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THE LEE AARON PROJECT- Same- (4-Song 12" Picture Disc w/ "I Like My Rock Hard" / "Under Your Spell" / "Lonely For Love" / "I Just Wanna To Make Love To You") Canada / Visual Vinyl / Hot Wacks M $50
AEROSMITH- Look Homeward Angel- (Live) World Records (Ze Anonym Plattenspieler) ZAP-7868 VG $30
ALAMO- Same- (Southern-fried hard blues-prog rock ala Bloodrock or Atomic Rooster, w/ Richard Rosebrough pre-Hot Dogs & Big Star; Ken Woodley Hammond organ, later w/ Don Nix; & ex-Gentrys guitarist Larry Raspberry) Atlantic SS $88
ALBINO GORILLA- Detroit 1984- (w/ die-cut jacket. "Psychedelic Shack" was sampled by Pete Rock; A Tribe Called Quest; & others) Kama Sutra EX+ $99 Rare!
ALIOTTA HAYNES- Aliotta Haynes Music- Same- (Debut LP by Chicago trio Mitch Aliotta, bass; Ted Aliotta, drums; & Skip Haynes, guitar, w/ lyric innersleeve) Ampex DJ M- $48
ALIOTTA HAYNES JEREMIAH- Same- (w/ John Jeremiah who came in after Ted Aliotta left the group. Produced by Vinny Testa, w/ gatefold) Ampex SS $110
AMBOY DUKES- Survival Of The Fittest- (Ted Nugent- Live, Detroit) Polydor M- $16 (Write for more Amboy Dukes LPs)
AMBOY DUKES- Marriage On The Rocks- Rock Bottom- Polydor (24-4012) (w/ original cover & insert) M- $50 or EX $40, or (cover has "Featuring Ted Nugent" in white lettering under his picture. w/ insert) M- $45
AMBOY DUKES- Marriage On The Rocks- Rock Bottom- Polydor (PD1-6073) (cover shown as "Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes") EX $30
AMBOY DUKES- Call Of The Wild- DiscReet VG $25
AMBOY DUKES- Dr. Slingshot- (Final LP as Amboy Dukes. Scarce!) Mainstream DJ M- $55
AMBROSE SLADE- Ballzy- (Pre-Glam early Slade w/ Don Wilson cover art. They do the Frank Zappa song 'Ain't Got No Heart' & Noddy Holder's take on the Marvin Gaye classic 'If This World Was Mine' is priceless) Fontana SS $199 or Fontana DJ M $160
AMBROSIA- Road Island- (Their final LP, produced by James Guthrie) Warner Bros SS $55
ANDWELLA- World's End- (UK jazz-psych w/ Bob Downes pre-Egg. Their song "Just How Long" is said to have inspired Bad Co. Gatefold) Dunhill M- $95
AORTA- Same- (Rotary Connection related w/ some prog-psych moves) Columbia M- $58
ARGENT- Same- (Rod Argent of The Zombies w/ lyric sheet) Epic M- $18
ARGENT- All Together Now- (includes "Hold Your Head Up") Asia / Li Ming (2496) EX $27
ARGENT- In Deep- (Cover art by Hipgnosis) Epic M- $27 or UK / Epic M- $40
ASHKAN- In From The Cold- (Totally blasting UK Hard Rock Heavy Metal Psych Prog ala 'Art' & 'Spooky Tooth' w/ Joe Cocker-like vocals by Steve Bailey) London / Sire SS $250 Scarce!
ARMAGEDDON- Same- (Keith Relf w/ members of Captain Beyond, Steamhammer & Renaissance perform complex arrangements & bone-crushing hard rock. Lyric innersleeve) A&M M- $95
ASYLUM CHOIR- Look Inside- (Leon Russell & Marc Benno) Mercury SS $44 or Mercury Smash (w/ original Unipak 'toilet paper' cover art) SS $150 or M $88 or M- $60 or DJ EX+ $60
ASYLUM CHOIR- Asylum Choir II- (w/ lyric insert) Shelter (original Superman emblem label) M $40
AUM- Bluesvibes- (Produced by Richard Gottehrer. Cover art by A. Kelley) Sire M $85 or Sire M- $70 or Sire VG+ $50
AUM- Resurrection- Fillmore SS $90 or Fillmore M $80 or M- $65 or EX $45


BABY- Same- (Southern-rock w/ guitarist Johnny Lee "Shotgun" Schell, later to back Bonnie Raitt, Joe Cocker, Etta James, John Fogerty, Buddy Guy, etc) Mercury SS $78
BABYFACE- Same- (Good AOR rock w/ some funk moves. Features Bobby Barth, pre-Axe & Blackfoot) ASI M $85 Scarce!
RANDY BACHMAN- Axe- (1st Solo LP by ex-Guess Who, pre-Brave Belt) RCA M $33
BACK STREET CRAWLER- The Band Plays On- (Paul Kossoff ex-Free w/ members of Bloontz who earlier backed Lyn Christopher) Atco SS $44
BAKER-GURVITZ ARMY- Same- (Ginger Baker & Adrian Gurvitz, ex-Gun w/ lyric innersleeve) Janus SS $75 or VG $14
BAKER-GURVITZ ARMY- Hearts On Fire- Atco SS $45
BANCHEE- Same- (hard-psych) Atlantic EX+ $78 or EX $70
BANCHEE- Thinkin'- (recorded at Electric Lady Studios, NYC) Polydor EX+ $95
BAND OF JOY- Same- (Paul Lockey, Kevyn Gammond & John Pasternak (all 3 pre-Bronco), w/ Mike Chetwood, Francesco Nizza; lyric innersleeve. Led Zeppelin related) UK / Polydor M $48
BANDIT- Same- (w/ Joey Newman of Don & The Good Times; Touch; Blue Mountain Eagle; Stepson. Reflective metallicized cover art) ABC DJ M $40
BANG- Same- Capitol SS $80
BANG- Music- (w/ Pete Sears) Capitol SS $80
BEAST- Same- (w/ Bob Yeazel of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Sugarloaf. Norman Petty production) Cotillion SS $115 or M- $58
JEFF BECK- Everything You Always Wanted To Hear By Jeff Beck But Were Afraid To Ask For- (Promo Only 'Best Of', post-Yardbirds) Epic DJ ONLY M $48
BECK, BOGERT & APPICE- Live- (2-LP Set w/ fine textured gatefold cover + original green & black Obi Strip w/ insert. The reissue has 55/56 Catalog Numbers & black & yellow Obi) Japan (Only) / Epic (ECPJ 11-12) unplayed M $65
BETHNAL- Dangerous Times- (w/ Pete Dowling) UK / Vertigo SS $115 or M $88
BETHNAL- Crash Landing- UK / Vertigo M $88
BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY- Cheap Thrills- (Janis Joplin & Co. produced by John Simon; w/ R. Crumb gatefold cover art) Columbia (Red '360 Stereo' Label) M- $27 or VG+ $16
BIRTHA- Same- (Tough all-girl blues-rock, assembled by Steppenwolf Producer Gabriel Mekler, w/ Rosemary Butler & Shele Pinizzotto of The Daisy Chain; Gatefold) Dunhill M $58
BLACK PEARL- Same- (post Barbarians) Atlantic M- $40 or VG+ $16
BLACK PEARL- Black Pearl Live- (gatefold) Prophesy M- $28
BLACK SABBATH- Same- (their debut LP) Taiwan / Zone Sound (CSJ-1071) VG $24
BLACK SABBATH- Death Riders / Their Satanic Majesties Return- (Live August 12, 1980, Providence, RI) LSD-666 SS $150
BLACK SHEEP- Trouble In The Streets- (debut LP w/ Willie Basse ex-Ozz; George Lynch of Dokken; & an uncredited Paul Gilbert pre- Racer X, & Mr Big) Enigma SS $40
BLACKJACK- Same- (Michael Bolton fronted hard rock, produced by Tom Dowd w/ die-cut cover) Polydor DJ M $33
BLIND FAITH- Same- (Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood & Ginger Baker. Original banned naked girl cover w/ lyric insert) EX $65 or UK / Polydor (gatefold) M- $120 or Atco (2nd cover) EX- $12
BLIND FAITH- Recorded Live Along The U.S. Tour- (Winterland, Santa Barbara, California 1969) Kornyphone (TAKRL-1902) M- $99 or Pig's Eye (#4) M $99
BLOODROCK- U.S.A.- (gatefold w/ lyric innersleeve) Capitol M- $33
BLUE CHEER- Vincebus Eruptum- (all w/ Original silver/blue/gray or silver/blue/white embossed cover art by John Van Hamersveld) Philips EX+ $58 or VG $22 or VG- $8 or Philips DJ VG+ $50
BLUE CHEER- Outside Inside- (Unipak gatefold fold-out poster cover) Philips M $145 or EX $88 or VG $42 or VG- $12 or Canada / Philips (w/ group name & album title printed on front gatefold cover) EX $140
BLUE CHEER- New! Improved!- (w/ Randy Holden on Side-2, includes "Fruit & Iceberg", later recorded on his 'Population II' LP) Philips NM- $125 or EX- $80
BLUE CHEER- Same- Philips SS $150 or M- $65 or EX $45 or VG $17
BLUE CHEER- BC #5 The Original Human Being- Philips M- $78
BLUE CHEER- Oh! Pleasant Hope- (3 songs written by Yoder & Grelecki of Kak. Guitarist Dehner Patten of Kak appears as well) Philips SS $175 or VG- $18 Rare!
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT- Cultosaurus Erectus- (Eric Bloom & Buck Dharma produced by Martin Birch) Columbia SS $40
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT- Bootleg EP- (Original PROMO ONLY 4-Song 12". Only 300 pressed) Columbia (AS-40 DJ ONLY) M $135
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT- In My Mouth Or On The Ground- (Rare 4-Song 10" EP recorded Live in New York, 1972. "Workshop Of The Telescopes"; "Cities On Flame" bw/ "The Red & The Black"; "Buck's Boogie") Dragonfly SS $125
BLUES IMAGE- Same- (w/ Mike Pinera (pre-Ramatam & Alice Cooper), & Manny Bertematti (both pre-Iron Butterfly & Cactus), plus Joe Lala (pre-Manassas & Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) & Frank "Skip" Konte (pre-Three Dog Night) Atco EX+ $30
BLUES IMAGE- Open- (w/ "Ride, Captain Ride") Atco DJ M- $45 or Taiwan / Zone Sound (CSJ-966) VG $16
BLUES IMAGE- Red, White & Blues Image- (gatefold) M- $35
BOA- Schizoid- ('Anvil' related Detroit rock w/ lyric insert) Wooden Nickel M- $22
BOOMERANG- Same- (w/ Mark Stein ex-Vanilla Fudge; & guitar wizard Ricky Ramirez) RCA SS $115 or M- $74 Scarce!
BOXER- Absolutely- (Mike Patto w/ Tim Bogert) Epic SS $75 or Epic DJ EX- $33
BOXER- Below The Belt (gatefold w/ nude cover model) UK / Virgin M $55
BRAVE BELT- (pre-BTO w/ Randy Bachman & Chad Allen of The Guess Who. Country-rock feel w/ lyric insert) Reprise DJ M $88 Scarce LP!
BROWNSTONE- Same- (Funky hard-rock w/ Barbara Lopez & David Hoffman, produced by Al Schmitt. Die-cut Unipak cover w/ punch-out sections still intact. Proper innersleeve) Playboy DJ M $45
BROWNSVILLE STATION- Same- (Cub Koda produced by Eddie Kramer) Private Stock DJ M $20
BROWNSVILLE STATION- A Night On The Town- Big Tree M $22
BROWNSVILLE STATION- Yeah!- Big Tree M- $14 More Info
BROWNSVILLE STATION- School Punks- Big Tree SS $28 More Info
BUDGIE- Squawk- (Legendary Welsh group w/ Tony Bourge on guitar. Roger Dean cover art) Kapp M- $88
BUDGIE- Bandolier- A&M DJ M- $45
BULL ANGUS- Same- (Unipak) Mercury (Front & inside cover AUTOGRAPHED by group drummer Geno Charles, who mentions 'The Oxford Watch Band' & more. This was once HIS album!) M- $178 or (not autographed) Mercury VG+ $78 or VG $58 More Info
BULL ANGUS- Free For All- (gatefold) Mercury DJ VG $65 Rare!
BYZANTIUM- Same- (w/ Chas Jankel of Ian Dury's Blockheads; Robin Lamble & Nicko Ramsden. Insert included) Warner Bros SS $199 or M- $110 or DJ M- $120


CACTUS- Same- (debut LP by Carmine Appice; Tim Bogert; Rusty Day; Jim McCarty) Atco (original yellow label w/ '1841 Broadway' at bottom) NM- $18
CACTUS- Restrictions- Atco M $22 or Atco DJ M- $18
CACTUS- One Way... Or Another- (gatefold) Atco VG $12
CACTUS- 'Ot 'N' Sweaty- (gatefold, Live at Mar Y Sol Festival, Peurto Rico) Atco M $16
CCS- Same (Collective Consciousness Society w/ Alexis Korner) RAK SS $78 or M- $48
CCS- Whole Lotta Love- (Was theme song on "Top Of The Pops". Gatefold) RAK SS $88 or EX+ $44
CCS- The Best In The Land- (Mickie Most production) UK / RAK M $66
CHAMPION- Same- (w/ ex-members of Rough Diamond, w/ Geoff Britton pre-Paul McCartney & Wings; Clem Clempson ex-Colosseum; Humble Pie) Epic SS $55 or Epic DJ M $45
CHELSEA- Same- (w/ John Cale & Peter Criss pre-Kiss, spelled here as Peter Cris. Bassist Michael Benvenga co-wrore 'Beth'. Mike Brand & Pete Shepley were in The Others who previously had recorded "I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye") Decca M- $165
CHELSEA BEIGE- Mama Mama, Let Your Sweet Bird Sing- (ex-Last Rutual w/ The Jam Factory) Epic M- $66
CHEQUERED PAST- Same- (w/ Clem Burke & Nigel Harrison (both ex-Blondie); Steve Jones (ex-Pistols); Tony Sales (ex- Iggy Pop; Utopia); Micheal DeBarres (ex- Silverhead & Detective). David Lindley guests. w/ correct innersleeve) EMI America M $63 Scarce!
CHURCHILL- Same- (Churls related California hard rock trio ala Creedence Clearwater Revival) Attarack DJ M $68
C.K. STRONG- Same- (pre-Fools Gold w/ Lynn Cary of Mama Lion & 'The Carrie Nations', from the Russ Meyer film "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls") Epic M $110 or VG $40 or VG- $12
COLD BLOOD- Same- (Rick Griffin cover art) San Francisco M- $55 or EX $40 or VG+ $22 or VG $9
COLD BLOOD- Sisyphus- (gatefold) San Francisco M- $33 or DJ (w/ plain white cover) M- $22
COLD BLOOD- First Taste Of Sin- (w/ Lydia Pense) Reprise M $35
COLD CHISEL- East- (w/ Jimmy Barnes, ex-Tarkus) Elektra DJ M $115
COPPERPENNY- Same- (Canadian psych-rock w/ Rich Wamil; Ken Hollis & Ron Hiller) RCA SS $98
COVEN- Same- (hard psych-pop occult w/ Jinx Dawson; Steve Ross; & ex- Magic Lanterns bassist Mike "Oz" Osborne) MGM SS $95 or DJ EX- $65
COVEN- Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls- (their psych-prog metal debut LP w/ songs by Jim Donlinger of Aorta. Unipak cover) Mercury M $215
COVEN- Blood On The Snow- (gatefold) Buddah M $85
MICK COX- The Mick Cox Band- (Jimi Hendrix protege Mick Cox was a member of Eire Apparent, later to the Van Morrison Band. Here w/ Tony O'Malley pre-Kokomo; Chrissie Stewart; Mick Weaver; Peter Arnesen pre-Hunter-Ronson band; Alan Skidmore; Andrew Steele ex-Herd) Capitol M $40
CRABBY APPLETON- Same- (w/ Michael Fennelly) Elektra DJ VG $25 More Info
CRABBY APPLETON- Rotten To The Core- (w/ David Grisman) Elektra SS $44
CROW- Crow By Crow- Amaret M- $35
CROW- Mosaic- (w/ David Wagner) Amaret SS $40
CROWBAR- Heavy Duty- (Grateful Dead psych-rock meets Allman Brothers southern rock. A Production of Love w/ lyric insert) Canada / Capitol / Daffodil M $58 Scarce!
CROWBAR- Larger Than Life & Live'r Than You've Ever Been!- (recorded in concert at Massey Hall. w/ original textured gatefold cover) UK / Paramount M $58
CROWBAR- KE-32745- Epic SS $35
CROWBAR- Official Music- (w/ King Biscuit Boy, Unipak cover) Paramount SS $50 or M $38 or M- $20


DADDY LONGLEGS- Same- (w/ Stephen Miller of Caravan. Blues-rock w/ country prog influences) UK / Warner Bros M $99
DEAD FINGERS TALK- Storm The Reality Studios- (w/ Mick Ronson who also produced) France / PYE M $75 Rare!
DEEP PURPLE- In Rock- (gatefold) Warner Bros M $25 or DJ EX+ $28 or Germany EMI / Harvest (different cover) EX $28
DEEP PURPLE- Fireball- (original cover w/ insert) Warner Bros VG- $4
DEEP PURPLE- Passages- (2-LP Set) Warner Bros M- $17 or VG $5
RICK DERRINGER- Live In Cleveland- (September, 1976 Promo Only) Blue Sky DJ ONLY M $45 or M- $37
DICK DESTINY & THE HIGHWAY KINGS- Arrogance- (aka George Smith, former editor of Chainsaw fanzine. Has cover of Bowie's "Jean Genie") Destination M $65
DETROIT- Detroit Featuring Mitch Ryder- (decent covers of the Lou Reed / Velvet Underground hit "Rock 'N Roll' & The Rolling Stones' "Gimmie Shelter'. Cover art by Mouse Studios) Paramount EX $9 or Paramount DJ M- $35
THE DICTATORS- Blood Brothers- (w/ Andy Shernoff) Asylum SS $38
THE DICTATORS- Manifest Destiny- (lyric innersleeve) Asylum M- $14 (Write for more original Dictators LPs)
DIRTY ANGELS- Same- (w/ David Hull) A&M SS $16
DOG SOLDIER- Same- ("Pillar To Post" w/ Keef Hartley & Savoy Brown members) United Artists SS $55 or M- $38
THE DOGS- Same- (local Portland / Bangor, Maine group) Blast M $50
THE DOGS- New English Rock- Blast M- $50
DOLKOWS- Levitation- (Swedish guitar-pop ala Lime Spiders or Stems) Sweden Amigo M $16
THE DOORS- L.A. Woman- (all w/ original die-cut glassine window & embossed album cover w/ proper innersleeve) Elektra M- $75 or EX+ $60 or VG $35 or VG- $9
THE DOORS- The End- (Picture Disc w/ Matrix #DBP-12149) SS $68
THE DOORS- Absolutely Live- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Elektra EX $28
THE DOORS- Best Of The Doors- (Quad CD-4 Channel Discrete Quadrophonic LP) Elektra Quadra-Disc (EQ-5055) M $48 or M- $40
THE DOORS- No One Gets Out Of Here Alive- (4-LP Box Set w/ Rare music & Interviews) Quick-Q Records M $140

E - F

EARTHQUAKE- Same- (their 1st, wo/ Gary Phillips) A&M SS $55
EARTHQUAKE- Why Don't You Try Me?- (original picture innersleeve) A&M DJ M- $38
EARTHQUAKE- Rocking The World- (They were the band for Jonathan Richman's 'Roadrunner' & Little Roger's 'Stairway to Gilligan's Island') Bezerk (prototype w/ BOO-44 in matrix. Has small picture on plain white cover) M- $85 or Playboy / Beserkley M $60 or GRT / Beserkley (rare red border cover) SS $45
EARTHQUAKE- 8.5 (gatefold) Playboy / Beserkley SS $60
EARTHQUAKE- Leveled- CBS / Beserkley SS $35
EARTHQUAKE- Two Years In A Padded Cell- Elektra / Beserkley DJ M $30 or DJ M- $22
EDDIE BOY BAND- Same- (Chicago's 1974 Rock Group Of The Year w/ Mark Goldenberg pre-Cretones; & Michael Lerner pre-Silver Apples) MCA SS $20
ELEPHANTS MEMORY- Same- (their debut produced by Stan Bronstein. w/ gatefold) Buddah M- $45 or EX $36
ELEPHANTS MEMORY- Same- (Produced by John Lennon & Yoko Ono. Gatefold) Apple SS $60
ELEPHANTS MEMORY- Angels Forever- RCA M $28
ELF- Same- (w/ David Feinstein of Rainbow. Produced by Roger Glover & Ian Paice) Epic M- $65
ELF- Carolina County Ball- (Produced by Roger Glover) UK / EMI / Purple M- $75
EPITAPH- Outside The Law- (gatefold) Billingsgate SS $75
EUCLID- Heavy Equipment- (Jaw-dropping dual-guitar fuzz monster hard-rock LP is absolute best example of 60s -psych meets early 70s hard-rock. If you like Bubble Puppy; Cactus; Sleepy John; Trapeze; Jodo; Morgan; Tear Gas; Banchee or Wildfire then you'll love this hard-to-find LP w/ gatefold) Amsterdam EX+ $495 More Info
FAMILY- Bandstand- (Roger Chapman w/ die-cut cover & lyric innersleeve) United Artists M- $35
FANCY- Fancy Meeting You Here- (CT hard fuzz-psych w/ banshee female vocal. Produced by Doc Cavalier) Poison Ring M $135 or EX+ $99 Rare!
FANNY ADAMS- Same (Hard psych-rock featuring lead guitarist Vince Melouney ex-Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs; Bee Gees) Kapp M $45
MARK FARNER- No Frills- (w/ Dennis Bellinger & Andy Newmark) Atlantic SS $17
MARK FARNER & DON BREWER- Monumental Funk- (of Grand Funk Railroad) Quadico SS $45
FAT MATTRESS- Same- (gatefold w/ Noel Redding of Jimi Hendrix Experience) Atco M $33 or VG+ $12
FAT MATTRESS- Fat Mattress 2- Atco SS $44 or M $28 or Atco DJ VG $12
MICHAEL FENNELLY- Lane Changer- (ex-Crabby Appleton backed by 'Argent' w/ Rod Argent. Produced by Chris White of The Zombies. Creem Magazine namerd Michael Fennelly "An Americanized Marc Bolan") Epic M- $50 or VG $18
JAY FERGUSON- All Alone In The End Zone- (ex-Spirit w/ Joe Vatale & Joe Walsh w/ Poster Included!) Asylum DJ M $28
FINCHLEY BOYS- Practice Sessions- (heavy outlaw blues & hard fuzz-psych from Champaign, Illinois) France / Eva M $33
FIVE DOLLAR SHOES- Same- (Die-cut gatefold w/ Tom Graves ex- Wild Ones; & Mike Millius. Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley alleged backing vocals, but not substantiated) Neighborhood SS $88
FLAME- Queen Of The Neighborhood- (w/ Jimmy Crespo of Aerosmith) RCA M $40 Scarce!
FLUFF- Same- (hard psych w/ Estelle Levitt) Roulette DJ M $150 or Roulette DJ M- $125
LITA FORD- Out For Blood- (ex-Runaways lead guitar) Mercury M $40
FOREIGNER- "Feels Like The First Time"/ "Cold As Ice"/ "Long Long Way From Home"- (3-Song Ltd 12" 45-RPM w/ ex-members of Spooky Tooth & King Crimson) Atlantic M $12
FOX & COMPANY- Same- (Hard prog-rock from Berlin, New Hampshire w/ Don & Norm Coulombe; Dayna Strout; Mike amp; Steve Galipeau, includes lyric sheet) EAB SS $750
FRANTIC- Conception- (heavy fuzz-psych w/ gatefold) Lizard DJ VG $50
FREE- At Last- A&M (tan label w/ 'textured' cover) M- $17
FREE- Best Of Free- (Tracks culled from their 6 A&M LPs w/ proper innersleeve of detailed overview by Jim Bickhart) A&M M $8
FREE- The Free Story- (2-LP Set. Limited numbered edition w/ previously unreleased material. German & Canadian pressings are offered) Canada / Island (#03488) M- $70 or Germany / Island (#A18770 w/ different cover, booklet, inner cover notes) M- $70
FREEDOM- Same- (Bobby Harrison ex-Procol Harum, bluesy prog-psych trio w/ Leslie Duncan's boyfriends) ABC SS $80
FREEDOM- Through The Years- (pre-Snafu members w/ gatefold) Cotillion M $70 or DJ M- $65 or DJ EX+ $55
FRIJID PINK- Same- (Great Detroit hard-rock blues) Parrot M- $90 or EX+ $70 or Germany / Deram VG $40
FRIJID PINK- Defrosted- (Rare 2nd LP, & the last for bassist Tom Beaudry & guitarist Gary Thompson, aka Kelly Green. Has reflective metallized cover art & proper photo innersleeve) Parrot (PAS 71041) EX- 78
FRIJID PINK- All Pink Inside- (Great Detroit hard-rock blues w/ Glossy Photo of group: Jo Baker vocals; Larry Popolizio bass; Craig Webb guitar, & Larry Zelanka keyboards) Fantasy DJ M- $80
FROST- Frost Music- (pre-Ursa Major w/ lyric insert) Vanguard (tan label) VG+ $28 or 2nd pressing (no insert) VG to VG- $5
FROST- Early Frost- Vanguard M $30
FRÜT- Keep On Truckin'- (Originally 'Frut Of The Loom', these Detroit based funk-blues hardrockers mix Mothers' era Zappa & Grateful Dead jam styles w/ a 1950s Doo-Wop sensibility. Mock R. Crumb cover art) Westbound DJ M $55
FUSE- Same- (w/ Rick Nielsen & Tom Peterson pre-Cheap Trick) Epic (original yellow label) M $120 or EX+ $88 More Info


RORY GALLAGHER- The Story So Far- (compiles his best tunes up to 1974) original Polydor M- $12
GANGSTERS OF LOVE- Same- Capitol SS $38
THE GARY MOORE BAND- Grinding Stone- (heavy prog-blues-rock w/ guitarist Gary Moore ex-Skid Row, pre-Thin Lizzy) UK / P.I. (Cosmos) EX $60
GAS MASK- Their First Album- (Funk & hard-psych w/ Bobby Osborne ex-Del Aires of "Horror Of Party Beach" fame. Gatefold) Tonsil M $77 or EX+ $55 or EX $46
IAN GILLIAN- Clean Air Turbulence (gatefold w/ ex-Deep Purple) UK / Island M $28
IAN GILLIAN- Child In Time- (gatefold) Polydor/Oyster SS $16
GIRLSCHOOL- Hit & Run- (US only release, compiles their 1st two UK releases: 'Demolition' & 'Hit & Run') Stiff SS $47
GIRLSCHOOL- Screaming Blue Murder- (different than UK issue; w/ lyric innersleeve) Mercury VG $8
GLORY- Same- (Post-Damnation heavy guitar psych, not to be confused with the Houston, Texas group of the same name. Vocalist Bill Constable (aka Adam Blessing) & his group Damnation, had their roots in two Cleveland garage bands, "The Society" & "The Alarm Clocks") Avalanche M- $75
GOOD RATS- Same (Their debut LP w/ some prog moves; Gatefold) Kapp (3580) SS $75
GOOD RATS- Tasty- (Long Island Legends w/ Joe Franco pre-Twisted Sister) Warner Bros (original issue) M $66 or DJ M- $55 or Rat City Records M- $16
GOOD RATS- Birth Comes To Us All- Passport SS $38
GOOD RATS- Rat City In Blue- Rat City SS $35
GOODNESS & MERCY- Same- (Soul Funk-Psych w/ Dave Talisman & ex-members of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Produced by Bob Markley of The WCPAEB who also wrote some songs, along w/ Dan Harris) MGM DJ M $42 or MGM M- $33
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD- On Time- Capitol EX $14
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD- Phoenix (gatefold cover) Capitol EX $12
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD-Live Album- (2-LP set w/ gatefold) Capitol VG $8 or Germany Capitol (w/ poster) EX $28
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD- Shinin' On- (3-D cover art by Neal Adams & Walt Simonson, w/ 3-D glasses intact; insert & proper innersleeve. Produced by Todd Rundgren) M- $44
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD- Closer To Home- (original issue, gatefold) Capitol VG $12
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD- Get Funked- (Live at The University Of Hawaii, 1970 w/ Rick Griffin styled cover art) Funk Records SS $250 Rare!
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD- We're An American Band- (Gold Vinyl w/ gatefold & set of 4 unused stickers) Capitol M $45
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD- Good Singin', Good Playin'- (w/ Frank Zappa) MCA SS $28
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD- Grand Funk Hits- (original pressing) Capitol SS $28
GREAT WHITE- Can't Get There From Here- (Jack Russell; Sean McNabb; Mark Kendall; Audie Desbrow; Michael Lardie, w/ "Psychedelic Hurricane" & "Rollin' Stoned") Portrait CD M $4
GREEN BULLFROG- Same- (Rare Original w/ Ritchie Blackmore, etc) Decca SS $145 or M- $99
GROUP THERAPY- 37 Minutes Of Group Therapy- (Unipak) Philips EX $45 or VG+ $38
GROUP THERAPY- People Get Ready For Group Therapy- RCA M- $45 or VG $28
GROWL- Same- (Hard-rock boogie w/ hot guitar. Utopia related) DiscReet SS $35
GUESS WHO- Shakin' All Over- (Randy Bachman & Burton Cummings) Springboard M $17
GUESS WHO- American Woman- (gatefold) RCA EX $12
GUESS WHO- Live At The Paramount- RCA EX $9
GUESS WHO- Rockin'- RCA SS $22 (Write for more Guess Who LPs)
GUILLOTINE- Same- (Bluesy fuzz psych w/ jazz & country moves, organ, & the powerful vocals of Carol Breval, a cross between Eartha Kitt, Robert Plant & Janis Joplin. w/ gatefold cover) Ampex SS $65 or VG+ $40
GUN HILL ROAD- First Stop- Mercury SS $55
GUN HILL ROAD- Same- Kama Sutra (Original 1972 pressing w/ "Back When My Hair Was Short" version different from hit single. This is slower & has drug references. Also contains original version of "42nd Street". LP Produced by Kenny Rogers, w/ lyric insert) M $95 Scarce! or Kama Sutra (1973 pressing w/ hit single version of "Back When My Hair Was Short" & re-recording of "42nd Street", both produced by Kenny Kerner & Richie Wise. No insert) DJ M- $40
GUNS & BUTTER- Same- (Boston area band w/Jeff Lyons. Later backed John Kongos) Cotillion SS $45 or M $30


HAMMER- Same- (Mountain related. w/ John Guerin on drums) San Francisco SS $125 or M $90
HANOI ROCKS- "Mailbu Beach" bw/ "Taxi Driver"; "Rebel On The Run"; "Beer & A Cigarette"- (4-Song 12" EP co-produced by Overand Watts) UK / Lick Records M- $12
JUNIOR HANSON- Now Hear This- (aka Junior Marvin, aka Donald Hanson Marvin Kerr Richards Jr. He was also a member of Bob Marley & The Wailers, & Keef Hartley Band. Backing members have worked with Can; Free; Traffic; Jeff Beck; Hummingbird; Graham Bond; Freddie King; Joe Cocker; Arthur Brown, Manfred Mann; Ginger Baker; Olympic Runners; Paul Kossoff; Vinegar Joe; Juicy Lucy; 10CC; Roger Glover; Thin Lizzy; Paul Kossoff; Ron Wood; Boxer; Osibisa; Roger Chapman; Peter Green; Humble Pie; more. w/ gatefold cover) Manticore M $55
HARD MEAT- Same- (UK hard psych-prog w/ gatefold) Warner Bros DJ M $115
HARD MEAT- Through A Window- (UK hard psych-prog ala Steamhammer or Armageddon) Warner Bros DJ VG- $16
SHERMAN HAYES- Catman- (Son of 40's era bandleader backed by Tom 'Zippy' Caplan ex-Litter & White Lightning & Mick Stanhope ex-White Lightning) Barnaby M $95 or Barnaby DJ EX+ $90 Rare! More Info
HAYSTACKS BALBOA- Same- (early prog/hard rock w/ Larry West of The Vagrants, younger brother of Leslie West. Produced by Shadow Morton) Polydor DJ M $150 or Polydor DJ M- $99
HEAD EAST- Flat As A Pancake- (w/ "Never Been Any Reason") A&M SS $30
HEAD EAST- Same- (die-cut embossed cover) A&M SS $30
HEAD EAST- Live- (2-LP Set) A&M DJ M $17
HEAD EAST- US 1- A&M M- $5
HEADSTONE- Same- (Rare Bird & Atomic Rooster related) 20th Century DJ M $48 or UK / EMI M $48
HEARTWOOD- Nothin' Fancy- (Country tinged Southern rock ala Allman Brothers or Poco, w/ Tim Hildebrandt & Joe McGlohon, produced by Paul Hornsby) GRC SS $35
HEAVY METAL KIDS- Same- (pre-Kids, w/ Gary Holton, Keith Boyce, Ronny Thomas, Danny Peyronel pre-UFO; & Micky Waller. Not really heavy metal music) Atco SS $60 or M $40 or EX+ $30
HELEN WHEELS BAND- Post Modern Living- (w/ lyric sheet) Real American M $12
HELLFIELD- "Tell Me Are You Listening?" (hot-cut) bw/ Specially Edited Mixes of 5 songs from their debut LP- (6-Song 12" EP) Epic DJ ONLY M $9
JIMI HENDRIX- Last American Concert- (Alive & Flowing From The Crater Of The Sun, Maui, Hawaii, July 30, 1970 + interview. Original unfaded color cover) Jupiter SS $150
HOG HEAVEN- Same- (Great Speckled Bird; Shondells related w/ lyric insert) Roulette DJ M $55
HOKUS POKUS=- Same- (w/ Jon E. Hyde, Scott Thurston, Danny Gorman, Billy Cioffi & Michael Monarch ex-Steppenwolf lead guitarist, later to Detective. This is their sole LP, one of only 3 releases on Romar Records, operated by Bob Marcucci, aka "The Idolmaker") Romar DJ M- $65
RANDY HOLDEN- Population II- (Fuzz-wah masterpiece by lead guitarist of Blue Cheer, The Other Half & The Sons Of Adam; w/ drummer Chris Lockheed of Kak) Hobbit (HB-5002 Original) M $950 or Germany / Line (exact repro, now scarce itself) SS $88
HOUNDS- Unleashed- (ex-Wildwood & Pyramid members w/ proper innersleeve) Columbia SS $30 orColumbia DJ (w/ proper innersleeve & promo only insert) M $14
HOUNDS- Puttin' On The Dog- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Columbia DJ M $20
HOUR GLASS- Same- (The Allman Brothers w/ members of The 31st Of February) Liberty VG+ $45
HOUR GLASS- Power Of Love- Liberty Mono M $65
HOWL THE GOOD- Same- (heavy Detroit psych-rock w/ ex-members of Rare Earth & Jagged Edge, produced in UK by Gary Wright) Rare Earth DJ M- $55
HUMBLE PIE- As Safe As Yesterday Is- (Their debut LP w/ Steve Marriott ex-Small Faces; Peter Frampton ex-The Herd; Greg Ridley ex-Spooky Tooth. The term 'Heavy Metal' was first used in a review of this LP) UK / Immediate (pink label w/ "Growing Closer") VG $47 or US / Immediate ("Growing Closer" replaced w/ "Natural born Woman") DJ EX $55
HUMBLE PIE- Rockin' At The Fillmore- (2-Set. Original Issue) A&M DJ M $20
HUMBLE PIE- Street Rats- A&M DJ M- $15
HUMBLE PIE- Thunderbox- (die-cut keyhole cover art reveals naked females) A&M M $28
HUMBLE PIE- Lost & Found- (2-LP Set of their 1st two albums) A&M VG $9
HYDRA- Same- (Southern rock w/ Wayne Bruce & Steve Pace) Capricorn VG+ $25 or DJ M $58 or DJ M- $48
HYDRA- Land Of Money- (w/ Spencer Kirkpatrick & Chuck Leavell) Capricorn SS $65

I - J

IRON BUTTERFLY- In A Gadda Da Vida- Atco (purple & brown label) M- $23 or Atco (yellow label) M- $16 or (yellow label) EX+ $9 or (yellow label) EX $6
IRON BUTTERFLY- Metamorphosis- (gatefold) Atco M- $24 or DJ M- $28
IRON BUTTERFLY- Heavy- (Gold Star Studios) Atco (original purple, brown & white label) VG- $5
IRON BUTTERFLY- Best Of Iron Butterfly / Evolution- (w/ Ron Bushy; Jerry Penrod; Danny Weis; Lee Dorman; Mike Pinera) Atco DJ M $28
THE JAMES GANG- Yer' Album- Asia / Li Ming (LM-2432) EX- $28 Scarce!
JAMES GANG- James Gang Rides Again- (gatefold cover) ABC VG $5
JAMES GANG- Bang (w/ Tommy Bolin) Atco M $22 or M- $14 or EX $8
JAMES GANG- Jesse Come Home- Atco SS $28 or M $16
JAMES GANG- Live In Concert- Asia / First (FL-2114) M- $18
JAMUL- Same- (Hairy rockers w/ gravel-voiced no-nonsense singing & dirty-sounding rhythm guitars) Lizard M- $80
JASPER WRATH- Same- (Rare Pop-Prog Hard Rock Rarity w/ pre-Arcangel members; lyric insert) Sunflower M- $230 Rare!
JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS- Jett Lagg- (Rare 2-LP Set, Live, 1985) Turbo Disc (JJ-101/2) SS $99 or M $80
JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS- "Cherry Bomb" bw/ "Bombs Away"- (12" 33 1/3rd-RPM 'Hot-Cut' PROMO ONLY on Red Vinyl) Blackheart / MCA (1226) DJ ONLY M $45
JOAN JETT & THE RUNAWAYS- I Love Playing With Fire- (Picture Disc w/ Joan on front, band on back) UK / Cherry Red (P Laker 1) M $55
JO JO GUNNE- Same- (w/ Jay Ferguson of Spirit) Asylum M- $22 or VG- $3
JO JO GUNNE- Bite Down Hard- Asylum M- $22
JO JO ZEP & THE FALCONS- Step Lively- Columbia M $18
JO JO ZEP & THE FALCONS- Screaming Targets- Columbia SS $22
JUDAS PRIEST- Sin After Sin- (Roger Glover produced) Columbia SS $17
JUDAS PRIEST- Hell Bent For Leather- Columbia SS $17
JUDAS PRIEST- Stained Glass- Columbia SS $17
JUICY LUCY- Get A Whiff A This- (Blodwyn Pig; Boxer; Savoy Brown; Whitesnake; Van Der Graaf Generator related) Atco M $62 or Atco DJ M- $55
JUICY LUCY- Same- (gatefold w/ Neil Hubbard) Atco EX+ $55
JUKIN' BONE- Way Down East- (heavy-psych blues rock w/ Stones & Flamin' Groovies moves, pre-Doyle-Whiting Band) RCA M $45 Scarce!


KAK- Same- (w/ Gary Yoder (ex-Blue Cheer) & Dehner Patten, both ex-Oxford Circle) Epic (original pressing w/ yellow label. Includes "Everything's Changing") M- $495
KAPT. KOPTER & THE FABULOUS TWIRLY BIRDS- Same- (Randy California & Ed Cassidy of Spirit w/ Mitch Mitchell & Noel Redding, both ex-Jimi Hendrix Experience. Engineered by Roger Dollarhide) Epic SS $50 or EX $30
JOHN KAY- Forgotten Songs & Unsung Heroes- (post-Steppenwolf solo debut) Dunhill SS $40
KGB- Motion- (Kurt Gober Band) MCA SS $18
THE KIDS- Anvil Chorus- (aka The Heavy Metal Kids, w/ Gary Holton, later to The Damned; ex-Blue Max keyboardist Danny Peyronel, later to UFO) Atco SS $48
THE KINKS- Lola Versus Powerman & The Moneygoround- (Their 1st LP w/ John Gosling on keyboards. Contains the original version of "This Time Tomorrow". Gatefold) Reprise DJ M $55
THE KINKS- Winterland 2/77- (Live, February 19, 1977 at the Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA; Part 2) Mammary SS $85
KISS- Peter, Ace, Gene, Paul- (2 songs from each of their solo LPs, remixed!) Casablanca DJ ONLY M $80 RARE!
KISS- Double Platinum- (2-Set w/embossed cover & poster) Casablanca SS $44
KISS- Kiss Destroys Anaheim (Live August 20, 1976) Idle Mind SS $100
KISS- Destroys Anaheim Part 2- (Live August 20, 1976) Idle Mind SS $100
KNOWBODY ELSE- Same- (early Black Oak Arkansas) Hip SS $175 or M $125
THE KOALA- Same- (New York hard-garage-psych quintet pretending to be from Australia. Original gatefold) Capitol M- $199
PAUL KOSSOFF- Back Street Crawler- (w/ Andy Fraser; Rabbit Bundrick; Tetsu; Jess Roden; Paul Rodgers; Simon Kirks; John Martyn; others) Island SS $33
KRACKER- La Familia- (box packaging w/ Carlo Driggs ex-Year 2000, & Genya Raven ex-Ten Wheel Drive) Dunhill SS $44 or DJ M- $28
KRACKER- Kracker Brand- (Jimmy Miller production w/ gatefold) Dunhill DJ M $28
KRAZY KAT- China Seas- (guitar rock sextet w/ Roger Willis ex-Capability Brown; Tony Ferguson & Grahame White, lyric innersleeve) UK/ Mountain M $26
DAVID KUBINEC- Some Things Never Change- (w/ Chris Spedding; Ollie Halsall ex-Patto; produced by John Cale) A&M M $14


JOHN LAWTON- Heartbeat- (Lucifer's Friend / Uriah Heep vocalist John Lawton is backed here by members of Lucifer's Friend, Uriah Heep; Passport & Adrian Askew of Edison Lighthouse) RCA SS $45
LED ZEPPELIN- For Badge Holders Only- (2-LP Set Live LA Forum 6-23-77 w/ Keith Moon drumming on 2 songs!) LZ-1234 SS $155
LED ZEPPELIN- Led Zeppelin II- Asia / Li Ming (LM-2332) VG $26
ALVIN LEE- Pump Iron!- (ex-Ten Years After guitarist) Columbia SS $20 (Write for more Alvin Lee LPs available)
DEKE LEONARD- Kamikaze- (of Welsh prog group, Man w/ gatefold) United Artists SS $33
DEKE LEONARD- Iceberg (of Welsh group, Man. Gatefold has song title correction strip) United Artists SS $33
LOCOMOTIVE- Same- (bluesy psych-rock w/ John Ussery) MGM M $50
LONE STAR- Firing On All Six- (w/ Paul Chapman of UFO) Columbia SS $23
LORD SUTCH- Lord Sutch And His Heavy Friends- (w/ Nicky Hopkins; John Bonham; Jimmy Page; Jeff Beck; Noel Redding) Cotillion SS $90 or M- $50 or VG $20
LORD SUTCH- Hands Of Jack The Ripper- (gatefold w/ Keith Moon, Ritchie Blackmore, Matthew Fisher, others Live) Cotillion SS $85 or VG $20 Cotillion DJ VG $22
LORD SUTCH- Rock & Horror- (aka 'Screaming Lord Sutch', w/ gatefold) UK / Ace SS $40
LUMBEE- Overdose (Album & Game)- (Powerful heavy acid rock from Fayetteville, NC w/ stoner duets by ex-'Plant & See' members William French Lowery & his wife Carol Fitzgerald. Compares to late Blue Cheer & Damnation. w/ original uncut & unused druggy board game where players establish a worldwide dealership selling marijuana before graduating to LSD) Radnor M- $175
SUSAN LYNCH- Big Reward- (ex-Renegade singer w/ Roger McGuinn, produced by Terry Melcher. Lyric innersleeve. Title song was a hit for Joan Jett & The Blackhearts) Johnston M $38
LYNYRD SKYNYRD- Street Survivors- MCA (w/ rare original 'Flames' gatefold cover & inserts) SS $78 or MCA (w/ rare original 'Flames' gatefold cover & NO inserts) M $30
LYNYRD SKYNYRD- "Down South Jukin" / "That Smell" / "Lend A Helpin' Hand" / "Call Me The Breeze"- (4-Song 12" 33 1/3 hot-cut sampler from previous LPs) MCA DJ ONLY M $40


MADCATS- Same- (Canadian rockers on Limied Edition Gold Vinyl) Canada / Skyline SS $38
MAHOGANY RUSH- IV- (4th LP w/ Frank Marino) Columbia EX $8
MAMA LION- Give It Everything I've Got- (blues-rock produced by Neil Merryweather who also appears on guitar & bass, w/ the Joplin-esque vocals of Lynn Carey (ex-C.K. Strong), who was the 'film voice' of the 'Cary Nations' in the Russ Meyer film "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls". This LP pictures her breast feeding a lion cub) Family SS $145 or M- $88 Scarce!
MARCUS- Marcus- (obscure Detroit funk-metal w/ Tim Bogert) United Artists M $45
DAN McCAFFERTY- Same- (Solo debut by Nazareth vocalist w/ original cover art. Produced by fellow Nazareth member Manny Charlton, who shares lead guitar duties w/ future Nazareth member Zal Cleminson) A&M DJ M $18
MC5- Kick Out The Jams- (Original uncensored edition w/ John Sinclair liner notes in gatefold) Elektra M- $375 or Elektra (censored version) EX+ $44
MC5- Back In The USA- Atlantic SS $125 or M $99 or VG+ $55
METALLICA- Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc- (Features a great picture of James Hetfield on B-Side, while A-Side pictures the group on the 'Master Of Puppets' tour w/ Jason Newsted!) UK / Baktabak (Talking Pictures Series #2066) M $45
MIDNIGHT FLYER- Rock 'N' Roll Party- (5-Song 12" EP w/ Maggie Bell, (the female Rod Stewart) ex-Stone The Crows, plus Tony Stevens, ex-Savoy Brown & Foghat; & Dave Dowle ex-Whitesnake. Produced by Mick Ralphs of Bad Company) Swan Song M $20 Rare!
MIND GARAGE- Same- RCA M- $40 or VG $20
MINT TATTOO- Same- (Ralph Burns Kellogg & Bruce Stephens pre-Blue Cheer w/ die-cut gatefold that opens to a bare-breasted nude) Dot SS $88 or M $66 or M- $58 or EX $48 or VG $30
THE MIX- American Glue- (w/ Corky Laing of Mountain, produced by Felix Pappalardi) Word Of Mouth M $38
MOMS APPLE PIE- (w/ rare uncensored cover) Brown Bag SS $58 or M $46 or VG $35
MOMS APPLE PIE- #2- Brown Bag SS $38
MOONQUAKE- Same- (Canadian power trio) Fantasy VG+ $12 or Fantasy DJ M- $22
MORNINGSTAR- Same- (hard rock w/ prog edge) Columbia DJ M $18
MORNINGSTAR- Venus- (w/ photo & bio; lyric innersleeve. Cover art by Richard Corban) Columbia DJ M- $18
MOTLEY CRÜE- Shoot To Kill- (CD ONLY w/ Tracks 1-8 Live Tuscon, Arizona, September 3, 1983. Tracks 9-16 Live Pasedena, California 1982) Germany / Dr. Gig (CD-054) CD M- $8
MOTLEY CRÜE- Knock 'Em Dead- (CD ONLY w/ 11 Tracks Recorded Live at the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts January 25, 1984. Some sources date this May 5, 1984 & other date it May 31, 1984. w/ 6:12 minute version of "Looks That Kill") Chapter One (CO-25173) CD M- $8
MOTORHEAD- "Motorhead" bw/ "City Kids"- (2-Song 12" produced by Speedy Keen, on a Limited Edition pressing of 12,500) UK / Chiswick (S-13 w/ original 'Map' label) unplayed M $58
MOUNT RUSHMORE- High On Mount Rushmore- (heavy psych-blues produced by Ray Ruff w/ covers of Jimi Hendrix "Stone Free" & Bobby Womack) Dot M- $65 or VG $33
MOUNTAIN- Climbing- (Has cowbell classic "Mississippi Queen", Double A-Side label, Unipak jacket) Windfall VG+ $18
MOUNTAIN- Flowers Of Evil- Windfall VG $5 or Germany / Island VG $12
MOUNTAIN- Nantucket Sleighride- (gatefold w/ Leslie West. Includes 16-page lyric booklet + 2 promo photos) Windfall M- $22 or DJ VG+ $12
MOUNTAIN- Live- The Road Goes On Forever- Windfall VG $4 or Windfall DJ VG $9
MOUNTAIN- Pop History Vol 22- (2-LP Set w/ gatefold) Germany / Polydor M-/EX- $27

N - O

NANTUCKET- Same- Epic SS $18
NAVASOTA- Rootin'- (w/ Jeff "Skunk" Baxter; Flo & Eddie, Don Fagen & Walter Becker) ABC DJ M- $78
NAZARETH- Same- Germany / Philips VG $18
NAZARETH- Expect No Mercy- A&M SS $26
NAZARETH- Exercises- (gatefold) Warner Bros SS $28
NAZARETH- Loud 'N' Proud- (gatefold) Germany / Vertigo VG $22
NAZARETH- Rampant- A&M SS $28
NAZARETH- No Mean City- A&M M- $18
THE NEW ORDER- Same- (w/ Ron Ashton & Scott Thurston of The Stooges, & Dennis Thompson of the MC5) France / Fun M $45
NIGHT- Long Distance- (w/ Chris Thompson of Manfred Mann's Earth Band) Planet M $9
NITZINGER- Same- (John Nitzinger of Bloodrock w/ textured gatefold cover & lyric innersleeve) Capitol M $45 or VG $12
NITZINGER- One Foot In History- (gatefold w/ lyric innersleeve) Capitol SS $35 or M- $20
NITZINGER- Live Better Electrically- (w/ lyric insert) 20th Century M- $23
NOAH- Same- (Canadian pop-psych rock w/ reflective metallicized silver foil cover) RCA M- $17
NUTZ- Same- (Debut LP w/ bluesy & folky prog-rock moves by Liverpool, UK rockers Mick Devonport; Dave Lloyd; Keith Mulholland & John Mylett, w/ sexy cheesecake cover art) A&M SS $55 Scarce!
OFFENBACH- Never Too Tender- (Montreal blues-rock, sung in English) A&M DJ M $36
THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK- You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It- (features early recordings by Walter Becker & Donald Fagen from Steely Dan) Spark SS $70 or M- $40
ORPHAN- Everyone Lives To Sing- (New England rock w/ Eric Lilljequist & guest Jonathan Edwards. Gatefold w/ lyric innersleeve) London EX $28
ORPHAN- More Orphan Than Not- (New England rock w/ Eric Lilljequist & Bobby Chouinard. Jonathan Edwards guests. Gatefold) London SS $47 or M- $33

P - Q

PACIFIC OCEAN- Purgatory- (Lead singer Edward James Olmos became an actor known for roles in Battlestar Galactica; Miami Vice; Blade Runner, etc) VMC SS $99 or VMC DJ VG $22
PAINTER- Same- (obscure Canadian melodic hardrock produced by Danny Lowe) Elektra DJ M- $18
THE PANDORAS- Rock Hard- (6-Song 12" Mini-LP) Restless M- $16
PAVLOV'S DOG- Pampered Menial- (REO Speedwagon related w/ gatefold) ABC-Paramount SS $55 or ABC DJ M- $33 or DJ VG $16 or Columbia DJ M- $12
PAVLOV'S DOG- At The Sound Of The Bell- Columbia DJ EX $30
LEE PICKENS GROUP- LPG- (ex-Bloodrock lead guitarist debuts his own group) Capitol M- $88
PIG IRON- Same- (Elephant's Memory related heavy acid guitar rock) Columbia SS $99 or M $78 or EX $58
PILOT- Same- (w/ Leigh Stephens ex-Blue Cheer, Mint Tattoo) RCA SS $75 or M- $55
THE PIRATES- Out Of Their Skulls- (Johnny Kidd's ex-backup band) Warner Bros SS $28 or VG+ $9
THE PIRATES- Skull Wars- Warner Bros M $22
THE PIRATES- The Hard Ride- Pacific Arts SS $28
POTLIQUOR- First Taste- (pre- Southern Rock w/ George Ratzlaff (aka George Brantley) ex-The Basement Wall. Unipak cover) Janus SS $66
POTLIQUOR- Louisiana Rock & Roll- (Great Southern Rock jams w/ George Ratzlaff (aka George Brantley) ex-The Basement Wall. Seldom seen gatefold cover. Not issued on CD) Janus M $48 or M- $24
PRETTY THINGS- Freeway Madness- (Phil May w/ gatefold) Warner Bros SS $33
PRETTY THINGS- Savage Eye- (gatefold) Swan Song SS $23
PRETTY THINGS- Silk Torpedo- (gatefold) Swan Song SS $23 (Write for more Pretty Things LPs)
PUZZLE- Same- (Bluesy fuzz-psych w/ Tony Grasso, Mike Zack (Cherry People & Nils Lofgren's backing band), & Curt Jonnie, recorded at Electric Lady Studio by Ed Kramer. w/ die-cut gatefold cover) ABC M- $64
PUZZLE- The Second Album- Motown DJ M- $53
QUATRAIN- Same- (Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks related w/ gatefold) Tetragammaton M $50 or DJ EX+ $48
SUZI QUATRO- Same- (w/ "48 Crash"; textured cover) Bell SS $68 or M $44
SUZI QUATRO- Quatro- Bell M- $40
SUZI QUATRO- Rock Hard- (w/ correct innersleeve) Dreamland M- $40 or Dreamland DJ M $50
QUEEN- Same- (w/ gold embossed Queen logo on cover) Elektra (EKS-75064 w/ white promo label) DJ M $75


RAMATAM- Same- (w/ April Lawton- guitar (said to be a student of Jimi Hendrix); Mitch Mitchell (ex-Jimi Hendrix Experience) on drums; Mike Pinera (ex-Iron Butterfly) on guitar & vocals; Russ Smith on bass & vocals; Tommy Sullivan on keyboards & vocals) Atlantic SS $60 or EX $33 or TEST PRESSING M- $53 (Don't know if this Test Pressing differs from final commercial release)
RAMATAM- In April Came The Dawning Of The Red Suns- (April Lawton w/ gatefold) Atlantic SS $65 Scarce!
RARE EARTH- In Concert- Same (Detroit fuzz soul-psych rockers w/ Rod Richards) Prodigal SS $30
RARE EARTH- Willie Remembers- (triple gatefold) Rare Earth M $18 or DJ VG $6
RAVEN- Same- (Debut LP by ex-Rising Sons from Buffalo, NY. They became house band at the 'Scene') Columbia SS $58 or EX+ $38
RAVEN- Live At The Inferno- (Raw live 1967 blues psych-rock sold by the band around their homebase of Buffalo New York after their Columbia LP failed to take off. Not to be confused w/ the LP of the same name by UK metal band Raven) Discovery M $185 Rare!
RHINOCEROS- Same- (w/ Danny Weis & Jerry Penrod ex-Iron Butterfly; Michael Fonfara ex-Electric Flag; Billy Mundi ex-Mothers Of Invention; Doug Hastings ex-Daily Flash; gatefold) Elektra SS $75 or M- $45
RHINOCEROS- Satin Chickens- (Pre-Razmataz) Elektra SS $60 or M $40 or EX- $18 More Info
RHINOCEROS- Better Times Are Coming- (gatefold) Elektra M $44
RIOT ACT- Intense Socialization- (Decent self-released debut by these successful Maine / New England rockers) Eloc (CD Only) M- $12
ROAD- Same- (w/ Noel Redding ex-Jimi Hendrix Experience, & Les Sampson pre-Stray Dog. Lots of wah-wah guitar) Natural Resources SS $77
BRIAN ALEXANDER ROBERTSON- Wringing Applause- (of Thin Lizzy w/ gatefold) Ardent M- $27
ROCK CANDY- Same- (progish hard rock) MGM DJ M $45
ROCK GODDESS- Same- (Great All-Girl metal w/ poster!) UK / A&M SS $70 or M $55
ROCK ROSE- Same- (Trillion inspired pomp w/ lyric insert) Columbia DJ M $25
ROCKETS- Same- (their debut LP) RSO M $12
THE ROCKETS- No Ballads- (Detroit rockers w/ Jim McCarthy ex-Cactus; Mitch Ryder; John Badanjek ex-Happy Dragon Band & Phantom's Divine Comedy. Includes cover of Fleetwood Mac song "Oh Well") RSO SS $38
ROCKICKS- Inside- (cool biker party rock) RSO DJ M $78
ROCKIN' HORSE- Same- (Debut LP Robbie Levin, Daniel Dick, Pug Baker, Rick Kellis, Nick Grillo, Chuck O'Steen, Lenny Macaluso) RCA M- $22
JESS RODEN- The Player Not The Game- (ex- Bronco, Alan Bown) Island SS $45 Scarce LP!
THE ROLLING STONES- Let It Bleed- (w/ VG- Poster) London (blue label w/ boxed logo) VG+ $14
THE ROLLING STONES- Exile On Main Street- (2-LP Unipak Cover art by John Van Hamersveld w/ postcards) EX/M- $28 or EX/EX $22
THE ROLLING STONES- Tattoo You- Rolling Stones EX $12
ROSE TATTOO- Same- (Debut LP produced by Harry Vanda & George Young of The Easybeats. Includes "Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw") Mirage EX+ $30 More Info
ROSE TATTOO- Scarred For Life- Mirage M- $33
RUGBYS- Hot Cargo- (Only LP by Louisville Kentucky group made from ex-members of The Oxfords & Spectres. Sound similar to The Amboy Dukes, Blue Cheer & Steppenwolf) Amazon M $50
THE RUNAWAYS- Same- (gatefold) Mercury (w/ lyric sheet & bonus postcard) EX $55 or Mercury (w/ lyric sheet) VG+ $28
THE RUNAWAYS- Queens Of Noise- Mercury SS $55
THE RUNAWAYS- Waitin' For The Night- (w/ lyric insert) Mercury M $45
THE RUNAWAYS- Live In Japan- (gatefold cover w/ Obi strip) Japan / Mercury unplayed M $60
THE RUNAWAYS- Little Girls Lost- (Picture Disc) Rhino SS $50
THE RUNAWAYS- Flaming School Girls- ('Best Of' collection featuring Cherie Currie) UK / Cherry Red unplayed M $33
THE RUNAWAYS- The Originals- (2-LP Set: Live at The Starwood, Los Angeles, California September 13, 1976, & Live at The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, California, April 1, 1977) Ruthless Rhymes SS $99
THE RUNAWAYS- The Best Of The Runaways- Mercury M $38
RUNNER- Same- (w/ ex-members of Whitesnake; Rare Bird; The Arrows; Vodka Collins; & The Van Morrison band. Sounds similar to Bad Company meets Foreigner) Island SS $30
RUSH- The Way It Is- (Local Boston / Maine area 7-piece band w/ some horns & synths, recorded Live at the Whitehall Club, Old Orchard Beach, Maine December 11, 1974. Blazing guitar-driven rock plus some Santana-influenced organ/guitar sounds. Has amazing psych song "Illusions Of Times Past". w/ original innersleeve) Sadbird M $325 or M- $255 or EX- $135 or VG $85 or VG- $40


ROBERT SAVAGE- The Adventures Of Robert Savage Vol 1- (Gritty hard psych power trio full of searing stereo lead wah-wah guitar (similar to Lobby Loyde), w/ Unipak dragon slayer cover art. Their only release) Paramount DJ EX+ $65 or Paramount VG $45
SAVAGE GRACE- Same- (ex-Scarlet Letter, Detroit rockers w/ Ron Koss) Reprise SS $65 or M- $46 or DJ M $60
SAVAGE GRACE- 2- (Jimi Hendrix inspired Detroit rockers John Seanor & Ron Koss. Includes "Mother's Son") Reprise SS $65 or EX $38 or Reprise DJ M $58
BOB SEGER- Smokin' O.P.'s- (w/ Teegarden & Van Winkle) Palladium EX+ $38
BOB SEGER- Seven- Capitol SS $35
THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM- Mongrel- Capitol (yellow label) M- $18 or Capitol (gatefold w/ green label) EX- $26
THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND- This Is The Sensational Alex Harvey Band- (later released as 'The Joker Is Wild', this is the well sought after original version of their Debut prog-psych LP) Germany / 2001 Metronome (200.173) M $350 Rare!
SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND- The Impossible Dream- (ex-Stone The Crows w/ gatefold) UK / Vertigo M $75 or Germany / Vertigo EX- $70 or VG+ $44
SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND- Tomorrow Belongs To Me- (gatefold) Vertigo M $88 or M- $70
SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND- Sahb Stories- (gatefold) UK / Mountain M- $78
THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND- Live- (Teargas related) Atlantic M $40
SHAKEY LEGS- Same- (Hard-rock w/ some Southern-rock moves) Paramount M- $44 or DJ M- $44
SHAKIN' STREET- Same- (w/ Fabienne Shine & Ross The Boss) Columbia DJ M- $33
SHAKIN' STREET- Vampire Rock- Columbia SS $38
SHOOTING STAR- Hang On For Your Life- (w/ lyric innersleeve & insert. Includes "Sweet Elatia" not on CD reissue) Epic M $18
SILVER CONDOR- Same- (Earl Slick w/ Jay Davis ex-Axis, pre-Private Life; Joe Cerisano; John Cory & Claude Pepper, produced by Mike Flicker. Includes the hit "Goin' For Broke" w/ oringinal paper insert & lyric innersleeve) Columbia M $30
SILVER METRE- Same (gatefold w/ Mick Waller (Trinity, Jeff Beck Group, Steampacket); Leigh Stephens (Blue Cheer); Pete Sears (Jefferson Airplane) National General SS $58 or M- $45 or EX $35
GENE SIMMONS- Same- (w/ Rick Nielson; Bob Seger; Joe Perry; Jeff Baxter; many others) Casablanca SS $18
SIR LORD BALTIMORE- Same- (Hard psych-prog w/ Unipak cover) Mercury SS $175 or M- $99 or Mercury DJ EX+ $88
SIR LORD BALTIMORE- Kingdom Come- (1st use of the term 'heavy metal' was used in a review to describe this LP) Mercury SS $180 More Info
60,000,000 BUFFALO- Nevada Jukebox- (bluey southern style rock w/ Bill Ashford. Judy Roderick provides Joplin-esque vocals. Produced by Bill Szymczyk. w/ original insert) Atco M $40 or M- $28 or Atco (no insert) EX+ $8
SKID ROW- Skid- (w/ Gary Moore) Epic SS $85 or M $65 or M- $50
SKID ROW- 34 Hours- Epic (gatefold) SS $85 or M- $50 or EX+ $45 or UK / CBS (Unipak) M- $70
THE SMOKE- At George's Coffee Shop- (great psychedelic boogie biker rock w/ ex-members of The Nomads, the Texas group famous for "Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time". Produced by Jimmie Haskell) Uni M- $120
SOD- Same- (obscure bluesy hardrock w/ horns) Decca VG+ $48
SOUP- The Album Soup- (blues-rock w/ Doug Yankus, lyric innersleeve) Big Tree M $140 or Big Tree DJ M $150
SPIDER- Labyrinths- (w/ Mike Deasy aka Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar) Capitol SS $80
SPIRIT- Same- (their debut LP) Ode VG $12
SPIRIT- The Family That Plays Together- (Includes their hit "I Got A Line On You"; w/ gatefold) Ode EX $33
SPIRIT- Clear Spirit- Ode VG+ $16 or VG $8
SPIRIT- Live- Potato SS $55
SPIRIT- Potatoland- (w/ John Locke. Has comic book) Rhino SS $50
SPIRIT IN FLESH- Same- (hard-rocking Boston area hippie commune featuring Michael Metelica w/ blazing guitar, screaming vocals, & uptempo tunes. Sold less than 1000 copies) Metromedia SS $99 or DJ M- $65
SRC- Same- (aka Scott Richard Case w/ brothers Glenn & Gary Quackenbush. Detroit hard-psych) Capitol (original w/ rainbow label) M- $125 or Capitol (re w/ rainbow label) unplayed M $25
SRC- Milestones- (aka Scott Richard Case w/ brothers Glenn & Gary Quackenbush. Detroit hard-psych) Capitol M- $115 or VG+ $44
PAUL STANLEY- Same (w/ Carmine Appice) Casablanca SS $18
STARZ- Same- (embossed cover) Capitol SS $18 or M- $9
STARZ- Violation- (w/ Michael Lee Smith, brother of Rex Smith host of TV's Solid Gold, & hitmaker in his own rite) Capitol SS $18 or M $9
STARZ- Attention Shoppers! Capitol SS $18 or M $9
STATUS QUO- Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon- Janus SS $43
STATUS QUO- Quo- (w/ lyric innersleeve) A&M DJ M- $18
STATUS QUO- On The Level- (lyric innersleeve) Capitol M $16
STEEL- Same- (gatefold) Epic SS $60 or M $46 or M- $40
STEEL RIVER- A Better Road- (gatefold) Evolution SS $33
STEEPLECHASE- Lady Bright- (hard rock soul w/ Dean Parrish; Kim King ex-Lothar & The Hand People; Joey Forgione & Tony Radicello, both ex-Soul Survivors; Bobby Spinella pre-Critters; produced by Eddie Kramer) Polydor M $95
STEPPENWOLF- Early Steppenwolf- (John Kay & Mars Bonfire perform "The Pusher") Dunhill M- $30
STEPPENWOLF- At Your Birthday Party- (original die-cut gatefold cover) Dunhill M- $20 or EX+ $12
STEPPENWOLF- For Ladies Only- (gatefold w/ insert) Dunhill SS $40 or M- $22
STEPPENWOLF- Slow Flux- Mums SS $28
STEPPENWOLF- Skullduggery- Epic DJ M $28
STEPPENWOLF- Reborn To Be Wild- Epic DJ M $28 or DJ VG+ $12
STEPPENWOLF- Steppenwolf 7- (gatefold) Dunhill VG $8
STEPSON- Same- (Hard blues-rock w/ Don Gallucci, Joey Newman (ex-Blue Mountain Eagle), Bruce Hauser & Jeff Hawkes, all former members of Touch, along w/ Frank Zappa discovery Jeff Simmons on harmonica) ABC DJ M $78
STILLWATER- I Reserve The Right- (Southern blues-rock w/ lyric innersleeve. Not to be confused w/ the ficticious band of the same name in the film "Almost Famous") Capricorn M $17
SIMON STOKES- The Buzzard Of Love- (w/ lyric innersleeve) United Artists M $60
SIMON STOKES & THE BLACKWHIP THRILL BAND- The Incredible Simon Stokes & The Blackwhip Thrill Band- (w/ John Locke of Spirit & future John Mayall pre-Bluebreakers drummer Joe Yuele Jr. w/ lyric insert. Cover art by Joe Garnett & Pacific Eye & Ear shows mad monks whipping girls) Spindizzy SS $115 or M $90
SIMON STOKES & THE NIGHTHAWKS- Same- (Debut LP of Captain Beefheart inspired psych-blues, produced by Michael Lloyd of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (WCPAEB), & Smoke. Cover art by Cal Schenkel (Zappa) & dedicated to Jack Kerouac) MGM SS $120
STONE THE CROWS- Same- (bluesy psych-rock debut w/ Maggie Bell & Les Harvey, brother of Alex Harvey. Gatefold) Polydor EX $45
STONE THE CROWS- Ode To John Law- (their 2nd LP, w/ gatefold) UK / Polydor M $68
STONE THE CROWS- Teenage Licks- (gatefold) Polydor VG+ $28
STONE THE CROWS- Continuous Performances- Polydor DJ EX $38
IAN LLOYD & STORIES- Traveling Underground- (gatefold w/ Kenny Aaronson of Dust, plus uncredited pre-Foreigner involvement by Mick Jones & Ian MacDonald) Kama Sutra EX $40
STRAIGHT EIGHT- Shuffle 'N' Cut- RCA SS $17
STRETCH- Elastique- (w/ Elmer Gantry, ex-Velvet Opera & Jim Russell of The Wild Angels) Anchor M $33
STRETCH- You Can't Beat Your Brain For Entertainment- (w/ Elmer Gantry, ex-Velvet Opera & Jeff Rich, pre-Status Quo) Anchor SS $35
STYX- Best Of Styx- Wooden Nickel EX $18
STYX- Radio Special- (Promo Only 2-LP Set) A&M DJ Only M/M $40 or A&M (3-LP Box Set) DJ Only M/EX+/M $68
SUGARLOAF- Same- (Their debut LP w/ Jerry Corbetta & ex- Moonrakers members. Has "Green-Eyed Lady"; Gatefold) Liberty EX $33
SUNDANCE- Same- (rare outlaw blues & hard fuzz psych) Kapp M- $125
SUNDAY FUNNIES- Same- (Wah-Koo related Detroit funky hard rock & prog produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, w/ gatefold) Rare Earth SS $48 or VG $20
SWEATHOG- Same- (w/ Barry 'Frosty' Smith, later to Rare Earth & The Naughty Sweeties) Columbia M $48
STEVE SWINDELLS- Fresh Blood- (w/ lyric innersleeve, Steve Swindells, ex-Hawkwind, String Driven Thing, & Pilot, is backed by fellow Hawkwind members Huw Lloyd Langton & Simon King, along w/ Nic Potter. Simon, Huw & Nic later formed "Jawa") Atco M $33
SWITCHED- Subject To Change- (Cleveland, Ohio 'Nu-Metal' mavens produced by Jason Beiler of Saigon Kick. Enhanced CD w/ "Inside" video + screensaver. Original 2002 issue) Immortal Records CD M $6 Rare!


TANGO- Same- (Latino rock from LA) A&M SS $28
TARGET- Captured- (w/ Jimi Jamison; Paul Hornsby; David Spain) A&M SS $50
TASTE- On The Boards- (w/ Rory Gallagher) UK / Polydor M $45
TASTE- Same- (w/ Rory Gallagher) Atco EX $30 or EX- $20 or Germany / Polydor M- $40
TEN YEARS AFTER- Watt- (gatefold w/ Alvin Lee) Deram M $35
TEN YEARS AFTER- Undead- Deram M- $38 More Info
TEN YEARS AFTER- Ssssh- (gatefold) Deram M- $38
TEN YEARS AFTER- Live In Concert- (1971 w/ long versions of "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"; "Love Like A Woman"; "Come On"; "Late At Night") TYA (102) Mono M- $85
TEN YEARS AFTER- Positive Vibrations- Columbia M- $22
TEN YEARS AFTER- Alvin Lee & Company- (great British blues-rock includes the Elmore James classic, "Standing At The Crossroads") Deram M- $22
TEN YEARS AFTER- The Beginning (Vol 14)- Germany / Deram M $40
TEN YEARS AFTER- Stonehenge & Ten Years After- (This is a 2-LP gatefold Set of each LP w/ original cover art) Germany / Deram M- $48
THEE IMAGE- Same- (US-Only release w/ Mike Pinera of Blues Image; Iron Butterfly; Ramatam; Alice Cooper band; Duane Hitchings of Steel, Cactus. Lyric innersleeve) Manticore M- $38 or EX+ $33
THEE IMAGE- Inside The Triangle- (US-Only release) Manticore EX- $45
THOR- Keep The Dogs Away- (Debut LP w/ insert poster of the doberman-wielding muscle-boy, Jon-Mikl Thor, married to Cherry Magazine model Cherry Bomb, who also appears on this scarce pre-RCA glam-metal LP) Midsong SS $99
THREE MAN ARMY- Two- Reprise SS $58 or DJ M $48
THREE MAN ARMY- A Third Of A Lifetime- Kama Sutra SS $55 or (Unipak w/ die-cut cover) DJ M- $50
THUNDER & ROSES- King Of The Black Sunrise- (Jimi Hendrix inspired hard-rock, includes great version of Hendrix's "Red House" plus "White Lace & Strange", later covered by Nirvina) United Artists EX- $45
THUNDERFOOT- Joy- (Heavy psych w/ prog touches, in the Black Sabbath vein) Paula EX+ $99 Scarce!
THUNDERMUG- Strikes- (Canadian group debut LP w/ "Africa" & the Kinks' "You Really Got Me") Epic M- $70
TIGER- Same- (hard blues-rock from the UK w/ Big Jim Sullivan (Green Bullfrog) & Ray Flacke, guitars; Les Walker & Nicky Moore (ex-Hackensack, Megatron pre-Sampson), vocals; Phil Curtis, bass; Billy Rankin, drums) Warner Bros M $33
TIGER B. SMITH- We're The Tiger Bunch- (German heavy-rock glam trio inspired by Jimi Hendrix) Janus DJ M- $65
TOP DRAWER- Solid Oak- (Heavy garage-psych rarity featuring the wild guitar of John Baker & the moody organ of Ron Linn. Super-rare Nicholas Montahna pressing) Wish Bon SS $245
TRAPEZE- Same- (their folky debut LP w/ Glenn Hughes pre-Deep Purple; Mel Galley pre-Whitesnake; & Dave Holland pre-Judas Priest. Produced by John Lodge of The Moody Blues. Gatefold) Threshold (THS-2) EX+ $66
TRAPEZE- Hot Wire- Warner Bros SS $40
TRAPEZE- Same- Warner Bros SS $45
TUCKY BUZZARD- Buzzard!- (w/ ex-members of "The End", produced by Bill Wyman) Passport M $48 Rare!

U - V - W

UFO- UFO 1- (Debut LP. Hard-psych space-metal) Rare Earth SS $99 or M- $66 or EX+ $50 or UK / Beacon VG+ $125
UFO- UFO 2: Flying: One Hour Space Rock- Germany/ Nova M $95
UFO- Live- (Space Metal Personified w/ Michael Bolton giving his best wah-wah guitar work) Germany / Nova M- $77
URIAH HEEP- Wonderworld- (Ken Hensley w/ lyric innersleeve) Germany / Bronze EX $22
URIAH HEEP- Sweet Freedom- (w/ gatefold center page intact) Warner Bros DJ EX $18
URIAH HEEP- Innocent Victim- (w/ John Lawton) Warner Bros SS $30
VANILLA FUDGE- Same- (early psych-prog, all w/ fan club address on original back cover) Atco (purple/brown stereo label) M- $25 or VG+ $14 or VG $5 or Atco (gold/grey mono label) Mono M $27 or Atco (yellow stereo '1841 Broadway' label) EX- $9
VANILLA FUDGE- Near The Beginning- Atco M $18 or VG+ $12
VANILLA FUDGE- Rock & Roll- Atco M- $16 or EX $10
VINEGAR JOE- Same- (post "Dada" Robert Palmer & Elkie Brooks w/ Keef Hartley. Lyric insert) Atco SS $70 or M $55 or EX $36
VINEGAR JOE- Six Star General- (Robert Palmer & Elkie Brooks w/ gatefold, lyric innersleeve) M $65
VOLCANIA- L' Agression- (Hard Prog-Punk & Fuzz) France / Dream Machine unplayed M $125
DAVID WAGNER- d/b/a Crow- Amaret DJ M- $28
WEIGHT- One Man's Queen Is Another Man's Sweathog- (Prog-psych w/ Southern Rock leanings ala Allman Bros inspired guitar/organ interplay) Avco Embassy M $135
WEST, BRUCE & LAING- Whatever Turns You On- Windfall EX $23 or Germany / RSO EX+ $28
WEST, BRUCE & LAING- Live 'N' Kickin'- Germany / RSO VG+ $26
LESLIE WEST- The Great Fatsby- Phantom EX+ $17 or Phantom DJ (w/ special 'press-kit' style packaging. Folder cover has pockets for bio stuff, included, + LP) M $38
LESLIE WEST- The Leslie West Band- Phantom M- $18
LESLIE WEST- Mountain- Windfall SS $33 or EX $14 or VG $6
WET WILLIE- The Wetter The Better- (w/ bonus glossy photo) Capricorn SS $33
WET WILLIE- Manorisms- Epic SS $33
WHITECROSS- Triumphant Return- (Scott Wenzel Christian Metal Rock ala RATT, Cinderella, Motley Crue or Guns N' Roses) Star Song CD M $5 Scarce!
WHITE WITCH- Same- (Hard glam-rock w/ Buddy Richardson, ex-Outsiders, Soul Trippers & Noah's Ark of Tampa Fla) Capricorn DJ (w/ bio sheet) EX $42
WIGGY BITS- Same- (w/ Peppy Castro of The Blues Magoos, later to Barnaby Bye, & Balance) Polydor SS $77 or Polydor DJ M $70
WENDY O. WILLIAMS- W.O.W.- (Her post-Plasmatics solo debut punk-metal PICTURE DISC rarity w/ backing by Kiss: Paul Stanley; Ace Frehley; Eric Carr & Vinnie Vincent. Gene Simmons also plays, produced & co-wrote 5 of the 9 songs) UK / Music For Nations / Passport (MFNP-24 Picture Disc) M $99
EDGAR WINTER- Entrance- (Debut LP by brother of Johnny Winter features his trademark blend of rock-jazz-blues) Epic M $28
EDGAR WINTER- Jasmine Nightdreams- (His 2nd solo LP, w/ lyric innersleeve) Blue Sky M- $16 or EX $8
EDGAR WINTER GROUP- Same- (Live w/ Rick Derringer of The McCoys. Lyric innersleeve) Blue Sky M $16

X - Y - Z

YESTERDAY & TODAY- Same- (w/ lyric innersleeve) London M $40 or M- $33
YESTERDAY & TODAY- Struck Down- (shortened their name to Y&T after this release) London SS $48
YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN- Same- (hard psych from Connecticut w/ two lead guitars & a nice cover of "What Of I" by Wilkinson Tricycle. Cover art by Michael Kanarek) Map City SS $245 or EX+ $170 Rare!
YOUNG & MOODY- Same- (w/ guitarist Mick Moody of Whitesnake, Juicy Lucy & Tramline; plus ex-Status Quo roadie Bob Young. Produced by Roger Glover of Deep Purple. Possible Lemmy involvement) United Artists M $55 Scarce!
ZEPHER- Same- (gatefold w/ Tommy Bolin & Candy Givens) Probe M- $58 or EX- $38 or VG $18 or VG- $8
ZEPHER- Going Back To Colorado- Warner Bros VG $28