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ACQUA FRAGILE- Same- (Produced by members of PFM, w/ gatefold poster cover) Italy / Numero Uno M- $199
VIV AKAULDREN- Old Bags & Party Rags- (Psych-Prog Space Rock w/ sticker; insert; poster & lyric sheet) Akashic SS $45
JAN AKKERMAN- Profile- (ex-Focus) Sire SS $40
JAN AKKERMAN- Eli- (w/ Kaz Lux) Atlantic SS $25
JAN AKKERMAN- Live- Germany / Atlantic NM $18
ALQUIN- Nobody Can Wait Forever- (Jazzy prog from the Netherlands w/ dual keyboards) RCA M- $24
AMBROSIA- Same- (Alan Parsons involvement. w/ rare lyric insert) 20th Century EX $38
AMBROSIA- Somewhere I've Never Travelled- (Early Steampunk w/ Ian Underwood, produced by Alan Parsons. Lyric innersleeve & die-cut cover that opens to form a pyramid) 20th Century M- $60
AMBROSIA- Road Island- (Their final LP, produced by James Guthrie) Warner Bros SS $50
AMERICAN TEARS- Tear Gas- (progressive & symphonic rock, to keyboard oriented "pop" songs w/ lyric insert) Columbia SS $45
AMERICAN TEARS- "Listen (Can You Feel It"- (Special 12" Radio Station Only 'hot-cut' pressing of featured track from their 'Powerhouse' LP, w/ Mono & Stereo sides) Columbia DJ ONLY M $14
AMON DÜÜL II- Carnival In Babylon- (gatefold) United Artists M- $55 or EX+ $44
AMON DÜÜL II- Wolf City- (different line-up of musicians on each track. w/ gatefold) United Artists VG+ $44
AMON DÜÜL II- Viva La Trance- United Artists EX $44
ANCIENT GREASE- Women & Children First- (Ancient Grease aka Strawberry Dust perform hard psych-blues prog w/ Morty & Graham Williams of 'The Racing Cars', plus several members of 'Eyes Of Blue' including John Weathers, later of 'Gentle Giant') Mercury SS $299 Rare!
ANDWELLA- World's End- (UK jazz-psych w/ Bob Downes pre-Egg. Their song "Just How Long" is said to have inspired Bad Co. Gatefold) Dunhill M- $95
AORTA- Same- (Rotary Connection related w/ some prog-psych moves) Columbia M- $50
APHRODITE'S CHILD- 666- (2-LP Gatefold Set w/ Vangelis) Vertigo (swirl label) M- $199
AREA- Caution Radiation Area- (Complex 1974 Italian jazz-prog-rock group led by Demetrios Stratos of Greece; w/ Ares Tavolazzi; correct innersleeve) Italy / Cramps (original Dischi Ricordi s.p.a distribution credits) M- $88 Scarce!
ARGENT- Same- (Rod Argent of The Zombies w/ lyric sheet) Epic M- $18
ARGENT- In Deep- (Cover art by Hipgnosis) Epic M- $27 or UK / Epic M- $40
ARMAGEDDON- Same- (Keith Relf w/ members of Captain Beyond, Steamhammer & Renaissance perform complex arrangements & bone-crushing hard rock. Lyric innersleeve) A&M M- $95
ARS NOVA- Same- (acid-psych prog w/ fuzz drenched ballad "And How Am I To Know" & original version of "Fields of People" covered by The Move on their 1969 LP 'Shazam'. Also has "March Of The Mad Duke's Circus" & their stoned take on "Zarathustra", plus much more. Unipak gatefold cover) Elektra M $55 or M- $45
ARS NOVA- Sunshine & Shadows- (w/ Art Koenig) Atlantic M- $43
ART BEARS- Winter Songs (Fred Frith; Chris Cutler; Dagmar Krause) Ralph SS $150
ASHKAN- In From The Cold- (Totally blasting UK Hard Rock Heavy Metal Psych Prog ala 'Art' & 'Spooky Tooth' w/ Joe Cocker-like vocals by Steve Bailey) London / Sire SS $199 Scarce!
ATOMIC ROOSTER- Death Walks Behind You- (their 2nd LP features organist Vincent Crane ex-Crazy World Of Arthur Brown & John Cann of The Attack) Elektra (Original '15 Columbus Circle' label) M $85
ATOMIC ROOSTER- Made In England- (Vincent Crane on keyboards & Chris Farlowe on vocals. Issued in plain white sleeve housed in a light blue / gray denim cloth cover w/ white edges & stitched outer seams. There were 2 or 3 different shades of denim used for the bag, some w/ diagonal seam along the front. This is the rarer earlier plain sleeve wo/ diagonal seam. Insert included. Pressed on RED vinyl when held up to light) UK / Dawn (DNLS 3038 w/ A1 & B1 matrix) EX+ $495 Super Rare!
AUDIENCE- House On The Hill (Judas Jump related w/ Howard Werth & Tony Connor. Hipgnosis gatefold cover art) Elektra SS $58 or M $38
BRIAN AUGER- Oblivion Express- RCA SS $40
BRIAN AUGER'S OBLIVION EXPRESS- Live Oblivion Vol 1- (Recorded Live At The Whiskey, Hollywood. Gatefold) RCA M $22
AYRES ROCK- Beyond- (Australian prog-rock quintet) A&M SS $65


BABY ROCKER- Young & Mean- (Obscure heavy prog-rock w/ flaming leads & complex keys. Includes "Tetraglide". Produced by W. Michael Lewis & Laurin Rinder) AVI M- $99
BANGOR FLYING CIRCUS- Same- (pre-Madura. Chicago jazz-rock & hard psych) Dunhill SS $75 More Info
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST- Time Honored Ghosts- (Name of group, not band member. Contains the song "Titles" w/ lyrics created entirely from Beatles song titles. Produced by Elliot Mazer. Bill Dare cover art based on Maxfield Parrish; Lyric innersleeve) Polydor M $33
PETER BARDENS- The Answer- (ex-Cheynes & Them organist w/ Peter Green on acid wah wah guitar as Andy Gee) Verve Forecast M $88 or DJ M $99 or Verve Forecast M- $70
PETER BARDENS- Same- (freakbeat prog-psych w/ gatefold) UK / Transatlantic M $150
PETER BARDENS- Write My Name In The Dust- (pre-Camel) Verve Forecast M $75 or DJ M $90
SYD BARRETT- Barrett- (w/ Jerry Shirley of Humble Pie; Rick Wright & Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd, who also produce. Includes "Gigolo Aunt". A-1G/B-1G matrix w/ original textured cover) UK / Harvest M $225
SYD BARRETT- The Madcap Laughs- (w/ David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Rick Wright & members of The Soft Machine. Original & desirable A-2G/B-2G matrix w/ gatefold. Beautiful!) UK / Harvest M $240
SYD BARRETT- Unforgotten Hero- (2-Sided Picture Disc w/ (previously unreleased songs from his last recording session w/ Pink Floyd; 1969 A-Side to unreleased single; October 1967, February 1968 & March 1970 Radio Broadcasts) UK / SB (DJT-0077) M $275
THE BATTERED ORNAMENTS- Mantle Piece- (Hard prog-psych w/ Chris Spedding. Lyrics by Pete Brown, one of Cream's greatest lyricists. Gatefold) Harvest EX+ $235
B.B. BLUNDER- Workers' Playtime- (Mick Taylor w/ Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger plus Blossom Toes members Brian Godding; Kevin Westlake; Brian Belshaw. Gatefold) Polydor M- $40 or DJ M $50 or DJ M- $44
BE-BOP DELUXE- Axe Victim- UK / Harvest SS $38 or UK / Harvest (gatefold) M $26
BE-BOP DELUXE- Futurama- Harvest M $16
BE-BOP DELUXE- Live! In The Air Age- (2-Set: White Vinyl LP + 12" EP) Harvest M $25
BIRTH CONTROL- Hoodoo Man- (gatefold) Holland / CBS M $65
BIRTH CONTROL- Backdoor Possibilities- (lyric gatefold) Germany / Brain- M- $55
BIRTH CONTROL- Birth Control Live (2-LP Set w/ gatefold & German text) Holland / CBS M- $50
BLACK CAT BONES- Barbed Wire Sandwich- (w/ Rod Price of Foghat; Paul Kossoff & Simon Kirke, later to Free; Stuart Brooks of Pretty Things; & Phil Lenoir, Brian Short, & Derek Brooks, later to the Leaf Hounds. UK blues-psych w/ Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup's "Death Valley Blues" & "Feelin’ Good", also recorded by John Coltrane. Rarer than the UK Decca / Nova LP) PIP M- $165
BLACK WIDOW- Same- (w/ gatefold) Holland / CBS M $225
BLACK WIDOW- Sacrifice- (their debut LP w/ gatefold cover) United Artists M $245
THE BLOOMSBURY PEOPLE- Same- (Jazz-prog moves w/ Jon Wyderka & Sigmund Snopek III. Tom Paxton & Violent Femmes related) MGM M- $38
BOOMERANG- Same- (w/ Mark Stein ex-Vanilla Fudge; & guitar wizard Ricky Ramirez) RCA SS $135 or M- $88 Scarce!
BRAM STOKER- Heavy Rock Spectacular- (Gothic Hammond organ by Tony Brondson w/ Jon Bavin, Incredible String Band related. Sound is somewhat like Deep Purple, ELP & The Nice meets Uriah Heep, Black Widow & Atomic Rooster. Engineered by Martin Birch. Rolling Stones manager Tony Calder ran Windmill Records) UK / Windmill M- $245 Scarce!
BROTH- Same- (heavy urban prog-funk & pop w/ Steve Verocca, features "I'm A King". Unipak cover) Mercury M $70
EDGAR BROUGHTON- Wasa Wasa- (debut LP w/ gatefold) Harvest M $145 or M- $99
EDGAR BROUGHTON- Sing Brother Sing- (gatefold w/ lyric insert) UK / Harvest EX $95
EDGAR BROUGHTON- Oora- (w/ David Bedford & Madeline Bell. Cover art by Barney Bubbles of Hawkwind fame) Capitol SS $135
ARTHUR BROWN- The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown- (w/ Vincent Crane pre-Atomic Rooster) Track VG $35 or Atlantic (green & blue label) EX+ $55
BUDGIE- Squawk- (Legendary Welsh group w/ Tony Bourge on guitar. Roger Dean cover art) Kapp M- $88
BUDGIE- Bandolier- A&M DJ M- $50
KATE BUSH- The Kick Inside- (A steampunk favorite. Rare original pre-EMI/America issue w/ different cover) Harvest (SW-11761) SS $66
BYZANTIUM- Same- (w/ Chas Jankel of Ian Dury's Blockheads; Robin Lamble & Nicko Ramsden. Insert included) Warner Bros SS $135 or M- $88 or DJ M- $99


CAMEL- Music Inspired By The Snow Goose- (Essential concepitual prog masterpiece w/ songs by Peter Bardens & Andy Latimer, based on the short story of the same title written by Paul Gallico in 1941. Produced by David Hitchcock & John Burns w/ David Bedford conducting the London Symphony Orchestra. Laminated cover w/ Insert) France / Dcca / Gamma (278.135) M- $22
CAN- Soon Over Babaluma- (avant-garde founders of 'Kraut Rock') UK / United Artists M $60
CAPABILITY BROWN- From Scratch- (Deviants related debut Lp by UK organ/guitar complex. Prog gem in Gentle Giant, Gnidrolog realm. They were an influence on Brian May & Freddy Mercury) Famous Charisma SS $150 Rare!
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND- Mirror Man- (Rare Unipak die-cut cover) Buddah M- $78
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND- Trout Mask Replica- (2-LP Set) Straight VG- $28
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND- Safe As Milk- (w/ Ry Cooder) Buddah (BDS-5001 w/ original red label) EX+ $175 or Buddah (BDS-5063) DJ M $95
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND- Lick My Decals Off Baby- Straight EX $48
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND- Spotlight Kid- (w/ lyric insert) Reprise M $45 or DJ M- $45 or Reprise (no insert) M $16
CAPTAIN BEYOND- Same- (When Doug Ingle left Iron Butterfly, bassist Lee Dorman & guitarist Larry 'Rhino' Reinhardt along w/ Deep Purple vocalist Rod Evans & Johnny Winter Band drummer Bobby Caldwell formed Captain Beyond. This debut LP has a 3D cover w/ DJ Insert) Capricorn DJ M- $90
CARAVAN- Same- (Original issue pressing of their Rare debut LP w/ 'pillar' cover) Verve Forecast SS $395
CARAVAN- In The Land Of Grey & Pink- ('Matching Mole' related classic Cantabury prog) London M- $98 or UK / Deram (w/ gatefold) VG- $28
CARAVAN- Caravan & The New Symphonia- (Live Oct 28, 1973) London SS $58
CHAMPIGNONS- Premiere Capsule- (Excellect fuzz-psych-prog from Quebec w/ Emile Naud. LP was available only at their live shows) Canada / Les Jeunes Artistes Associas (GG-1) M- $595
CHIRCO- Visitation- (w/ insert. Sassafras related fuzz-jazz-prog rarity w/ Barry Tashin involvement) Crested Brutte DJ M $250
CHICK CHURCHILL- You & Me- (ex-Ten Years After w/ Bernie Marsden; Cozy Powell; Roger Hodgson; Matthew Fisher; Martin Barre) Chrysalis DJ M- $33
CIRCUS- Same- (Rare UK jazz-prog w/ Mel Collins of King Crimson; gatefold) UK / Transatlantic M $320
CITY BOY- Same- (w/ Mike Slamer pre-Kansas)- Mercury SS $45
CLOUDS- Watercolour Days- (Savoy Brown related w/ gatefold) UK / Chrysalis M- $70 Scarce!
COLLAGE- The Collage- (Curt Boettcher & Roger Nichols involvement) Smash SS $115
COLOSSEUM- Those Who Are About To Die Salute You- (gatefold w/ Dick Heckstall Smith & pre-members of Humble Pie; Greenslade; Atomic Rooster) Dunhill M $48
COLOSSEUM- The Grass Is Greener- (gatefold cover) ABC / Dunhill M $40
CORPORAL GANDER'S FIRE DOG BRIGADE- Presents On The Rocks- (Obscure heavy explo-pop Krautrock LP, pre-Wind, produced by Jochen Petersen) Germany / Italy Europa (460) M $70
LOL COXHILL- Ear Of The Beholder- (Avant Jazz-Prog Debut by ex-Kevin Ayers saxophonist w/ Mike Oldfield; Robert Wyatt; Dave Bedford; Kevin Ayers; others. Selections range from "I Am the Walrus" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) to "Insensatez" (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Ampex EX $45
THE CREAM- Heavy Cream- (Rare TEST PRESSING w/ Eric Clapton; Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce. 1 disc, w/ Matrix No. POLP 80329 1-A / POLP 60330 1-A. It is not known if this Test Pressing differs in any way from the final released commercial version of the disc) Polydor M- $150
CURVED AIR- Air Conditioning- (Their debut LP w/ Darryl Way & Francis Monkman) Warner Bros DJ M- $37
CYNARA- Same- (psych jazz-prog w/ Elvin Jones, drums; & Michael Tschudin (ex-Listening), Hammond organ. Includes "Stone Is" which first appeared on the Listening LP) Capitol M- $88 or VG+ $60


DADDY LONGLEGS- Same- (w/ Stephen Miller of Caravan. Blues-rock w/ country prog influences) UK / Warner Bros M $99
DEEP PURPLE- The Book Of Taliesyn- (Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Roger Glover, & Ian Paice went on to a prolific recording career including spawning White Snake & Rainbow) Tetragrammation M- $44 or EX+ $38 or VG- (w/ gatefold cover) $12
DEEP PURPLE- In Rock- (gatefold) Warner Bros M $25 or DJ EX+ $28 or Germany EMI / Harvest (different cover) EX $28
DEEP PURPLE- Who Do You Think We Are- (gatefold w/ lyric insert) Germany / Purple EX $33
DEEP PURPLE- Machine Head- (gatefold) Germany / Purple M- $36
DEEP PURPLE- Woman From Tokyo- (Live in Germany) Pig's Eye (#6) SS $185
DEEP PURPLE- Mark I & II- (2-LP Set w/ non-US released material) Germany / Purple VG+ $45
DIXIE DREGS- "Punk Sandwich" bw/ "Night Of The Living Dregs"- (2-Song Promo Only 12" on RED VINYL w/ Steve Morse; Andy West; Allen Sloan; Rod Morgenstein; & Mark Parrish) Capricorn DJ ONLY M $9
DOCTOR FEELGOOD- Something To Take Up Time- (Obscure Boston area group w/ 3 ex-Teddy & The Pandas & 2 ex-Sensations members, mixing bluesy vocal rock & flute driven prog instrumentals w/ some jazz moves & strange effects, sax & offbeat arrangements) Number One M- $750
DOG SOLDIER- Same- ("Pillar To Post" w/ Keef Hartley & Savoy Brown members) United Artists SS $78 or M- $48
DOME- Dome 2- (G. Lewis & B.C. Gilbert) German Rough Trade M $22
DUROCS- Same (Ron Nagle & Scott Mathews w/ lyric innersleeve) Capitol (custom picture label) M $14

E - F

EAST OF EDEN- Same- (psych-jazz-prog) Harvest M- $48
ECLECTION- Same- (w/ future members of Fotherigay; Sailor; Mogul; Thrash; Family; Fairport Convention) Elektra EX- $50
GRAEME EDGE BAND- Paradise Ballroom- (ex-Moody Blues w/ Ardian Gurvitz. Gatefold cover w/ nude) London SS $58 or London M $38
EIGHTH DAY- On The 8th Day- (producd by Ron Dante) Kapp Mono DJ M $80
EIRE APPARENT- Sun Rise- (Psych-Folk masterpiece is Brinsley Schwarz; Help Yourself; Pretty Things; Metropolis related, produced by Jimi Hendrix, who also performs uncredited. w/ gatefold) Buddah SS $399
EKSEPTION- Same (classical jazz-rock from Holland) Philips SS $48 or M $30
EKSEPTION- Bingo!- Germany / Philips M- $35
EKSEPTION- Mind Mirror- Germany / Philips M- $35
EKSEPTION- Ekseption 5- Philips SS $48
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA- The Light Shines On- (assorted loose ends & 'B' Sides, produced by Jeff Lynne & Ron Wood) UK / Harvest SS $40 or M $28
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA- The Night The Lights Went On In Longbeach- (Live May 12, 1974) Germany / Warner Bros SS $45
ELMER GANTRY'S VELVET OPERA- Same- (pre-Strawbs psych-pop masterpiece includes "Flames" later covered by Led Zeppelin on stage) UK / Direction SS $395
ELOY- Floating (w/ Manfred Wieczorke later of JANE) Canada / Janus SS $99
ENGLISH GYPSY- Same- (gatefold w/ John Knapp. Were simply "Gypsy" in the UK) Decca EX- $27
BRIAN ENO- Before & After Science- (original issue w/ Phil Collins; Andy Fraser; Phil Manzanera; Fred Frith; Robert Fripp; & members of Cluster) Island SS $40
EPITAPH- Outside The Law- (gatefold) Billingsgate SS $88
EYES OF BLUE- Crossroads Of Time- (Welsh group w/ Eastern, R&B, & classical influences. Songs by The Beatles, Love, Diane Stewart & her husband Graham Bond. Keyboardist Phil Ryan later joined Man, others went to Ancient Grease. Producer Lou Reizner later scored the orchestrated version of "Tommy") Mercury SS $255
EYES OF BLUE- In The Fields Of Ardath- Mercury M- $133 or EX $95
FAIRPORT CONVENTION- Same- (includes rare Bob Dylan song "Jack O' Diamonds" w/ Richard Thompson) Cotillion DJ M $88
FAIRPORT CONVENTION- Liege & Leif (landmark LP w/ gatefold) A&M DJ M $78
FAIPORT CONVENTION- Babbacombe Lee- (Prog-folk concept LP has the amazing true story of John "Babbacombe" Lee, from his navy days to being unjustifiably accused of murder, his death sentence, & his ultimate survival. Unipak gatefold cover w/ booklet & lyric innersleeve) A&M EX $44
FAMILY- Music In A Doll's House- (their debut LP w/ Ric Gretch pre- Blind Faith & Traffic; Roger Chapman) Reprise (w/ Lester Bangs signed cover 'Bangs') EX- $65 or VG (no writing) $20
FAMILY- Family Entertainment- (their 2nd LP, w/ Roger Chapman & Rick Gretch) Reprise M- $45 or VG $18
FAMILY- A Song For Me- (gatefold w/ lyric insert) Reprise SS $60 or M- $33 or Reprise (no lyric insert) DJ EX $30
FAMILY- Fearless- (John Wetton pre-King Crimson w/ die-cut gatefold cover & lyric innersleeve) United Artists M- $35
FAMILY- Old Songs New Songs- (superior original fidelity) UK / Reprise M $48
THE FAR CRY- Far Cry- (Boston group w/ heavy progressive psych & free jazz influences, featuring the amazing Jere Whiting on vocals, ex-Blue Cheer. Produced by Daniel Weiss ex-Iron Butterfly & Rhinoceros guitarist) Vanguard / Apostolic M $165
CHRIS FARLOWE- From Here To Mama Rosa With The Hill- (The 'Hill' are Bruce Waddell; Steve Hammond ex-Fat Matress; Colin Davy; Peter Robinson & Paul Buckmaster. Folk-prog tracks includes "Black Sheep Of The Family", later covered by Quatermas. Chris later became lead vocalist for Colosseum & Atomic Rooster) Polydor SS $95 (Write for More Chris Farlowe)
FINCH- Glory Of The Inner Force- (Debut LP of this Netherlands group w/ complex stylings) Atco SS $45 More Info
MATTHEW FISHER- I'll Be There- (self produced LP by ex-Procol Harum) RCA M- $14
FLAMING YOUTH- Ark 2- (w/ Phil Collins pre-Genesis) Uni SS $165
FLASH- Same- (debut LP by ex-Yes members Peter Banks & Tony Kaye w/ gatefold cover) Capitol / Sovereign (red label) M- $40
FLASHMAN- Same- (ELP inspired keyboard dominated prog glam-rock trio from the UK) Vanguard EX $35
FM- Black Noise- (w/ Nash The Slash)- Visa SS $55
FOCUS- Moving Waves- (Symphonic prog from The Netherlands w/ some great guitar, keyboard & flute work) Sire EX $9
FORD THEATER- Trilogy For The Masses- (Proto psych-prog by ex-Joyful Noise members from Boston area. w/ Harry Palmer produced by Bob Thiele) ABC M- $55 or VG $23
FORD THEATER- Time Changes (Prog-psych musical tale of Clifford Smothergill & his search for meaning & significance in life. Includes the track "Jefferson Airplane". Performed by ex-Joyful Noise members from Boston area, w/ Harry Palmer produced by Bill Szymczyk. Gatefold) ABC M- $60
FOTHERINGAY- Same- (gatefold. ex-Eclection & Fairport Convention w/ Sandy Denny) A&M EX+ $60 or VG $28
FOX & COMPANY- Same- (Hard prog-rock from Berlin, New Hampshire w/ Don & Norm Coulombe; Dayna Strout; Mike amp; Steve Galipeau, includes lyric sheet) EAB SS $750
VIRGIL FOX- Virgil Fox Plays The John Wanamaker Organ, Philadelphia- Westminster Gold VG+ $28
VIRGIL FOX- Bach Live At The Fillmore East- (Heavy Organ) Decca M $33
VIRGIL FOX- Bach Live At Winterland, San Francisco- (Heavy Organ) Decca M- $28 (Write for more Virgil Fox LPs)
FREE- At Last- A&M (tan label w/ 'textured' cover) M- $18
FREE- The Free Story- (2-LP Set. Limited numbered edition w/ previously unreleased material. German & Canadian pressings are offered) Canadian Island (#03488) M- $70 or German Island (#A18770 w/ different cover, booklet, inner cover notes) M- $70
ROBERT FRIPP- The League Of Gentlemen- Polydor M $9
ROBERT FRIPP- Four From Exposure- (4-song sampler w/ Daryl Hall; Peter Gabriel) Polydor DJ ONLY M $22
FROGGY BEAVER- From The Pond- (Omaha, Nebraska based Moody Blues & E.L.P. inspired flowing-melodic UK style psych-prog, produced by David Sandler, who had collaborated w/ Brian Wilson on the 'American Spring' LP) Froggie Beaver M- $250
FRUMPY- By The Way- (Obscure German loud-prog group fronted by brain-shredding vocalist, songwriter & all-around hard rock-goddess Inga Rumpf, later of the band Atlantis. Issued in SQ Stereo/Quad only) Billingsgate M $88


GARFIELD- Strange Streets- (Debut LP by Garfield French is Euclid related) Mercury M- $58 or EX $43
GARFIELD- Out There Tonight- (excellent Canadian spacerock) Capricorn SS $55
GENESIS- From Genesis To Revelation-(their debut LP) London M- $68
GENESIS- Rock Roots- (Rare non-LP singles & B-Sides w/ Chris Welch liner notes) UK / Decca (Roots-1) SS $58
GENESIS- Nursery Cryme- (original gatefold cover) Famous Charisma DJ EX- $55
GENESIS- Foxtrot- (Includes "Supper's Ready" w/ original gatefold cover) Famous Charisma (Mad Hatter label) M $60
GENESIS- Selling England By The Pound- (w/ lyric insert) Famous Charisma (Mad Hatter label) EX+ $55
GENESIS- Wind & Wuthering- (Original issue w/ lyric innersleeve) Atco (yellow label) M $60
GENESIS- Live! (Manchester, UK / February 1973) Famous Charisma (pink label) M- $65
GENESIS- You'll Love Us Live- (FM Broadcast w/ "Bits & Pieces" label) Matrix # G-LIF-002 Mono unplayed M $85 Scarce!
GENESIS- Revelatory Genesis 80:78- (2-LP Set Live Lyceum Ballroom, London May 7, 1980 + Knebworth Festival, June 24, 1978) France / Steam SS $99 or M $75
GENESIS- Seconds Out- (2-LP Set, Live) Famous Charisma (Mad Hatter label) M $60 More Info
GENESIS- Live From The Mouth Of The Monster- (2-LP Set Live at the Uptown Theater, Chicago October 13, 1978 w/ original B&W cover) Australia / Atlantis M $125 Rare!
GENTLE GIANT- Octopus- (die-cut cover w/ lyric innersleeve) Columbia M $95 Rare!
GENTLE GIANT- Acquiring The Taste (Complex prog classic w/ gatefold) Vertigo EX $68
GILES, GILES & FRIPP- The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp- (pre-King Crimson) Deram M $325 (Rare US pressing)
GLASS HARP- Same- (Michael Stanley related, w/ lyric innersleeve) Decca M- $58
GLASS HARP- Synergy- (gatefold w/ amazing guitarist, Phil Keaggy) Decca M $55
GLASS HARP- It Makes Me Glad- Decca SS $88 or M- $65
GODLEY & CREME- "L"- (Kevin & Lol of 10cc)- Polydor SS $48
GOLDEN EARRING- Eight Miles High- Atlantic M $55 or Germany / Polydor VG $45 (Write for more Golden Earring)
GONG- Expresso II- (printed innersleeve w/ Mick Taylor; Darryl Way; Allan Holdsworth) Holland / Virgin M $75
GONG- Planet Gong- (Floating Anarchy 1977 Live) UK / Charley SS $78
GONG- The Flying Teapot- (Radio Gnome Invisible w/ Steve Hillage ex-Khan, & Kevin Ayres. A Gatefold) UK / Virgin (original 2 Virgins label) M $145
GRINGO- Same- (Tony Cox production w/ members of Grapefruit; Spreadeagle; Caravan; Tranquility; Sailor) Decca M $88 or Decca M- $66 or UK / MCA M- $95
GRYPHON- Red Queen To Gryphon Three- (Medieval folk-prog w/ members of Steve Howe band) Bell SS $68


HAMILTON FACE BAND- Same- (jazzy prog w/ Lenny Laks) Philips SS $88
HAMILTON FACE BAND- Ain't Got No Time- (w/ Ruth Underwood of Frank Zappa / Mothers Of Invention fame) Bell M $78 or EX- $48
BO HANSSON- Music Inspired By Lord Of The Rings- Famous Charisma SS $48
BO HANSSON- El-Ahrairah- (Music Inspired by "Watership Down") Sweden / Silence Records (YTF-50350) M $45
HAPPY THE MAN- Same- (Debut LP by Virginia group who nicely straddle the line between symphonic & Canterbury influences) Arista M $48 Scarce!
HAPSHASH & THE COLOURED COAT- Featuring The Human Host And The Heavy Metal Kids- (Proto-prog w/ members of the group ART, pre-Spooky Tooth) Imperial M $165 or M- $120 or EX+ $95
ROY HARPER- Folkjokeopus- (features the epic "McGoohans Blues" inspired by the TV series "The Prisoner") World Pacific M $48
ROY HARPER- Lifemask (gatefold cover w/ Jimmy Page) UK / Harvest M $48
ROY HARPER- One Of Those Days In England- (aka Bullinamingvase, w/ Paul & Linda McCartney, uncredited) Chrysalis M $48
ROY HARPER- Flat Baroque & Berserk (gatefold w/ The Nice appearing on "Hells Angels") Harvest M- $38
ANNIE HASLAM- Annie In Wonderland- (Folk-Pop Solo debut by the 5-octave soprano of Renaissance w/ Joe Camp & Roy Wood) Sire SS $70
HATFIELD & THE NORTH- Same- (Debut LP by Canterbury art prog group w/ ex-members of Delivery, Matching Mole, Gong, Caravan & Egg. Backing vocals by The Northettes. Members later to National Health) Virgin SS $125
HENRY COW- Same- (aka "Legend" or "Leg End" w/ Fred Frith & Chris Cutler) Virgin SS $66
HENRY TREE- Electric Holy Man- ('Traffic' inspired jazz-blues-psych power trio from Cleveland, Ohio w/ Leroy Markish; Carmen Castaldi & Charles McLauughlin, plus un-credited jazz guitarist Bill DeArango, produced by Bob Shad. Rare Original Issue!) Mainstream M $125
KEN HENSLEY- Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf- (ex-Uriah Heep & Toe Fat w/ gatefold) Mercury M $33 or M- $16
HIGH TIDE- Sea Shanties- (Tony Hill w/ Simon House, later to Hawkwind & David Bowie groups. Gatefold) Liberty M $299 or M- $270
STEVE HILLAGE- For To Next- (The Cosmic Gypsy of Khan, Gong, Arzachel, etc) Italy / Virgin M $38
HLJÓMAR- Hljómar '74- (weird local pressing w/ John Payne; Roger Powell; Peter Ecklund; Rick Leob; others. Lyric insert) Aphex M $50
HORSELIPS- Happy To Meet... Sorry To Part- (Considered the 1st Celtic Rock LP. Hexagon shaped die-cut gatefold cover w/ booklet) Atco EX- $48
HORSELIPS- The Tain- (Jim Lockhart w/ gatefold cover & lyric innersleeve) Atco EX+ $35
HORSELIPS- Horselips Live- (2-LP Set) Ireland / Horselips M $40

I - J

ILLUSION- Out Of The Mist (Renaissance related w/ Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds & Jane Relf) Island SS $48
INDIAN SUMMER- Same- (Coventry hard-prog-rock rarity w/ Bob Jackson. Original w/ gatefold) RCA / Neon M $175
IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY- Same- (w/ David & Linda LaFlamme. Original gatefold cover art by ex-Charlatans vocalist George Hunter, aka Globe Propaganda. The song "Bombay Calling" was rewritten by Deep Purple as "Child In Time") Columbia M- $30 EX $20 or VG+ $12 or VG $8
IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY- Marrying Maiden- (w/ Jerry Garcia) Columbia (360 Label) VG $12 or Columbia (2nd pressing) VG+ $8
IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY- It's A Beautiful Day... Today- (gatefold) Columbia EX $16
JACKSON HEIGHTS- King Progress- (gatefold cover w/ ex-Nice members, Refugee) UK / Famous Charisma (pink label) M $75
JANE- Jane III- (aka Jane 3 or Jane Three. German space-rock w/ swirling Hammond organ & stinging guitar) Capitol SS $78
JASPER WRATH- Same- (Rare Pop-Prog Hard Rock Rarity w/ pre-Arc Angel members, produced by Joey Levine; lyric insert) Sunflower M- $299 Rare!
JEREMY & THE SATYRS- Same- (Jeremy Steig had backed Richie Havens & Tim Harden before releasing this early prog-jazz-rock fusion LP) Reprise (W7) SS $66 or Reprise (Riverboat label) EX $30
JETHRO TULL- This Was... Jethro Tull- (Bluesy-prog debut, w/ Ian Anderson; Gatefold) Reprise (original brown & orange label w/ 'Seven Arts' included in bottom print) M- $40
JETHRO TULL- My God!- (Side-1 is Live, Side-2 is rare studio tracks. Yellow / Gold Vinyl) Athapaskan (20) M $99 or EX+ $85
THE JODY GRIND- One Step On- (power-prog w/ Hammond Organ by Tim Hinkley (Boxer, Humble Pie, David Coverdale, Dr. Feelgood, Chris Farlowe & Thunderbirds, Alexis Korner, Albert Lee, Thin Lizzy, Vinegar Joe, Whitesnake, others); Bernie Holland (Hummingbird, Humblebums, Stealer's Wheel, & others); Pete Gavin (Al Stewart, Long John Baldry & Albert Lee). Also w/ involvement by David Palmer (pre- Jethro Tull), & Louis Cenammo (Colosseum, Renaissance, Illusion, Steamhammer, Armageddon) who appears on their cover of The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" plus 2 others. &Gatefold) UK / Transatlantic M $250
JUDAS JUMP- Scorch- (bluesy heavy psych-prog & mellotron w/ Andy Bown & Henry Spinetti of The Herd; Alan Jones of Amen Corner. Members also related to Mindbenders, Audience, Poco, Status Quo, Storytellers) Pride DJ M- $78 or UK / Paramount SS $125
JULIAN'S TREATMENT- A Time Before This- (Early symphonic prog masterpiece by Julian Jay Savarin w/ superb female vocals by Cathy Pruden. The UK version is a 2-LP Set w/ extended groove widths for the ultimate in high fidelity sound) US / Decca SS $365 or UK / Young Blood (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) M $575
JUNE 1, 1974- Same - (Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Eno & Nico w/ Rabbit, Eddie Sparrow, Ollie Halsall, John Densmore, Mike Oldfield, Robert Wyatt, all recorded Live at the Rainbow Theater, London. aka the ACNE album) Island SS $99
JUNIOR'S EYES- Battersea Power Station- (hard prog-psych w/ ex-members of Tomorrow, The Bunch Of Fives, & The Tickle. Related to David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Hype, Poco & The Pink Faries) A&M SS $145 or A&M M $99 or A&M DJ M $115 or A&M DJ M- $88


KANNIBAL KOMIX- Same- (Unipak w/ topless model. Psych-pop) M $80
KARTHAGO- Second Step (Rare pre-Kraan w/ drummer Norbert 'Panzer' Lehmann, later to join Epitaph) BASF SS $99
KAYAK- Starlight Dancer- (Melodic Dutch-prog w/ Max Werner on Mellotron & Ton Scherpenzeel, pre-Camel. Lyric innersleeve) Janus M $38
KAYAK- Phantom Of The Night- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Janus DJ M $40
KHAN- Space Shanty- (Steve Hillage w/ Dave Stewart of Egg on the Hammond Organ. An art-prog masterpiece) PVC SS $75
KILLING FLOOR- Same- (Their psych-blues debut LP) London / Sire M- $235
KILLING FLOOR- Out Of Uranus- (Heavy progressive blues w/ gatefold) UK / Penny Farthing VG $399
KING CRIMSON- In The Wake Of Poseidon- (their 2nd LP, w/ gatefold) Atlantic M $28 or M- $14
KING CRIMSON- Lizard- (gatefold) Atlantic M- $18
KING CRIMSON- Islands- (gatefold) Atlantic M $24
KING CRIMSON- Earthbound- (Live during February 1972 in Florida & Delaware. The song "Peoria" done Live in Peoria, March. Produced by Robert Fripp) UK / Island M $78
KING CRIMSON- Indisciple Mining Rocks- (Live at Stonybrook University, February 28, 1982; + 2 cuts Live on "Fridays" ABC-TV show December 5, 1981. WB logo on cover) Yellow Jester M $150 Scarce!
KING CRIMSON- The Young Persons Guide To King Crimson- (2-LP Set w/ "Groon" & a previously unreleased version of "I Talk To The Wind") Canada / Atlantic SS $125
KINGDOM OF SIMITZ- In Search Of The Puckerless Persimmon- (Late 70s Northern New England weirdness) Destiny SS $88
KRAAN- Let It Out- (jazz-psych space-rock) Passport SS $65
KRAFTWORK- "Neon Lights" bw/ "Trans Europe Express" & "The Model"- (12" 45-RPM pressed on luminous glow-in-the dark vinyl) UK / Capitol M $66


DAVID LaFLAMME- White Bird- (embossed cover w/ Tower Of Power) Amherst SS $48
DAVE LAMBERT- Framed- (ex-Strawbs guitarist w/ Randy Bishop; John Entwistle; & Denny Seiwell) Polydor DJ M $45
LAST NIKLE- Same- (obscure psych-prog) Mainstream M $195
ALVIN LEE & MYLON LeFERVE- On The Road To Freedom- (w/ Mike Patto) Columbia SS $45 (Write for more Alvin Lee)
ANDREW LEIGH- Magician- (Spooky Tooth related, w/ Gary Wright, Mike Kellie, Gary Farr, Kevin Westlake) Sire / London M- $50
DEKE LEONARD- Kamikaze- (of Welsh prog group, Man w/ gatefold) United Artists SS $45
DEKE LEONARD- Iceberg (of Welsh group, Man. Gatefold has song title correction strip) United Artists SS $45
LIGHTHOUSE- Same- (Symphonic jazz-prog debut LP w/ Skip Prokop ex-Paupers; Paul Hoffert; Ralph Cole; Howard Shore. For those who like Archie Whitewater. Has reflective silver metallicized cover) RCA M- $40
LIGHTHOUSE- Can You Feel It- (includes "Pretty Lady") Polydor (5056) NM $44 Scarce!
LIGHTHOUSE- Sunny Days- (ex- Paupers, became The Flying Circus. Skip Prokop group) Evolution SS $55
ERIC LINDGREN; PINK INC. & BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC- Soundtracks- (ex-Moving Parts members get into a jazzy modern-classical bag & go electro-prog w/ Roger Miller & Martin Swope of 'Mission Of Burma'. Includes film score from "To A Random") Arf Arf SS $16
LINDISFARNE- Fog On The Tyne- (US Version w/ Alan Hull & lyric insert) Elektra DJ M- $40
LINDSFARNE- Back & Forth- (folk prog w/ lyric innersleeve) Atco M $44
LINDISFARNE- Nicely Out Of Tune- (die-cut cover w/ lyric sheet) Elektra M- $38
LISTENING- Same- (Amazing blues-jazz-psych-prog out of Boston w/ ex-Lost members Walter Powers & Willie 'Loco' Alexander, plus Peter Malick, now w/ James Montgomery Blues Band; & Hammond organist Michael Tschudin who later joined Cynara & recorded "Stoned Is", which originally appears here) Vanguard M- $175 or VG $95
LOCOMOTIVE- Same- (bluesy psych-rock w/ John Ussery) MGM M $50
LOCOMOTIV GT- Same- (funky prog w/ Jack Bruce, harmonica on 1 song) ABC (w/ original silver train cover art) SS $120 or ABC (2nd cover) SS $65
THE LONG HELLO- Same- (ex-Van Der Graaf Generator w/ bonus sticker) Italy / United Artists M $75
JON LORD- Gemini Suite- (Orchestrated Classical-Prog-Rock fusion written by ex-Flower Pot Men; Artwoods & Deep Purple organist Jon Lord, who performs w/ The London Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Malcolm Arnold); Tony Ashton; Ian Paice; Yvonne Elliman; Roger Glover; Albert Lee; others) Capitol / Purple Records (original gatefold cover w/ wraparound Jim Willis painting of mythical creatures) M- $38 or Warner Bros (w/ Cliff McReynolds painting depicting sky, clouds, & astrological zodiac creatures) M- $26
LOST NATION- Paradise Lost- (Heavy 70s prog w/ tribal drums; swirling Hammond B3 organ & Fuzz guitar by ex-members of Frijid Pink & The Unrelated Segments) Rare Earth M- $55 Scarce!
LUCIFER'S FRIEND- Same- (gatefold w/ John Lawton, later to Uriah Heep) Billingsgate Quadraphonic (SQ) SS $75 or Quad M- $45
LUCIFER'S FRIEND- Good Time Warrior- Elektra SS $70


MADURA- Same- (2-LP Set w/ ex-Shadows Of Knight & Bangor Flying Circus. Lyric innersleeve & scarce poster) Columbia M- $38
MADURA- Madura II- (jazzy prog-rock w/ lyric sleeve) Columbia M- $36
MAINHORSE- Same (w/ Patrick Moraz of Yes) Import Records SS $48
MAN- Same- Columbia SS $88
MAN- Slow Motion- (Alfred E. Newman cover art by Rick Griffin) United Artists SS $99
MAN- Welsh Connection- MCA M- $48
MAN- Be Good To Yourself At Least One A Day- (pop-up gatefold cover) United Artists EX $58
MAN- Golden Hour Of Man- (embossed cover) UK / Golden Hour M $44
MANFRED MANN CHAPTER THREE- Same- (jazz-prog-rock fusion w/ Mike Hugg) Polydor SS $50 or M- $24 or EX $9
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND- Same- (w/ Mick Rogers) Polydor M $45
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND- Glorified Magnified (Mick Rogers w/ gatefold) Polydor DJ EX+ $28
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND- Nightengales & Bombers- Bronze / Warner Bros M- $36
MANPOWER- Revelation- (same Welsh group as Man, listed above. They are listed as MANPOWER on the sleeve, MAN POWER on the label, & MAN in the liner notes. Psych-prog w/ erotic elements) Philips SS $355 or DJ M- $245 or DJ EX $190
MATCHING MOLE- Matching Mole's Little Red Record- (Soft Machine inspired Canterbury Prog w/ Robert Wyatt; Dave McRae; Phil Miller; Bill MaCormick; Brian Eno. Produced by Robert Fripp) Columbia M $58
IAN MATTHEWS- If You Saw Thro' My Eyes- (ex- Fairport Convention, Matthews Southern Comfort, w/ gatefold) Vertigo (spiral label) M $55
IAN MATTHEWS- Tigers Will Survive- (gatefold) Vertigo (spiral label) M $48 or EX+ $28
MAXOPHONE- Same- (Genesis inspired Italian jazz prog w/ gatefold) PA USA SS $68 or M- $38
McDONALD & GILES- Same- (ex-King Crimson w/ Steve Winwood. Gatefold ) Cotillion VG+ $23 or DJ M- $55
JOHN McLAUGHLIN- My Goal's Beyond- Douglas EX $23
JOHN McLAUGHLIN- Devotion- (gatefold) Douglas EX $26
MECKI MARK MEN- Same- (Acid space-rock was Hendrix's fave band from Sweden! Unipak) Limelight M $110 or EX $78 or VG $50
MECKI MARK MEN- Running In The Summer Night- (Unipak) Limelight M $135
MESSAGE- The Dawn Anew Is Coming- (Their heavy-prog debut LP w/ Allan Murdoch on guitar; Tommy McGuigan vocals & woodwinds; Tal Freeman of Nektar on Mellotron; Gatefold) Germany / Bacillus (Bellaphon) M- $199
MESSAGE- From Books & Dreams- (jazzy prog-psych w/ fantastic mellotrone & fuzz guitar; Gatefold) Germany / Bacillus (Bellaphon) M- $225
MESSAGE- Same- (w/ lyric insert) Germany / Nova M $120
MIDNIGHT SUN- Same- (Danish prog-jazz moves w/ heavy guitar from Peer Frost. Roger Dean cover art) Kapp M- $80 or special PROMO ONLY packaging w/ 12.5" x 12.75" printed grey 2-pocket folder. One side has glossy, press-kit & bio; other side holds the LP in its regular cover) M- $145 Rare!
MIGHTY BABY- Same- (UK prog-psych w/ guitarist Martin Stone & ex-members of The Action; gatefold) Head (LPS-025) DJ M $575 Rare!
MOODY BLUES- Days Of Future Passed- Deram (original) M- $18 or Deram (record club edition) EX $9 or (record club edition) VG $4
MOODY BLUES- In Search Of The Lost Chord- (gatefold) Deram M $18 or VG $4
MOODY BLUES- A Question Of Balance- (gatefold w/ lyric insert) Threshold VG- $2
MOODY BLUES- Live On A Tuesday Afternoon- (October, 1972 w/ 2 unreleased tracks) Moody VG+ $75
MOODY BLUES- Answer To The Mystery Of Life- (Studio Rarities + Live At The LA Forum December 12, 1970) Trade Mark Of Quality (Orange 'Smoking Pig' label. TMOQ-1815) M- $99
CHRIS MOON- The Chris Moon Group- (prog-pop by ex-3rd Bardo singer Jeff Monn, aka Chris Moon) Kinetic M $60
MOONRIDER- Same- (w/ Keith West ex-Tomorrow; John Weider ex-Family, Eric Burdon & The Animals; Chico Greenwood ex-Jasper, Ace, Electric Banana; & Bruce Thomas pre-Elvis Costello & The Attractions) Anchor DJ M- $45 or Anchor (TEST PRESSING!) M- $68 (Don't know if this Test Pressing differs from final commercial release)
MORNINGSTAR- Same- (hard rock w/ prog edge) Columbia DJ M $18
MORNINGSTAR- Venus- (w/ photo & bio. Cover art by Richard Corban) Columbia DJ M- $18
MOTHERS OF INVENTION- We're Only In It For The Money- (Their 3rd LP, w/ Sgt. Pepper spoof gatefold & 'Only Money Cut-Outs' insert intact. Considered 'Lumpy Gravy Part 1') Verve (5045 w/ blue label) NM $80 or Verve (SKAO-91457 Capitol Record Club w/ black label) EX $345 Rare!
MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Same- (Unusual edits of songs from "We're Only In It For The Money" LP) MGM Golden Archive Series (GAS-112) M- $48
MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Lumpy Gravy- (Considered Zappa's 1st solo LP, it contains symphonic art-damaged 'ballet' music w/ odd sound effects & surreal spoken dialogue by members of The Mothers Of Invention; w/ Tommy Tedesco, guitar; gatefold) Verve (black label) M $99 or EX- $68 or VG $40 or Verve (cover not gatefold) EX+ $62 or UK / Verve NM $150
THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Uncle Meat- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Bizarre (w/ rare book) M $90 or Bizarre (w/ book) EX- $40 or (wo/ book) VG- $7
THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- The Grand Wazoo- (jazz-prog fusion w/ gatefold) Bizarre EX+ $38 (Write for more Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention)

N - O

NEKTAR- Thru The Ears- (2-LP Set) Import SS $55
NEKTAR- Remember The Future- (Rare Radio Station Edition w/ songs & interview!) Passport DJ ONLY EX- $88
NEKTAR- Down To Earth- (gatefold w/ Robert Calvert. In an eposode of the TV sitcom "The Jeffersons", Lionel was on the couch listening to the radio & George Jefferson (Sherman Hemsley) comes in & starts dancing to it. It was Nektar’s “Show Me The Way” from this LP) Passport EX+ $33 or EX $22
NEKTAR- Magic Is A Child- Polydor SS $50
BILL NELSON- Northern Dream- (pre-Be Bop Deluxe self released solo LP w/ special gatefold cover) UK / Smile M $95 or M- $75 or EX $45
BILL NELSON'S RED NOISE- Sound On Sound- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Harvest SS $55 or EX+ $33
NEU- Neu!- (Dense Krautrock w/ Rother & Dinger, ex-Kraftwerk) Billingsgate SS $88
NEUTRONS- Black Hole Star- (Psych-prog w/ folk moves, has reflective silver metallicized cover. w/ Phil Ryan & Ray Taff Williams of "Man", & Stuart Gordon, ex-Incredible String Band. John "Pugwash" Weathers, ex-Eyes Of Blue, pre-Gentle Giant, guests. Band logo designed by Rick Griffin) United Artists SS $99
NEW HEAVENLY BLUE- Same- (Detroit jazz-blues-rock w/ Carter "Jimmy" Cathcart; Peter "Madcat" Ruth; & Chris Brubeck, son of Dave Brubeck) Atlantic M $38 or M- $30 or EX- $23 or VG+ $17
THE NICE- Everything Is As Nice As Mother Makes It- (gatefold w/ Keith Emerson) Immediate DJ M- $58 or DJ VG $28
THE NICE- Five Bridges- (gatefold) Mercury VG $14
THE NICE- The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack- (their debut LP) Columbia Special Products SS $40
THE NICE- Same- Immediate (pink label) SS $99 or EX $45 or VG+ $28
THE NICE- The Best Of The Nice- Germany / Immediate M $45
THE NICE- The Immediate Story Vol 1- (2-LP Set) Immediate / Sire SS $45
NIRVANA- The Story Of Simon Simopath- (About a boy's wish to fly) Bell M $99 or Bell DJ Mono M- $95
NIRVANA- All Of Us- (Contains the very mod theme song from the movie "The Touchables (All Of Us)", said to be composed by Steve Winwood) US / Bell SS $285 or UK / Island (pink 'eye' label) M- $345
NIRVANA- To Markos III- (Patrick Campbell-Lyons ex-Second Thoughts & Greek guitarist Alex Spyropoulos, w/ some arrangements by Tony Visconti, who produced David Bowie & T Rex) Metromedia DJ ONLY M $175 Rare!
NEIL NORMAN- Not Of This Earth- (Mixture of influences & styles: surf rock; pure sci-fi B-movie soundscapes; a little jazz & funk; plus Todd Rundgren / David Bowie styled space-prog & electronica. Great cover pic of 'The Creature From The Black Lagoon') GNP / Crescendo SS $48
NUCLEUS- Same- (Canadian hard-psych proto-prog w/ Greg Fitzpatrick. Not to be confused w/ the UK jazz-rock group of the same name, this Nucleus evolved into 'A Foot In Cold Water') Mainstream DJ NM $195
OCTOPUS- Rock - New Music Fusion- (Connecticut avant-jazz-psych-prog w/ folky garage-fuzz-blues moves) ESP Disc (2000 w/ original B&W cover) EX $99 or ESP-Disc (2000 w/ color cover) SS $115
MIKE OLDFIELD- Hergest Ridge- (his follow-up album to the massive hit of 'Tubular Bells') Virgin DJ M- $16
MIKE OLDFIELD- Ommadawn- (w/ proper innersleeve) Virgin M- $9
OSMOSIS- (Rare Boston jazz-psych produced by Dave Blume & Carolyn Hester w/ Charlie Bechler; Charlie Mariano; Danny Comfort) RCA M- $99

P - Q

PALADIN- Same- (Fox; McGuinness-Flint; Snafu related. Keith Webb & Peter Solley (pre-Procol Harum) backed Terry Reid & The Rolling Stones on tour. Includes "Giving All My Love" & Anyway") Epic M $70
PATTO- Same- (Jazzy hard-psych w/ Mike Patto & Ollie Halsall pre-Boxer. Unipak cover) Vertigo SS $235 or M $175 Rare!
PATTO- Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em Put Another Line Out- (Unipak cover) Island M- $145 or VG $55
PAVLOV'S DOG- Pampered Menial- (REO Speedwagon related w/ gatefold) ABC-Paramount SS $75 or ABC DJ M- $38 or DJ VG $18 or Columbia DJ M- $12
PAVLOV'S DOG- At The Sound Of The Bell- Columbia DJ EX $30
PERIGEO- The Valley Of The Temples- (Italian prog jazz-rock) RCA M $45
PHANTOM- Phantom's Divine Comedy Part 1- (Rumored to be Jim Morrison & The Doors, The Phantom is actually Detroit group Walpurgis w/ vocalist Ted Pearson performing heavy prog-psych. Other rumors claim Iggy Pop involvement) Capitol M $155
ANTHONY PHILLIPS- The Geese & The Ghost- (Solo debut by ex-Genesis guitarist w/ Phil Collins & Michael Rutherford) Passport SS $40 or M $22
MICHAEL PINDER- The Promise- (Moody Blue keyboardist) Threshold SS $65
PINK FLOYD- Ummagumma- (2-LP Set w/ cover art by Hipgnosis) Harvest EX $28 or VG+ $14
PINK FLOYD- Relics- (cover art by Hipgnosis differs from UK issue) Harvest EX $58 or UK / Starline / EMI (SRS-5071 original issue w/ textured cover & no song titles printed at top) M $195
PINK FLOYD- The Best Of Pink Floyd- UK / Columbia EX+ $58
PINK FLOYD- Wish You Were Here- (Artwork by Hipgnosis w/ lyric innersleeve) Columbia M- $12
PINK FLOYD- The Wall (original pressing 2-LP Set w/ lyric innersleeves) Columbia EX $9
PLASTIC PENNY- Currency- (UK freakbeat sunshine prog-pop w/ Nigel Olsson pre-Elton John band; Brian Keith pre-Congregation; Mike Graham (aka Mike Grabham) pre-Procol Harum; Paul Raymond pre-Chicken Shack & UFO) UK / Page 1 M $595
PLUM NELLY- Deceptive Lines- (psych-prog w/ Ric Prince; John E. Walker; Steve Ress; Peter Harris; Christopher Lloyd. Backup by Jeremy Steig & The Sweet Inspirations) Capitol M $185
I POOH- Opera Prima- (their debut LP w/ gatefold cover) Italy / CBS M $55
POOKAH- Same- (soul-prog trio w/ gatefold) United Artists M- $75 or VG $33
ROGER POWELL- Cosmic Furnace- (Moog w/ ex-Utopia) Atlantic M- $43 or VG+ $18
PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI- Photos Of Ghosts- (aka PFM) Manticore VG+ $16
PRETTY THINGS- S.F. Sorrow- (1st Rock-Opera LP, w/ gatefold) Rare Earth (die-cut cover) SS $399 or Rare Earth (die-cut cover) VG $99 or Canada / Rare Earth EX- $99
PRETTY THINGS- Parachute- (Unipak cover w/ artwork by Hipgnosis. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios) Rare Earth SS $299 or M- $150 or EX $99
PRETTY THINGS- Real Pretty (2-LP gatefold set w/ "S.F. Sorrow"& "Parachute") Rare Earth M $78
PROCOL HARUM- Shine On Brightly- (gatefold w/ Gary Brooker) A&M VG $4 (Write for more LPs by Procol Harum)
PROCOL HARUM- A Salty Dog- (production debut by Matthew Fisher) A&M VG $5
PROCOL HARUM- Procol Harum Live In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra- (w/ The Da Camera Singers. Contains the hit "Conquistador") Asia / Pioneer (PRC-5289) EX $15
PROCOL HARUM- Home- (breakthrough LP for Robin Trower w/ gatefold) A&M EX- $9
QUATERMASS- Same- (Power rock trio w/ Rick Underwood, ex-Episode Six & great Hammond organ attack! Peter Robinson & John Gustafson later to Brand X. Gatefold) Harvest NM- $65
MICHAEL QUATRO JAM BAND- Paintings- (w/ Ted Nugent) Evolution SS $48 or M $38
MICHAEL QUATRO JAM BAND- Look Deeply Into The Mirror- Evolution SS $55
MICHAEL QUATRO- In Collaboration With The Gods- United Artists M $40
MICHAEL QUATRO- Dancers, Romancers, Dreamers & Schemers- Prodigal SS $55


RANDY PIE- Kitsch- (funky psych-prog Krautrock by ex-Rattles & Gash w/ lyric innersleeve) Polydor SS $55 or Polydor (Rare PROMO ONLY Box Set complete, w/ Game Board; Glossy; Poster; Bio; Press Kit; Stickers; lyric innersleeve & LP) M $125
RANDY PIE- Same- Germany / Zebra M- $68
RARE BIRD- Same- (debut LP w/ gatefold) Probe M- $35 or EX $18
RARE BIRD- As Your Mind Flies By- (UK psych-prog. Their 2nd LP) ABC M- $50 or EX- $33 or ABC DJ EX- $44
RARE BIRD- Epic Forest- Polydor M- $55
RARE BIRD- Somebody's Watching- Polydor SS $60
RARE EARTH- In Concert- (2-LP Set w/ insert. Detroit fuzz soul-psych rockers w/ Rod Richards) Rare Earth M $15
RATCHELL- Same- (Under-rated rural blues-prog w/ Larry Byrom ex-Steppenwolf guitarist, plus Howard Messer, Pat Couchois & Chris Couchois, who previously performed w/ Byrom in T.I.M.E. Textured gatefold) Decca EX $78
REIGN GHOST- Reign Ghost Featuring Linda Squires- (Original 1969 pressing of this psych-prog rarity which barely made it out of the warehouse back in the day. It recently sold for $2700 at a Toronto record show & is speculated to be worth up to $4000) Canada / Paragon EX+ $1995
RENAISSANCE- Same- (Folk-psych w/ post-Yardbirds Keith Relf & Jim McCarty, produced by Paul Samwell-Smith) Elektra VG $18 or VG- $5
RENAISSANCE- Illusion- (Keith & Jane Relf w/ Louis Cemmano pre-Colosseum; gatefold) Germany / Island M $75
ROXY MUSIC- Stranded- (w/ Eddie Jobson; gatefold) Atco M $35
ROXY MUSIC- Country Life- (Pre-censored Original cover art w/ semi-naked girls, including Playboy playmate Marilyn Cole) Atco SS $60
ROXY MUSIC- Viva! Roxy Music Live- (gatefold) Atco (yellow label) M- $22
RUMPLESTILTSKIN- Same- (heavy psych blues prog rock produced by Shel Talmy w/ cartoon strip cover by Angus McGill & Steve Thomas) Bell SS $495 or M- $275


SABICAS- Rock Encounter- (w/ Joe Beck; Tony Levin; Warren Bernhardt; Donald McDonald. Early fusion of Spanish flamenco, psych-prog & jazz ) Polydor M- $38
SAINT STEVEN- Over The Hills / The Bastich- (aka Steve Cataldo ex-Ultimate Spinach; w/ gatefold) Probe G $22
SAMSON- Are You Samson- (Pink Floyd style hard psych-prog, like early Deep Purple meets early Caravan) UK / Instant M $325 Beyond Rare!
SAVAGE ROSE- Your Daily Gift- (Annisette & Thomas Koppel w/ Unipak cover) Gregar M $48
SAVAGE ROSE- In The Plain- (aka The Copenhagen Rhythm & Blues Ensemble. The child-like, wispy & sensual phrasing of lead singer Annisette can suddenly break into jarring wailing, kind of like a Janis Joplin w/ Yoko Ono-isms, which eerily foreshadow Kate Bush's style) Polydor M- $48
SAVAGE ROSE- Dodens Triumf- (semi-classical prog-rock) Germany / Polydor M- $58 Scarce!
EBERHARD SCHOENER- Video Magic- (electronic orchestral prog w/ backing by Sting, Andy Summers & Stewart Copeland of The Police. Eberhard Schoener plays Moog, Oberheim & Mellotron) Harvest EX- $27
KLAUS SCHULZE- Irrlicht- (ex-Tangerine Dream solo debut. A favorite Techno-Erotic LP of Timothy Leary) Germany / Brain M $48
SEBASTIAN HARDIE- Four Moments- (Scarce debut 'symphonic prog' LP by Australian group w/ Mellotron, Hammond & Moog. Later changed their name to Windchase) Mercury M- $65
SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND- Live- (Teargas related) Atlantic M $18
SEVENTH WAVE- Things To Come- (Symphonic Electro-pop multi-tracked masterpiece w/ Ken Elliot & Keiran O'Connor) Canada / Janus SS $58
SEVENTH WAVE- Psi-Fi- (w/ Hugh Banton ex-Van Der Graaf Generator on Melatron & ARP Synthesizer) Janus SS $58
SKIN ALLEY- Two Quid Deal- (funky jazz prog w/ cover art by Edward Barker) Stax SS $78 or EX $45
SOUTHERN CONTEMPORARY ROCK ASSEMBLY (SCRA)- The Ship Album- prog-jazz-funk-rock-blues) Atlantic M- $28
THE SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN- Same- (Graham Bond inspired prog-psych R&B blues) UK / Carnaby (Union Jack label) NM- $345
SPLIT ENZ- Mental Notes- (their debut LP w/ gatefold) Chrysalis SS $33
SPLIT ENZ- Dizrythmia- Chrysalis SS $33 (write for more Split Enz LPs)
SPOOKY TOOTH- Same- (Their debut LP) Bell EX- $48
SPOOKY TOOTH- Tobacco Road- A&M (tan label) EX- $16
SPREADEAGLE- The Piece Of Paper- (Upp & Gringo related rural folk-psych w/ guest Jon Field of Jade Warrior) The Famous Charisma Label SS $60 or DJ M $45 or DJ M- $28
CHRIS SQUIRE- Fish Out Of Water- (His only solo LP, Chris is joined by his fellow 'Yes' alumni Patrick Moraz & Bill Bruford, along with Mel Collins on sax. Gatefold) Atlantic M- $38 More Info
STACKRIDGE- Same- (Gatefold. Folk-tinged Canterbury style prog w/ "Slark" & "Dora The Female Explorer", pre-Nick TV!) Decca EX- $38
STARCASTLE- Real To Reel- (Matthew Stewart on guitars, sitar & vocals w/ lyric innersleeve) Epic M $17
STARK NAKED- Same- (Lyne Bunn fronted this sole release by this obscure jazzy-dark-prog heavy-rock New York group, w/ Paul Venier & John Fragos, later to Salty Dog) RCA M $75
STEAMHAMMER- Same- (debut LP by UK proto-prog blues-rock outfit) Epic M- $140
STEAMHAMMER- Reflection- Epic M- $140
STEAMHAMMER- Mountains- (original 1970 pressing w/ Martin Pugh; gatefold) UK / B+C Records EX+ $145
STRING DRIVEN THING- Same- (interesting folk-prog group is a fave of Roky Erickson. w/ gatefold & lyric insert) Famous Charisma Label- DJ EX+ $58
STRING DRIVEN THING- The Machine That Cried- (w/ Grahame Smith, pre-Van Der Graaf Generator & Peter Hammill) Famous Charisma Label EX+ $58
STRING DRIVEN THING- Please Mind Your Head- 20th Century DJ M- $65
STUD- Same- (Charlie McCracken & John Wilson, both ex-Taste, w/ two members of Family: John Weider & Jim Cregan ex-Blossom Toes & pre-Cockney Rebel) UK / Deram M $245 Mega Rare!
STYX- Best Of Styx- Wooden Nickel EX $18
STYX- Radio Special- (Promo Only 2-LP Set) A&M DJ Only M/M $40 or A&M (3-LP Box Set) DJ Only M/EX+/M $68
SUGARLOAF- Spaceship Earth- (nice heavy prog rock w/ fuzz tone guitar & spooky Hammond organ. Gatefold) Liberty SS $65 or M- $38 or UK / Liberty VG $22
SUGARLOAF- Same- (w/ ex-Moonrakers Jerry Corbetta on "Green Eyed Lady". Gatefold ) Liberty VG $12
SWEETWATER- Same- Reprise W7 (orange/gold riverboat label) EX- $25
SWEETWATER- Just For You- (folk-jazz w/ Nancy Nevins. Gatefold & scarce lyric insert) Warner Bros M- $35
SYMPHONIC SLAM- Same- (w/ Timo Lane) A&M SS $35 or A&M DJ EX $16 or Canada / A&M M $22
SYNERGY- Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra- (w/ Larry Fast) Passport SS $33


TANGERINE DREAM- Encore- (2-LP Set Live w/ Peter Baumann before he went solo. Has superior sound than CD reissue) Virgin SS $44
TEAR GAS- Piggy Go Getter- (pre-Sensational Alex Harvey Band w/ gatefold) Paramount (Original rare dark tan label w/ titles below center hole) M $125 or M- $88 or Paramount (light tan label w/ titles above & below center hole) EX- $33
IAN THOMAS BAND- Still Here- (brother of Second City TV star Dave Thomas) Atlantic SS $45
THEE IMAGE- Same- (US-Only release w/ Mike Pinera of Blues Image; Iron Butterfly; Ramatam; Alice Cooper band; Duane Hitchings of Steel, Cactus. Lyric innersleeve) Manticore M- $38 or EX+ $33
THEE IMAGE- Inside The Triangle- (US-Only release) Manticore EX- $45
THIRTY DAYS OUT- Same- (w/ John Micaleff; John Malken ex-Outcasts; Phil Lowe; & Monte Melnick pre-Ramones tour manager. Enginered by Tommy 'Ramone' Erdelyi. w/ lyric insert) Reprise (w/ rare 'ship' cover poster) SS $80 or DJ M- $50 or DJ EX $34
THIRTY DAYS OUT- Miracle Lick- (w/ the "Magic Mellotron" of Teddy Taylor. Backing vocals by Madeline Bell & Doris Troy. Includes lyric insert & promo only hype sheet) Reprise DJ M $35
31st OF FEBRUARY- Same- (Birdwatchers related Folk-Psych-Prog from South Florida by ex-The Bitter Ind & ex-The Tiffany System, w/ Butch Trucks pre-Allman Brothers; Scott Boyer pre-Cowboy; & Dave Brown pre-Santana & Boz Scaggs, produced by Steve Alaimo) Vanguard SS $150 or M- $99
RAY THOMAS- From Mighty Oaks- (of The Moody Blues w/ gatefold) Threshold SS $45
TIR NA NOG- Strong In The Sun- (great folk-psych w/ Matthew Fisher) Chrysalis DJ M- $78
TIR NA NOG- A Tear & A Smile- (gatefold) Chrysalis M- $78
TOE FAT- Same- (ex-Rebel Rousers vocalist Cliff Bennett w/ ex-Gods members Ken Hensley, Lee Kerslake, & John Konas. After this LP Hensley & Kerslake formed Uriah Heep. Origional cover w/ 2 figures & lamb, logo in white) Rare Earth EX+ $78
TOE FAT- Toe Fat Two- (Cliff Bennett w/ ex-Gods members John Glascock (pre-Jethro Tull) & Brian Glascock (pre-Bee Gees & Motels). Some nice fuzz & wah guitar, including "There'll Be Changes" & "A New Way", feature the legendary Peter Green playing his acid-wah. Produced by famed BBC DJ John Peel. Cover artwork by Hipgnosis) Rare Earth SS $155 or M- $99
TOMORROW- Same- (mod-psych space-rock featuring Keith West w/ Steve Howe) Import (w/ color cover) SS $195 or UK / Parlophone (PCS 7042 w/ B&W cover) M $795
TOUCH- Same- (ex- Don & The Goodtimes w/ Joey Newman (Blue Mt. Eagle; Stepson); Don Gallucci (Kingsmen) & Jeff Hawkes. Jimi Hendrix related early US Prog group w/ die-cut gatefold) Coliseum M- $60 or VG+ $38 or VG $22 or M- (w/ poster & Lester Bangs' autograph: 'Bangs') $88
TRAFFIC- Mr. Fantasy- (Steve Winwood w/ Chris Wood; Dave Mason; Jim Capaldi) United Artists EX $24
TRAFFIC- Same- (gatefold w/ book attached) United Artists M- $38
TRAIN- Costumed Cuties- (Danish psych-prog relocated to USA. w/ Vinnie Bell; Bob Lenox; Don Keider, produced by Geoff Turner w/ Mike Tschudin of 'Listening') Vanguard SS $99
TRANSIT EXPRESS- Opus Progressif (French jazz-prog) Peters International M- $38
TRIUMVIRAT- Mediterranean Tales (Across The Waters) Germany / EMI / Harvest M $48
TRIUMVIRAT- A La Carte- Capitol M- $38
TRUTH- Same- (Produced by Eddie Kramer at Electric Lady Studios) Roulette DJ M $40
T2- It'll All Work Out In Boomland- (Complex Hendrix/Cream inspired heavy power-prog trio featuring 17-year-old guitar-wiz prodigy Keith Cross, w/ Pete Dunton ex-Gun & Bernard Jinks ex-Bulldog Breed. Produced by Peter Johnson. Includes "No More White Horses", later covered by Landberk) London EX- $675 Mega Rare!

U - V - W

U.K.- Same- (Supergroup w/ John Wetton; Eddie Jobson; Bill Bruford; Allan Holdsworth; Terry Bozzio) E.G. Records DJ M- $36
ULTIMATE SPINACH- Same- (debut LP w/ Ian Bruce-Douglas & Barbara Hudson. An Alan Lorber 'Bosstown Sound' production w/ gatefold) MGM (SE-4518) M $99 or EX+ $66 or EX $55 or VG $22 or VG- $4
ULTIMATE SPINACH- Behold & See- (similar to Country Joe & the Fish; Jeferson Airplane; Doors; Quicksilver Messenger Service Kaleidoscope. Includes "Ballad Of The Hip Death Goddess") MGM SS $125 or M $99 or VG $33
THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- Same- (Early US Prog w/ Joe Byrd) Columbia (360 Sound label M- $88
UNIVERSE- Same- (strong cosmic prog space duo featuring moog, electronics & heavy Xian overtones) PBR International SS $99
UPP- Same- (SS Fools related) Epic DJ M- $35
UPP- This Way Upp- (SS Fools related) Epic M- $35
URIAH HEEP- ...Very 'Eavy ...Very 'Umble- (their debut LP w/ gatefold) Germany / Bronze / Island (85-690 w/ pink rim label) M- $58
URIAH HEEP- Salisbury- (w/ Ken Hensley. Manfred Mann guests) Canada / Mercury (original black & silver label. Includes "Simon The Bullet Freak") EX+ $45 or Germany / Island (85-691 w/ original gatefold cover & pink rim label. Includes "Bird Of Prey") M- $78
URIAH HEEP- Look At Yourself- (Mick Box wah-wah guitar, w/ Ken Hensley, Manfred Mann & members of Osibisa guests. Reflective metallized 'Mirror' cover) Germany / Island (pink rim label) VG $24
URIAH HEEP- Sweet Freedom- (gatefold w/ center page intact) Warner Bros DJ EX $28
URIAH HEEP- Wonderworld- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Germany / Bronze EX $33
URIAH HEEP- Return To Fantasy- (gatefold w/ John Wetton) Warner Bros DJ EX+ $28
UTOPIA- Oops! Wrong Planet- (Roger Powell & Todd Rundgren w/ lyric innersleeve) Bearsville M $12
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR- The Aerosol Grey Machine- (Their Debut LP w/ Peter Hammill) Germany / Fontana M $250
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR- The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other- ABC / Probe M $250
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR- H To HE Who Am The Only One- Dunhill SS $250
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR- Pawn Hearts- (Top-rated prog classic w/ Robert Fripp) The Famous Charisma Label (pink scroll) SS $325 or M $255
THIJS VAN LEER- Nice To Have Met You- (Eric Gale; Steve Khan; Tom Scott; Randy & Michael Brecker, Gene Orloff plus Tys Van Leer's ex-Focus band mates Eef Albers & Hans Cleuver. w/ Magritte inspired cover art by Richard Hess) Columbia SS $45
VANGELES- See You Later- (of Aphrodites Child) UK / Polydor M $30
VANILLA FUDGE- Same- (early psych-prog, all w/ fan club address on original back cover) Atco (purple/brown stereo label) M- $25 or VG+ $14 or Atco (gold/grey mono label) Mono M $27 or Atco (yellow stereo '1841 Broadway' label) EX- $9
VANILLA FUDGE- The Beat Goes On- (gatefold) Atco (purple/brown label) EX- $14 or VG $8 or Atco (yellow stereo '1841 Broadway' label) VG $5
VANILLA FUDGE- Renaissance- (w/ Vince Martell; Carmine Appice; Tim Bogert; Mark Stein) Atco (purple/brown label) M- $24 or VG $6
VANILLA FUDGE- Near The Beginning- Atco M $18 or VG+ $9
VANILLA FUDGE- Rock & Roll- Atco M- $16 or EX $10
VANILLA FUDGE bw/ CREAM- In-Store Play Copy Promo Only Demonstration Record- (Side-1: Vanilla Fudge: Excerpts from 'Near The Beginning' LP bw/ Side-2: Cream: Excerpts from 'Goodbye Cream' LP) Atco DJ ONLY VG $33 Rare!
WALLY- Same- (good Mellotron music w/ Paul Middleton; Roy Webber; Pete Cosker; Pete Sage; Paul Gerrett. Jon Anderson of Yes guests. Produced by Bob Harris & Rick Wakeman) Atlantic SS $60
WARHORSE- Same- (early heavy underground prog w/ bassist Nick Simper of Deep Purple. Includes the Vanda & Young song "St. Louis". w/ Gatefold) UK / Vertigo (6360-015 w/ original swirl label) M- $599
WARHORSE- Red Sea- (their 2nd & last LP. w/ gatefold) UK / Vertigo (6360-066 w/ original swirl label) M- $655
ROGER WATERS & RON GEESIN- Music From The Body- (ex-Pink Floyd w/ David Gilmour; Rick Wright & Nick Mason) Import M $68 Scarce!
WEIGHT- One Man's Queen Is Another Man's Sweathog- (Prog-psych w/ Southern Rock leanings ala Allman Bros inspired guitar/organ interplay) Avco Embassy M $135
WHITE NOISE- An Electric Storm- (Original issue of groundbreaking avant electronic LP by ex-Unit Delta Plus members David Vorhaus; Brian Hodgson & Delia Derbyshire, composer of the Dr. Who TV Theme song) Island (pink rim label) SS $120 or M- $78
WIGWAM- Same- (Finnish prog by ex-Blues Section members, produced in part by Kim Fowley, compiles best songs from their first three LPs) Finland / Love Records SS $155
WILD TURKEY- Turkey- (w/ Jon Blackmore; Glen Cornick, ex-Jethro Tull, pre-Kathargo; Gary Pickford-Hopkins, ex-Ancient Grease & Eyes Of Blue; Jeff Jones, ex-Man; Tweke Lewis, pre-Man; Mick Dyche, pre-Sniff N' The Tears; Steve Gurl, pre-Babe Ruth) Chrysalis VG $25
WILD TURKEY- Battle Hymn- (gatefold w/ Gary Pickford-Hopkins, ex-Ancient Grease & Eyes Of Blue; Jon Blackmore; Glen Cornick, ex-Jethro Tull, pre-Kathargo; Jeff Jones, ex-Man; Tweke Lewis, pre-Man; Mick Dyche, pre-Sniff N' The Tears; Steve Gurl, pre-Babe Ruth) Reprise VG+ $28
WISHBONE ASH- Same- (gatefold w/ Matthew Fisher) Decca EX- $22
WISHBONE ASH- Argus- (Highly rated prog w/ gatefold cover art by Hipgnosis) Decca M- $28 or Germany / MCA VG $12
WISHBONE ASH- Pilgrimage (gatefold) Germany / MCA M- $26
WISHBONE ASH- Wishbone Ash Live From Memphis- (Limited PROMO ONLY pressing of Live broadcast on WMC-FM, Memphis on August 21, 1972, was never commercially available) Decca (7-1922) DJ ONLY M $99 or DJ ONLY M- $75
WISHBONE ASH- There's The Rub- (risqué cover art) UK / MCA M $17
WISHBONE ASH- Locked In- (w/ Laurie Wisefield; Cissy Houston) Atlantic SS $28
GARY WRIGHT- Extraction- (ex-Spooky Tooth & Wonderwheel members w/ Mick Abrahams; Doris Troy; Madeline Bell; Klaus Voorman gatefold cover art) A&M DJ VG+ $18
GARY WRIGHT- Footprint- (ex-Spooky Tooth w/ George Harrison) A&M SS $65 or M $36 or A&M DJ M $45

X - Y - Z

YES- Same- (w/ lyric insert) Atlantic M- $24 or Atlantic DJ EX $18
YES- Time & A Word- Atlantic M- $14
YES- Tales From Topographic Oceans- (2-LP Set w/ Roger Dean cover art) Atlantic DJ EX+ $28
FRANK ZAPPA- Hot Rats- (debut solo LP w/ Capt Beefheart, gatefold cover) Bizarre EX- $33
FRANK ZAPPA- Vitamin Deficiency- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold Live in Amsterdam; El Monte Legion Stadium 1971; Rare Studio 1968-69; plus 'Being On The Road Suite' from '200 Motels') Australia / Phoenix SS $99
FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Transparency- (Unique material w/ strange edits of "We're Only In It For The Money" tracks ie: "Concentration Moon" has the "Velvet Underground" line, but wo/ 'shitty group' comment) UK / Verve (2352 057) M- $58
FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Overnight Sensations- (w/ gatefold) Discreet M- $28
FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- One Size Fits All- (w/ Johnny 'Guitar' Watson; gatefold) Discreet DJ M $38
FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Tiny Nightmares- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold Live at Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia June 29, 1973; & Live October 31, 1977) Australia / Beacon Island SS $99
FRANK ZAPPA- Clownz On Velvet- (Live at The Ritz November 17, 1981 featuring Al Dimeola) Magpie Mono SS $95
ZENITH EFFLUVEUM- Almost Made In The U.S.A.- (prog-psych monster rarity from Rochester, New York, w/ both inserts) Serarate (01) M $495
ZOO- Same- (French psych-prog group w/ Ian Bellamy & Joel Dayde. Gatefold) Mercury M- $95