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THE ABSTRACTS- Same- (LA garage- pop w/ swirling organ & fuzz, recorded in Texas w/ Tony Peluso. Nice version of "Smell Of Incense") Pompeii M- $35
AMBOY DUKES- Same- (debut LP w/ Ted Nugent) Mainstream M $95 or VG $28 or VG- $8
AMBOY DUKES- Journey To The Center Of The Mind- Mainstream M $88 or VG $28 or VG- $8
AMBOY DUKES- Migration- Mainstream VG $40
AMERICAN BLUES EXCHANGE- Blueprints- (Connecticut heavy psych-prog blues. Rare original pressing) Tayl SS $1275
AMERICAN DREAM- Same- (Production debut of Todd Rundgren) Ampex (#10101) SS $58
AMERICAN REVOLUTION- Same- (A psychsploitation Sidewalk Production w/ Richard Barcelona, pre-Seeds) Flick Disc M $80 or M- $65 (Getting tough to find)
THE ANIMALS- Winds Of Change- (billed as Eric Burdon & The Animals. w/ gatefold w/ MGM sticker: Featuring "San Francisco Nights") MGM M- $48 or EX+ $28 or France / Barkley M- $48
THE ANIMALS- The Twain Shall Meet- (billed as Eric Burdon & The Animals. Contains "Sky Pilot" & "Monterey". w/ Danny McCulloch & Zoot Money) MGM M- $38 or VG $12
THE ANIMALS- Love Is- (2-LP Gatefold Set billed as Eric Burdon & The Animals) MGM M- $34 or EX $22
THE ANIMALS- Every One Of Us- (No UK release of this great psych-blues LP) MGM M $55
ANIMATED EGG- Psychedelic Sound- (Original issue psychsploitation masterpiece w/ Jerry Cole leading the group 'The Id') Germany / Europa M $495
APPLE PIE MOTHERHOOD BAND- Same- (Bosstown pysch group w/ Jeff Labes, pre- Orphan; later backed Jonathan Edwards & Bonnie Raitt) Atlantic SS $135 or M- $80
APPLE PIE MOTHERHOOD BAND- Apple Pie- (title track produced by Felix Pappalardi) Atlantic SS $125 or M- $75
THE ASTRAL PROJECTION- The Astral Scene- (Orchestrated hippie psychsploitation sunshine pop ala The Association, Animated Egg, Sagittarius, Millenium, or any of Curt Boetcher's productions. Often compared as one of the American answers to the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper". Trippy lyrics about mystical stuff, out of body experiences, trance, meditation, etc) Metromedia EX+ $150


THE BAROQUES- Same- (Formerly 'The Complete Unknowns', this early Canadian psych group moved to Milwaukee & recorded this 1967 masterpiece at Chicago's Ter Mar Studios. Incudes "Mary Jane" & "Musical Tribute To The Oscar Mayer Weiner Wagon") Chess Mono SS $235
THE BEACH BOYS- Wild Honey- (post 'Smile' sessions w/ Theremin on title track) Capitol EX $28 or EX- $16 or Capitol Mono EX+ $35
THE BEACH BOYS- 20/20- (their last LP for Capitol, w/ "Never Learn Not To Love" which Dennis Wilson wrote based on the Charles Manson song "Cease To Exist". Unipak cover) Capitol Starline VG+ $35
BEAD GAME- Welcome- (Mission Hill / Cambridge, Mass area prog-rock w/ heavy 'Traffic' style organ & 'Hendrix' style guitars. Friends of Mel Lyman's Family w/ John Sheldon. Drummer Jim Hodder became a founding member of Steely Dan. Comes w/ Rare 5-page press-kit from their NY Management) Avco Embassy M $350 or M- $270 More Info
THE BEATLES- Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- (gatefold cover w/ insert & proper innersleeve) Capitol (original rainbow label) Mono VG- $14 or Capitol Stereo (red label - no insert or 'pepper' innersleeve issued) EX $8 or Capitol / EMI (SEAX-11840 Limited Edition Picture Disc w/ die-cut cover) SS $70
THE BEATLES- Magical Mystery Tour- (Gatefold cover art by John Van Hamersveld w/ 24 page book still attached) Capitol (rainbow) VG $18 (Write for more Beatles titles)
BEAU BRUMMELS- Triangle- (w/ Ron Elliott; Sal Valentino & Van Dyke Parks) Warner Bros (gold label) M $78 or M- $66 (Write for more Beau Brummels)
JOE BECK- Nature Boy- (Heavy jam-rock & ligher folk-jazz from Joe Beck, who played on the John Berberian 'Middle East Rock' LP. Great fuzz guitar & wah-wah dosed version of the Eden Ahbez classic "Nature Boy" that many rock bands did back then (Great Society, Gandalf, etc); w/ Danny Whitten pre-Neil Young & Crazy Horse) Verve / Forecast M- $60 Rare!
J.D. BLACKFOOT- The Ultimate Prophecy- (aka Benjamin Franklin Van Dervort, ex- Ebb Tides & The Tree w/ Sterling Smith & Craig Fuller pre- Pure Prairie League, American Flyer & Little Feat. Lyric insert) Mercury SS $275 or DJ M- $199
J.D. BLACKFOOT- Song Of Crazy Horse- (Title track is 20 minute saga about life of Oglala Sioux Chief Crazy Horse) Fantasy M- $90
BLACKWELL- Same- (hard psych-blues from Texas w/ Johnny 'Rabbit' Bundrick, pre-Free & Who involvement. They hung out at the infamous Oat Willie's Campaign Headquarters. This is the only release on the Astro label) Astro SS $125 or Astro DJ M $90 or Astro DJ M- $70 or Astro DJ VG $35 or Astro Mono DJ VG+ $45
BLIZZARDS- I'm Your Guy- (Hamburg's answer to The Pretty Things. Now scarce Ltd exact repro of mega Kraut-Beat rarity!) Germany / Fontana M (unplayed) $95
BLUE CHEER- Outside Inside- (Unipak gatefold fold-out poster cover) Philips M $138 or EX $88 or VG $48 or VG- $18 or Canada / Philips (w/ group name & album title printed on front gatefold cover) EX $140
BLUE MOUNTAIN EAGLE- Same- (ex-members of New Buffalo Springfield; Bobby Fuller Four; Don & The Good Times get together on this original one-off rarity. Members went on to join Dewey Martin & The Medicine Ball; Stepson; Sweathog; & session work w/ Augie Myers; Harvey Mandel & Arthur Lee. Produced by legendary engineer Bill Halverson (Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cream, The Grateful Dead), this LP is extremely enjoyable w/ an astounding sound based in heavy fuzz, organ & acid freak-out solos, plus an eclectic mix of Country-Blues driven Southern-Rock & Prog styles, all with a West Coast feel to it!) Atco SS $175
BLUES MAGOOS- Psychedelic Lollipop- Mercury Mono M- $40 or VG $9
BLUES MAGOOS- Electric Comic Book- Mercury (w/ rare insert) Mono M- $90 or Mercury Mono VG $24 or VG- $9
BLUES MAGOOS- Basic Blues Magoos- (gatefold) Mercury SS $88
BLUES MAGOOS- Never Goin' Back To Georgia- (w/ Eric-Justin Kaz; gatefold) ABC M- $45
BLUES MAGOOS- Gulf Coast Bound- (gatefold) ABC SS $77 or M- $48 or ABC DJ M- $55
BOHEMIAN VENDETTA- Same- (Highly sought after garage-psych monster w/ lots of fuzz & farfisa mixed w/ savage vocals. Long Island, NY quintet that backed Faine Jade on his Introspection album) Mainstream SS $575 or M $499
MARS BONFIRE- Faster Than The Speed Of Life- (Solo LP by the man who quit Sparrow right before they became Steppenwolf. w/ versions of 3 of his songs that were recorded by Steppenwolf: "Born To Be Wild"; "Ride With Me"; "Faster Than The Speed Of Life") Columbia M $68
BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE- Same- (ex-Wayfarers Sean Bonniwell post "Talk Talk") Warner Bros (Gold Label) M $188 or Canada / Warner Bros M $199
BOSTON TEA PARTY- Same- (actually from Burbank, they cover The Leaves' "Words") Flick Disc SS $135 or M $88
BRITISH CASUALS- Hour World- (Arthur Greenslade involvement) Mainstream SS $135 or M $88
BROTHER FOX & THE TAR BABY- Same- (Tom Belliveau of Pugsley Munion & Richie Bartlett of The Profits, Front Page Review, & The Fools. Bruce Patch production w/ gatefold. Original Boston area release) Oracle SS $135 or M $99
THE BROGUES- Same- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ "Someday"; "Don't Shoot Me Down" bw/ "But Now I Find"; "I Ain't No Miracle Worker" w/ ad insert) Germany / Line M $40
ARTHUR BROWN- The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown- (w/ Vincent Crane pre-Atomic Rooster) Track VG $33 or Atlantic (green & blue label) EX+ $44
BUBBLE PUPPY- A Gathering Of Promises- (Original pressing, w/ ex-New Seeds, pre-Demian members) International Artists M- $210
TIM BUCKLEY- Star Sailor- (w/ Lee Underwood + Buzz & Bunk Gardner of The Mothers Of Invention) Straight SS $150


CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND- Safe As Milk- (w/ Ry Cooder) Buddah (BDS-5001 w/ original red label) EX+ $175 or Buddah (BDS-5063) DJ M $95
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND- The Legendary A&M Record Sessions- A&M M $45
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND- Strictly Personal (gatefold) Bluethumb M- $88
CHAD & JEREMY- Of Cabbages & Kings- (produced by Gary Usher) Columbia M- $28 or VG $9
CHAD & JEREMY- The Ark- (produced by Gary Usher) Columbia M- $33 or VG $12 or Columbia (title spelled The Arc) $44
CHAMAELEON CHURCH- Same- (soft psych w/ future SNL star Chevy Chase) MGM SS $135 or M- $75 or EX $60 or near VG $22
CHARIOT- Same- (Only LP by Cream influenced Heavy Blues-Psych Trio who evolved out of the 60's garage band, The Knack. Drummer Pug Baker went on to Rocking Horse) National General M- $85
CHARISMA- Same- (jazz-psych) Roulette SS $120
CHARISMA- Beasts & Fiends- Roulette SS $135
CHARITY- Charity Now- (good bluesy soul psych w/ The Blossoms; Walt Flannery ex-Love Exchange; & Kent Henry ex-Genesis pre-Steppenwolf) UNI M $75
THE CHURLS- Same- ('Ugly Ducklings' inspired Canadian hard psych w/ Sam Hurrie) A&M M- $95
CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND- (Write for available titles)
CIRCUS MAXIMUS- Same- (Jerry Jeff Walker debut LP) Vanguard EX $28
CLEAR LIGHT- Same (folk-psych masterpiece w/ Dallas Taylor; Ralph Schukett pre-Peanut Butter Conspiracy; Doug Lubahn pre-Doors; Cliff DeYoung) Elektra SS $120 or EX+ $58
THE COLLECTORS- Same- (Vancouver prog-psych w/ Bill Henderson of The Electric Prunes' "Mass In F Minor" fame. Has the side-long "What Love (Suite)" produced by David Hassinger who also produced The Rolling Stones, Electric Prunes, Sweetwater & The Grateful Dead. Members went on to become Chilliwack. Rick Griffin style cover art by Bob Masse) Warner Bros EX $88
THE COLLECTORS- Grass & Wild Strawberries- (based on the stage play by George Ryga, w/ gatefold. The group became Chilliwack after Howard Vickers left) Warner Bros 7-Arts VG $38
COLOURS- Same- (Good psych-pop w/ Gary Montgomery; Rob Edwards; Jack Dalton; Carl Radle- pre-Derek & The Dominoes; Chuck Blackwell) Dot SS $110 or M- $75
COLOURS- Atmosphere- (cover art by Victor Moscoso) Dot SS $125 or M $95
MICHAEL CONDELLO- Phase 1- (Debut LP by the guy who gave us "Soggy Cereal" on Pebbles 3. w/ Bill Spooner pre-Tubes & Dennis Kenmore pre-Pollution) Scepter M $88
THE COUNT FIVE- Psychotic Reaction- Double Shot (1001) Mono M $155 or Mono EX $99
THE COUNT FIVE- Dynamite Incidents- (Side-1 has one song: "You ust Believe Me" at 45-RPM; Side-2 has six songs at 33 1/3rd-RPM) Germany / Line SS $85 or M $58
COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH- Electric Music For The Mind & Body- Vanguard (copper/tan label) VG $16
COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH- I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die- (all w/ Fish Game intact!) Vanguard M- $88 or EX $68 or VG $40 or VG- $16
COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH- Together- (includes song "Mojo Navigator") Vanguard (gatefold cover w/ yellow label) M- $58 or Vanguard (Unipak cover w/ tan label) M $33 or EX+ $16
COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH- Here We Are Again- (produced by Sam Charters w/ lyric insert) Vanguard M $40
COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH- Greatest Hits- (w/ Rare withdrawn banned back cover showing the band naked) Vanguard VG+ $65
CREATION- Same- (not the UK group previously known as The Mark Four. This group features Leon Patillo, later singer w/ the Santana Band, & Lenny Lee Goldsmith, of The Five Americans; Sweathog; Stoneground) Atco M- $55
THE CREATION- If I Stay Too Long- (Mod Freakbeat w/ Eddie Phillips) UK / Planet M $475
THE CREATION- How Does It Feel To Feel- (w/ insert) UK / Edsel M $125
CYNARA- Same- (psych jazz-prog w/ Elvin Jones, drums; & Michael Tchudin (ex-Listening), Hammond organ. Includes "Stone Is" which first appeared on the Listening LP) Capitol M- $88 or VG+ $55


DAMNATION- The Damnation Of Adam Blessing- (Bill Schwark of Dust w/ vocalist Bill Constable (aka Adam Blessing). Damnation has roots in Ohio garage bands "The Society" & "The Alarm Clocks". Became heavy rock outfit, Glory) United Artists SS $185 or M- $120
DAUGHTERS OF ALBION- (Greg Dempsey & Kathy Yesse (aka Kathy Dalton), produced & arranged by Leon Russell. w/ gatefold) Fontana EX $55 or Fontana DJ M- $75 More Info
DAY BLINDNESS- Same- (w/ Sammy Hagar) Studio 10 M $399
DEBRIS- Same- (Weird Chickasha, Oklahoma limited edition private pressing) Static Disposal SS $950 More Info
DEMIAN- Same- (ex-Bubble Puppy hard-psych w/ gatefold) ABC SS $245
THE DEVIANTS- Ptooff!- (Debut LP w/ Mick Farren; gatefold) London / Sire (97001) M- $299 or VG+ $160
THE DEVIANTS- Disposable- (13 tracks including 'Normality Jam'; 'Sidney B. Goode' & 'Sparrows & Wires'. Gatefold) Sire (97005) M $299
DIRTY JOHN'S HOT DOG STAND- Return From The Dead- (Boston area group w/ Kenny Paulson. Debut of the song "Growing Old", written by PJ Colt, which resurfaced on Colt's debut LP. Gatefold) Amsterdam SS $475 or VG+ $115 Scarce!
DISCIPLE- Come And See Us As We Are!- (sunshine psych-pop w/ the female vocals of Sandy Crespo) Avco Embassy M- $150
DOORS- Same- Elektra (original tan label) M- $50 or VG $18 or VG- $8 or Elektra (original tan label) Mono VG $25 or VG- $8
THE DOORS- Waiting For The Sun- (Includes "Hello I Love You", a rip-off of the Kinks' "All Day & All Of The Night". w/ Unipak) Elektra (original tan label) EX $38 or EX- $28 or VG+ $18 or VG $9
THE DOORS- Soft Parade- (Has exclusive LP-only mix of "Touch Me" w/ 'stronger than dirt' ending. The song takes the riff from "C'mon Marianne" by The 4 Seasons. w/ Curtis Amy; gatefold, lyric innersleeve) Elektra EX+ $33 or VG- $8 or Elektra (later pressing w/ lyric sleeve) VG $8
THE DOORS- Strange Days- (w/ lyric sleeve) Elektra (original tan label) M- $40
THE DOORS- Best Of The Doors- (Quad CD-4 Channel Discrete Quadrophonic LP) Elekrta Quadra-Disc (EQ-5055) M $48 or M- $40 (Write for more Doors LPs)
DRAGONFLY- Same- (Post-Legend w/ super heavy-fuzz guitarist Randy Russ. Original issue w/ Unipak gatefold) Megaphone M $595 Scarce!
DRUIDS OF STONEHENGE- Creation- Uni Mono EX- $325 More Info
DRY DOCK COUNTY- Same- Mercury DJ M $48

E - F

EAST SIDE KIDS- Tiger & The Lamb- (heavy soul-psych teen rockers w/ Buzz Clifford & Hamilton Wesley Watt of Euphoria) Uni M $66 or M- $45 or EX- $33
EARTH ISLAND- We Must Survive- (Bill Liska produced by Fowley w/ gatefold) Philips EX $50 or Philips DJ M- $65
EARTH OPERA- Same- (folk-psych-prog) Elektra SS $115 or EX $65 or Elektra (EKS-74016 Plain White Label Test Pressing in generic plain white cover. I don't know if this test pressing differs from the final commercial version) EX+ $85 Rare!
EARTH OPERA- Great American Eagle Tragedy- (w/ Jack Bonus, John Cale) Elektra (red label) M $80 or EX $65
EAST OF EDEN- The World Of East Of Eden- (featuring 'Dig-A-Jig') UK / Deram NM- $99
EDEN'S CHILDREN- Same- (Featuring guitarist Richard 'Sham' Schamach. Includes song "Just Let Go"; w/ gatefold cover) ABC M- $195 or VG $57
EDEN'S CHILDREN- Sure Looks Real- (Cream / Hendrix inspired Boston power trio produced by Bob Theile w/ gatefold) ABC SS $275 or M $190
THE 18th CENTURY CONCEPTS- In A 20th Century Bag- (Mike Curb studio psychsploitation baroque ensemble w/ synth & electric guitar) Sidewalk Mono M $55
ELASTIC BAND- Expansions On Life- (Bluesy Psych-Prog w/ Andy Scott pre-Sweet & his brother Mike Scott, plus Ted Yeadon aka Gus Eadon pre-Zzebra; & Sean Jenkins) UK / Decca (Nova Series) M $425
ELECTRIC JUNKYARD- (odd psychsploitation from NYC w/ some cool fuzz bass. Has "Garbage Can Ballet") RCA M- $150 or VG $60 Rare!
ELECTRIC PRUNES- Same- (some nice guitar sounds here from Ken Williams) Reprise (original Riverboat label) Mono VG $33
ELECTRIC PRUNES- Mass In F Minor- (composed by David Axelrod. The Vancouver band, 'The Collectors' play on several tracks) Reprise (original green/pink/yellow label) M- $45 or Reprise (orange/gold label) VG $9
ELECTRIC PRUNES- Release Of An Oath- Reprise SS $78 or VG+ $28 or Germany Reprise VG $23
ENDLE ST. CLOUD- Thank You All Very Much- (Alan Melinger aka Endle St Cloud (ex-Iguanas); David Potter (ex-East Side Kids), w/ James Harrell & Peter Black (both ex-Lost & Found members). Music leans towards heavy & ranges from good-time blues to country rock, similar to Moby Grape. The last LP released by International Artists. The group then morphed into Porter St Cloud. Original pressing) International Artists SS $195 or International Artists DJ M- $99
ERIK- Look Where I Am- (hippy folk fuzz-psych by Erik Heller, produced by Sam Charters) Vanguard SS $225
EUPHONIOUS WAIL- A Euphonious Wail- (Big Brother & The Holding Company & Jefferson Airplane inspired SF area group w/ Suzanne Rey; Doug Hoffman; Bart Libby; Steve Tracy; Gary Violetti. Produced by Brian Ingoldsby & Lowell Levinger (uncredited) of The Youngbloods. Controversial cover art by Michael Hawes) Kapp M $65 or M- $50 or EX+ $40
EYES OF BLUE- Crossroads Of Time- (Welsh group w/ Eastern, R&B, & classical influences. Songs by The Beatles, Love, Diane Stewart & her husband Graham Bond. Keyboardist Phil Ryan later joined Man, others went to Ancient Grease. Producer Lou Reizner later scored the orchestrated version of "Tommy") Mercury SS $195
EYES OF BLUE- In The Fields Of Ardath- Mercury M- $110 or EX $88
L' EXPERIENCE 9- Freak Out Total- (Obscure early 70s Canadian pressing of the legendary French psych-pop instrumental masterpiece 'Maledictus Sound', created by Jean-Pierre Massiera, w/ totally different name & artwork!) Canada / Revolution M $225
FALLEN ANGELS- Same- (original w/ Wally Cook) Roulette SS $375 or M- $245 More Info
FALLEN ANGELS- It's A Long Way Down- (Prog-psych monster w/ Unipak cover) Roulette M- $575
MERRELL FANKHAUSER & HMS BOUNTY- Things- (ex-Fapardokly & Impacts members) Shamley M- $200
FANTASY- Same- (prog-psych-blues like 'Jefferson Airplane' meets 'Babe Ruth'. Gatefold w/ lyric innersleeve) Liberty EX $99
THE FAR CRY- Far Cry- (Boston group w/ heavy progressive psych & free jazz influences, featuring the amazing Jere Whiting on vocals, ex-Blue Cheer. Produced by Daniel Weiss ex-Iron Butterfly & Rhinoceros guitarist) Vanguard / Apostolic M $165
FEDERAL DUCK- Same- (Nice soft psych similar to Freeborne) Musicor M $155
FEVER TREE- Same- (Cover & liner photos by Jan & Dean cohort Jill Gibson, who was one-time fill-in for Michelle Phillips in The Mamas & Papas) Uni EX $55 or VG+ $38
FEVER TREE- Creation- (w/ Billy Gibbons of Moving Sidewalks, ZZ Top) UNI EX $45 or VG $25
FEVER TREE- For Sale- (Includes some early tracks w/ Kevin Kelley. Cover art designed by Dean Torrence for Kittyhawk Graphics) Ampex DJ M $65
FIELDS- Same- (related to The Foundations. w/ Richard Fortunato (ex-Vejtables); Steven Lagana; Patrick Burke of W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band (ESB). Has side-long track, "Love Is The Word". Produced by Bill Rinehart ex-Merry-Go-Round, w/ Unipak gatefold) Uni EX+ $99 or VG+ $66
FIFTY FOOT HOSE- Cauldron- (Only LP by Cork Marcheschi; Kim Kimsey pre-Hoodoo Rhythm Devils; Larry Evans; Terry Hansley; Nancy Blossom & David Blossom, w/ proper innersleeve. Avant-garde electronic acid-psych) Limelight SS $399 or Limelight DJ M- $265
FIRE ESCAPE- Psychotic Reaction- (Discovered by Kim Fowley while house band at The Gutter Club, LA. Rumored Sky Saxon involvement) GNP / Crescendo SS $99 or M $68
FLOATING BRIDGE- Same- (Seattle Heavy Blues Fuzz Psych w/ Rich Dangel ex-Wailers & Rooks) Vault VG+ $65 or Japan / Liberty EX $73
FLOATING OPERA- Same- (jazzy psych rock fusion w/ die-cut Unipak gatefold) Embryo SS $95 or Embryo DJ EX+ $78 or Embryo DJ EX $70
FLOOD- The Rise Of Flood- (garage fuzz masterpiece w/ John Magazino, Fred Covino, George Cabanting, Billy Carroll) Maple (repro) M $28
FLUFF- Same- (hard psych w/ Estelle Levitt) Roulette DJ M $185 or Roulette DJ M- $125
THE FOLKSWINGERS- Raga Rock- (Psychsploitation fuzz & sitar versions of "Hey Joe"; "Paint It Black"; "Shapes Of Things"; "Eight Miles High"; "Norwegian Wood" & others, featuring the only know recordings of sitar master Harihar Rao teacher & leader of The Hindustani Jazz Sextet. He is backed by Dennis Budimir, Bill Pittman, Howard Roberts, Tommy Tedesco, Herb Ellis, Larry Knechtel, Lyle Ritz, & Hal Blaine) World Pacific EX $65 or Canada / World Pacific Mono M- $88
THE FOOL- Same- (gatefold w/ Seemon & Marijke who designed many LP covers; painted John Lennon's Rolls Royce; designed the set to George Harrison's Wonderwall movie; & did Apple Boutique mural) Mercury SS $120 or M- $75 or VG $18
FORT MUDGE MEMORIAL DUMP- Same- (Boston area answer to The Jefferson Airplane w/ Caroline Stratton vocals. Martin Mull guests, prior to his foray into comedy. Produced by Michael Tschudin of Listening, Cynara. Unipak cover) Mercury SS $399
KIM FOWLEY- Love Is Alive & Well- (debut LP) Tower M $98 or Tower Mono SS $135
KIM FOWLEY- Outrageous- (gatefold w/ Mars Bonfire; Wayne Talbert; Mike Allsup, others) Imperial M $99
KIM FOWLEY- Born To Be Wild- Imperial M- $88
KIM FOWLEY- Good Clean Fun- (w/ Rodney Bingenheimer) Imperial M $88
KIM FOWLEY JR- Son Of Frankenstein- (does songs by his famous dad) Moxie SS $88
FOXX- The Revolt Of Emily Young- (psych-pop rock novella by Buzz Carson & Pepper Martin) Decca M- $44
FRANTIC- Conception- (underrated hard fuzz-psych w/ gatefold) Lizard DJ VG $55 Scarce!
THE FREAK SCENE- Psychedelic Soul- Columbia M- $95
FREAKOUT GUITARS- Freakout!!- (psychsploitation personified) Premier (PS-9006) M- $26 or Spin-O-Rama (S-190) M- $12
JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND- Permanently Stated- (gatefold) Paula SS $65
FREEPORT- Same- (Organ driven bluesy garage fuzz-psych w/ dual lead guitars, including local Maine guitarist Roger Lewis of The Moondogs) Mainstream DJ M $255
FRESH AIR- A Breath Of Fresh Air- (Should appeal to fans of Sugar Creek or Wizards From Kansas. Has crazed, heavy cover of "For What It's Worth" w/ Marc Piscitelli) Amaret DJ EX- $75
FRIAR TUCK & HIS PSYCHEDELIC GUITAR- Same- (aka Mike Deasy ex-Tommy Roe backing band, w/ vocal arrangements by Curt Boettcher. Recorded at Gary Paxton Studios w/ backing tracks from Curt's "Millenium" LP & Ben Benay's "Goldenrod" LP) Mercury (original red label) VG+ $99 Rare!
THE FUN & GAMES- Elephant Candy- (pop-psych w/ Rock Romano of The Six Pents. Other band members worked w/ Mayo Thompson of The Red Crayola. Producer Gary Zekely also produced Yellow Balloon) Uni M $78


GAS MASK- Their First Album- (Funk & hard-psych w/ Bobby Osborne ex-Del Aires of "Horror Of Party Beach" fame. Gatefold) Tonsil M $77 or EX+ $55 or EX $46
THE GENERATION GAP- Up Up & Away- (Funky psychsploitation by Jerry Cole w/ alternative versions of songs from the Animated Egg LP) Custom EX+ $66
GENESIS- In The Beginning- (ex-Sons Of Adam members w/ Kent Henry pre-Charity & Steppenwolf; Fred Rivera pre-Delaney Bramlett; & Sue Richman pre-Thieves. Textured cover art lettering by Mouse) Mercury VG- $25
GIANT CRAB- A Giant Crab Comes Forth- (w/ Ernie Orosco pre-Big Brother, & Kenny Fricia) Uni M- $95 or Uni VG $45
GIANT CRAB- Cool It... Helios- (w/ Ernie Orosco aka Ernie Joseph, pre-Big Brother. Claus Ogerman involvement) Uni EX+ $78
GLAD- Feelin' Glad- (Tim Schmit of Poco & The Eagles, plus future Redwing members Thomas Phillips, Ronald Floegel, & George Hullin. "Shape of Things to Come" on here beats the Max Frost version!) ABC M $85
THE GLASS FAMILY- The Glass Family Electric Band- (Obscure San Francisco area psych-pop group produced Richard Podolor) Warner Bros 7-Arts (W7 label) DJ EX $165
GLASS PRISM- Poe Through The Glass Prism- (They were the El Caminos & later split into 'Shenandoah' & 'The Bouys'. Poems by Edgar Allan Poe set to music. Produced by Les Paul & his son, Russ) RCA SS $60 or M $38 or M- $26
GLASS PRISM- On Joy & Sorrow- RCA SS $88 Scarce follow-up.
GODZ- Contact High With The Godz- (seldom seen original black & white cover art) ESP-Disk' SS $250
GODZ- Godz 2- (This is not the group associated w/ The Capitol City Rockets. Cover art is by Michael Soldan & Judy Parker of the legendary late 60s pop culture magazine EYE) ESP-Disk' (brown/white label) EX+ $88 or ESP-Disk' (black/white label) M- $99
GODZ- The Third Testament- ESP-Disk' M- $99
GOODNESS & MERCY- Same- (Soul Funk-Psych w/ Dave Talisman & ex-members of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Produced by Bob Markley of The WCPAEB who also wrote some songs, along w/ Dan Harris) MGM DJ M $75 or MGM M- $60
GRAPEFRUIT- Around Grapefruit- (Psych-pop w/ George Alexander aka Alexander Young, brother of The Easybeats' George Young, w/ three former members of Tony Rivers & The Castaways. Group was named by John Lennon who co-produced "Lullabye For A Lazy Day" w/ Paul McCartney. Terry Melcher produced the rest of the LP. Later became Gringo) Dunhill SS $175 or M $99 or M- $78
GRAPEFRUIT- Deep Water- (Seldom seen 2nd & final LP by Grapefruit w/ George Alexander. Leans toward a bluesy soul-psych direction. Produced by Terry Melcher, w/ gatefold) RCA EX $95
GRATEFUL DEAD- Same- (original mix debut LP w/ cover art by Mouse Kelly) Warner Bros (Gold Label) Mono EX $88 or Warner Bros (Gold Label) Mono VG $55 or Warner 7-Arts VG $22
GRATEFUL DEAD- Anthem Of The Sun- (original issue mix) Warner 7-Arts M- $77
GRATEFUL DEAD- Aoxomoxoa- (original issue mix w/ cover art by Rick Griffith) Warner 7-Arts EX+ $58
GRATEFUL DEAD- Live Dead- (2-LP Set w/ booklet) Warner Bros VG- $8
GRATEFUL DEAD- History Of The Grateful Dead Vol 1- (Bear's Choice) Warner Bros M- $38
GRATEFUL DEAD- History Of The Grateful Dead- Pride M- $40 or VG $18
GRATEFUL DEAD- Captain Trips, Etc.- (Hollywood Palladium, 1969) Impossible Mono SS $99
GREAT SOCIETY- Conspicuous Only In It's Absence- (w/ Grace Slick, pre-Jefferson Airplane. Live) Columbia (360 Sound) SS $55 or EX $33 or VG+ $14
GREAT SOCIETY- Volume 2 - How It Was- (rare studio) Columbia (360 Sound) M $38
THE GREAT SOCIETY- Collector's Item From The San Francisco Scene- (2-LP gatefold Set repackages "How It Was" & "Conspicious Only In Its Absence"; w/ Darby Slick & his brother Jerry Slick & Jerry's wife Grace Slick) Columbia EX $38
THE GREAT SOCIETY- Somebody To Love- Harmony (Headliner Series) M- $22
PETER GREEN- End Of The Game- (nice wah wah guitar) Reprise EX $23
GROUP IMAGE- A Mouth In The Clouds- Community M- $60
THE GROWING CONCERN- Same- (West Coast psych-pop w/ male / female vocal harmonies, nice fuzz guitar & reverbed cathedral organ. Original issue) Mainstream M- $425


HAMPTON GREASE BAND- Music To Eat- (2-LP Set. Heavily tripped jazzy psych-blues guitar jams like The Numbers Band. Said to be 2nd lowest selling record in Columbia label history. Features Glenn Phillips. Captain Beefheart related. For fans of Pere Ubu; Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention) Columbia M- $130
THE HANGMEN- Bitter Sweet- (DC Teen-Garage w/ "What A Girl Can Do". Some members later to Grin) Monument M- $135 or VG $55
HAPSHASH & THE COLOURED COAT- Featuring The Human Host And The Heavy Metal Kids- (Proto-prog w/ members of the group ART, pre-Spooky Tooth) Imperial M $185 or M- $125 or EX+ $95
HAPSHASH & THE COLOURED COAT- Western Flyer- (w/ T.S. McPhee pre-Groundhogs) Imperial M $175 or M- $125 or EX $77 or VG $25
HARDWATER- Same- (ex-Astronauts) Capitol SS $295 More Info
HARUMI- Same- (2-LP Set of progressive & mystical Japansese acid pop & loner folk psych ramblings produced by Tom Wilson. Rosko guests. Gatefold) Verve / Forecast M $199 Rare!
THE HAUNTED- Vapeur Mauve- France / Eva SS $88
HEAD SHOP- Same- (underground New York psych LP w/ soulful vocals, fluid Hammond organ, distorted lead guitars, fuzzy bass, weird percussion & trippy stereo effects. This total psych rarity features Milan (The Leather Boy) who also produced. Maxim & Larry Coryell guest) Epic VG $65 Scarce!
HEAVY BALLOON- 32,000 Pound- (Heavy folk-blues acid-rock) Elephant EX $125
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE- Are You Experienced?- Reprise (Original tri-color Riverboat label) Mono VG $35 or Reprise (orange/brown 7-Arts Riverboat label) EX $24 or Reprise (orange label) M- $12 or EX+ $9 or Asia / First (FL-1641 w/ UK nudie cover Art) M- $95 Rare!
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE- Axis: Bold As Love- (gatefold) Reprise (Original tri-color W7 Riverboat label) EX $45 or VG- $6
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE- Smashing Amps- (Live versions of: Sunshine Of Your Love; Room Full Of Mirrors; Smashing Amps; Bleeding Heart; Purple Haze; Waiting For That Train; Wild Thing) Trade Mark Of Quality (TMOQ-71028) Mono SS $145
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE- Electric Ladyland- (2-LP set w/ gatefold. Backing vocals by The Cake) Reprise (Riverboat) EX+ $35 or VG+ $28
JIMI HENDRIX- Live In Stockholm- (September 5, 1967 & January 9, 1969. Includes debut of "Burning Of The Midnight Lamp." The LP was later remade as "Pipe Dream") Wizardo M $125
JIMI HENDRIX- In Concert- (some studio, some live. Contains cover version of "From This Day On" & nice drum breaks on "Lime Lime" & "Sweet Thang", plus "Whoa Eeh" w/ a drunk Jim Morrison on vocals) Springboard M $35 or M- $28
JIMI HENDRIX- Last American Concert- (Alive & Flowing From The Crater Of The Sun, Maui, Hawaii, July 30, 1970 + interview. Original unfaded color cover) Jupiter SS $170
JIMI HENDRIX- Kiss The Sky- (best of & rarities, including a live version of "Killing Floor") Reprise M $16
JIMI HENDRIX- Goodbye Jimi- (collects early tracks from various broadcasts & concert appearances) WCF (732) Mono M- $120
HERMAN'S HERMITS- Blaze- (their last & best LP, but there was no UK release of it) MGM M $24 or EX+ $12 or MGM Mono M $28
HOBBITS- Down To Middle Earth- (w/ Jimmy Curtiss) Decca M $88 or VG+ $48
HOBBITS- Men & Doors- (The Hobbits Communicate) Decca SS $125 or Decca Mono VG- $22 or Decca Mono DJ M $88
THE HOLLIES- Evolution- (Different tracks than UK version. Cover art by 'The Fool', w/ cover photo by Karl Ferris, who is credited for creating the first truly psychedelic photograph for an album cover) Epic Mono VG $22
THE HOLLIES- Dear Eloise / King Midas In Reverse- Epic SS $85 or Epic VG- $5
JAKE HOLMES- The Above Ground Sound Of Jake Holmes- (w/ original version of "Dazed & Confused" later ripped-off by Jimmy Page) Tower SS $285 or Tower M $195
JAKE HOLMES- A Letter To Katherine December- (folk-psych) Tower SS $285 or VG $88 Scarce!
JAKE HOLMES- How Much Time?- (w/ lyric sheet) Columbia M $110 or M- $88
JAKE HOLMES- So Close, So Very Far To Go- Polydor M- $75
HOOK- The Hook Will Grab You- (Leaves & Grassroots related!) Uni M $155 or M- $120
HOOK- Hooked- (gatefold) Uni M $158
HOT LICKS- Progressive Rock Music- (This is actually The Pretty Things who were usually called The Electric Banana when doing DeWolfe Music Library sessions. This was recorded before the last of their five Electric Banana albums, w/ Phil May, Wally Allen, Gordon Edwards, John Povey, Pete Tolson. Side A: Vocal version w/ some double-entendre lyrics. Side-B Instrumental versions of same songs. Non-commercially released in VERY limited quantities, this was intended as stock film music) Holland/UK / De Wolfe Music Library (DWS/LP 3284) M $150
HOU-LOPS- Le Palmares Des Hou-Lops- (14 of their prized best songs)- Canada / Maximum M- $88
HOUSTON FEARLESS- Same- (hard-psych) Liberty SS $120 or M- $75 or EX- $50
H.P. LOVECRAFT- Same- Philips VG $40 or Philips Mono DJ VG+ $55
H.P. LOVECRAFT- H.P. Lovecraft II- (w/ Unipak cover. This is reputedly the first major label LP where all those involved in the recording were high on acid) Philips EX- $55 or DJ M- $88
THE HUMAN BEINZ- Nobody But Me- (includes their version of the Jimi Hendrix song, "Foxy Lady") Capitol M $110
HUMAN BEINZ- Evolutions- (Rare follow-up to "Nobody But Me" LP) Capitol M- $175
THE HUMAN BEINZ- Nobody But Me / With The Mammals- (Human Beinz do 5 songs, The Mammals do 6 songs. Both groups do "Nobody But Me") Gateway M $110 or M- $88

I - J

IDLE RACE- Birthday Party- (w/ Jeff Lynne) Liberty SS $165 or UK / Sunset SS $99
IDLE RACE- Impostors Of Life's Magazine- (2-LP Set. Pre-ELO) Canada / Love SS $165
ILL WIND- Flashes- (Boston area psych. Includes song "People Of The Night" w/ one of the greatest guitar solos of all-time, by underrated guitarist Ken Frankel) ABC NVG+ $58 Rare!
THE ILLUSION- Same- (Wiggy Bits related) Steed M $65 or VG $28
THE ILLUSION- Together As A Way Of Life- (produced by Jeff Barry) Steed SS $95 or VG $33
THE ILLUSION- If It's So- Steed SS $88 or M $65
INCREDIBLE STRING BAND- The 5000 Spirits Or Layers Of The Onion- Elektra M $35
INDEX- Same- (Stoner fuzz-psych from Michigan w/ lots of echoey guitar effects. Includes drugged out version of "Eight Miles High") Voxx M $75 Scarce!
IRON BUTTERFLY- In A Gadda Da Vida- Atco M- $23 or EX+ $19 or EX $15 or VG $6
IRON BUTTERFLY- Metamorphosis- (gatefold) Atco M- $24 or DJ M- $28
IRON BUTTERFLY- Best Of Iron Butterfly / Evolution- (w/ Ron Bushy; Jerry Penrod; Danny Weis; Lee Dorman; Mike Pinera) Atco DJ M $28
FAINE JADE- Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital- (Faine's backing band is the Bohemian Vendetta) UK / Psycho M $195
THE JADES- Introducing The Jades, Featuring Gary Carpenter- (aka 'The Jades Of Fort Worth', Texas garage-punk group 1965-1969 recordings, w/ insert) Cicadelic M $48
TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS- Crimson & Clover- (Contains the original LP-Only recording of "Sugar On Sunday", later a hit for The Clique) Roulette EX $16 (Write for more Tommy James LPs available)
JANUARY TYME- First Time From Memphis- (Jefferson Airplane influenced bluesy psych-rock) Enterprise M- $125
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- Takes Off- (w/ early version of "Let's Get Together", later a hit for the Youngbloods) RCA Mono EX $40
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- Surrealistic Pillow- RCA (original black label) VG+ $16 or RCA Mono EX $40 or Mono VG+ $30
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- Crown Of Creation- (w/ lyric insert. Cover art by John Van Hamersveld) RCA (black label) M- $40 or RCA (orange label) M- $20
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- Bless It's Pointed Little Head- (original issue w/ inserts) RCA M- $30 or RCA (no inserts) M- $12
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- L.A. Forum 10-69- (2-LP Set Live in Los Angeles, October, 1969) JA Mono SS $88 Rare!
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE- Up Against The Wall- (Live tracks from PBS Specials: 'A Night At The Family Dog' & 'Go Ride The Music') JA (9999 w/ gold label) Mono M- $75
THE JELLY BEAN BANDITS- Same- (Original pressing of this psych-punk cult classic) Mainstream M- $399
JEREMIAH- Same- (seldom seen soulful & funky pop-psych) Uni EX+ $55
JON & ROBIN- The Soul Of A Boy & Girl- (Debut LP by the Dallas pop/rock duo backed by members of The Five Americans, along w/ Bobby Rambo & Jim Glaves from 'The Crowd'. Wayne Carson Thompson (famous for writing The Box Tops' hit "The Letter") wrote several songs here, including their hit "Do it Again A Little Bit Slower". The ex-5 Americans drummer went on to marry Javonne Braga aka "Robin". Jon Abnor's father was the "Ab" in "Abnak") Abnak VG $28
JON & ROBIN- Elastic Event- Abnak SS $95 Scarce!
THE JOYFULL NOISE- Joyfull Noise- (fusion Brit beat, folky blues & pop-psych. NY group, not to be confused w/ the Boston group, 'The Joyful Noise') RCA (black label w/ dog on top) M- $58 Scarce!
JOYRIDE- Friend Sound- (trippy psych sounds by former members of Paul Revere & The Raiders) RCA SS $95
JUNIOR'S EYES- Battersea Power Station- (hard prog-psych w/ ex-members of Tomorrow, The Bunch Of Fives, & The Tickle. Related to David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Hype, Poco & The Pink Faries) A&M SS $145 or A&M M $99 or A&M DJ M $99 or A&M DJ M- $85


KALEIDOSCOPE- Side Trips- Epic Mono (yellow label) EX- $155
KALEIDOSCOPE- A Beacon From Mars- Epic (yellow label) VG+ $145
KALEIDOSCOPE- Incredible Kaleidoscope- (w/ Unipak cover) Epic (BN-26467) SS $199
KALEIDOSCOPE- Bernice- (includes "Ballad Of Tommy Udo"& "New Blue Ooze" w/ members of Jackson Brown's band) Epic SS $125 or M- $77
KALEIDOSCOPE- When Scopes Collide- (Jimmy Page's favorite band, w/ Chris Darrow) Pacific Arts (w/ embossed cover & insert) SS $110 or Island / Pacific Arts (2nd press wo/ embossed cover) M- $22
KANGAROO- Same- (w/ ND Smart (Hello People; Bo Grumpus; Barry & The Remains); Barbara Keith (her recording debut); Teddy Speleos (Holy Moses); John Hall (Orleans) MGM SS $145 or M $99 or EX $70
KANNIBAL KOMIX- Same- (Unipak w/ topless model. Psych-pop) VG $48 Scarce!
KATMANDU- Same- (heavy bluesy psych prog w/ Bob Jabo (ex- Dr. T & The Undertakers), Bobby Caldwell (pre-Captain Beyond), Kenny Zale, & Norman Harris on the Hammond B-3 organ. Discovered in Miami by Little Richard!) Mainstream M- $299 or Mainstream DJ M- $340
KENNY & THE KASUALS- The Impact Sound Of Kenny & The Kasuals- Live At The Studio Club)- (long out-of-print reissue of their debut LP) Mark SS $225
KID GLOVES- Same (w/ Tom Parker of Apollo 100; Dave Pattison pre- Gamma; Gary Taylor & Andy Steele of The Herd) Buddah M- $38 Rare!


LAST NIKLE- Same- (obscure psych-prog) Mainstream M $225
LAST RITUAL- Same- (gatefold w/ ex- Chelsea Beige members) Capitol M $68 or M- $48
THE LEATHERCOATED MINDS- A Trip Down Sunset Strip- (Studio group one-off w/ J.J. Cale, Leon Russell & Roger Tillison, produced by Snuff Garrett) Viva M- $265 or Viva (w/ 'Bangs' written on back cover by Lester Bangs) Mono M- $275
THE LEAVES- All The Good That's Happening- (their 2nd & last LP, which is also their best. Jim Pons joined the Turtles & Bobby Arlin formed The Hook) Capitol VG $55
THE LEAVES- 1966 Live Unreleased Original Masters- (w/ "Hey Joe" & "Too Many People". Liner notes by Jim Pons) Panda M- $60
ARTHUR LEE- Vindicator- (His Hendrix inspired, post-Love, solo debut LP w/ "Everybody's Gotta Live," a song popularized by John Lennon & co-written w/ Lee. Gatefold) A&M SS $78
THE LEMON DROPS- Crystal Pure!- (Illinois group) Cicadelic SS $38
LIGHTNING- Same- (aka White Lightning, w/ Zip Caplan & other ex-Litter members. Has tribute song to Jimi Hendrix; Janis Joplin & Brian Jones. Both are original 1st pressings w/ 'Pickwick International Presentations' on cover) P.I.P. (6807 Original black label w/ color logo) SS $255 or VG $65
LINN COUNTY- Proud Flesh Soothsayer- (Debut LP by Stephen Miller group playing a blend of jazz-soul-blues & psych. w/ gatefold cover art by Rick Griffin) Mercury SS $65 or M $38 or VG+ $18
LINN COUNTY- Fever Shot- Mercury EX $33 or Mercury DJ M- $38
LINN COUNTY- Till The Break Of Dawn- Philips M- $38 or Philips DJ M $42
THE LITTER- Distortions- (w/ Dan Rinaldi & Tom 'Zippy' Caplan. Bill Strandlof on 'Action Woman'; 'A Legal Matter' & 'Soul Searchin'. James Worthington Kane on 'The Mummy') UK / Warwick (rare 1st reissue, no bar-code; pre-Eva) M $345
THE LITTER- $100 Fine- UK / Hexagon (rare 1st reissue, no bar-code; pre-Eva) M $345
THE LITTER- Emerge- (gatefold) Probe EX+ $125
LITTLE BOY BLUES- In The Woodland Of Weir- (Nazz related) Fontana SS $195 or M $120 or M- $95 or DJ M $130 or DJ M- $99
LOLLIPOP SHOPPE- Just Color- (Original pressing w/ ex-members of The Weeds. Fred Cole later to Dead Moon. Includes "You Must Be A Witch" later covered by The Black Lips) Uni SS $795 or EX+ $475
LOST AND FOUND- Everybody's Here- (w/ "Forever Lasting Plastic Words"; "Living Eyes" (dedicated to the Living Eye teen club in their hometown of Houston, Texas; & the Roky Erickson / Tommy Hall song "Don't Fall Down") International Artists (IA-3 original pressing wo/ 'Masterworks' in matrix) M $275 or Italy / Get Back (High Quality 180 gram pure virgin vinyl reissue) M $40 More Info
LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE- Presenting Lothar & The Hand People- Capitol (original rainbow label) M- $85
LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE- Space Hymn- Capitol M $88 or M- $70 or EX $60 or VG+ $40 or VG $25
JOHN D. LOUDERMILK- The Open Mind Of John D. Loudermilk- (bubbly sounding, lyrically-barbed, countrypolitan psych-pop opus, assembled in Nashville w/ sitars; fuzzy guitar, trippy backing vocals, strange effects; & more! Includes "The Jones'" covered by Neal Ford & The Fanatics) RCA Victor M $88 or M- $75
LOVE- Same- (Their debut LP in Mono cover w/ Stereo sticker) Elektra (74001 brown label w/ large 'E' logo at top) M- $95
LOVE- Da Capo- Elektra (74005 gold label w/ large 'E' logo at top) M- $88 or Elektra (4005 gold label w/ large 'E' logo at top) Mono M- $78 or Mono VG $38
LOVE- Forever Changes- Elektra (74013 brown label w/ large 'E' logo at top) VG- $33
LOVE- Four Sail- Elektra SS $99
LOVE- Out Here- (2-LP Gatefold Set) Blue Thumb (Has company sticker w/ title; group name & songs taped to front) NM $110 or Blue Thump (no cover sticker) VG+ $63
LOVE- Reel To Real- (Their final official LP, w/ Harvey Mandell; Vanetta Fields, others) RSO SS $88
LOVE- Revisited- ('Best of' LP w/ gatefold) Elektra (original issue) VG $48 or Sundazed (180-gram audiophile reissue) M $28
LOVE- Live- (Recorded Live October 21, 1978 at the Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles, California) Rhino (RNDF-251 PICTURE DISC) SS $78
LOVE EXCHANGE- Same- (SF hippy garage-folk-pop w/ Bonnie Blunt, vocals. Recommended if you like the Orphan Egg, Music Emporium, Yankee Dollar, or Serpent Power) Tower SS $145 or M- $95 or EX- $50
THE LSD ENIGMA- Same- (ex-McFadden's Parachute) Jargon (CD ONLY) SS $16
LES LUTINS- Same- (Rare debut LP by Rolling Stones inspired Quebec teen band, aka 'The Goblins', sung in French) Canada / Carrousel Mono EX- $175


MAD RIVER- Same- (w/ underrated guitarist David Robinson; Rick Griffin band logo cover art) Capitol EX $88
MAD RIVER- Paradise Bar & Grill- (has song "Academy Cemetary" featuring David Robinson on guitar) Capitol M- $88
MALACHI- Holy Music- (aka John Morgan w/ Allen Ginsberg who plays mouth-harp & endorses the LP. Also w/ 'The Familiar Ugly' of Red Crayola fame. Folky acid trance rarity w/ gatefold) Verve M $99 or M- $82 or EX $75 or VG- $9
THE MANDRAKE MEMORIAL- Same- (As great as "Puzzle" & "Medium" are, this one is arguably their best, loaded w/ strong self-compositions & terrific playing. The catchy tuneful grooves mixed w/ lysergic fuzz-guitar & trippy keyboards are hard to beat) Poppy M $399
THE MANDRAKE MEMORIAL- Puzzle- (prog-psych w/ "House of Stairs" gatefold cover art by M.C. Escher. Has circular insert, of Escher's "Curl Ups", for your turntable) Poppy SS $475 or M $365
SHADOW MANN- Come Live With Me- (Tough & trippy underground garage psych-rock by producer Artie Wayne aka Shadow Mann w/ backing by Chuck Rainey, Bernard Purdy, Lotti Golden, others) Tomorrow's Productions SS $145
MARKLEY- A Group- (Trippy fuzz-psych acid-folk w/ The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band members Bob Markley; Michael Lloyd & brothers Shaun & Danny Harris, both ex-Sunrays. Has orchestrated popsike gem "Outside Inside". This is basically the 5th & final WCPAEB album, w/ lyric insert) Forward M $175
THE MASTERS APPRENTICES- Hands Of Time (1966-72 beat rarities w/ gatefold & insert) Australia / Raven M $70
MAX FROST & THE TROOPERS- Shape Of Things To Come- (fictional band created for 1968 film "Wild In The Streets", is actually played by The 13th Power, w/ studio group The Wrecking Crew & members of Davie Allan & The Arrows, plus songwriter Paul Wiebier on lead vocals) Tower (Original pressing ST-5147 Rare Stereo, jacket is poor) VG $50
MAXIMILLIAN- (Hendrix inspired hard-psych. Teddy Vann production w/ gatefold) ABC EX- $95
THE McCOYS- Same- (w/ Rick Derringer) Bang VG- $14
THE McCOYS- Hang On Sloopy- Bang Mono EX $44 or VG $24
THE McCOYS- You Make Me Feel So Good- Bang M $66 or Bang Mono M- $55
THE McCOYS- Human Ball- Mercury M- $40 or Mercury (yellow label) DJ M $75
THE McCOYS- Infinite McCoys- (One of John Lennon's fave psych LPs, w/ Rick Derringer) Mercury M- $55
THE McCOYS- Outside Stuff- (2-LP Set of "Infinite McCoys" & "Human Ball") Mercury DJ M $60
DANNY McCULLOCH- Wings Of A Man- (pop-psych by ex-Screaming Lord Sutch bassist. Produced by Vic Briggs) Capitol DJ SS $95 or Capitol M- $58 or VG+ $30
THE MERRY-GO-ROUND- You're A Very Lovely Woman- Live- (Baroque psych-pop featuring Emitt Rhodes. The Bangles covered "Live") A&M M- $60 or VG+ $35
THE MERRY-GO-ROUND- Best Of The Merry-Go-Round- Rhino SS $25
MESMERIZING EYE- Psychedelia - A Musical Light Show By The Mesmerizing Eye- ('The Fire Escape' related psychsploitation masterpiece by producers Larry Goldberg & Hank Levine) Smash Mono M $155 or Mono VG+ $77
THE MIND EXPANDERS- What's Happening! (The most wonderfully weird, creative & experimental of all the psychsploitation LPs. Produced by Charles Grean, composer of "Quentin's Theme" from the TV series "Dark Shadows") Dot VG+ $75 or VG $58 or Dot Mono M- $99
THE MISSING LINKS- Same- (Pretty Things inspired freakbeat) Australia / Raven (19) Mono M $99 or Australia / Corduroy (CORD-050 - Numbered #371 of 1000) Mono M $99
THE MISUNDERSTOOD- Before The Dream Faded- (Ahead of their time Riverside, California group, relocated to The UK, where 1/2 of this LP was recorded; w/ proper innersleeve) UK / Cherry Red unplayed M $88
MOBY GRAPE- Same- (uncensored 'finger' cover, no poster) Columbia (red "360 Sound" label) VG- $14 or Columbia (red label w/ gold lettering) M- $20
MOBY GRAPE- Wow + Grape Jam- (2-LP Set w/ Mike Bloomfield. "Wow" has gatefold cover & "Grape Jam" comes as a separate bonus LP in its own cover. Has the song "Never", later reworked by Led Zeppelin as "Since I've Been Loving You") Columbia (Wow) M- / (Jam) M $45 for both, or (Wow) M- / (Jam) EX $34 for both, or (Wow) EX / (Jam) VG $18 for both
MOBY GRAPE- Moby Grape '69- Columbia M- $24 or VG $9
MOBY GRAPE- Great Grape- Columbia EX+ $28
MOBY GRAPE- 20 Granite Creek- Reprise W7 (gold & orange label) M- $30 or Reprise (pre-Warner logo) M- $35
MOLOCH- Same- (Memphis heavy blues-rock w/ sound effects, noises & superb acid fuzz & phased lead guitar by Lee Baker ex-Blazers. Churning organ & pounding rhythm w/ members of 'The Group' & 'Rapscallions'. Has original version of 'Going Down'. Produced, written & arranged by Don Nix, ex-Mar-Keys & Paris Pilot) Enterprise M $165
MONDAY BLUES- The Phil Spector Songbook- (60s mod soul pop-psych covers of Phil Spector classics produced by Ed Fournier & Ricky Sheldon w/ vocal arrangements by D. Mani) Vault SS $95 or EX+ $58
MONTAGE- Same- (Baroque pop w/ Mike Brown of The Left Banke. Unipak) Laurie SS $165
MOONRAKERS- Together With Him- (Bob Webber ex-Soul Survivors, & Jerry Corbetta, along w/ 2 other members, later formed Sugarloaf) Shamley M $65 or EX- $38
MORNING- Same- (gatefold) Vault M $78
MORNING GLORY- Two Suns Worth- (engineered by John Cale) Fontana M $70 or VG $33
MOTHER EARTH- Living With The Animals- (Tracy Nelson blues-psych debut w/ Mike Bloomfield, as Makel Blumfeld & Spencer Perskin of Shivas Headband on guitar. Unipak cover) Mercury M- $40 or VG $18
MOTHER EARTH- Make A Joyful Noise- (Unipak cover w/ leaf intact) Mercury M $43 or EX+ $28 or EX $18 or EX- $9
MOTHER EARTH- Bring Me Home- Reprise VG $12
MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Freak Out!- (2-LP Set. All the original Gatefold covers offered here have the blurb for "Hot Spots" map) Verve VG- $30 or Verve Mono M $299 or Verve Mono VG- $35 or Verve (yellow label) Mono DJ EX $350
MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Absolutely Free- (gatefold w/ "Plastic People") Verve VG $33 or VG- $18 or Verve Mono EX- $54
MOTHERS OF INVENTION- We're Only In It For The Money- (gatefold w/ insert) Verve NM $170
MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Burnt Weenie Sandwich- (gatefold) Bizarre M $60 or EX $33
THE MOTIONS- Electric Baby- (Hard Nederbeat rock w/ Unipak) Philips M $135
MOVING SIDEWALKS- Flash- (Exact repro of the classic blues-psych rarity w/ Billy Gibbons, now a rarity itself! Decode the backwards vocal on "Eclipse" w/ your manual turntable! Gatefold cover) Tantra M $88
MUSIC ASYLUM- Commit Thyself- (hypnotic jazzy avant folk psych ala Godz, Doors, or Tim Buckley's "Lorca" w/ great cover of then unreleased Bob Dylan song "Million Dollar Bash". Gatefold) United Artists SS $95
MYSTIC NUMBER NATIONAL BANK- Same- (die-cut gatefold cover) ABC / Probe SS $99 or M $88 or VG+ $33

N - O

NEIGHB'RHOOD CHILDR'N- Same- (The Neighborhood Children started as The Navarros, in Oregon, moved to San Francisco & recorded their only LP, w/ stinging fuzz-psych guitar & vocals by Rick Bolz & Farfisa pop-organ & vocals by Dyan Hoffman, their music is often described as The Jefferson Airplane meets The Turtles, ala The Growing Concern) Atca Mono M $450
NEW COLONY SIX- Breakthrough- Sentar (Original pressing) Mono EX+ $575 or EX $495 or France / Eva (reissue, now hard-to-get itself) SS $68
NEW COLONY SIX- Revelations- Mercury (original red label) M $58 or M- $38 or VG $18 or Mercury (2nd pressing) VG $9 or Mercury (1st pressing w/ yellow label) DJ M- $78
NEW ZEALAND TRADING COMPANY- Same- (Psych-Jazz that will appeal to fans of The Travel Agency or "Wake Up...It's Tomorrow" era Strawberry Alarm Clock. The only LP released on the label) Memphis M $99
NIRVANA- All Of Us- (Contains the very mod theme song from the movie "The Touchables (All Of Us)", said to be composed by Steve Winwood) US / Bell SS $295 or UK / Island (pink 'eye' label) M- $275
NIRVANA- To Markos III- (Patrick Campbell-Lyons ex-Second Thoughts & Greek guitarist Alex Spyropoulos, w/ some arrangements by Tony Visconti, who produced David Bowie & T Rex) Metromedia DJ ONLY M $275 Rare!
THE NOMADS- From Zero Down!- (Rare demo & singles cuts by this Mount Airy, North Carolina group, best known for "Thoughts Of A Madman". This LP was withdrawn shortly after release due to royality issues) Crypt SS $160 Scarce!
NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND- Same- (w/ Skip Rose. Similar to Country Joe & The Fish; The Holy Modal Rounders; Mad River; Frumious Bandersnatch) Vanguard M- $78
THE NOVA LOCAL- Nova 1- (1st ever LP recorded using the then new Dolby NR System) Decca VG- $33 Scarce!
ORANG-UTAN- Same- (Orang–Utan were the London based group Hunter, featuring vocalist Terry "Nobby" Clarke of psych–pop legends Jason Crest. Hard prog w/twin-guitar psych moves, fuzz/wah & powerful vocals. Would appeal to fans of Budgie, Bang, Sir Lord Baltimore. Original 1971 pressing, US ONLY release) Bell (6054) SS $495
ORIENT EXPRESS- Same- (Eastern freakout raga-psych-prog rarity) Mainstream SS $399
ORPHAN EGG- Same- (Their only LP. Has killer fuzz-psych version of the Every Brothers hit "Bird Dog") Carole M $275
OSMOSIS- (Rare Boston jazz-psych produced by Dave Blume & Carolyn Hester w/ Charlie Bechler; Charlie Mariano; Danny Comfort) RCA M- $99
THE OTHER HALF- Same- (w/ Randy Holden ex-Sons Of Adam, pre-Blue Cheer) Atca Mono M $295 Rare in Mono!
THE OTHER HALF- Same- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM) Germany / Line M $73

P - Q

PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC- Get It On- (ex-Bluesberry Jam members Tom Marshall & Charlie Allen w/ Frank Cook ex-Canned Heat. w/ gatefold) Bright Orange M- $55 or EX- $44 or Power (2nd issue on 'Power label but w/ original Bright Orange jacket) VG+ $35 or Power VG $28
THE PANTHERS- 1964-66- (great Swedish beat) Garageland Mono M $45
A PASSING FANCY- Same- (Original pressing of Toronto based pop-garage-psych-prog group featuring Jay Telfer) Canada / Boo (BST-6801) M $575 Rare!
PAUPERS- The Magic People- (gatefold) Verve Forecast M $40 or Verve Forecast Mono M $44
THE PAUPERS- Ellis Island- (w/ insert) Verve Forecast M $38 or M- $28
PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY- Is Spreading- (Their debut LP ex-Ashes members) Columbia M $60 or EX $33 or Columbia Mono SS $95 or Mono EX $40 or Mono VG $16
PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY- The Great Conspiracy- Columbia M- $55 or VG $9 or Columbia Mono VG- $8
PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY- For Children Of All Ages- Challenge EX+ $80
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE- One Nation Underground- (Their debut LP. Cover features the "Hell Panel" from Hieronymus Bosch's 15th century painting "Garden of Delights") ESP (brown cover) M- $125 or EX- $95 or ESP (b&w cover) VG- $22 or ESP (color cover) VG- $18
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE- Balaklava- (Front cover painting by Peter Bruegel, Jr. Back cover drawings by Jean Cocteau) ESP (Limited advance white label test pressing promo. It's unknown if this Test Pressing differs from final commercial release) M $150 or ESP (proper printed stock label) M- $90
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE- These Things Too- (folk-psych w/ Tom Rapp) Reprise (W7) EX+ $45
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE- Beautiful Lies You Could Live In- (Billed as Tom Rapp & Pearls Before Swine) Reprise DJ M- $88
PENDULUM & CO- Same- (Rare Boston area pop-psych w/ Jimmy Curtiss ex-Enjays, Regents, Hobbits) Perception EX+ $195
PHLUPH- (Rare Boston psych LP) Verve SS $155 or M $99
PIDGEON- (Rare Long Island, NY harpsichord-psych & folk-prog LP w/ Cheri Gage & future glam-rock pioneer Jobriath Salisbury, aka Jobriath Boone, aka Bruce Campbell, aka Cole Berlin... Gatefold) Decca SS $175 or M- $99 or Decca DJ M $115
PINK FLOYD- Ummagumma- (2-LP Set w/ cover art by Hipgnosis) Harvest EX $28 or VG+ $14
PINK FLOYD- Relics- (cover art by Hipgnosis differs from UK issue) Harvest EX $58 or UK / Starline / EMI (SRS-5071 original issue w/ textured cover & no song titles printed at top) M $195
PINK FLOYD- The Best Of Pink Floyd- UK / Columbia EX+ $58
P.J. ORION & THE MAGNATES- Same- (Groton, Massachusetts prep school frat band of Greek students w/ a great folk-rock sound) P.J. Orion & The Magnates (b&w cover) M $175
PLUM NELLY- Deceptive Lines- (psych-prog w/ Ric Prince; John E. Walker; Steve Ress; Peter Harris; Christopher Lloyd. Backup by Jeremy Steig & The Sweet Inspirations) Capitol M $177
PLUS- Seven Deadly Sins- (Nirvana related prog-psych concept LP w/ die-cut gatefold cover) Probe EX $93
POE- Up Through The Spiral- (aka Playboys Of Edinburgh; hard-psych concept LP based on the life of Edgar Cayce; w/ gatefold) Uni EX+ $75
POTTER ST. CLOUD- Same- (Country-psych w/ Endle St. Cloud & D.F. Potter ex-East Side Kids, along w/ James Harrell, Matthew Moore, Sneaky Pete, Buzz Clifford, Gary Montgomery) Mediarts SS $110
PRETTY THINGS- S.F. Sorrow- (1st Rock-Opera LP, w/ gatefold) Rare Earth (die-cut cover) SS $399 or Rare Earth (die-cut cover) VG $99 or Canada / Rare Earth EX- $99
PRETTY THINGS- Parachute- (Unipak cover w/ artwork by Hipgnosis. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios) Rare Earth SS $299 or M- $150 or EX $99
PRETTY THINGS- Real Pretty (2-LP gatefold set w/ "S.F. Sorrow"& "Parachute") Rare Earth M $78
PROCOL HARUM- Home- (breakthrough LP for Robin Trower w/ gatefold) A&M EX- $9
QUATRAIN- Same- (Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks related w/ gatefold) Tetragammaton M $195 or DJ EX+ $135
THE QUEEN'S NECTARINE MACHINE- The Mystical Powers Of Roving Tarot Gamble- (gatefold) ABC EX+ $155
QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE- Happy Trails- (Globe Propaganda cover art) Capitol (rainbow) EX $45
QUILL- Same- (Boston area funky hard-rock prog-psych w/ The Cole brothers, who were formerly with Mt Hermon Academy school band The Knights. Unipak cover) Cotillion SS $299 or M- $199 or VG $99 or Cotillion DJ M $235 or DJ M- $199


THE RACKET SQUAD- Same- (from Pittsburgh, ex-Fenways & Townsmen) Jubliee SS $175 or VG $48
THE RACKET SQUAD- Corners Of Your Mind- Jubilee EX $140
THE RAINY DAZE- That Acapulco Gold- (Great beat-psych w/ a few soul tunes. Producer Frank Slay later wrongly credited members Tim Gilbert & John Carter as writing "Incense & Peppermints" which Slay also produced & became a hit for The Strawberry Alarm Clock) Uni Mono DJ M $135
RARE EARTH- Ecology-(Detroit fuzz soul-psych rockers w/ Rod Richards) Rare Earth M- $17
THE RATIONALS- Same- (Detroit R&B garage-funk w/ Scott Morgan. Has Dr. John's "Glowin' Up"; Mike D'Abo's "Handbags & Gladrags"; Robert Parker's "Barefootin'"; & the original "Guitar Army") Crewe SS $95 or M $70 or M- $45
THE RED CRAYOLA- The Parable Of Arable Land- (Mayo Thompson w/ Frederick Barthelme (younger brother of post-modern writer Donald Barthelme), later became an acclaimed fiction writer. Also on board are The Familiar Ugly, for a total Free Form Freak-Out. Original pressing) International Artists (IA #2) Mono VG+ $95
THE RED KRAYOLA- God Bless The Red Krayola & All Who Sail With It- (aka The Red Crayola. Galaxie 500 covered "Victory Garden". Original pressing) International Artists SS $175
RESEARCH 1-6-12- In Research- (obscure folk-psych) Flick City M $125
THE ROAD- Same- (Obscure Buffalo, NY group rumored to be Donny Iris & The Jaggerz of "The Rapper" fame. Here they do a great cover of The Zombies hit "She's Not There") Kama Sutra M $55 or M- $38
ROCKIN' FOO- Same- (their debut LP) Hobbit SS $85 or EX- $40
ROCKIN' FOO- Same- (die-cut gatefold cover w/ lyric innersleeve) Uni EX+ $48 or EX $40
THE ROLLING STONES- Aftermath- London (red label w/ silver box on top. Has: "Paint It Black" + 10 others) Mono VG $28 or Columbia, South America / Decca (LK-4786 orange ffrr label w/ unboxed Decca logo. Has: "Mother's Little Helper"; "Out Of Time"; "Take It Or Leave It"; What To Do" + 10 others) Mono EX+ $95
THE ROLLING STONES- Between The Buttons- London (maroon label w/ silver box on top) Mono VG- $9 or London (red label w/ silver box on top. Different layout than maroon label) Mono VG $16 or Germany / Decca (SLK-16450-P no band name on cover) Mono VG $65 or Germany / Decca (6.21399 w/ band name on cover) Mono M- $38 or UK / Decca (SKL-4852 navy ffss label w/ boxed logo) M $199 or UK / Decca (LK-4852 w/ unboxed maroon ffrr label) Mono EX+ $299
THE ROLLING STONES- Flowers- (w/ "Mother's Little Helper"; "Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow?" plus stray tracks from the UK versions of 'Aftermath' & 'Between The Buttons' like 'Backstreet Girl' & 'Please Go Home'; plus exclusive US only tracks like 'My Girl' & 'Ride On Baby') London (blue label w/ box at top) VG $18
ROLLING STONES- Their Satanic Majesties Request- (Original 3-D gatefold Cover Art) London SS $155 or EX+ $66 or EX- $44 or VG- $14 or Asia / Large World (LW-351 w/ Red Vinyl - cover was never issued as '3-D' in Asia) VG $45 Scarce!
ROTARY CONNECTION- Same- (1968 soulful psych music w/ Mitch Aliotta & Minnie Ripperton (5½ octave vocal range) & Mitch Aliotta, produced by Marshall Chess. Has Rolling Stones classics "Lady Jane" & "Ruby Tuesday", plus Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone") Cadet Concept VG+ $22
ROTARY CONNECTION- Aladdin- (Unipak cover) Cadet Concept M- $33 or EX $18 or VG $8
ROTARY CONNECTION- Peace- Cadet Concept SS $45 or EX- $16
ROTARY CONNECTION- Songs- Cadet Concept M- $33 or EX $22
ROTARY CONNECTION- Dinner Music- Cadet Concept M- $33
ROTARY CONNECTION- Hey Love- (psychedelic soul/rock by the 'New' Rotary Connection, w/ Minnie Ripperton & Phil Upchurch) Cadet Concept M- $44
RUMPLESTILTSKIN- Same- (heavy psych blues prog rock produced by Shel Talmy w/ cartoon strip cover by Angus McGill & Steve Thomas) Bell SS $495 or M- $275


THE SACRED MUSHROOM- Same- (Heavy Cincinatti, Ohio blues-psych w/ Larry Goshorn & Danny Goshorn, both pre-Pure Prairie League; Fred Fogwell; Doug Hamilton & Joe Stewart. Great psychedelic cover art by Rhea Atkins. Original pressing) Parallax SS $550 or Canada / Phonodisc / Parallax M- $399
ST. JOHN GREEN- Same- (wild cult-psych produced by Kim Fowley & Michael Lloyd of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band) Flick Disc SS $155 or M- $95 or VG+ $55
SALLOOM SINCLAIR & THE MOTHER BEAR- Same- (Roger Salloom & Robin Sinclair. Roger co-created nationally syndicated newspaper piece "Leold") Cadet Concept SS $99 or M- $77 or EX $44
SALLOOM & SINCLAIR- Same- (Blues-psych w/ some country moves, produced by Charlie McCoy) Cadet Concept M- $58
SALVATION- Same- (San Francisco hippy psych w/ great heavy acid leads & some sitar too. Produced by Bob Thiele. Gatefold cover) ABC M- $110 Rare!
SAPPHIRE THINKERS- From Within- (West Coast sunshine-psych w/ organ, fuzz, flute, male/female vocals, cool harmonies, etc. Recorded by Sandy Lehmann-Haupt, an original Merry Prankster & soundman on the Pranksters' bus) Hobbit SS $285 or Hobbit DJ M $235
BERNIE SCHWARTZ- The Wheel- (aka Don Atello on Tide Records; aka Adrian Pride on Warner Bros Records; Bernie was in Comfortable Chair on Ode Records. He teams up here w/ Hamilton Wesley Watt, Jr. & Bill Lincoln of the Capitol Records group 'Euphoria'. LP has a psych country/folk vibe ala Neil Young w/ fuzz. The song "Peace On Earth" was used in the movie 'The Magic Garden Of Stanley Sweetheart'. Bernie wrote songs for 'The East Side Kids' & 'Yellow Payges'. This is the 2nd of only 5 titles to come out on this obscure label) Coburt DJ M- $295
THE SCREAMING GYPSY BANDITS- In The Eye- (Rare local Indiana psych. Original issue w/ Caroline Peyton & future MX-80 producer, Mark Bingham. Capt. Beefhart related) BRBQ M- $170
THE SEEDS- Same- (Original pressing w/ "'Pushin' Too Hard") Canada / GNP Crescendo (2023) M $99
THE SEEDS- A Web Of Sound- (Original pressing of their 2nd release) GNP Crescendo EX $66
THE SEEDS- Raw & Alive: The Seeds In Concert At Merlins Music Box- ('Live' crowd sounds are beefed-up w/ crowd sounds from a Beach Boys concert) GNP Crescendo VG+ $44
THE SEEDS- Future- (Original pressing w/ gatefold) GNP Crescendo M $88 or UK / Vocalion Mono M $135 Scarce!
THE SEEDS- Bad Part Of Town- (Rare tracks) France / Eva Mono M $60
LES SERPENTS NOIRS- Same- (aka The Black Snakes, Belgium garage psych-pop. Their only LP) Belgium / Olympia Mono EX $125 Scarce! More Info w/ Audio Clips
THE SEVEN- The Song Is Song, The Album Is Album- (wild horn psych) Thunderbird SS $85
SHIVA'S HEADBAND- Take Me To The Mountains- (Texas acidheads led by violinist Spencer Perskin. Cover art by Jim Franklin) Capitol SS $165 or M- $99
SHIVA'S HEADBAND- Psychedelic Yesterday- Ape SS $135 Rare!
SILK- Smooth As Raw Silk- (gatefold w/ Harry Palmer of "Ford Theater" & Michael Gee pre- Michael Stanley Band. Produced by Bill Szymczyk) ABC M $66
JEFF SIMMONS- Lucille Has Messed Up My Mind- (aka Robert Sumpner Jr; backed by Ian Underwood; Craig Tarwater ex-Sons Of Adam; John Kehlior; Ron Woods; & Frank Zappa, who also produces. Gatefold) Straight SS $295
THE SMALL FACES- There Are But Four Small Faces- (Original full color cover) Immediate SS $445
THE SMALL FACES- Odgen's Nut Gone Flake- (Original Round Cover) Immediate M $695
THE SMOKE- Same- (Excellent post "Pet Sounds" inspired folky pop-psych produced by Kim Fowley w/ Michael Lloyd, ex-West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Also w/ Stan Ayeroff ex-Max Frost & The Troopers, pre-Oingo Boingo) Sidewalk M $145 or EX $88
THE SMOKE- Same- (ex-Nomads, from Houston, TX, w/ Eddie Beyer, later to Smith & Canned Heat. Not the same band as on Sidewalk. Unipak cover) Uni M- $145
THE SMOKE- At George's Coffee Shop- (great psychedelic boogie biker rock w/ ex-members of The Nomads, the Texas group famous for "Three O'Clock Merrian Webster Time". Produced by Jimmie Haskell) Uni M- $120
THE SOUND FOUNDATION- Same- (Very groovy & funky psyche- pop on Smothers Brothers label. Group later became Rockin' Horse) Smobro SS $185 Rare!
SPIRIT- 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus- (gatefold) Epic M- $26 or VG $8
SPIRIT IN FLESH- Same- (hard-rocking Boston area hippie commune featuring Michael Metelica w/ blazing guitar, screaming vocals, & uptempo tunes. Sold less than 1000 copies) Metromedia SS $195 or DJ M- $110
SPRINGFIELD RIFLE- Same- (Beatles inspired garage pop produced by Jerry Dennon of Jerden Records. w/ Jeff Afdem) Burdette SS $299 or Burdette DJ M $199 Rare!
SRC- Same- (aka Scott Richard Case w/ brothers Glenn & Gary Quackenbush. Detroit hard-psych) Capitol (original w/ rainbow label) M- $125 or Capitol (re w/ rainbow label) unplayed M $25
SRC- Milestones- (aka Scott Richard Case w/ brothers Glenn & Gary Quackenbush. Detroit hard-psych) Capitol M- $115 or VG+ $44
THE STATUS QUO- Messages From The Status Quo- (w/ "Pictures Of Matchstick Men") Cadet Concept SS $110 or M $88 or M- $60 (Write for more Status Quo LPs available)
STEPHEN & THE FARM BAND- Up In Your Thing- (aka The Farm Band; or The Tennessee Farm Band w/ hippie-guru philosopher Stephen Gaskin & his communal Farm Band who fall somewhere between the Grateful Dead & Jethro Tull performing long rural-psych blues w/ flute & violin. Obscure original private pressing w/ poster) Farm SS $295
LEIGH STEPHENS- Red Weather- (solo debut by ex-Blue Cheer guitarist w/ Nicky Hopkins on keys, drummer Mick Waller from the Jeff Beck Group, & Kevin Westlake from Blossom Toes) Philips M- $115 or VG+ $58 or DJ M- $125
LEIGH STEPHENS- And A Cast Of Thousands- (obscure prog-psych follow-up to "Red Weather". At times soulful ("The World Famous Soul Transplant") & pure rock ("Jumpin Jack Flash"), w/ Pete Sears; Mick Waller; Tony Ashton; Dick Morrisey; Glenn Cornick, many more) UK / The Famous Charisma Label EX+ $110
STONE CIRCUS- Same- (Mike Burns; Jonathan Caine aka Larry Cohen; Sonny Haines ex-Joey Dee & The Starlighters guitarist; David Keeler; Ronnie Paige) Mainstream SS $485 or NM $295
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK- Incense & Peppermints- (w/ ex-members of Thee Sixpence, including Ed King pre-Lynyrd Skynyrd. Also, involvement by Randy Seol ex-Goldtones & Steve Bartek pre-Oingo Boingo & orchestrator of Danny Elfman's film scores. This is the original Stereo mix, which is superior to any of the reissue) Uni M- $88 or VG- $8
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK- Wake Up... It's Tomorrow- (w/ Ed King & Steve Bartek. Includes 2 songs from the film "Psych-Out") Uni SS $115 or M- $88
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK- The World In A Sea Shell- Uni SS $110
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK- Good Morning Starshine- (w/ Jimmy Pitman ex-Nightcrawlers. Unipak cover. Their scarcest LP) Uni M- $98
SUGAR CREEK- Please Tell A Friend- (Folk-Blues Psych ala Kak or Jefferson Airplane. w/ Jonathan Edwards & Malcolm McKinney) Metromedia DJ M- $150
THE SUGAR SHOPPE- Same- (Great breezy pop-psych & fuzz drenched groovers from Toronto, Canada. Hal Blaine shows up as drummer. Song "Privilege" different from the Yorkville single version used in movie of same name. Laurie Hood later backed Klaatu; Shooter; Myles & Lenny; Anne Murray & others, while bandmate Victor Garber went on to star in the Hollywood blockbuster 'Titanic’ & in the TV series 'Alias') Capitol M $110
LES SULTANS- Same- (Rare Quebec garage-pop w/ gatefold) Canada / Telèdisc (TD-356) Mono EX+ $185 or VG $88
LES SULTANS- Disque Or Les Sultans Volume 3- (Gold Record Hits Vol. 3) Canada / DSP (310) Mono M- $155
SUNDOWNERS- Captain Nemo- (rare NY Albany / Schenectady area Beatlesque pop-psych featuring Dominick DeMieri on guitar. Has song "Blue-Green Eyes") Decca EX+ $115 or VG $55
THE SUPRISE PACKAGE- Free Up- (heavy guitar-organ psych-rock by ex-Viceroys, pre-The American Eagle members w/ Rob Lowery ex-Galaxies &Rock Collection. Paul Revere & The Raiders related. 15-minute brain-melting title track. Produced by Lee Hazelwood. w/ gatefold) LHI SS $135
SWEET PANTS- Fat Peter Presents Sweet Pants- (Rare Pennsylvania psych) Barclay M- $375
SWEETWATER- Same- Reprise W7 (orange/gold riverboat label) VG $20
SWEETWATER- Just For You- (folk-jazz w/ Nancy Nevins. Gatefold & scarce lyric insert) Warner Bros M- $35
T. SWIFT & THE ELECTRIC BAG- Are You Experienced?- (Considered one of the best Psychsploitation Guitar LPs, rumored to be Tom Swift & The Electric Grandmothers of Huston, Texas) Custom M $125 or EX+ $88


TANGERINE DREAM- Encore- (2-LP Set Live) Virgin SS $40
THE TANGERINE ZOO- Same- (from Newport, RI, they evolved out of "The Ebb Tides" w/ Wayne Gagnon pre-'Wadsworth Mansion'; Tony Tavares (ex-Chubby & The Turnpikes, pre-Tavares), & Robert Benevides. Cover art by Jack Longshein) Mainstream SS $285 or M $210 or M- $165 or VG $58 or VG- $25
THE TANGERINE ZOO- Outside Looking In- Mainstream SS $285 or M- $185
T.C. ATLANTIC- Recorded Live At The Bel-Rae Ballroom- (Minneapolis) France / Eva Mono M $55
TEA COMPANY- Come And Have Some Tea With The Tea Company- Smash M- $88 or VG $44
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS- Live In San Francisco '66- (Recorded Live in San Francisco at The Avalon Ballroom September 30, 1966) Lysergic Records Mono SS $88 or M $66
31st OF FEBRUARY- Same- (Birdwatchers related Folk-Psych-Prog from South Florida by ex-The Bitter Ind & ex-The Tiffany System, w/ Butch Trucks pre-Allman Brothers; Scott Boyer pre-Cowboy; & Dave Brown pre-Santana & Boz Scaggs, produced by Steve Alaimo) Vanguard SS $185
THORINSHIELD- Same- (Folk-psych pop w/ James Smith & Bobby Ray) Philips Mono SS $120
THORNTON, FRADKIN & UNGER AND THE BIG BAND- Pass On This Side- (Folk-psych led by Leslie Fradkin & Paul Thornton ex-Godx w/ guests David Peel, Paul & Linda McCartney) ESP-Disk (#63019 w/ complete unused sticker page, plus ESP catalog insert) M $110 or ESP-Disk ((#63019 w/ partly used sticker page w/ only the credits sticker applied to jacket) M- $77 or ESP-Disk (#63019 no sticker page, but credit sticker is on front cover) M- $40
THE TIFFANY SHADE- same- (aka 'The Tiffany Lampshade', psych-pop group from Ohio, w/ Bob Leonard pre-Mink DeVille. Original pressings) Mainstream Mono M- $199 or UK/ Fontana (Stereo) M $199
T.I.M.E.- Smooth Ball- (aka Trust In Men Everywhere, w/ Larry Byrom pre-Steppenwolf; gatefold) Liberty M- $75
TIMEBOX- The Original Moose On The Loose- (USA Only LP collects all their Deram UK singles. Blue-eyed Soul, Mod & freakbeat psych w/ Mike Patto & Ollie Halsall later formed Patto) Peters International M $199
TINGLING MOTHER'S CIRCUS- A Circus Of The Mind- (Interesting quasi psychsploitation pop & folk-prog w/ Elliott Randall includes The Bee Gees' "New York Mining Disaster 1941", The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" & The Statler Bros hit "Flowers On The Wall". Unipak cover) Musicor SS $125 or M- $88 or EX $50
TOAD HALL- Class Of '68- (underrated NYC folk-garage) Liberty M $99 or M- $58
TOMORROW- Same- (mod-psych space-rock featuring Keith West w/ Steve Howe) Import (w/ color cover) SS $155 or UK / Parlophone (PCS 7042 w/ B&W cover) M $795
TRAFFIC- Mr. Fantasy- (Steve Winwood w/ Chris Wood; Dave Mason; Jim Capaldi) United Artists EX $24
THE TRAVEL AGENCY- Same- (Fever Tree releated w/ Frank Davis) Viva SS $255
THE TRICYCLE- Same (Mystical acid-pop sitar-psych ala 'The Queen's Nectarine Machine' & 'The Tea Company' meets 'Mandrake Memorial' & 'Cream'; w/ gatefold) ABC SS $125 or VG $33
TRIPSICHORD MUSIC BOX- Same- (Originally on the San Francisco Sound label in scarce quantity. Janus Records expressed interest in picking up the LP for national release & immediately took the few remaining copies pressed by San Francisco Sound & put a Janus PROMO label on them. Janus also began pressing a remastered version of the LP w/ stock labels) Janus (JLS-3016 Original S.F.S. mastered issue w/ rare Promo label) DJ M $750
THE TROGGS- Love Is All Around- Fontana SS $88 or EX $38 or VG- $5
THE TROGGS- The Troggs Tapes- (said to have inspired the "Spinal Tap" rockumentary) Private Stock SS $38 or Private Stock DJ M $26
TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO- Thunder On A Clear Day- (Excellent psych w/ strong blues tendencies) Vault (original) SS $295 or Germany / Line / Outline M $58

U - V - W

ULTIMATE SPINACH- Same- (debut LP w/ Ian Bruce-Douglas & Barbara Hudson. An Alan Lorber 'Bosstown Sound' production w/ gatefold) MGM (SE-4518) M $99 or EX+ $66 or EX $55 or VG $22 or VG- $4
ULTIMATE SPINACH- Behold & See- (similar to Country Joe & the Fish; Jeferson Airplane; Doors; Quicksilver Messenger Service Kaleidoscope. Includes "Ballad Of The Hip Death Goddess") MGM SS $125 or M $99 or VG $33
ULTIMATE SPINACH- Same- (aka Ultimate Spinach III w/ Jeff Baxter, pre-Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers & Ted Myers (ex-Lost & Chamaeleon Church) MGM (SE-4600) M- $88 or EX $55
THE UNDERGROUND ALL-STARS- Extremely Heavy- (blooze-psych produced by Kim Fowley w/ Rick Griffin cover art) Dot VG $33 or VG- $12
THE UNDERGROUND ELECTRICS- Hey Jude- (aka The Firebirds. Rumor has it that Link Wray appears on several tracks) Crown SS $115 or EX $77 or VG $48
THE UNIQUES- Uniquely Yours- (Their debut LP) Paula Mono VG $28
THE UNIQUES- Playtime- (w/ future country star Joe Stampley & his brother Bobby) Paula Mono SS $88
THE UNIQUES- Same- (Their last LP. Includes over-the-top fuzzed out version of Al Anderson / Wildweeds classic "No Good To Cry", plus songs by Mickey Newbury & Charlie Daniels) Paula M $58
UNITED SONS OF AMERICA- Greetings From The U.S. Of A- (w/ Gerry Blake ex-Avengers) Mercury M $55 or original UK / Mercury (slightly different back cover art than US version) M $68
THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- Same- (w/ Joe Byrd) Columbia (360 Sound label M- $88
JOHN USSERY- Ussery- (ex-Locomotive, psych-blues in the Hendrix vein) Mercury M- $65
DINO VALENTE- Dino- (aka Chet Powers of The Outlaws; Quicksilver. Original issue) Epic SS $235
HILTON VALENTINE- All In Your Head- (ex-Animals guitarist w/ involvement from actress Natasha Pyne) Capitol EX $95
VANILLA FUDGE- Renaissance- (w/ Vince Martell; Carmine Appice; Tim Bogert; Mark Stein) Atco (purple/brown label) M- $24 or VG $12
VANILLA FUDGE- Near The Beginning- Atco M $18 or VG+ $12
VANILLA FUDGE- The Beat Goes On- (gatefold) Atco (purple/brown label) EX- $14 or VG $8 or Atco (yellow stereo '1841 Broadway' label) VG $5
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND- White Light / White Heat- (w/ original 'skull tattoo' cover, photographed by Billy Name of the Warhol factory) Verve (blue label) VG $58
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND- 1969 Velvet Underground Live- (2-LP Set w/ Lou Reed) Mercury M-/M $45
THE VENTURES- Wild Things!- Dolton M $25
THE VENTURES- Guitar Freakout- Dolton Mono EX+ $22 or Dolton Mono EX $17 or Asia / Hua Sun (KHS-4114 w/ modified cover art from USA version) M- $45
THE VENTURES- Super Psychedelics- (gatefold) Liberty M- $28 or Liberty Mono M $23 or Liberty Mono M- $18 or Asia / First (FL-1480 no gatefold) EX- $28
THE VENTURES- Flights Of Fancy- Liberty EX $20
THE VENTURES- The Guitar Genius Of The Ventures- Sunset EX- $17 (Write for more Ventures LPs available)
VICTIMS OF CHANCE- Same- (Larry 'Wild Man' Fischer related w/ psychsploitation guru Johnny Kitchen of 'The Crazy People') Crestview SS $195
THE WARLOCKS- Same- (Early Grateful Dead recorded Live May 3, 1965 in San Francisco) The Eleven Records SS $195
WE THE PEOPLE- Declaration Of Independence- (reissue, now hard-to-get itself) France / Eva Mono SS $75 or M $48
WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND- A Child's Guide To Good & Evil- (Robert Markley) Germany / Reprise (original tri-color Riverboat label) EX $140
IAN WHITCOMB- Yellow Sunshine- (w/ James Burton & Ray Pohlman (Turtles' producer), who plays the marxophone) Tower SS $78
THE WHO- Magic Bus- Decca EX $58 or VG+ $38
THE WIG- Live t The Jade Room- (w/ Rusty Wier. Includes spin-off group The Georgetown Medical Band) Texas Archive Recordings (TAR-3) M $70
WILKINSON TRI-CYCLE- Same- (The Wilkinson Tricycle provide Beatles inspired pop mixed w/ bluesy hard psych. Includes cover of Sleepy John Estes' "Leavin' Trunk". Their song "What Of I" was later covered by Yesterday's Children. Produced by Warren Schatz & Stephen Schlaks, who also produced a number of East Coast hard rock bands such as 'Banchee' & 'Yesterday's Children') Date (w/ lyric insert) M- $177 or Date (no insert) EX+ $88 Scarce!
WOMB- Same- (Underrated Folky-blues w/ some jazz-paych moves. Die-cut cover w/ correct innersleeve) Dot M- $99 or EX $88 or EX- (plain innersleeve) $60
WOODY'S TRUCK STOP- Same- (Todd Rundgren related) Smash (yellow DJ label) EX+ $48
WOOL- Same- (gatefold w/ "Funky Walk") ABC M $99

X - Y - Z

THE YARDBIRDS- Little Games- (Scarce US Only release w/ Jimmy Page; Nicky Hopkins; & John Baldwin aka John Paul Jones). Contains "White Summer" later to become the Led Zeppelin hit "Black Mountain Side". Hard bluesy pop-psych produced by Mickie Most) Epic (yellow label) M- $95 or Epic (yellow label w/ different mixes than the Stereo LP) Mono VG $68
THE YARDBIRDS- Shapes Of Things- (2-LP Set collection of classic & rare Yardbirds tracks, 1964-66 w/ gatefold & colored vinyl) Canada / Bomb SS $66 or Canada / Bomb (green vinyl) M $50 (Write for more Yardbirds)
YELLOW PAYGES- Volume 1- (ex-Nomads members of Fort Worth, TX. Donnie Dacus pre-Steve Stills Band; Dan Gorman, pre-Bandit; Bill Ham went on to produce Point Blank & ZZ Top. w/ Unipak cover) Uni M- $75 or VG- $17
YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN- Same- (hard psych from Connecticut w/ two lead guitars & a nice cover of "What Of I" by Wilkinson Tricycle. Cover art by Michael Kanarek) Map City SS $265 or EX+ $170 Rare!
YOUR GANG- Same- (folky psychsploitation instrumentals w/ Mike Deasy pre- Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar; Curt Boettcher pre- Millennium; Ben Benay pre- Goldenrod; Jerry Scheff; Toxey French; Mike Henderson & others produced by Gary Paxton) Mercury Mono EX- $125
THE ZAKARY THAKS- Texas Band- (Corpus Christi teens started as 'The Marauders', then 'The Riptides' before becoming Zakary Thaks) Moxie (MLP-2) Mono M $99
THE ZAKARY THAKS- J-Beck Story 2- France / Eva Mono SS $99
THE ZIG ZAG PEOPLE- The Zig Zag People Take Bubblegum Music Underground- (Earle & Jack Murphy psychsploitation studio group, produced by Vinny Testa) Decca M- $99 or Decca DJ EX- $80
THE ZOO- The Zoo Presents The Chocolate Moose- (Original pressing w/ future members of Heart, Mike Flicker & Howard Leese, produced by Ed Cobb w/ cover art by Bob Zoell) Sunburst SS $350 or M $260