Wood) Bell High Camp Adventure (#3) Mono M $85
GIPP FORSTER- Walkin' Real In An Unreal Land- Ranwood DJ M $35
GHOST STORIES- Alfred Hitchcock Presents Ghost Stories For Young People- (Tales of Spooks, Hobgoblins, & Spirits hauntingly introduced by The Master Of The Unexpected, Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Stories written & narrated by John Allen) Wonderland Mono VG $8
HALLOWEEN HORRORS- (Side-A has scary Halloween story written & produced by J. Robert Elliott w/ Michael Bell; Peter Cullen & Nadine Arlyn. Side-B has The Sounds Of Halloween w/ Sound Effects: creaking doors; various screams; pipe organ; thunder; bats; cats; owls; monsters; banging shutters; chains; rain; wind; much more) A&M M $22
CHARLTON HESTON- In The Beginning- Vanguard Mono EX $9
CHARLTON HESTON- Out Of Egypt- Vanguard Mono M $12
LOUISE HUEBNER- Seduction Through Witchcraft- (Mesmerizing spells & charms of seduction to enhance your sexual power, spoken by The Official Witch Of Los Angeles. Produced by John Hill w/ background electronic Moog music by Bebe & Louis Baron) Warner Bros / 7-Arts DJ M- $78
INSIDE STAR TREK- Same- (Gene Roddenberry shares his dreams & difficulties in this comprehensive look at the development of a television phenomenon. In addition to interviews w/ William Shatner, DeForest Kelley & Isaac Asimov, as well as insights into the character of Spock as told by Mark Lenard in the role of Sarek, the album also includes segments recorded live in front of a studio audience, including anecdotal stories of the making of Star Trek & his made-for-TV movie 'The Questor Tapes'. w/ proper innersleeve) Columbia M- $75
THE INVESTIGATOR- (Weird crackpot spoken drama from LBJ era Washington politics) Discurosities Mono VG $9
JOURNEY TO THE MOON- Same- (Hear actual conversations between NASA, Cape Kennedy & Astronauts Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin; President Nixon's telephone call to the Astronauts on the moon; & more) Buddah (PM-1001) M $12
DR TIMOTHY LEARY- L.S.D.- (Dr. Leary speaks about the spiritual uses of hallucinogenic substances & the then new youth / hippie movement of 1965, while pointing out the hypocrisy of the 'cigar smoking, whiskey drinking' older generation) Pixie Mono SS $99
DR TIMOTHY LEARY- You Can Be Anyone This Time Around- (spoken word includes a 14 minute musical backing studio jam by Stephen Stills (guitar), John Sebastian (guitar), Jimi Hendrix (bass), & Buddy Miles (drums), together! Additional musical snippets include Pink Floyd. Gatefold cover artwork by Kelley / Mouse Studios; w/ original innersleeve) Douglas (original grey label w/ magenta print) EX+ $220 or Douglas (navy label w/ silver print) EX $99 Rare!
JOHN LENNON / YOKO ONO- Heart Play- (Unfinished Dialogue in a Spoken Word Documentary) Polydor/PolyGram M $33
ART LINKLETTER- Narrates The Story Of Where Did You Come From- 20th Century Fox Mono VG+ $22
THE LITTLEST ANGEL / LULLABY OF CHRISTMAS- Same- (Actress Loretta Young reads the fabled seasonal children's story on the A-Side. Actor Gregory Peck reads on the B-Side. Both stories by Charles Tazewell. Music by Carmen Dragon; Charles Paul; Victor Young & The Ken Darby Choir) Decca Mono VG+ $8
MAN ON THE MOON- Narrated by Walter Cronkite- Warner Bros 7-Arts DJ M- $12
MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI- The Master Speaks- (The Beatles' spiritual teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, speaks to the youth of the world on Love & The Untapped Source Of Power That Lies Within. w/ Sitar accompaniment by Amiya Das Gupta; Gategold) World Pacific M- $28
THE MESSAGE- Messages From The Message- ('The Message' is the world's first dial-a-fantasy phone service, created April 8, 1968 in Cambridge, MA by Lola & Bill Claflin; Rozie & Johnny McClellan; Emily & Henry Moss. All 17 funny skits include: 'The Laugh Of A Loon'; 'The Cosmic Number'; 'Action Man & Gogo Girl'; 'Words by Lulu'; 'An Auditory Cartoon'; w/ unique hand made cover art) M $650 Obscure!
MY FAVORITE STORY- By America's Greatest Performers- (Lucille Ball; Jack Benny; Joey Bishop; George Burns; Bing Crosby; Bob Hope; George Jessel; Gene Kelly; Art Linkletter; Groucho Marx; Phil Silvers; Red Slelton; Jimmy Stewart; Danny Thomas, tell stories to benefit The Motion Picture Relief Fund) 20th Century Fox Mono M $14
NIGHTS OF LOVE IN LESBOS- (A frankly Intimate description of a sensuous young girl's lesbian desires) Fax Mono M- $75
9:34 AM MAY 5, 1961- A Recording Of The Historic Space Voyage Of America's First Astronaut- (Hear the countdown, blast off, flight & recovery of Alan B. Shepard, Jr. Includes statement by JFK. A production of CBS News w/ Bob Trout, produced by Dan Bloom) Columbia (6-Eyes) M $15
NORM N. NITE- Rock & ROLL - Evolution Or Revolution?- (Narration about the history of Rock & Roll by famed DJ Norm N. Nite. His voice is on one track, w/ exerpts of nearly 40 classic rock songs on the other. Gatefold)- Laurie (2044) M- $16
OFFICER GUNTHER TOODY OF 'CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?' TELLS TOODY TALES- Same- (The great Joe E. Ross tells rhythmic stories for the young written by Gerald Taines) Golden Mono EX- $85
VINCENT PRICE- Witchcraft & Magic - An Adventure In Demonology- (2-LP Gatefold Set, written & directed by Terry d'Oberoff w/ special electronic effects by Douglas Leedy) G (warp, otherwise VG+ to EX-) $5
J. B. PRIESTLEY- An Informal Hour With J. B. Priestley Reading Essays From Delight- (book shaped cover) Westminster Mono VG $14 Scarce!
MAE QUESTEL- Mrs. Portnoy's Retort- (A spoken comedy performance w/ Milt Moss & small studio audience. Mae Questel was the cartoon voice of Betty Boop, Olive Oyl & Casper The Friendly Ghost) United Artists M- $40
ROBINSON CRUSOE- Same- (The classic story brought to life by actors Donald Pleasance; Marjorie Westbury; Robert Handy & others. Incidental background music by Tchaikovsky, played by The Berlin Philharmonia Orch) UK / Beano Mono M $24
JIMMY RODGERS- Co-Star (The Record Acting Game w/ script book. You act scenes opposite Jimmy Rogers from 'The Elopement'; 'Space Ship'; 'The Audition' etc) Co-Star (CS-110) M- $22
A NIGHT AT SANTA RITA- Narrated by Rosko- (Presented by Ramparts Editor Robert Scheer w/ commentary by Nat Hentoff. Ron Carter, bass & James Spaulding, flute) Flying Dutchman SS $68
ROSKO- Music & Gibran- (Rosko reads 7 selections from 'The Prophet' by Gibran, w/ psych Middle Eastern musical background by The John Berberian Ensemble) Verve Forecast DJ NM- $15
THE STORY OF SAINT DOMINIC SAVIO- (a dramatization of his life produced by Bob Caskey) Salesiana Publishers Mono SS $15
WILLIAM SHATNER- Isaac Asimov 'Foundation': The Psychohistorians, Read By William Shatner- Caedmon SS $75
WILLIAM SHATNER- The Transformed Man- Decca Mono DJ M $68
THE SOUNDS OF DISSENT- (newsmakers of the turbulent 60s w/ Stokley Carmichael; Paul Krasner; Eartha Kitt; Dr Spock; others) Mercury SS $45
LARRY STORCH- Reads Philip Roth's 'Epstein'- (was in the cast of F-Troop)- Prestige M- $38
DICK SUMMER- Lovin Touch- (Boston area radio personality, now spokesperson for Binder & Binder) Omen EX $30
TO THE MOON- Same- (6-LP Boxed Set w/ 192-page Hard Cover Book. Documents the early space program (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo), the space race, the missions to the moon & the first moon landing. Published soon after Apollo 11 completed its mission to the moon, July 20, 1969. Recording produced by Michael Kapp. Deluxe Book by editors of Time-Life Records) Time-Life M $75
TOP CAT- Robin Hood In Story & Song- (produced by Hanna-Barbera) Columbia Special Products EX- $14
20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA- Same- (The famous movie adventure in story & sound. Great Captain Nemo' Cover Art by Wally Wood) Wonderland / Golden Records (#294) Mono SS $35
PAUL WINCHELL & JERRY MAHONEY- Chips Of Wisdom- (Through stories & anecdotes, famed ventriloquist Paul Winchell & his character Jerry Mahoney share some homespun philosophy & practical advice about life & appreciating what it has to offer. This is his only LP release in in own name! Orchestra arranged & conducted by Ted Steele) Aamco Mono EX- $55
BARRY WOOD- What Every Teenager Wants To Know- (autographed back cover) Rainbow VG+ $30


MEL ALLEN- Baseball Game- Mel Calls The Plays, You Play The Game (comes complete w/rules to play; score card & playing field. Multi-grooved record provides different situations per inning) RCA VG $55
BOSTON BRUINS- Goal: Bruins- (highlights of the '69-'70 Hockey Season w/ Don Earl. Team picture w/Gerry Cheevers; Bobby Orr; Phil Esposito; Derek Sanderson) Fleetwood Mono EX $75 or VG $35
BOSTON BRUINS- The Two Sides Of Bobby Orr- (an interview by Don Earle) Continental EX $60
BOSTON CELTICS- Havlicek Stole The Ball- (Exciting Highlights of Championship Play-Offs 1956-57 & 1965-66, Narrated by Johnny Most. AUTOGRAPHED by Johnny Most & 7 others! Official 50s & 60s Boston Celtics Basketball Team photos on back cover) Fleetwood (FLP-3019) Mono EX+ $88 Rare! See Picture
BOSTON RED SOX- The Impossible Dream- (the Story of The 1967 Red Sox narrated by Ken Coleman w/ Ned Martin & Mel Parnell. Team photo w/ Tony Conigliaro; Carl Yastrzemski; Sparky Lyle Rico Petrocelli. "Yaz" song sung by Jess Cain) Fleetwood Mono SS $75
BOSTON RED SOX- Organ Music- Presented by John Kile at The Hammond XD-66 Organ, with Rico Petrocelli on drums! (15 selections. Team photo on back cover) Ace VG+ $125 Rare!
THE BRAVE BULLS- La Fiesta Brava- Music Of The Bullfight Ring w/ the original "Banda Taurina" of the Plaza De Toros, Mexico. Genaro Nunez, conductor. Gatefold cover) Audio Fidelity Mono M- $8 or VG $3
CAMPUS FAVORITES- College Grid-Iron Fight Songs- Hollywood Records Mono SS $14
DALLAS COWBOYS- Superstars- (Highlights the 1971 Championship Season, including Superbowl Interviews & stories. Team picture w/Mike Ditka. Narrated by Bill Mercer) Fleetwood VG+ $27
DON DRYSDALE'S BULLPEN- (The first 10 shows of a series where former Dodger pitching ace Don Drysdale gives an inside look at sports with anecdotes & stories from his personal file) M- $38
TERRY FORSTER & THE LOVEHANDLES- Fat Is In- (After David Letterman called Atlanta Braves pitcher Terry Forster "...a big fat tub of goo", Terery got the last laugh by teaming up w/ comics from The Comedy Works in Philidelphia) Comedy Works (816) Mono SS $18 Scarce!
JOE LEWIS VS JACK SHARKEY- Title Boxing Match as broadcast on the CBS Radio Network August 18, 1936; bw/ BABE RUTH- 9 rare selections including recordings for Pathé Actuelle (1920) & Perfect (1926); Bill Sterns Sports Newsreel March 22, 1946; Radio Broadcasts from 1937; 1939; 1947; 1948. Includes Mel Allen, Red Barber & others. Radiola (#19) Mono SS $35
THE DAY MANOLTE WAS KILLED- (Chronicles the 1947 death of famed Spanish Matador Manolte at the horns of a Miura bull. Narrated by Barnaby Conrad) Audio Fidelity Mono EX+ $9
CLEM McCARTHY- Voice Of American Sports- (Live broadcasts of Boxing & Horse Racing events by Clem w/ special narration by Ed Sullivan) Riverside Mono M- $22
DENNY McLAIN- At The Organ- (former Detroit Tigers pitcher) Capitol M $99 or M- $88 or VG+ $55 or VG $33
DENNY McLAIN- In Las Vegas- (Hard to find 2nd LP by former Detroit Tigers pitcher) Capitol M- $130
PENN FAVORITES Vol 2- The Pittsburgh Rockets- (1962 Marching Band repertoire) Fleetwood Mono SS $20
THE RECORD BREAKERS- Live Sounds Of The Greatest Moments In Sports, Presented by Spaulding (from 1928-1964 w/ Roy Reigels Wrong Way Super Bowl; Babe Ruth; Bobby Jones; Pancho Gonzales; more, Narrated by Phil Rizzuto) Audio Premiums Mono M- $33
BOB ROSBURG- Hear How To Improve Your Golf- (The 1959 PGA Champion gives you a complete course on golf: Grip; Stance; Drive; Fairway Woods; Irons; Putting; Sand Traps, much more) Carlton (Hear How Series CHH-15) Mono M- $28
BOB STEELE- Boob... Er... Uh... Bob Steele Goes On Record!- (Famed New England broadcaster talks about his boxing & baseball careers, youth, relatives, word pronunciations, jokes, predictions, anecdotes, even recipies! Plus loonie letters from listeners, The Lion & Albert; The Worm Family; late scores; time checks; bulletins, & other spoken comedy) WTIC Radio 1080 M $30
SUPER SOX '75- (Budweiser Beer presents all the exciting play-by-play action, highlights & interviews w/ of 1975 Red Sox championship season including play-offs & World Series. Narrated by Ned Martin w/ Jim Woods; Curt Gowdy; Dick Stockton; Marty Brennaman. Full team photo on back cover w/ Fred Lynn; Jim Rice; Carlton Fisk; Carl Yastrzemski; Dwight Evans; Rico Petrocelli; others) Budweiser / Fleetwood (3091) Mono M $22
CARL YASTRZEMSKI- Yaz 3000- (Life story of Yaz & his 19-year career on The Boston Red Sox. Interviews w/ Curt Gowdy; Ken Coleman; & Yaz himself along w/ his family, teammates, managers & opponents. Highlights includes accounts of his 400th homerun & 3000th base hit. Narration by Rico Petrocelli. Produced by Larry Claflin for WITS Radio 1510) Mariner Communications / Fleetwood Mono SS $33


ADAM PARTY RECORD- Stag Party Special Volume One- (Adam Magazine presents the wildest sexcapade of stag party humor ever put on record! A Bare Fax Burlesque Special Featuring the fabulous Buzzy Greene at his sizzling best! w/ original cheesecake cover art) Fax (1006) Mono EX $45
ADAM STAG PARTY RECORD 4-Back For Seconds- (featuring Terri 'Cup Cakes' O'Mason) FAX Mono M $45
ADAM STAG PARTY RECORD 10- Off Limits- (wild songs from the annals of the Armed Forces. Cover has best bod of the series. Blue Vinyl) FAX Mono EX- $45
BURLESQUE UNCENSORED- (Strip Tease Rhythms; Baggy Pants Comedy; Candy Butcher; Audience Cat Calls) Cook Mono VG $22
LYRICA EXOTICA- Vol 2 (Bawdy Scottish songs w/ folksinger Arthur Argo & Art Rosenbaum) Prestige International Mono M $28