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THE A'S- "After Last Night"; "Who's Gonna Save The World" bw/ "C.I.A."- (3-Song 10" Red Vinyl Numbered Limited Edition EP #2968. Great skinny-tie Beatle-pop from Philadelphia) Arista (CP-705) M $26
A-BONES- Free Beer For Life- (6-Song 12" Mini-LP) Norton M $45
ADVERTS- Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts- (original 11 song debut LP recorded at Abbey Road Studios & produced by John Leckie) UK / Bright (unplayed) M $68
ADVERTS- Cast Of Thousands- (Tom Newman production w/ T.V. Smith, Gaye Advert, Howard Pickup, Laurie Driver, plus Mike Oldfield sideman Tim Cross & Richard Strange on synth. Lyric insert) UK / RCA EX $38
THE AFFLICTED- The Afflicted Man's Musical Bag- (Limited Edition DIY KBD in pink & white 'candy stripe' bag. Steve Hall guitar-led oi psych-punk noise!) UK / Bonk M $199 Rare in this condition!
THE AFRIKA KORPS- Music To Kill By- (aka The Korps. Rare original issue w/ Martha Hull, Kim Kane (Slickee Boys), Kenne Highland (Gizmos), Ken Kaiser (Hopelessly Obscure) plus members of The Look, Teenage Boys, O-Rex & Kaisers Kittens. Includes "Jailbait Janet"; plus all inserts) Iron Cross / Dacoit (unplayed) M $60
AGITPOP- Back At The Plain Of Jars- Rough Trade SS $40
VIV AKAULDREN- Old Bags & Party Rags- (Psych-Prog Space Rock w/ sticker; insert; poster & lyric sheet) Akashic SS $50
THE ALARM- Declaration- (w/ lyric innersleeve) IRS M- $9
THE ALARM- Strength- (w/ lyric innersleeve) IRS M $12
WILLIE ALEXANDER & THE BOOM BOOM BAND- Same- (Craig Leon produced) MCA SS $38 or M $24 or M- $18 or EX $15
WILLIE ALEXANDER & THE CONFESSIONS- A Girl Like You- (French release only) France / New Rose unplayed M $40
ALIEN SEX FIEND- Ignore The Machine- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM Debut) Relativity M- $18
G.G. ALLIN & THE SCUMFUCS- Eat My Fuc- (Handwritten & drawn cover by GG w/ rare booking info insert sheet) Blood Records M $590
ANTI- God Can't Bounce- (Political KBD hardcore from Los Angeles, musically similar to Social Distortion & The Adolescents; w/ lyric insert) New Underground NM $40
ART & LANGUAGE- Corrected Slogans- (Avantgarde Proto-Punk Art Rock w/ Mayo Thompson, Jesse Chamberlain & other members of The Red Krayola. Original rare 1976 1st issue w/ plain white cover & xeroxed sheets) Music-Language M- $299
ARTICLES OF FAITH- Give Thanks- (Chicago thrash, reggae, & noise, w/ political lyrics & three-guitar attack of Dorian Tajbakhsh; Joe Scuderi & Vic Bondi. Their debut LP, produced by Bob Mould w/ lyric insert & original red & white cover art) Reflex M $36
THE ASSOCIATES- Same- (2-Song 12" 45-RPM) UK / Situation M $12
ASTROBURGER- Venus Beach / MONSTERS OF DOOM- Lost On Venus (split LP of jangly fuzz-pop w/ Mike Mushroom. Includes rare Comic Book, promo inserts, etc. Monsters Of Doom are aka The Tables) Norway / Perfect Pop M $45
THE ATLANTICS- Big City Rock- ABC M- $22
AURAL EXCITERS- Spooks In Space- (w/ James Chance) Ze SS $38
THE AVENGERS- Same- (14-song LP w/ songs from their 1st 7" EP, alternate versions of songs from their 12" EP, plus unreleased studio outtakes) CD Presents Ltd. M $30
THE AVENGERS- 4-Song 12" EP- (Steve Jones ex-Sex Pistols & Geza X co-produced, along w/ Penelope Houston. "The American In Me" & "Uh Oh" are different than the 'Pink Album' versions. w/ Brad Kent ex-DOA & Subhumans, & James Wilsey pre-Chris Isaak. Original black vinyl) White Noise SS $115


THE B-52's- Strobe Light- (2-Set 12" 45-RPM Live August 24, 1979 Boston Performance Center) UK / Centrifugal SS $88 or M $63
THE B-52's- Mesopotamia- Warner Bros M $8
BABY BUDDAH- Music For Teenage Sex- (Gold Star Studios) Posh Boy SS $88
BALLAD SHAMBLES- Same- (6-Song 12" 33 1/3rd RPM) Skyclad M $18
LESTER BANGS & THE DELINQUENTS- Jook Savages On The Brazos- (famed rock critic w/ Brian Curley pre-Roky Erickson & Evil Hook) Live Wire SS $77
JOHNNY BARNES- Oddballs- (Self-release by Boston area guitar legend) Nightcrawler M $40
BAUHAUS- "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (long version) bw/ "Boys" & "Dark Entries" (demo)- (Original 3-Song 12" 45-RPM by these pre-shoegaze giants) France / UK / Small Wonder Records M $125 Rare!
THE BEACHMASTERS- Same- (Boston area surf combo w/ ex-Hopelessly Obscure members Ken Kaiser (Afrika Korps) & Bob Mackenzie (GG Allin; Mighty Ions; Lyres) along w/ Carl Square (Mighty Ions) Kleen Kut SS $48
BEATNIK BEATCH- At The Zula Pool- (pre-Atlantic Records release, on Blue Vinyl w/ Andy Sturmer & Roger Manning, both pre- Jellyfish) Industrial (blue vinyl) M- $66 Rare!
BEATNIK FLIES- From Parts Unknown- (paisley underground produced by Mark Noone of The Slickee Boys. Includes "Umbali Wali Sleep" later covered by their Washington DC cohorts, 'Date Bait' featuring Kim Kane) Dacoit M $46
THE BEATPACK- Could You Walk On Water- (their only LP) Germany / Screaming Apple M $38
BILL & THE BEATERS- Same- (Live at The Roxy) Alfa M $6
BIZARROS- Same- (Akron, Ohio hard-wave art-pop masterpiece) Mercury M $48 or M- $30
BLACK FLAG- Jealous Again- (Original 6-Song 12" 45-RPM) SST SS $65
BLACK FLAG- Slip It In- (The title track features a raunchy performance by Suzanne Gardner of L7 fame) SST VG- $6
THE BLACKJACKS- Dress In Black- (w/ Johnny Angel of Thrills) Throbbing Lobster M $46
BLAIR 1523- Beautiful Debris- (psych) Voxx M- $16
BLOOD ON THE SADDLE- Same- (w/ 13 page press kit) New Alliance M $48
BLOTTO- Hello! My Name Is Blotto, What's Yours?- (comical pop parody music from Albany, NY) Blotto SS $45
THE BLUE UP?- Now- (5-Song 12" EP all-girl group w/ Rachael Olson aka Ana Voog) Susstones M- $38
BONEMEN OF BARUMBA- Driving The Bats Thru Jerusalem- (4-Song 12" EP. Chicago based dissonant art-funk w/ beats galore) Barumba M $55
BOOMTOWN RATS- The Fine Art Of Surfacing- Columbia SS $16
BOOMTOWN RATS- A Tonic For The Troops- Columbia SS $16
BOUND & GAGGED- Same- (4-Song 12" EP from 6-piece all-girl Boston punk-wave) Modern Method SS $48
BOYS FROM NOWHERE- The Bridal Album- (Ohio rockers w/ Johnny Bernardo pre-Lyres) Skyclad M $38
BOYS LIFE- Same- (Boston pop-punk 6-Song 12" Mini-LP w/ John Surrette pre-Deniros) Seco M- $38
BRIAN BRAIN - Unexpected Noises- (Rare solo debut LP, AUTOGRAPHED by Martin Atkins, who is aka Brian Brain. Martin was in PIL, Ministry, Pigface, Killing Joke) UK / Secret M- $65
THE BROOD- '60s style All-Girl Garage Punk & Pop combo. Click here for Brood Discography
THE BROOD- Vendetta!- (Their 2nd album) Estrus (black vinyl) LP SS $30 or Estrus (rare PROMO ONLY bubblegum pink vinyl) LP SS $35 or Estrus CD SS $24 More Info
THE BROOD- Hitsville- (16-songs) Dionysus LP or CD SS $14 More Info
THE BROOD- Beyond The Valley Of The Brood- (cover art by Shag) Dionysus LP or CD SS $12 More Info
THE BROOD- "Since He's Been Gone" bw/ "You've Got Me Cryin'- (2-Song 7" 45-RPM w/ Non LP A-Side. Picture Sleeve) Stanton Park M $5 More Info
THE BUZZCOCKS- Another Music In A Different Kitchen- (w/ rare original printed outer 'product carrier' shopping bag) UK / United Artists unplayed M $110
THE BUZZCOCKS- Love Bites- (original w/ embossed cover & insert) UK / United Artists unplayed M $55
THE BUZZCOCKS- A Different Kind Of Tension- (original w/ lyric innersleeve) UK / United Artists unplayed M $58
THE BUZZCOCKS- Singles Going Steady- (w/ proper innersleeve) IRS (SP-001) M $44


CANNIBALS- Trash For Cash- Hit / Homestead M- $18
THE CARS- Candy-O - (original issue Vargas cheesecake cover art) Elektra SS $16
THE CARS- Panorama- Elektra DJ M $6
THE CARS- '59 Stude- (w/ "Take What You Want" + 6 others live) Excitable M $40
CARSICKNESS- Shooting Above The Garage- T.M.I. SS $75
THE CATALINAS- One More Chance- (3-Song 12" from Salem Mass group) Cat SS $35
CATHOLIC GIRLS- Same- (Gail Petersen; Roxy Andersen & Doreen Holmes) MCA SS $45
THE CAVEMEN- ...Yeah- (Austin, TX garage punk) Midnight M $33
CELLOPHANE CEILING- The Beauty Of It All- (Omaha, Nebraska Art Punk) Main Vein SS $48
THE CHAMELEONS- Script Of The Bridge- (their debut LP w/ Mark Burgess. Includes "Up The Down Escalator". Will appeal to fans of U2; The Cure; PIL; Echo & The Bunnymen; Joy Division) UK / Statik EX $75 Scarce!
CHANNEL 3- Airborne- (4-song 12" EP w/ Jay Lansford of The Stepmothers. Includes press kit, bio, photo & stickers) Enigma M $33
CHAOS UK.- LP- (Debut LP of loud, fast & uncompromising political hardcore by Andy, Spot & Nige) UK / Riot City M $44
CHELSEA- Same (Gene October Group w/ Miles Copeland of Police- "I Only Followed Order!" inscribed in matrix) UK / Step Forward M $42
CHELSEA- No Escape- IRS M $22
CHEQUERED PAST- Same- (w/ Clem Burke & Nigel Harrison (both ex-Blondie); Steve Jones (ex-Pistols); Tony Sales (ex- Iggy Pop; Utopia); Micheal DeBarres (ex- Silverhead & Detective). David Lindley guests. w/ correct innersleeve) EMI America M $88 Scarce!
THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS- Here Are The Chesterfield Kings- (their debut LP) Mirror SS $78 or M $65
THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS- Stop!- Mirror M $36 or M- $22
THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS- Fossils- Flashback 2-66 M $88
CHOIR INVISIBLE- Same (w/ ex-members of The Flyboys, Flesheaters) Frontier SS $40
THE CICHLIDS- Be True To Your School- Bold M $48
CHROME- Alien Soundtracks- (Inspired by the avant punk of NYC's "Suicide", Helios Creed & Damon Edge created a dark psych metallic drone that helped pave the way for goth & industrial music of the 80's w/ this work, first conceived as a backing track for dancers at the Mitchell Brother's San Francisco adult theater. Original issue in shrink w/ outer cover sticker & correct innsleeve) Siren M $395
CHROME- Half Machine Lip Moves- (w/ song titles sticker on shrinkwrap & original 19-3/4" x 15" lyric poster insert) Siren SS $299
CHROME- Red Exposure- (Original issue w/ color lyric innersleeve) UK / Beggars Banquet M- $225
THE CINDERS- Up From The Ashes- (ex-members of French group, The Dogs w/ Classic Ruins guitarist Jeff Crane) E.L.P! (CD ONLY) SS $8
CIRCLE JERKS- Group Sex (Original press w/ Keith Morris ex-Black Flag, & Greg Heston ex-Red Cross) Frontier SS $75
CIRCLE JERKS- Wönderful- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Combat Core M- $23
CIRCLE ONE- Patterns Of Force- (fast & powerful 3-chord KBD hardcore from LA) Upstart M $55
THE CLASH- Black Market Clash (10" 9-Song w/ non-LP tracks) Epic Nu Disc EX- $14 More Info
THE CLASH- 16 Tracks- (outtakes) SS $66
THE CLASH- Same- (Rare 1976-77-78 Polydor & CBS studio tracks + interview) Fashion Mall Production SS $88
THE CLASH- "London Calling"; "Armagideon Time" bw/ "Justice Tonight" (Version); & "Kick It Over" (Version)- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM EP) UK / CBS M $30
THE CLASSIC RUINS- Lassie Eats Chickens- (Autographed LP!) Throbbing Lobster M $55
THE CLASSIC RUINS- Lassie Eats Chickens- (CD w/ 10 extra tracks) Bench Clearing Brawl CD SS $14 More Info
THE CLASSIC RUINS- Ruins Cafe- Presto SS $50
THE CLASSIC RUINS- Room Starts Spinning- Italy / Rave Up M $50
CLAUDE RAINES- Same- (Obscure upstate NY rockers) Silent Town M $48
JOHN MILLS-COCKRELL- Gateway- (electronic avantgarde worldpop w/ gatefold) Canada / Anubis SS $33
CODE BLUE- Same- (ex-Vibrators) Warner Bros M $22
THE CONTINENTALS- Fizz Pop- (4-Song 10" EP produced by Tommy Erdelyl of The Ramones) Epic Nu Disk SS $30 or DJ M $22
CONTRABAND- Girls Of All Nations- (Melodic hardcore punk from Bridgeport, Connecticut w/ insert) Qué Tell (100) M $33
ELVIS COSTELLO- My Aim Is True- (Original Yellow back cover) Columbia M $38 or Columbia DJ M $45
ELVIS COSTELLO- Our Aim Is True- (Rare outtakes LP of "My Aim Is True", w/ paper sleeve) Stiff M $55
ELVIS COSTELLO- This Years Model- (Original innersleeve & label design) Columbia / Costello SS $45 or M $35
ELVIS COSTELLO- Live At The El Macambo- (March 6th, 1978) Canada / CBS DJ ONLY M $75
ELVIS COSTELLO- Armed Forces- (Special 4-flap jacket w/ 4 postcards) UK / Radar M $35
ELVIS COSTELLO- Deluxe- (includes live + some unreleased songs) UK / GHL SS $80
ELVIS COSTELLO- Live At The Palomino- (2-LP Set February, 1979) Centrifugal SS $75
ELVIS COSTELLO- Taking Liberties- (4-Song 12" EP) Columbia / Costello DJ ONLY M $28
ELVIS COSTELLO- Something New- (King Biscuit Flower Hour, 1980. Label 'A' is blue w/ rainbow; Label 'B' is plain white) mfg by Slipped Disc M $55 or as PICTURE DISC M $75
ELVIS COSTELLO- Saturated- (Live from the El Macambo. Different than the Canadian DJ Only LP) Excitable SS $65
ELVIS COSTELLO- Accidents- (2-Set Live at the London Roundhouse, April, 1978) Impossible M $75
ELVIS COSTELLO- Radio Radio- (Live in Toronto w/ Nick Lowe & Martin Belmont) Slipped Disc (EC-2240) M- $55
ELVIS COSTELLO- Live At Hollywood High- (3-song 12" w/ "Accidents Will Happen" (3:20); "Alison" (3:04); "Watching The Detectives" (6:06); in plain white cover) Columbia DJ ONLY M- $28
COUNT BISHOPS- The Count Bishops- (Debut LP w/ Zenon de Fleur on guitar) UK / Chiswick (WIK-1) M $68
COWBOYS INTERNATIONAL- Presents The Original Sin- (Ken Lockie w/ Keith Levine & original Clash drummer, Terry Chimes) Virgin SS $56 or M- $35 or New Zealand / RTC (V-2136) SS $68
THE CRAMPS- Songs The Lord Taught Us- (Their reverb-soaked debut LP, engineered by Sam Phillips & produced by Alex Chilton) IRS (SP-007) M $88 or Illegal / IRS SS $66
THE CRAMPS- Psychedelic Jungle- (w/ Cramps Merchandise insert) IRS M $75
THE CRAMPS- Smell Of Female- Enigma M- $40
THE CRAMPS- Bad Music For Bad People- (Steve Blickenstaff cover art) IRS M $45
THE CRAMPS- Off The Bone- (UK Only 15 song LP combines 'Gravesest Hits' & 'Bad Music For Bad People' w/ 3-D Cover art & original glasses, making this the quintessential Cramps LP) UK / Illegal M $66
THE CRAMPS- A Date With Elvis- (embossed cover w/ lyric insert) France / New Rose M- $48
THE CRAMPS- Tales From The Cramps Vol 1 - Up From The Garage- (Side-1 Tracks 1-5 June 1977 Studio Outtakes produced by Richard Robinson; Track 6 Live at CBGB's from their debut show w/ Miriam Linna on drums. Side-2 Tracks 1 & 2 October 1977 Alternate Takes from Ardent Studios in Memphis, produced by Alex Chilton; Tracks 3-6 Demo Tracks from February 1979 recorded at Hot House Studio, NYC produced by Chris Spedding, includes "Twist & Shout". Cave Records (001 w/ original xerox cover) SS $250 or Cave Records (w/ xerox cover art by Serge Clerc) SS $199
CRAP DECTORS- Superficial World- (Jim Jacobi of Lincoln, Nebraska w/ lyric sheet) Permanent Press M $66
THE CRAWDADDYS- Crawdaddy Express- Voxx Mono M- $18
THE CRAWDADDYS- Here 'Tis- Voxx M $22
CRAWLSPACE- In The Gospel Zone- (Promo Only Purple Vinyl w/ lyric insert) Bona Fide M $35
THE CROWD- A World Apart- (Orange County punk from Huntington Beach, CA) Posh Boy SS $40
THE CRUCIFUCKS- Same- (Debut LP w/ Steve Shelley pre-Sonic Youth; produced by Spot. Lyric insert) Alternative Tentacles M $38
THE CRUCIFUCKS- L.D. Eye-(their come-back LP, mastered by Jello Biafra. w/ lyric insert & catalog) Alternative Tentacles (VIRUS 186) M $28
CULTURE CLUB- Waking Up With The House On Fire- Virgin SS $6
THE CURE- Incureble- (Live at The Lyceum, London May 1981) Centrefugal Records Mono M- $99
THE CYNICS- Blue Train Station- (Their Debut LP) Get Hip DJ M $68
THE CYNICS- Get Our Way- (Colored vinyl. Produced by Erik Lindgren. BONUS: w/ 19"X25" in-store only promo poster for "Get Our Way" LP) Get Hip SS $46
THE CYNICS- Rock'N'Roll- (w/ press release sheet) Get Hip DJ M $55


DAG NASTY- Wig Out At Denkos- (Rare First pressing w/ $5.00 price & Lyric insert) Dischord M $55
THE DAMNED- Damned Damned Damned- (Brian James; Captain Sensible; Rat Scabies; Dave Vanian. Produced by Nick Lowe) UK / Island / Stiff (SEEZ 1 Original pressing w/ PORKY PRIME CUT etched in A-Side matrix & THE SOUND IS IN THE MUSIC etched in B-Side Matrix) EX- $99 or Belgium / Stiff (COU-B SEEZ 01 on Blue Vinyl) M $175
THE DAMNED- Music For Pleasure- (w/ proper innersleeve) UK / Stiff (SEEZ 5 on black vinyl) M $99 or Belgum / Stiff (COU-B SEEZ 05 on Blue Vinyl) M $125
THE DAMNED- "The History Of The World Part 1" bw/ "I Believe The Impossible" (exclusive extended version, not available on the 7") & Sugar + Spite"- (12" 45-RPM EP w/ A-Side from the forthcoming 'Black Album' produced by Hans Zimmer) UK / Chiswick M $99
THE DAMNED- Black Album- (w/ original black innersleeve) IRS M $70
THE DAMNED- "Lively Arts" bw/ "Teenage Dream" & "I'm So Bored"- (3-Song 10" 45-RPM A-Side is from the 'Black Album') UK / Big Beat (NST-80) M- $55
THE DAMNED- Strawberries- (Goth overtones w/ lyric sheet & strawberry scented insert) UK / Bronze M $95
THE DAMNED- Live Shepperton 1980- (Special gig played for members of The Damned Fan Club, includes 4 extra tracks not on the UK version of the 'Black Album') UK / Big Beat (WIKM-27) SS $115
THE DAMNED- Phantasmagoria- (Goth overtones) MCA (39039) M- $58
THE DAMNED- Anything- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ "Anything" bw/ "The Year Of The Jackal"; "Thanks For The Night"- Rat Mix) UK / MCA M $40
THE DARK- Darkworld- (6-Song avant post-punk no-wave 12" Mini LP by Boston area band. 1/2 produced by Ric Ocasek) Ambiguous SS $50
DARK CELLARS- Heavy Syrup- (Boston garage-psych w/ Bob Martel & Aram Heller) Alien Cactus (AUTOGRAPHED by entire band!) M $95 or Alien Cactus SS $45
THE DAWGS- My Town- (Boston, Mass rockers produced by Cub Koda) Star Rhythm SS $85
DEAD BOYS- Young Loud & Snotty- (Original, produced by Genya Ravan) Sire SS $130 or Sire (AUTOGRAPHED on front cover by Stiv Bators!) M $495
DEAD BOYS- "Sonic Reducer" bw/ "Little Girl"; "Down In Flames"- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM) Belgium / Sire (6078.609) M $75
DEAD BOYS- We Have Come For Your Children- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Sire M $88
DEAD BOYS- Night Of The Living Dead Boys (w/ insert) Bomp M $75
DEAD KENNEDYS- Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables- (original issue w/ poster & rare withdrawn back cover art showing lounge band 'The Sounds Of Sunshine') UK / Cherry Red M- $145
THE DEL FUEGOS- "Don't Run Wild" bw/ Same (12" 33 1/3rd-RPM hot-cut w/ 3:30 version) Slash (PRO-A-2372) DJ ONLY NM $12
DELINQUENTS- Same- (Underrated Austin Texas group who thank Lester Bangs & Roky Erickson in their liner notes. Lyric insert included) Live Wire SS $50 or M $35
THE DELMONAS- Do The Uncle Willy- (girl group backed by members of Thee Milkshakes, produced by Billy Childish) Skyclad (yellow / gold color vinyl) M $35
DESCENDENTS- I Don't Want To Grow Up- New Alliance VG- $20
DESCENDENTS- Bonus Fat- (12" 45-RPM EP) New Alliance M $150
DESCENDENTS- Enjoy!- (w/ lyric insert) Restless / New Alliance M $35
DESCENDENTS- All- (includes rare press kit w/ glossy photo) SST M- $75
LIZZY MERCIER DESCLOUX- Press Color- Ze SS $66 or M $50
LIZZY MERCIER DESCLOUX- "Fire" bw/ "Mission Impossible"- (2-Song 12" 45-RPM. Great renditions of great songs) Ze DJ M $50
THE DESERTERS- Same- (were "The Suspects" in Toronto) Capitol SS $35
DESPERATE BICYCLES- Remorse Code- UK / Refill SS $155
DEUTSCH AMERIKANISCHE FREUNDSCHAFT- Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen- (aka DAF; D.A.F., or German American Friendship. Their debut LP) UK / Mute M $75
DEVO- Here We Go- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM Maxi Single) Warner Bros DJ M $25
DEVO- Are You Experienced? bw/ Please, Please- (2-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM Maxi Single) Warner Bros DJ M $33
DEVO- Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo- Warner Bros SS $33 or Canada / Warner Bros (marbled color vinyl) SS $38
DEVO- Shout- (w/ original innersleeve) Warner Bros M- $18
DEVO- Duty Now For The Future- (w/ original innersleeve) Warner Bros SS $35 or M- $12
DEVO- Oh No! It's Devo- (w/ original innersleeve) Warner Bros M $18
DEVO- New Traditionalists- Warner Bros VG $3
DEVO- Be Stiff- (6-cut 12" EP w/ alternate early pre-Eno takes. Includes "Social Fools". No US issue w/ original B&W 'eggs & masks' cover) UK / Stiff SS $88
DEVO- Devo Live- (6-Songs Mini LP Live August, 16, 1980) Warner Bros M $30 or M- $20
DEVO- Sing If Your Glad To Be Devo- (Live) TAKRL SS $88
DEVO- Sing If Your Glad To Be Devo- (Live show, different than above) Rubber Robot SS $88
DEVO- He, She, Or It's Devo- (includes non-commercially released song "Get Your ID", Live at Max's Kansas City, NYC September, 1977) Impossible SS $99
THE DIABOLIKS- Danger!- (inspired UK foursome) Dionysus M $18
DYAN DIAMOND- In The Dark- (ex-Venus & The Razorblades w/ Chris Darrow; Produced by Kim Fowley) MCA M $14 More Info
TOM DICKIE & THE DESIRES- "Completion" bw/ "Burnin' Up"- (2-Song 12" EP w/ Boston rockers Jon Macey & Michael Roy of Fox Pass) Mercury DJ ONLY M $22
THE DICKIES- The Incredible Shrinking Dickies- (Yellow Vinyl) A&M SS $33
THE DICKIES- Dawn Of The Dickies- A&M EX+ $14
THE DICKIES- "Paranoid" bw/ "Hideous" & "You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)"- (3-Song 10" 45-RPM White Vinyl Maxi-Single produced by Earle Mankey) A&M DJ M $30
DICTATORS- "Search & Destroy" bw/ "Sleeping With The TV On"- (2-Song 12" EP. Great sound!) Asylum M $14 or M- $9
THE DIED PRETTY- What Goes It- (Acid-punk art-damage debut 12" 45-RPM EP w/ "Out Of The Unknown"; "World Without" bw/ "Mirror Blues". Produced by Rob Younger) Australia / What Goes On (1T) M $88 Scarce!
THE DIODES- Same (w/ "Red Rubber Ball") Canadia / Columbia SS $66 or M $48
THE DIODES- Survivors- (Previously unreleased tracks, demos, outtakes, & a live version of the Stones' "Play with Fire") Fringe M $55
DMZ- Same- (pre-Lyres Boston madmen produced by Flo & Eddie) Sire SS $60 or M $45 or M- $33 or VG+ $12
DMZ- Relics- (9-Song 12" EP produced by Craig Leon) Voxx M $26
DMZ- Live! 1978!- Crypt M $40
DMZ- 1976-1977 Demos / Live- (w/ insert) Crypt M $45
D.O.A.- Something Better Change- (Debut LP) Canada / Friends SS $195
D.O.A. / THE SHOW BUSINESS GIANTS- (5-Song 10" 33 1/3rd split Mini-LP on Green Vinyl. A-Side w/ D.O.A. "Order" & the David Peel tribute "Marijuana Motherfucker". The B-Side w/ Show Business Giants w/ "Little Things"; "I Am The Lickspittle Of The Animal Kingdom"; & "Sound Check") Essential Noise EX+ $26
DOCTOR'S MOB- She Said- (3-Song 12" EP w/ 2 glossies; 2 presskits (slightly different) & 1 bio) Wrestler M $30
DOCTOR'S MOB- Headache Machine- (their debut LP) Wrestler SS $33
DOGZILLA- Allizgod- (Boston Band w/ lyric insert) Invisible M $38
DOLL CONGRESS- Same- (3-Song 12" EP w/ "Concrete & Clay" (originally by 'Unit 4 + 2'), plus 2 originals by Gabriele Morgan & Michael Penn) Enigma SS $50 Rare!
DOMINATRIX- The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight- (4-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM Techno-Pop EP by Stuart Arbright, produced by Ivan Ivan & Ken Lockie (Cowboys International) This record hipped Madonna to S&M. Lots of samples here) Streetwise / Up Roar DJ M $40
THE DOUBLE NAUGHT SPYS- Goin' Nowhere With The Double Naught Spys- (fully Autographed by entire band! w/ insert) Rockadelic M $99
THE DOWNBEAT 5- Victory Motel- (w/ Boston legend J.J. Rassler ex-DMZ. Produced by Andrew Mazzone (Caged Heat) & mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead, Hole) Hi-N-Dry (CD ONLY) SS $9
THE DP'S- If You Know What I Mean- (mod-punk w/ ex-Depressions Dave Bernard, Eric Wright, Oz Garvey, Tony Mayberry) UK / Barn M- $22
DR. MIX & THE REMIX- Wall of Noise- UK / Rough Trade (w/ bonus sticker & correct innersleeve) M $52 or M- $38
DRED SCOTT- An Instrumental Accident- (Wild psychotic side-long free-rock workout w/ Stan Moore of Zakary Thaks fame, which segues into an improvisational take of The Velvet Underground classic, "Waiting For The Man") Red Spot SS $245
DROOGS- Stone Cold World- (produced by Earle Mankey) Plug N Socket M- $38
DROOGS- Heads Examined- (4-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP) Plug N Socket M $22
DUMPTRUCK- D Is For Dumptruck- (Downer punk by Bostonians Kirk Swan & Seth Tiven w/ rare original cover) Incas SS $77 or Big Time M- $9
IAN DURY- New Boots & Panties- (w/ Chaz Jankel of Byzantium) Stiff M- $18 (w/ "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll", the song that borrows the riff from "Last Child" by Aerosmith) UK / Stiff (w/ photo innersleeve. Original pressing wo/ "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll") M $60
IAN DURY- Do It Yourself (w/ Mickey Galliger of Peter Frampton's Camel. Includes Bonus Single w/ Picture Sleeve) Stiff / Epic SS $26 or M $14
IAN DURY- "Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt. 3" (Long Version) bw/ "Common As Muck" (2-Song 12" 45-RPM) UK / Stiff VG $5
THE DWARVES- Horror Stories- (w/ lyric insert) Voxx M $25

E - F

EATER- The Album- (w/ lyric innersleeve) The Label (001) M $68
EATER- "Lock It Up" bw/ "Jeepster"- (2-Song 12" 45-RPM) The Label M $45
EATER- Get Your Yo' Yo's Out- (Eater Live EP Limited Edition 12" 45-RPM on WHITE VINYL. Has orange/red cover, the rarest of the various colors made) The Label M $75
EDDIE & THE HOT RODS- Teenage Depression- Island EX+ $28
EDDIE & THE HOT RODS- Life On The Line- (gatefold) Island M- $23
EDDIE & THE HOT RODS- Thriller- (w/ both posters included) UK / Island (unplayed) M $45
EIGHTH ROUTE ARMY- Chernobyl Cookbook- (2nd LP by Boston's 8th Route Army. Jimmy Miller produced 2 of the songs w/ lyric innersleeve) One Dimensionel SS $45
THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS- Storm The Gates Of Heaven- (Jayne / Wayne County on Pink Lavender vinyl w/ lyric insert) UK / Safari M $50
THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS- Same (w/ Jayne County, Jools Holland. Produced by Martin Birch) UK / Safari w/ "On The Crest" M $48 or France / Safari w/ "Fuck Off" M $58
ENIGMAS- Strangely Wild- (High energy 6-Song 12" garage-psych 45-RPM w/ lyric insert) Canada / Zulu M $22
ROKY ERICKSON- Clear Night For Love- (5-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP) France / New Rose M $44
ROKY ERICKSON & EVIL HOOK WILDLIFE E.T.- Same- (2-Song 12" 33 1/3rd EP w/ "The Beast" (long version) bw/ "Heroin"- Live version of Lou Reed song. w/ R.K. Sloane cover art) Live Wire (05) M $50 Scarce!
FABULOUS POODLES- Mirror Stars- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Epic DJ M $9
FABULOUS POODLES- Think Pink- (rare pink vinyl) Epic SS $30
FASHIÖN- Product Perfect- (Their debut LP of catchy futuristic synth-pop reggae fusion w/ Luke James) IRS SS $33
FIBULATOR- Drankfromtheasphalt- (individual hand-made collage & silk screened cover art by this moody & angular San Francisco Bay Area experimental post prog-punk combo w/ shimmering female vocals. Will appeal to fans of Henry Cow; The Art Bears; & Pylon) Electro Motive M $44
FINGERPRINTZ- Distinguishing Marks (die-cut cover intact) Virgin M $33 (Write for more Fingerprintz LPs)
FISCHER-Z- Word Salad- (w/ John Watts) United Artists SS $22
THE'S- Bomb The Twist- (6-Song 10" Mini-LP) Sympathy For The Record Industry M $30
FLAMIN' OH'S- Same- (Minneapolis live w/ overdubs) Fat City M $30
THE FLESH EATERS- A Minute To Pray A Second To Die- (LA Punk 'Gris Gris' w/ guests John Doe & D.J. Bonebrake from X, Dave Alvin & Bill Bateman of The Blasters; plus Steve Berlin pre-Los Lobos. Lyric innersleeve) Ruby Records NM $48
THE FLESHTONES- Up Front- (12" 5-Song 45-RPM Debut release includes The Rolling Stones' "Play With Fire") IRS M $48 Scarce!
THE FLESHTONES- Roman Gods- (Original pressing of their 1st LP) IRS M $40
FLIPPER- Gone Fishin'- (ex-Negative Trend members w/ lyric / photo innersleeve) Subterranean (Sub-42) M $75
FOCAL POINT- Suffering Of The Masses- (One member went on to form 'Training For Utopia' & is now in 'Demon Hunter') Tooth & Nail CD M $3
THE FOOLS- Sold Out- (w/ Gold Vinyl Bonus 45-RPM "Psycho Chicken") EMI / America SS $58 or (LP w/ no 45) M- $9
FOREIGN OBJECTS- Into The Squared Circle- (Boss-town area face-rakin' wrestle-rock) Breakthrough SS $45
4" Be 2"- I've Been Hit Be A 4" Be 2"- ("All Of The Lads" (5:18) bw/ "Jimmy Jones" (3:28) & "Bitch" (8:26) 3-song 12" EP of art-damaged, dub-influenced post-punk by Jimmy Lydon (John's brother) w/ Jock McDonald (real name O'Donnell) pre-Bollock Brothers. John Lydon allegedly mixed & produced both songs on the B-side) UK / McDonald Lydon Records M- $28
4 OUT OF 5 DOCTORS- Same- (w/ proper innersleeve) Nemperor EX+ $18
45 GRAVE- What Is 45 Grave? A Tale Of Strange Phenomena- (Limited Edition 12" Mini-LP by Goth Rock pioneers 45 Grave (ex-Vox Pop & Germs members). Side-1 has 5 songs from various sources, including an exclusive Live version of "Black Cross" from The Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles 1982. Side-2 has open-ended interview w/ band. Back cover has script for DJ to give interview. Comes w/ insert book) Enigma (E-1127) M $155 Rare!
THEE FOURGIVEN- It Ain't Pretty Down Here- Dionysus M $40
THEE FOURGIVEN- Salvation Guaranteed- (ex-members of The Unclaimed w/ Ray Flores) Dionysus M- $38
THE FREEZE- Land Of The Lost- (w/ lyric insert) Modern Method M $65
THE FREEZE- Rabid Reaction- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Modern Method M $65
FRANK FRENCH & KEVIN KINNEY- Everything Looks Better In The Dark- (Cool Dan Clowes monster-art cover w/ promo sheet enclosed) Twilight M $40
THE FUZZTONES- Lysergic Eminations- (w/ correct innersleeve) France / ABC (LP-4) M $55


GAME THEORY- Distortion- (5-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP w/ Scott Miller pre-Loud Family, co-produced by Michael Quercio of the Three O'Clock) Rational M $38
GAME THEORY- Real Night Time- (w/ Scott Miller pre-Loud Family, produced & engineered by Mitch Easter w/ Michael Quercio involvement) Rational M $44
GANG OF FOUR- Another Day / Another Dollar- 5-Song 12" EP; 2 cuts Live) Warner Bros M $18
GENERATION X- Same- (original issue) Chrysalis M $35
GENERATION X- Valley Of The Dolls- (Billy Idol produced by Ian Hunter- original pressing) Chrysalis SS $35 or M $22
GENERATION X- Kiss Me Deadly- Germany / Chrysalis M $35
GERMS- Germicide- (Recorded Live at The Whiskey, June 1977. Numbered Original Limited Collector's Edition w/ white cover & sticker) Mohawk (#2819) SS $125 or Mohawk (#2820) M $88
GIRLS AT OUR BEST!- Pleasure- (w/ lyric insert) UK / Happy Birthday (unplayed) M $33
GLASS EYE- Huge- (debut LP by Austin, TX art-popsters) Wrestler SS $33
GLUONS- Same- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM by New Bedford, Mass group) Beth M $38
GONN- Same- (History Of Garage Band Music, Vol. 9) Voxx M $22
GOREHOUNDS- Halloween Everywhere- (Jordan Krantz ex-1/2 Transplants, pre-Big Meat Hammer. Comes w/ heavy guage white guitar pick w/ Gorehounds imprinted in black. Rare!) Alien Cactus M (Autographed!) $145
THE GRAVEDIGGER V- All Black & Hairy- Voxx M- $48 Scarce!
GREEN JELLO- Cereal Killer Soundtrack- (Green Jellö had to change their name to 'Green Jell˙' because of a copyright infringement law-suit from Kraft Foods on the "Jello" brand name. This is the originally named Rare CD Only release, which also has "Cereal Killer" (removed from the renamed issue); & an unedited version of "Electric Harley House (Of Love)" w/ Metallica riffs intact. 12-page booklet included) Zoo / BMG CD ONLY M $46
THE GRUESOMES- Tyrants Of Trash- (w/ proper innersleeve. Autographed on back cover by all 4 members in ballpoint pen) OG M $135
GRUPPO SPORTIVO- Mistakes- (w/ correct innersleeve) Sire (w/ "More Mistakes" bonus 6-Song 7" EP) M $38 or Sire (wo/ bonus EP) M $9
GUN CLUB- Miami- (produced by Chris Stein who also guests along w/ Debbie Harry) Animal SS $58
GUN CLUB- Death Party- (5-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ Bush Tetras drummer Dee Pop & guitarist Jim Duckworth from Panther Burns) Animal M $88
GYROS- Same- (5-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP is sole release by this New York R&B rockabilly quintet) Fake Doom M $18


NINA HAGEN BAND- Same- (4-Song 10") Columbia (36817) DJ EX $12
HALMENS- Same- (Japanese new wave) Japan / Flying Dog SS $46
HAUSFRAUEN- Die Hausfrauen (4-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ Vera Beren) Cachalot M $16
HEART ATTACK- Keep Your Distance- (Rare NYC hardcore 12" 6-Song EP w/ lyric insert) Serious Clown NM $99
HEARTBREAKERS- L.A.M.F.- (Their debut LP, produced by Speedy Keen & Daniel Secunda w/ original misprinted "Born Too Loose" cover) UK / Track (black label) M $295
HEARTBREAKERS- Live At Max's Kansas City- Max's Kansas City (DTK-213) SS $99
RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS- Blank Generation- (w/ pre-Ramones Marc Bell of Dust, Ivan Julian, & Robert Quine of Patti Smith Group; lyric innersleeve) Sire SS $110 or M $88
RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS- "Blank Generation" / "Liars Beware" / "Who Says?"- (3-song 12" 45-RPM, pre-LP release, produced by Richard Gottehrer) Belgium / Sire / Phonogram M $48
RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS- Destiny Street- (produced by Alan Betrock, w/ Robert Quine on guitar) Red Star M $65
KENNE HIGHLAND- He's 5 Beers Ahead Of Your Time- (ex-Gizmos w/ Cheetah Chrome of The Dead Boys; Carl Biancucci of The Classic Ruins; Kim Kane of The Slickee Boys; plus Ken Kaiser; Johnny Black; Soloman Spector; Julia Carmel; Jordan Cook (Del Fuegos); Captain PJ; Aram Heller & Bob MacKenzie. Unreleased tracks by The Hopelessly Obscure. Essential! Only 500 pressed & hand-numbered. Choice # 211; 235; 287; 296; 420. Never shrinkwrapped) Stanton Park unplayed M $77
THE KENNE HIGHLAND CLAN / THE EXPLODING PIDGINS- Implode- (Two Sides of Kenne Highland) Stanton Park (001) SS $45
DAVID HINES- Connection Today!- (solo debut LP by the recording engineer of Posh Boy records) Posh Boy M $28
HOPELESSLY OBSCURE- Same- (12" 45-RPM 5-Song EP pressed on carbonless 'Quietex' vinyl. Cool garage-psych featuring Bob MacKenzine; Kenne Highland; Ken Kaiser) Majestic SS $40 More Info
HOT SNAX- "Pressure Drop" bw/ "Treat Me Right Tonight" (2-Song 12" 45-RPM) UK / Munch M $33
HUMANS- Happy Hour- (ex-Eddie & The Showmen members Sterling Storm, Eric Gies & John Anderson w/ Jim Rutledge) IRS M $35
HURRIGANES- Use No Hooks- (Finnish rockabilly-punk w/ original erotic cheesecake bondage cover art) UK / Sonet M- $99
THE HYPSTRZ- Hypstrization- (Rare original garage-soul gem by legendary Minneapolis outfit. Greg Shaw wrote: "A high-energy frat band who's LP may be the rarest item on Voxx - even we don't have a copy!") Voxx M $88

I - J

IGGY POP- Soldier- (w/ Glen Matlock & Ivan Kral) Arista SS $26
THE INDIVIDUALS- Aquamarine 6-Song 12" 45-RPM EP (New Jersey hopefuls inspired by the dB's & Bongos w/ Glen Morrow ex-managing editor of Alan Betrock's 'New York Rocker') Lust/Unlust SS $50 Rare!
INMATES- First Offense- (w/ "Dirty Water") Polydor DJ M $12
THE INN- Psychedelic Schedule- (24-minute garage stoner psych-jam, backed with some nice folk-psych songs from this well-traveled North Carolina group w/ Mitch Cooper, on Green Vinyl w/ insert) Voxx SS $50 Scarce!
INSECT SURFERS- Wavelength- (8-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP) Wasp M $80 Rare!
INSECT SURFERS- Sonar Safari- (5-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP) Wasp EX $55
INTERVIEW- Big Oceans- Virgin SS $16 or M $7
INTERVIEW- Same- Virgin M $7
INVADERS- Test Card- (Limited Edition) UK / Polydor SS $33
JOE JACKSON-Body & Soul- A&M (SP-5000) M $15
JOE JACKSON- Beat Crazy- (original uncut w/ lyric innersleeve) A&M M $14
JOE JACKSON- Look Sharp!- (Special Limited Edition 10" 2-disc Set w/ B&W 'Look Sharp" lapel button included) A&M (SP-3666) SS $30 or M- $17
THE JAM- In The City- (original pressings) Polydor SS $55 or M- $33
THE JAM- Snap!- (2-LP 'Best Of' w/ gatefold) Polygram M- $28
BRIAN JAMES- Ain't That A Shame- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM EP w/ Stuart Copeland on drums) UK / b Records (BJLP-1) unplayed M $38
JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS- "Cherry Bomb" bw/ "Bombs Away"- (12" PROMO ONLY 45-RPM on Red Vinyl) MCA DJ Only M $45 Rare!
JFA (JODY FOSTER'S ARMY)- Mad Garden- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM EP) Placebo M $58
DAVID JOHANSON- David Johanson Group, Live- (9-cuts w/ Syl Sylvain) Blue Sky DJ ONLY M $36
JOHN & THE NIGHTRIDERS- Live At The Whiskey A Go-Go- (Surf Rock group Produced by Greg Shaw, John Blair & Thom Wilson. w/ Dusty Watson ex-Agent Orange; Queers; Slacktone) Voxx SS $45
JOHN THE POSTMAN'S PSYCHEDELIC ROCK'N'ROLL FIVE SKINNERS- Steppin' Out Of Holt's Brewery- (aka "Jon The Postman's Psychedelic Five" according to Sounds) UK / Bent M $50
JOY DIVISION- Unknown Pleasures (original textured cover) Factory SS $135
JOY DIVISION- Box File- (3-LP Boxed Set, #400 of 1000. Has the LPs "Warsaw" (rare studio outakes, May, 1978); "Le Terme" (John Peel Sessions + Live at the Ajanta Theater, Derby, April 19, 1980); & "Komackino" (Live at the Lyceum, London, February 29, 1980) Italy / unplayed M $235 Rare!
JUST WATER- The Riff- (Self-released debut by punkish NYC rockers) Branded M $57


BILLY KARLOFF & THE EXTREMES- Let Your Fingers Do The Talking- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Warner Bros (green cover) M $14 or Warner Bros (blue cover) M $9
KILBURN & THE HIGH ROADS- Handsome- (Ian Dury circa '75 w/ Davey Lucas aka Nick Cash of 999) UK / PYE SS $44
KILLING JOKE- "Me Or You" bw/ "Feast Of Blaze" & "Wilful Days"- (3-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP) Editions EG (EGOX-14) M- $24
KILSLUG- Answer The Call- (Boston psycho-punk w/ original Taang flyer) Taang M- $46
THE KORPS- Hello World!! (formerly Afrika Korps w/ members of The Gizmos, Slickee Boys. 16 cuts on Blue Vinyl) Kleen Kut SS $60 or M $45
RAGNAR KVARAN GROUP- Wrecked On Love- (6-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM Debut EP w/ guitar & production by Ron Ashton of The Stooges) ATC M $78


ROBIN LANE & THE CHARTBUSTERS- Same- (Robin's debut LP, w/ ex-Modern Lovers & lyric innersleeve. Her father was Ken Lane, songwriter & pianist for Dean Martin) Warner Bros M $9
ROBIN LANE & THE CHARTBUSTERS- Imitation Life- (w/ ex-Modern Lovers) Warner Bros M- $12 More Info
CLIVE LANGER & THE BOXES- Splash- (Deaf School songwriter & producer of Madness; Dexys; The Smiths & Bush, goes solo. Elvis Costello produces 2-cuts) UK / F-Best M $40
LAUGHING SOUP DISH- We Are The Dish- (cover art by R.K. Sloane) Voxx M $22
THE LAZY COWGIRLS- A Little Sex & Death- Crypt SS $24
L.D.S.- Nightmare- (Metalcore punk w/ bonus gig flyers from this Utah band) Underworld SS $48 Obscure!
THE LEAVING TRAINS- Well Down Blue Highway- (w/ Terry Graham ex-Gun Club, Chris Cacavas ex-Green On Red, lyric insert) Bemisbrain / Enigma M- $26
THE LEFT- It's The World- (12" 8-Song 45-RPM) Bona Fide (w/ original b&w cover art by Fat Pat) M $45 or Bona Fide (w/ cover art by John Hornick) M $28
THE LEFT- Last Train To Hagerstown- Bona Fide M $28
CRAIG LEON- Nommos- (5-Song 12" EP by the producer of The Ramones; Blondie; Talking Heads; Suicide, & others. Here, Craig creates meditative music w/ a unique pulse of tribal percussion. Minimalistic electronic industrial trance music. Includes promo only insert 'letter' from record company. Superior mastering compared to the CD reissue) Takoma M $50
LEW LEWIS- Save The Wail- (Little Walter style ex-Eddie & The Hotrods) UK / Stiff M- $28 More Info
LIME SPIDERS- The Cave Comes Alive- Virgin M- $24
LIME SPIDERS- Beethovens Fist- Australia / Virgin M $38
ERIC LINDGREN; PINK INC. & BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC- Soundtracks- (ex-Moving Parts members get into a jazzy modern-classical bag & go electro-prog w/ Roger Miller & Martin Swope of 'Mission Of Burma'. Includes film score from "To A Random") Arf Arf SS $22
ERIC LINDGREN- Polar Yet Tropical- (avant-garde takes on some classic garage-punk nuggets) Arf Arf SS $28
LIPSTICK KILLERS- Mesmerizer- (Australian group w/ live versions of The Chocolate Watchband's "Let's Talk About Girls" & The 13th Floor Elevators' "I've Got Levitation") France / Citadel / Closer M $50
LOCAL HEROES S.W.9- Drip Dry Zone- (w/ Matthew Seligman, pre-Soft Boys) UK / Oval M- $18
LONELY BOYS- Same- (produced by Andy Arthurs) Harvest M $30
THE LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH- The Method To Our Madness- (Stiv Bators & Brian James) IRS M $33
LOS LOBOS- Los Lobos & A Time To Dance- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Slash M $28
LOS LOBOS- How Will The Wolf Survive?- Slash M- $18
LOS LOBOS- "Will The Wolf Survive" (Re-Mix Edit) bw/ "Will The Wolf Survive" (LP Version)- (12" 33 1/3rd 2-Song DJ ONLY Single produced by T-Bone Burnette) Slash DJ ONLY M- $35
LENE LOVICH- Flex- CBS / Stiff DJ M $14
LUDUS- The Seduction- (Post-punk 12" 45-RPM 2-EP set w/ insert) France / UK / New Hormones M $45
LYDIA LUNCH- In Limbo- (aka Lydia Koch, ex-Teenage Jesus & The Jerks. 6-Sing 12" 45-RPM w/ Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth; & Pat Place of The Cortortions & Bush Tetra. w/ lyric insert) UK / Double Vision EX+ $75
THE LYNN REBELS- Gonna Get Wasted- (Jordan Kratz production) Gore (007) SS $9
LYRES- AHS-1005- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ ex- DMZ & Real Kids members) Ace Of Hearts (1st pressing) SS $48 or M $36
LYRES- On Fyre- (original) Ace Of Hearts- M- $25
LYRES- Lyres- (4-Song 12" w/ "Someone Who Will Treat You Right Now" / "She Pays The Rent" bw/ "You've Been Wrong" / "I'll Try Anyway") France / New Rose M $38


MADNESS- As The Nutty Boys- (w/ comic book) Stiff M $34
MAD VIOLETS- World Of LSD- (5-Song 12" w/ Deb O'Nair (Fuzztones); Keith Streng (Fleshtones); Wendy Wild (Das Furlines); & Danny B Harvey (Levi Dexter & The Ripchords) France / Lolita M $48
MAGAZINE- Play- (Live w/ Howard Devoto ex-Buzzcocks. Contains "Twenty Years Ago" & "Give Me Everything", both exclusive to this LP) IRS M- $22
MAGAZINE- After The Fact- (Collection of obscure B-sides, etc) IRS M- $22
MAGAZINE- "The Light Pours Out Of Me" bw/ "Cut-Out Shapes"- (2-Song 'hot-cut' PROMO ONLY 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM w/ exclusive alternate version of "The Light Pours Out Of Me") Virgin International (VIDJI) M $28 Scarce!
MAGAZINE- Back To Nature- (2-LP Set Live in Boston 1979) UK / Centrifugal unplayed M $60
MAGAZINE- Magic, Murder & The Weather- IRS M- $18
MAGIC MOSE & HIS ROYAL ROCKERS- Between Grief & Nothing- (ex- Moose & The Mudbugs. Boston) Arf Arf M- $12
THE MAKE- Democracy- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM) Bosstown M- $28
THE MALARIANS- In The Cool Room- (New England's 'Shielded By Death' Punk-Garage band w/ Mal Thursday. Comes w/ rare bumber sticker) Chunk SS $95 or (Fully Autographed by entire band on back cover) M $135
THE MALARIANS- Know- Chunk SS $88
MALCOLM McLAREN- Duck Rock- (early Hip-Hop & Electronic Steampunk w/ David Birch & Thomas Dolby on "Buffalo Gals") Island EX+ $22
MEAT PUPPETS- Same- (A Thermidor production w/ insert) SST SS $50
THE MEMBERS- At The Chelsea Night Club- UK / Virgin EX $33
MENACE- "Screwed Up" bw/ "Insane Society"- (12" 45-RPM) UK / Illegal M $18
MEN AT WORK- 'Cargo' World Premiere Weekend- (2-LP Set Live April 15-17, 1983 w/ interview) Columbia DJ ONLY M $45
METAL URBAIN- Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux- (Original w/ Bonus 45) French Byzz / Celluloid M $155 Rare!
LOU MIAMI & THE KOZMETICS- Same- (6-Song 12" by this great Boston legend, produced by Ann Prim & Kearney Kirby from November Group. w/ lyric innersleeve) Modern Method EX- $75 Rare!
LOU MIAMI- Rituals- (w/ Chris Spedding) Throbbing Lobster (6-Song 12") M- $75
MINK DeVILLE- Return To Magenta- (produced by Jack Nitzsche) Capitol SS $40
MINK DeVILLE- Cabretta- Capitol SS $35
MIRACLE WORKERS- 1,000 Micrograms Of Miracle Workers- (12" 6-Song EP) Sounds Interesting SS $45
MIRACLE WORKERS- Moxie's Revenge- (Songs from their 1st 2 EP's plus previously unreleased w/ Gatefold cover & Press Kit: Glossy photo of group; Press releases; Letter) Get Hip DJ M $45
MISSION OF BURMA- Vs- (w/ Roger Miller) Ace Of Hearts SS $88
MODERN LOVERS- Same- (w/ Jonathan Richman; Ernie Brooks; Jerry Harrison; David Robinson) Home Of The Hits (Original pressing w/ HH-1910 on record cover & label) SS $499 or VG $78
MODERN LOVERS- The Original Modern Lovers- (pre-Bomp issue w/ Jerry Harrison, later to The Talking Heads) Mohawk SS $125
MODERN LOVERS- Live- (w/ Jonathan Richman) Holland / Beserkley EX $38
MODERN LOVERS- Rock 'N' Roll With The Modern Lovers- (Jonathan Richman) Beserkley EX+ $44
MONDO ROCK- Primal Park (Aussie New Wave Pop w/ ex-Party Boys Paul Christie, & Eric McCusker. They wrote many hit songs for Rick Springfield & Meat Loaf) Australia / Oz SS $22
MONO MEN- Wrecker!- Estrus SS $28 or Estrus (green vinyl w/ rare nudie cover) M $115
MORALLY BANKRUPT- (good skatepunk w/ lyric insert) Slime M $33
THE MOTHMEN- Pay Attention!- (ex- Durutti Column members go electronic ska-reggae dub. The group later metamorphosed into Simply Red) UK / On-U Sound M $43
THE MOTORS- Same- Virgin DJ M- $12
MX-80 SOUND- Out Of The Tunnel- Ralph SS $85
MY OWN WORST ENEMY- Total Action- (Boston garage punk-pop trio) Pristine Indigo (CD ONLY) SS $6
MYSTIC EYES- Our Time To Leave- Get Hip DJ M $40

N - O

THE NAILS- Hotel For Women- (Formed in Boulder, Colorado as The Ravers, moved to NYC & released this 3-song 12" EP w/ original version of "88 Lines About 44 Women". Original back cover art) Jimboco / Citybeat M $45
THE NAILS- Hotel For Women- (Same as above but 4-song 12" EP w/ original version of "88 Lines About 44 Women". Group photo on back cover shows Steve O'Rourke, but he doesn't play on the record) Jimboco / Citybeat / PVC / Jem M $17
WAZMO NARIZ- Things Aren't Right- Illegal / IRS M- $28
NASH THE SLASH- Bedside Companion- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ insert) Canada / Cut Throat M- $26
NASTY HABITS- "Can't Help Wondering", "Lonely Tonight", "You Keep Me Loaded"- (3-Song 12" w/ original cover) Big Chief SS $33
NATIVE TONGUE- Yowl- Modern Method SS $55
NATIVE TONGUE- Same- (Pylon influenced 4-Song 12" 45 RPM w/ lyric insert) Détente M- $33
NAUGHTY SWEETIES- Live- (4-Song 1-Sided 12" w/ glossy) Rhino / Dauntless SS $38 or EX $26
NAZ NOMAD & THE NIGHTMARES- Give Daddy The Knife Cindy- (Naz Nomad & The Nightmares aka The Damned as part of a mock soundtrack. Original 1984 pressing) UK / Big Beat (WIK21) SS $58
NEGATIVLAND- Same- (Original issue w/ unique handmade cut & paste cover art w/ insert by San Francisco high schoolers Mark Hosler, Richard Lyons & David Wills on their debut LP, featuring a sound collagé of expermental electronic avant guarde music. Peter Dayton guests) Seeland (001) SS $265 or M $199
NEGATIVLAND- Points- (Mark Hosler, Richard Lyons & David Wills w/ guest Peter Dayton) Seeland / Optical (002) SS $125
NEW MUSIK- Straight Lines- (4-Song 10" UK / Synthpop w/ Tony Mansfield) Epic Nu Disk SS $18 or Epic Nu Disk DJ M $9
NENA- Same- (Gabriele Susanne Kerner w/ her it, "99 Luftballons" & lyric innersleeve) Germany / CBS (25-264) EX $8
NENA- ? (Fragezeichen)- (Scarce 2nd LP) Germany / CBS (25-870) M $28
THE NEW ORDER- Same- (w/ Ron Ashton & Scott Thurston of The Stooges, & Dennis Thompson of the MC5) France / Fun (ISL-6443) M $55
THE NILS- Sell Out Young- (Under-rated post-punk pop 4-Song 12" Debut EP produced by Ivan Doroschuk of Men Without Hats) Canada / Psyche Industry SS $40
999- Nine Nine Nine- (Includes "Emergency", w/ proper innersleeve) UK / United Artists unplayed M $65
THE NOMADS- Where The Wolf Bane Blooms- (6-Song 12" 45-RPM EP) France / Closer M $55
THE NOMADS- Outburst- (Swedish group) UK / What Goes On M $65
THE NOMADS- "She Pays The Rent"- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM) Homestead M $44
NON- Pagan Muzak- (Rare 1-sided 7" in a textured 12" jacket. Record has 17 locked grooves. a center hole & a second offset hole drilled in each copy by Boyd Rice himself! w/ two center holes, each locked groove can be played at two different trajectories, as well as any number of speeds. Has instructions for the listener to drill more holes in the record as they see appropriate) Gray Beat (3000) M $150
THE NOT- What's The Reason- (Rare Boston 12" 6-Song 45-RPM EP) Not Records M- $55
THE NOT QUITE- ...Or The Beginning- (Morrie McCarthy; Joe Guidone; Tom Donnelly; Colleen Crane; Rob MacKenzie) Voxx SS $33
NOWHEREFAST- Rock'N'Roll- (4-Song 12" EP Clear Vinyl) WVM M $26
GARY NUMAN- The Pleasure Principle- UK / Beggars Banquet unplayed M $20
GARY NUMAN- Tubeway Army- UK / Beggers Banquet unplayed M $20
THE NUNS- Same- Bomp SS $48
THE OBJECTS- Live- (Vermont show from 1978. Portsmouth, NH garage punk trio w/ Marc Weinstein, pre- MX-80 Sound, & Scott Gildersleeve, pre-Queers. Live At The Greatwood Cafe, Goddard College, Plainfield VT, Deceember 16, 1978. Only 300 made. Homemade cover art w/ Lyric insert) Self released (not shrink-wrapped but band taped the jacket shut) Photograph Records (804-54) SS $585 Ultra Rare!
OINGO BOINGO- Oingo Boingo EP- (4-Song 10" w/ Danny Elfman, lyric innersleeve) IRS M- $12
THE OLYMPIC SIDEBURNS- Same- (w/ song/comic book) UK / Epitaph M $45
100 FLOWERS- Same- (ex-Urinals) Happy Squid SS $38
THE 101ers- Elgin Avenue Breakdoown- (The One-O-Oners w/ Joe Strummer, recorded between 1975-1976, a few months before he formed The Clash, but not released until 1981) UK / Andalucia Records M $88
THE ONLY ONES- Special View- (glam-punk w/ Alan Mair of Spooky Tooth. Contains "Another Girl, Another Planet") Epic DJ EX+ $16
THE OPHELIAS- The Big O- (folky garage psych w/ David Immerglück of Camper Van Beethoven. Original die-cut round cover) Rough Trade M $33
THE ORCHIDS- Same- (Kim Fowley produced all-girl group w/ Laurie McAllister of The Runaways, lyric insert) MCA M- $65
THE OUTTAPLACE- We're Outta Place- (12" 7-Song 45-RPM w/ Mike Chandler pre-Raunch Hands) Midnight Mono M $66
THE OVERCOAT- Three Chords & A Cloud Of Dust- Dionysus M $7

P - Q

PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS- Cheap Is Real- (Boston area band w/ Steve Westfield) Pajamarama SS $88
PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS- Heavy Pettin' Zoo- (Great sense of humor throughout) Restless SS $55
THE PANDORAS- Stop Pretending- (w/ Melanie Vammen & Kim Shattuck pre-Muffs) Rhino M- $45
THE PANDORAS- Rock Hard- (6-Song 12" Mini-LP) Restless M- $18
PASSION PUPPETS- Beyond The Pale- MCA EX+ $18
PENETRATION- Moving Targets- (Their debut LP on limited edition luminous glow-in-the-dark vinyl, w/ poster!) UK / Virgin $99 Scarce!
PENETRATION- Coming Up For Air- (w/ Pauline Murray pre-Invisible Girls) Virgin SS $45
PENETRATION- Danger Signs- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ "Danger Signs" / "Stone Heroes" (Live) / "Vision" (Live)- Virgin M $22
PERE UBU- The Modern Dance- (Original Issue of their Debut LP w/ David Thomas aka Crocus Behemoth) Blank Records (001) M $99
PERE UBU- Datapanik In The Year Zero- (12" 45-RPM EP collects 5 of their early Hearthan (aka Hearpen) singles tracks, including the dynamic, paranoiac "30: Seconds Over Tokyo" & the Seeds-gone-dada "Cloud 149") UK / Radar M $88
PERE UBU- Dub Housing- (pre-shoegaze stylings w/ Allen Ravenstine on synth) Chrysalis M $66 or Holland / Chrysalis M $77
PERE UBU- 390° Degrees Of Simulated Stereo- Pere Ubu Live- (Early live recordings in Cleveland, London & Brussels) Rough Trade SS $78
THE PESTS- A Damn Fine Mixture- (New Orleans old school tongue-in-cheek DIY punk trio via NYC. 180 gram vinyl, w/ gatefold cover) Grit (006) SS $18
PET CLAMS- Same- Handshake M $18
PHIL 'N' THE BLANKS- Head Screwed On- (6-Song Mini LP) Pink M $16
PHILISTINES- "Walk A Thin Line" bw/ "Your Picture"- (2-Song 12" 33 1/3rd RPM) Radio Free America SS $16
PHILISTINES- Turn Up The Music- (4-Song EP 33 1/3rd RPM Craig Leon production) Radio Free America M- $12
THE PHOTOS- Same- (w/ insert & lyric innersleeve) Epic DJ M $9
PINK HOLES- We're Glad We Are What We Are-(Cleveland punkers Bob Richey (Pagans, Offbeats) & Bob Sablack (Defnics, Plague, Chrome Kickers). Eldo Farms M $99 Scarce LP
THE PINUPS- Same- Columbia M $16
PLAN 9- Frustration- Voxx SS $44 or M- $28 or EX+ $22
PLAN 9- Same- (BONUS Magenta & White Poster: 24" x 36" 'Keep Your Cool & Read The Rules') France / New Rose M- $44
PLAN 9- Dealing With The Dead- (R.K. Sloane cover art w/ comic book. LP cover AUTOGRAPHED by Eric Stumpo; Deb DeMarco & John Florence) Midnight M $75
PLASMATICS- New Hope For The Wretched- Stiff M $35
PLASMATICS- Coup d´ Etat- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Capitol EX $27
PLASTICLAND- Same- (Milwaukee punk-psych on Pink Vinyl) Pink Dust M $66
PLUMMET AIRLINES- On Stoney Ground- (2-LP Set w/ Darryl Hunt) Hedon M $33
POISON 13- Same- (w/ insert. Features Tim Kerr of Lord High Fixers; Jack O'Fire) Wrestler M $20
POLECATS- Make A Circuit With Me- (7-Song 12" rockabilly mini-LP) Mercury M $18
THE POLICE- "Don't Stand So Close To Me" bw/ "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da"- (2-Song 10" 45-RPM Star / Badge Shaped Promo Only Picture Disc w/ clear plastic sleeve & cover sticker. Songs from "Zenyatta Mondatta" LP) A&M (PR-4401 Promo Only Issue) NM $60
POLYROCK- "Romantic Me"; "No Love Lost" bw/ "Your Dragging Feet" (3-Song 12" synth-pop EP w/ Billy Robertson ex-Model Citizens plus Philip Glass & Kurt Munkacsi, who also produces) RCA DJ ONLY M $12
POP GUN- Trigger- (Boston area metal-pop w/ Bruce Allen pre-Doom Buggies) Rextreme Records (CD ONLY) SS $6
POP-O-PIES- The White EP (6-Song 33 1/3 Mini LP features hardcore & rap versions of "Truckin'" as well as "Timothy Leary Lives", "Fascists Eat Donuts" & "The Catholics Are Attacking") 415 Records VG+ $55 Scarce!
POP-O-PIES- Joe's Second Record- (6-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ yet another version of "Truckin'") Subterranean M $55
THE PORK DUKES- "Making Bacon" bw/"Tight Pussy"- (12" 45-RPM on Yellow Vinyl w/ ex-members of Gnidrolog & bassist Nigel Pegram ex-Steeleye Span) UK / Wood (Branch 9) M $55
PRETENDERS- The Talk Of The Town- Denmark / Not Real Records DJ unplayed M $26
THE PRETENDERS- Still Pretending- (Live w/ Chris Spedding) PL-006 Mono M $40
PRIMARY COLORS- Same- (4-Song 12" EP Only release by Boston supergroup w/ Ian Stevens (La Peste); John Hartcorn (Neighborhoods, Nervous Eaters), Tony Mendoza (MIA's), Rayboy Fernandes (The Atlantics) Urban Noise SS $55
THE PROFESSIONALS- I Didn't See It Coming- (Cook & Jones of The Sex Pistols) Virgin SS $45 or M $33
THE PROLETARIAT- Soma Holiday- (Boston hardcore produced by Lou Giordano. Rare original issue w/ lyric innersleeve) Radiobeat / Non-U Records VG+ $70
PRONG- Whose Fist Is This Anyway- (Remixes by J. G. Thirlwell of Foetus on this hard-to-get 6-Song EP w/ Paul Raven. Includes "Talk Talk", a hit for The Music Machine, exclusive only on this EP) Epic CD ONLY M- $5 Scarce!
PROPAGANDA- Calling On Moscow- (4-Song 10" UK powerpop / punk, not to be confused w/ the mid-80s indie/pop German band of the same name) Epic Nu Disk DJ M $14
PSEUDO ECHO- Same- EMI / America SS $22
PSYCHO- (8-Song 12" debut EP by these GG Allin related Boston punkers. Singer Mick Keddy is cousin of Lyres drummer Paul Murphy. w/ Bill Bois & lyric sheet. Bonus: 2-page newsletter from Ax/cion Records w/ reviews of the EP, band news & comics) Ax/cion Records M $195
PSYCHO DAISIES- Pushin' Up Daisies- (Backed Charlie Pickett as The Eggs) Sublapse M $20 or EX- $7
PSYCHOBUD- Same- Ear Movie M- $28
PSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES- Same- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM) Rattlesnake M $18
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD- Public Image- UK / Virgin (V-2114) SS $58 or UK / Virgin (V-2114) unplayed M $48
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.- This Is What You Want...- (Cover art by John Van Hamersveld) Elektra M- $24
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.- Recorded Live In Paris When No One Was Looking- (red logo rubber stamped cover) VPMF M $55
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD- Where Are We? (Live at The Paramount Theatre, Staten Island, New York, March 26, 1983. Rare hand numbered & hand sealed LP of 1000 made) Gothic (unplayed) M $55
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD- Metal Box- (3-Disc 45-RPM Set in original embossed circular tin case w/ inserts & dividers) UK / Virgin M $325
THE PUNSTERS- Boardwalk Santa- (7-Song 12" Mini-LP of great parody-rock from New Jersey) Rosebud SS $48
JIMMY PURSEY- Alien Orphan- Epic SS $22
THE PUSSYWILLOWS- Spring Fever- (features Elinor Blake aka April March, pre-Makers w/ members of the Raunch Hands & Deb O'Nair of the Fuzztones on organ w/ covers of The Kinks, Lulu, Cinderellas & Cupons, plus originals) Telstar M $135 or EX $65
PYLON- Pylon!! EP- (4-Song 10" 45-RPM w/ "Cool", "Dub", bw/ "Driving School", "Danger!!") UK / Armageddon M $28
QUASI-MEN- The Creeping Horror Of The Quasi-Men- (CD Only debut release of occult inspired Metal-Punk Originals) Kaplan CD SS $6
THE QUEERS- Don't Back Down- (w/ Chris Horne of The Brood. Lyric insert) Lookout M $33
QUINCY- Same- Columbia SS $28


THE RAINCOATS- Same- (All-girl band) UK / Rough Trade M $115
THE RAMONES- Same- (Original w/ lyric innersleeve) ABC / Sire (SASD-7520) SS $295 or ABC / Sire (SASD-7520) EX $199
THE RAMONES- The Ramones Leave Home- (pre-Warner Bros original w/ "Carbona Not Glue" & lyric innersleeve) ABC / Sire SS $265 or ABC / Sire M $160 or ABC / Sire EX- $77
THE RAMONES- Rocket To Russia- (original pressing w/ lyric innersleeve) Sire VG+ $33
THE RAMONES- At Your Birthday Party- (2-LP Set featuring 31 Live songs from 2 concerts: The Rocker Tavern , Alberdeen, Washington, March 5, 1977; & The Roxy Theater, Los Angeles California August 12, 1976; plus interview) Germany / Ruthless Rhymes M/EX+ $120
THE RAMONES- Road To Ruin- (w/ lyric innersleeve) M $44
THE RAMONES- End Of The Century- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Sire M- $22
THE RAMONES- Pleasant Dreams (w/ lyric innersleeve) Sire (6077 - No Barcode) M $78
THE RAMONES- Subterranean Jungle- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Sire M $33 or EX $12
THE RAMONES- Too Tough To Die- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Sire M $33
THE RAMONES- "Bonzo Goes To Bitburg" bw/ "Go Home Ann" & "Daytime Dilemma"- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ 2 Non-LP cuts + Original Withdrawn Cover!!) UK / Beggars Banquet M $199
THE RAMONES- Halfway To Sanity- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Sire M $33
THE RAMONES- Brain Drain- (w/ proper picture innersleeve) Sire EX $28
THE RAMONES- Ramones Mania- (2-LP Set 'Best Of' 1976-1988) Sire M $44
THE RAMONES- It's Alive- (First Issue w/ Obi) Japan/ Nippon Phonogram / Sire (RJ-7586) M $245
RANK & FILE- Sundown- (ex-members of The Nuns & The Dils) Slash EX $28
RANK & FILE- Long Gone Dead- (w/ Tom Petty drummer Stan Lynch ) Slash M- $20
THE RATTLERS- Rattled!- (Led by Joey Ramone's younger brother, Mitch Leigh) PVC SS $45
THE RAUNCH HANDS- El Rauncho Grande- (6-Song 12" 45-PM w/ 2 different press-kits; 2 different glossies; KAZ promo only poster art for the EP) Relativity M $47
THE RAVERS- The Ravers Vs The Ravers- (pre-Nails 4-Song 12" EP A-Side: "It's Gonna Be A Punk Rock Christmas!" & "Silent Night" bw/ "Have I The Right" (Honeycombs hit) & "Rich Kids". Great William Stout cover art. Marbleized red/green color vinyl) Rhino (503) SS $50
THE RAYBEATS- Guitar Beat- (ex- Contortions & 8-Eyed Spy members; pre- Los Straightjackets; B-52's, & Golden Palominos members) PVC M $28
READYMADES- Same (4-Song 12" 45-RPM EP) Maya EX+ $14
THE REAL KIDS- Same- (Rare original first pressing) Red Star SS $185
THE REAL KIDS- Outta Place- Star Rhythm SS $95
THE REAL KIDS- The New Rose Years (1982-83 recordings 2-LP 27-track Anthology Set on 220 Gram heavy vinyl. Includes "Outtaplace" & "Hit You Hard" LPs, plus 8 tracks recorded Live in Paris, 1983) Spain / Munster (MR-255) M $58
REALLY RED- Teaching You The Fear- (Some great underrated Texas punk. Original pressing w/ white cover) CIA SS $95
THE RED CRAYOLA- "Micro-Chips & Fish" bw/ "The Story So Far"- (12" 2-Song 45-RPM EP w/ Lora Logic) UK / Rough Trade M $33
RED CROSS- Same (6-Song 12" 45-RPM before changing their name to Red Kross. Tracks are: "Cover Band"; "I Hate My School"; "Annette's Got The Hits"; "Clorox Girls"; "S & M Party"; "Standing In Front Of Poseur) Posh Boy SS $150 Rare!
REDDY TEDDY- Same- (Boston band w/ ex-Bluezberry Jam members who went on to Robin Lane & The Chartbusters; Taxiboys; Willie Alexander; Nervous Eaters. Lyric insert) Spoonfed SS $88 or M $65
THE REDS- Same- (Green Vinyl) A&M SS $35 or M $22
ROBERT RENTAL & THE NORMAL- Live At West Runton Pavillion (w/ Daniel Miller aka 'The Normal'; June, 3, 1979. One-sided 12" EP w/ die-cut cover) Rough Trade SS $46
RESCUE- Movie Viewers- (Von Lmo related 4-Song double-grooved 12" EP w/ 3-D glasses) Plexus M $80
RESIDENTS- Meet The Residents- (Avant-prog w/ Ralph Records insert) Ralph SS $120 or M- $75
THE RESIDENTS- Third Reich & Roll- (w/ Snakefinger. Original cover art (1000 made) depicts Dick Clark in a Nazi uniform w/ orange carrot. Red & Black liner note insert included) Ralph SS $350 or (No liner note insert) M $195
RESIDENTS- Intermission- (5-Song 12" EP) Ralph SS $60
RESIDENTS- Fingerprince- Ralph SS $70
RESIDENTS- Duckstab / Buster & Glen- Ralph (RR0278-RUB) M $88
RESIDENTS- Diskomo / Goosebump- (12" 45-RPM w/ Snakefinger) Ralph SS $55
THE REZILLOS- Can't Stand The Rezillos- Sire SS $88 or Sire (w/ Rare PROMO ONLY 22" x 17" poster insert of New Musical Express article of Feb 28 1978, pg. 32) M $90
THE REZILLOS- Mission Accomplished... But The Beat Goes On- UK / Sire M- $55
RICH KIDS- Ghosts Of Princes In Towers- (Glen Matlock ex-Sex Pistols; Midge Ure pre-Ultravox; Steve New & Rusty Egan. Produced by Mick Ronson, w/ lyric innersleeve) UK / EMI unplayed M $120
JONATHAN RICHMAN & THE MODERN LOVERS- Back In Your Life- (w/ 4 8.25" x 8" fliers for a show at the Birmingham Odeon) Beserkley DJ M $50
TOM ROBINSON- Sector 27- IRS SS $18
ROUGH TRADE- Avoid Freud- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Stiff M- $14
RUBBER CITY REBELS- Same- Capitol SS $75
RUIN- Fiat Lux- (Philly skate-punk) Meta Meta SS $88
RUTS- The Crack- (One of BBC DJ John Peel's favorite bands) Virgin M $68
RUTS DC- Animal Now- UK / Virgin M $22


THE SAINTS- I'm Stranded- (original 1st pressing) Sire (SR-6039) SS $88
THE SAINTS- Eternally Yours- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Sire M- $40 or UK / EMI / Harvest (green label w/ lyric innersleeve) unplayed M $50
THE SAINTS- The Monkey Puzzle- (w/ lyric sheet & bonus 7" 45-RPM "I'm Stranded" bw/ "Security" & "Perfect Day") France / New Rose M $55
THE SAINTS- "This Perfect Day" bw/ "L-I-E-S" & "Do The Robot"- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM. The A-Side is a different recording than on LP. Both songs on B-Side are non-LP, & "Do The Robot" has been withdrawn from future release & only appears on this Limited Edition pressing w/ die-cut cover) UK / EMI / Harvest (12 HAR-5130 w/ green label) NM $60
SALVATION ARMY- Same- (pre-Three O'Clock before the Salvation Army forced them to change their name) Frontier SS $199 or M $135 Rare Original Issue!
SASQUATCH & THE SICK-A-BILLYS- Burning Miles Of Sin- (Notorious Providence, Rhode Island psychobilly demons) Wet Floor (CD ONLY) SS $16 Scarce!
MOGEN DAVID & HIS SAVAGE YOUNG WINOS- Evolution Of A Rock Band- (w/ Harold Bronson co-founder of Rhino Records. Has open-up folder cover & pocket w/ inserts; 8-page press kit; photos, etc) Kosher Records SS $185 or M- $120
SKY "SUNLIGHT" SAXON & FIREWALL- Destiny's Children- (w/ Mars Bonfire; & ex-members of Iron Butterfly; Fraternity Of Man; Plimsouls; Dream Syndicate, Droogs, Yard Trauma, others) PVC M $50
ARMAND SCHAUBROECK- Steals: Live At The Holiday Inn- (Original issue 2-LP Set from the owner ofThe House Of Guitars in Rochester, NY. Includes "Ratfucker" & "Shakin' Shakin'") Mirror SS $190 (write for more Armand Schaubroeck LPs)
THE SCIENTISTS- Heading For A Trauma- (w/ insert) Australia / Au-Go-Go M $33
SCOUTS IN ACTION- Same- (3-Song 12" local Maine) Gutterworst M $135
SCREAMIN' SIRENS!- Fiesta!- (All-girl, cow-punk, thrash-a-billy w/ Rosie Flores of San Diego's Rosie & The Screamers. Has original version of "Midnight To Moonlight". Also w/ Casey Gomez pre-Pandoras; Pleasant Gehman pre-Ringling Sisters; Miiko Watanabe pre-American Girls; lyric insert) Enigma M $55
SCREAMING URGE- Same- (Columbus, Ohio DIY w/ Dave Manic pre- Great Plains. Has rare promo photos) Raw Deal M $75
SCRUFFY THE CAT- Tiny Days- (Boston cow-punk combo produced by Chris Butler of The Waitresses)- Relativity M $33
SECRET AFFAIR- Glory Boys- (mod-revival w/ Seb Shelton, later in Dexys Midnight Runners) Sire M $33
THE SECRETS- Same- (Canadian group w/ John Hamilton who later joined the reunited Ugly Ducklings) Rio SS $42
THE SEEING EYE GODS- Same- (Paisley Picture Disc 5-Song mini-LP w/ Billy Pilgrim aka Brett Gurewitz & Ripped Van Winkle aka John Bertini. Both are members of Bad Religion & produced this Rare EP as a side project. Only 1,000 made! Comes in a plastic sleeve w/ mindblowing cardboard insert drawn by Johns Strauss & Mr. Brett. Same music on both sides: "Psychedelic Suzy" (about Suzy Shaw); "Only One"; Pictures Of Matchstick Men" (Status Quo hit); "Strawberry Girl"; "Happy") Epitaph (EPI-SEG1) M $120
SEX PISTOLS- Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols- (w/ correct innersleeve) Warner Bros (original pink cover w/ "Sub-Mission" sticker on back) SS $150 or Warner Bros (original pink cover w/ "Sub-Mission" sticker on back) EX+ $80 or UK / Virgin (original yellow cover wo/ "Submission") unplayed M $85 or France / Glitterbest (yellow cover wo/ "Submission") unplayed M $60 or France / Glitterbest (w/ "Submission" printed on front) unplayed M $40 or UK / Virgin (Picture Disc w/ "Submission") unplayed M $85 (Note: for "Submission", The Sex Pistols admitted to ripping-off The Doors' "Hello I Love You", which was a rip-off itself of The Kinks' "All Day & All Of The Night"!)
THE SEX PISTOLS- "Anarchy In The U.K." bw/ "I Wanna Be Me" (12" 45-RPM Single) France / Glitterbest M $25
SEX PISTOLS- Some Product: Carri On Sex Pistols- (Audio vérité put together by John Varnom from various interviews & radio ads. Decollage cover art by Jamie Reid) UK / Virgin unplayed M $38
SEX PISTOLS- The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle- (2-LP Gatefold Set. Scarce Original issue w/ "Who Killed Bambi" not included. 22 tracks total. Song order does not match inner gatefold order, which has "'No One Is Innocent" listed as "Cosh The Driver") UK / Virgin M $95
SEX PISTOLS- Indecent Exposure- (Live at the 199 Club, UK September 24, 1976; w/ insert) 5047 M $120
SEX PISTOLS- First US Show- (Atlanta, Georgia January 5, 1978) ODD TWO SS $99
SEX PISTOLS- Welcome To The Rodeo- (Live at The Longhorn Ballroom, Dallas, TX January 10, 1978. If you listen really carefully, you can hear Sid smack an audience member in the face with his Fender Precision. Original pressing w/ B&W cover art) Ruthless Rhythm Ltd. SS $125
SEX PISTOLS- Gun Control- (Live at The Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, California January 14, 1978) SP (2900 Original Issue) SS $115 or Bang Record Factory SS $75
SEX PISTOLS- Spunk- (Studio Outtakes) Blank (BLA-169 w/ generic white cover w/ Sex Pistols #952 rubber-stamped on front) M $160
SEX PISTOLS- The Filth & The Fury- (Studio outtakes: Dave Goodman Sessions August 1976 & January 1977; plus 'Anarchy' from Wessex Studios October 1976; plus short intro track of partial interview of Johnny Rotten by Janet Street Porter) Venezuela / Smilin' Ears SS $120
SEX PISTOLS- Golden Bullet- (The A&M Takes- 15 tracks) SS $125
SEX PISTOLS- Sex Pistols File 1976-1978- (4-LP Boxed Set w/ "Spunk" (BLA-169); "Indecent Exposure" (SP-6148); "Welcome To The Rodeo" (SP-2800); "Gun Control" (SP-2900) Limited Edition of 250) SS $275
SEX PISTOLS- The Very Best Of The Sex Pistols- (w/ Obi Strip, plus 2 lyric inserts: English/Japanese) Japan / Columbia (YX-7247) unplayed M $95
SHAKIN' STREET- Same- (w/ Fabienne Shine & Ross The Boss) Columbia DJ M- $45
SHAKIN' STREET- Vampire Rock- Columbia SS $45
SHAM 69- Tell Us The Truth- (w/ Jimmy Pursey) Sire M $58
SHAM 69- That's Life- (gatefold w/ poster) UK / Polydor M $70
SHAM 69- Hersham Boys- (gatefold) Polydor SS $48
GARY SHANE & THE DETOUR- Forever On Your Way- (post- Shane Champagne Band of the greater Boston area) Pure And Easy M $25
SHATTERED FAITH- Live- (Orange County punk. Side-A Live; Side-B Studio) Record Prophet SS $88 or M- $55
THE SHIRTS- Inner Sleeve- (Annie Golden w/ die-cut cover & lyric innersleeve) Capitol EX $12 or VG $5
THE SHIRTS- Street Light Shine- Capitol M $10
SHONEN KNIFE- Pretty Little Baka Guy- (Original) Subversive SS $48
THE SIDE EFFECTS- Same- (12" 4-Song 33 1/3rd-RPM EP by short lived Athens, GA group, & friends of REM) Db Recs EX $22
SILENCERS- Same- (Pittsburgh rock quintet) Precision M- $14
SILICON TEENS- Music For Parties- (w/ Daniel Miller of The Normal) UK / Mute M- $34 or Sire M $22
THE SILOS- About Her Steps- (Debut LP w/ Walter Salas-Humara (ex-Vulgar Boatmen), & Bob Rupe (ex-Bobs). Like The Velvet Underground gone country-rock) Record Collect SS $88 Scarce!
SINGLE BULLET THEORY- Same- (Debut 4-Song 12" EP by Richmond Virginia punk-pop outfit w/ "Rockers Night Out (Punk For A Day)" & "Rock Around The Apocalypse" bw/ "Lies" & "Les Bons Chanson" w/ merch insert. 1000 pressed) Artifacts M $75
THE SKUNKS- Same- (Austin, TX trio produced by Earle Mankey. Includes The Yardbirds' "For Your Love") Republic M $65
SLAUGHTER- Bite Back- (Slaughter & The Dogs) DJM M $55
SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS- Do It Dog Style- (Scarce Original Pressing) UK / Decca M $195
SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS- Live Slaughter Rabid Dogs- (Limited Edition Recorded Live at the Belle Vue, Manchester, UK, in the Elizabethan Room, Saturday July 9, 1978) UK / Hat (23) M $195
THE SLITS- Cut- (debut LP w/ Budgie, later to Siouxsie & The Banshees) Antilles SS $78
THE SLUTS- 12" Of Sluts- (New Orleans punk. Their only release. Dee Slut almost became lead vocalist for Black Flag) Spread'um Records SS $255 Rare!
PATTI SMITH- Horses- (1st LP cover design by Robert Mapplethorpe) Arista M- $8
PATTI SMITH- "Gloria" bw/ "My Generation"- (2-Song 12" 45-RPM Produced by John Cale, w/ original brown paper bag for cover. A-Side is an edit of the version from the LP 'Horses'. B-Side was recorded live in Cleveland January 26, 1976) UK / Arista (135) M $22
PATTI SMITH- In Heat- (Live in Washington DC, 1976, plus "Piss Factory" studio) Flat (8240) M- $75
PATTI SMITH- Hard Nipples- (aka 'Turn It Up' Live w/ John Cale) Zap (7882) SS $99
PATTI SMITH- I Never Talked To Bob Dylan- (Live at The Conserthouse, Stockholm, Sweden October 3. 1976. Pressed on mauve color vinyl w/ deluxe color cover) Sweden / Stoned (2) Mono M- $70
PATTI SMITH- Paris '78- (Live, Paris 1978 w/ fully printed cover) Inverted Pyramid (774) M $70
PATTI SMITH GROUP- Radio Ethiopia- Arista M- $8
SMOKIN' GAS TRUCK- Hangin' Out- (NYC combo w/ 'Buddy Bradley' look-alike Jon Horne pre-Cryin' Out Louds & Joel Horne of Hose) Flaming Gas Bag SS $40
SNAKE-OUT- Gollywobblers From Hell!- (Wild punk surfabilly! Includes poster for 'Live Pizza' LP) Wanghead With Lips M $75
SNEAKERS- Ear Cartoons- (Oregon band w/ Todd Duncan pre-Crazy 8's) City Lights M $40
SOCIAL UNREST- Rat In A Maze- (Classic West Coast KBD punk 7-Song 12" EP produced by Geza X, w/ lyric sheet) Libertine (Original Black Vinyl) M $95 or Libertine (Limited RED VINYL) NM- $48
THE SODS- Minutes To Go- (Danish Punk) Denmark / Medley (MdLP-6011 Original 1979 pressing) unplayed M $125
SOFT BOYS- Underwater Moonlight- (Robyn Hitchcock & Andy Metcalfe. Original issue) UK / Armageddon (ARM-1) unplayed M $50
THE SONICS- Boom- (repro) Etiquette SS $48
THE SONICS- Sinderella- Bomp SS $48 or M- $36
SONS OF HERCULES- Same- (Debut) Unclean (CD ONLY) M $5
SONS OF HERCULES- Hits For The Misses- (Produced by Mike Maraconda) Unclean (CD ONLY) M $4
SOUL ASYLUM- Say What You Will- (their debut LP) Twintone M $48
SPARKS THE RESCUE- (Post-Hardcore 3-Song advance demo CD for "The Secrets We Can't Keep" release) self-released pre-Double Blind issue M $3
THE SPECIALS- Same- Chrysalis SS $40 or Chrysalis (w/ 4-page press kit) DJ M $50
THE SPECIALS- More Specials- Chrysalis SS $35 or M $25
SPITBALLS- Same- (Non-CD Supergroup w/ The Rubinoos, Jonathan Richman, Greg Kihn) Beserkley (JBZ-0058) M- $45 More Info
THE SPIZZLES- Spikey Dream Flowers- (aka Spizzoil; Spizzenergi; Athletico Spizz 80) A&M M $12
SPLIT ENZ- Mental Notes- (their debut LP w/ gatefold) Chrysalis SS $24
SPLIT ENZ- Dizrythmia- Chrysalis SS $24
SPLIT ENZ- True Colors- (Special Edition w/ laser etched graphics on vinyl. Yellow & Blue color cover scheme) A&M M $26
SPLIT ENZ- "My Mistake"; "Crosswords" bw/ "The Woman Who Loves You"- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM) UK / Chrysalis (2170) M $14
THE SPORTS- Suddenly- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Arista M $9
THE SPORTS- Don't Throw Stones- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Arista M $9
SQUEEZE- UK Squeeze- (Limited Edition Red Vinyl) A&M SS $33 or A&M DJ M $38
THE STAINS- Same- (Local Maine individual homemade & numbered covers w/ insert. Only 500 pressed. Clear vinyl 'stained' w/ some black thrown in. Band logo designed by Mort Todd aka Michael Delle-Femine, athough the covers are hand painted by the band) Gutterworst (#211 w/ red lettering) M $195 or Gutterworst (#486 w/ RARE green lettering) M $275
THE STAND- Seconds Waiting- (Soulful Ska Trio from VA) Wasp M $30
HOLLY STANTON- Temptation- (great new wave power pop) War Bride M $38 Rare!
STARJETS- Same- (pre-Adventures w/ lyric innersleeve) Portrait M $9 or DJ M $14
START- Look Around- (Lawrence, Kansas pop group w/ Allen Ginsberg, who wrote the lyrics for & sings "Look Around") Fresh Sounds Inc SS $55
STATES- Picture Me With You- (w/ John Ryan & Jimmy McDonnell) The Boardwalk Entertainment Co. M $9
STEEL LEG & JAH WOBBLE- Steel Leg V The Electric Dread- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ filmmaker Don Letts & Stratetime Keith Levene, pre-PIL. Steel Leg is Vince Bracken, although some say it was John Lydon. Has exclusive 4:30 version of 'Unlikely Pub') UK / Virgin (VS 239-12) M $68
THE STEPMOTHERS- Same- (5-Song 12" EP w/ lyric insert) Posh Boy M- $40
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS- Nobody's Heroes- Chrysalis SS $30
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS- Inflammable Material- (lyric sleeve) UK / Rough Trade M $44 or M- $36
STILL LITTLE FINGERS- Go For It- Chrysalis EX $18 or VG $7
STRAIGHT EIGHT- Shuffle 'N' Cut- RCA SS $16
RICHARD STRANGE- The Live Rise Of Richard Strange- (ex-Doctors Of Madness Richard Strange recorded these vocals live at Hurrah in New York to studio backing tracks) Canada / Ze SS $60
THE STRANGLERS- Rattus Norvegicus- (Early steampunk w/ correct innersleeve) A&M M $30 or A&M DJ M- $26
THE STRANGLERS- No More Heroes- (Early steampunk w/ correct innersleeve) A&M M $30 or A&M DJ M $33
THE STRANGLERS- Black & White- (Limited Edition on Black & White vinyl w/ lyric innersleeve) A&M SS $40 or A&M DJ M $35
THE STRANGLERS- Live (X Cert) UK / United Artists SS $30 (Unplayed. Has plastic outer sleeve sealed w/ Jem sticker)
THE STRANGLERS- Aural Sculpture- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Epic M- $12
THE STRANGLERS- The Raven- EMI America M- $28
STUMP WIZARDS- Smokestack- Get Hip DJ M $18
SUBHUMANS- Incorrect Thoughts- (singer Wimpy Roy later joined D.O.A.) Canada / Friends SS $280 or M $225
SUBHUMANS- From The Cradle To The Grave- (10-song punk-prog masterpiece has 16:51 long title track; w/ gatefold) UK / Bluurg M $45
SUBURBAN STUDS- Slam- (Only LP by these early Birmingham England punkers) UK / Pogo M $55
THE SUBURBS- Love Is The Law- (lyric inner sleeve) Mercury M- $30
CHRIS SUCH & HIS SAVAGES- Same- (aka Chris Cush, fronting the Headless Horsemen. 4-Song 12" 45-RPM EP) Chaos Mono M $33
SUICIDE- Same- (Original 1st pressing of the Alan Vega & Marty Rev classic) Red Star (Cat # RS1) SS $135
SUICIDE COMMANDOS- The Suicide Commandos Make A Record- Blank SS $38
SWAMP THING- Learning To Disintegrate- (Produced by Butch Vig) Flaming Pie SS $28
SWELL MAPS- A Trip To Marineville- (lyric innersleeve w/ 7" Bonus EP "Loin Of The Surf" / "Doctor At Cake" bw/ "Steven Does" / "Bronze & Baby Shoes") UK / Rather / Rough Trade M/M $44
SYL SYLVAIN- Sylvain Sylvain- (lyric innersleeve) RCA SS $30 or M $18
SYL SYLVAIN- RCA Special Radio Series Vol XII- (Promo Only interview w/ cue sheet of songs + running times) RCA M- $55 Rare!


TALKING HEADS- Fear Of Music- (Original Winchester, VA pressing, Mastered by Glen Calbi at Sterling Sound, all w/ original textured/embossed 'tire pattern' cover, lyric innersleeve & song-title track list sticker on back cover. No barcode) Sire (SRK-6076) SS (back-cover sticker is on the shrinkwrap) $120 or M (matrix is WW1/WW1) $95 or M (matrix is LW3/LW3, no track list sticker on back cover) M $35
TALKING HEADS- Compassion Is A Virtue, But... (Live at The Roxy, LA, CA November 1978) Impossible Recordworks SS $75
TALKING HEADS- Emitting Diode- (2-LP Set Live in Central Park & The Heatwave Festival, Toronto 1980) TBS SS $70
TALKING HEADS- Electrically- (Recorded Live in Los Angees at The University Of Southern California (UCLA) December 1978) Impossible Recordworks (IMP1-10) SS $88
TALKING HEADS- Live On Tour- (The Warner Bros Music Show. PROMO ONLY w/ die-cut cover) M $88
TALKING HEADS- Crosseyed & Painless- (12" 45-RPM PROMO ONLY) Sire DJ Only M- $38
THE TANK- There Is No "I" In Band- (Limited Hand-Numbered (#349 of 700) Marbled fuscia colored vinyl w/ booklet of The Tank, Dr Strange Catalog, etc) Dr. Strange Records M- $58
THE TAXI BOYS- Same- (6-Song 12" w/ John Felice of The Real Kids) Bomp M $50
RICHARD TAYLOR- Same- (of Zehn Archer. 4-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ photo & bio) Star Rhythm M $33 Scarce!
BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY- Lullaby Of Broadway- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM) UK / Criminal (unplayed) M $8
BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY- Strange Man, Changed Mind- (w/ "Girl Of My Dreams) Polydor SS $18
TEEN ANGELS- Daddy- (all girl grunge w/ Kelly Canary & Lisa Smith, both ex-Dickless, produced by Jack Endino) Sub Pop SS $40
TEENAGE HEAD- Frantic City- Canada / Attic M $45
TEENAGE HEAD- Some Kind Of Fun- (original mix) Canada / Attic SS $80 Rare!
TEENAGE HEADS- Tornado (aka Teenage Head. 6-Song 12") MCA M $22
TELEVISION- Marquee Moon- (Robert Maplethorpe cover photo) Elektra (7E-1098 w/ original Butterfly label & lyric innersleeve) VG+ $45 or Elektra DJ (7E-1098 w/ original Butterfly label & lyric innersleeve) EX+ $120
TELEVISION- "Marquee Moon"- (Special Limited Edition 12" 45-RPM Side-1 Stereo bw/ Side-2 Mono. Both versions are 10:40, although the labels say 9:58) UK / Elektra (K-12252) M $40
TELEVISION- Adventure- Elektra SS $45 or Elektra (black vinyl) DJ M $45 or UK / Elektra (Red Vinyl) M $45
TELEVISION- Arrow, Rerun- (Live, March 20, 1978 at 'My Father's Place' in Roslyn, New York) Red Rubber-Stamped Cover unplayed M $88 or Green Rubber-Stamped Cover unplayed M $77
TELL-TALE HEARTS- Same- (Their debut LP w/ Mike Stax ex-Crawdaddys) Voxx M $48
TELL-TALE HEARTS- The Now Sound Of The Tell-Tale Hearts- (6-Song 12" w/ liner notes by Ron Rimsite) Voxx Mono M $48
TENPOLE TUDOR- Eddie Old Bob Dick & Gary- Stiff America SS $38
TEX & THE HORSEHEADS- Same- (Cow-Punk Classic w/ bonus 36" x 24" poster EX) Enigma M $55
THE THANES- Thanes Of Cawdor- (9-Song 10" Mini-LP) Greece / Minotaur M $38
DAVID THOMAS & HIS LEGS- Winter Comes Home- (12" 45-PRM we/ ex-Pere Ubu singer aka Crocus Behemoth) UK / Re M $48
THE THOUGHT- "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" bw/ "There's A Boy" & "Am I"- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM EP w/ A-Side of the Electric Prunes' classic by this little-known Dutch band who started out as The Rousers) Index M- $35
THE THREE O'CLOCK- Baroque Hoedown- (5-Song 12" produced by Earle Mankey) Frontier SS $28
THE THREE O'CLOCK- Sixteen Tambourines- Frontier M- $12
THE THREE O'CLOCK- Arrive Without Travelling- IRS M $18 or IRS M- $8
THE 3-D INVISIBLES- Vampires A-Go-Go- (cover art by Glenn Barr) Neurotic Bop M $18
THROBBING GRISTLE- D.o.A.- (3rd & Final Report. Only 1,000 pressed) UK / Industrial (IR-0004) unplayed M $165
THROBBING GRISTLE- Heathen Earth- (gatefold) UK / Industrial (IR-0009) uplayed M $90
THUNDERTRAIN- Teenage Suicide-
JOHNNY THUNDERS- So Alone- (w/ correct innersleeve) UK / Reel Records unplayed M $90
JOHNNY THUNDERS- "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" bw/ "Hurtin'"- (12" 45-RPM on Colored Vinyl) UK / Real Records (ARE-3) SS $70
JOHNNY THUNDERS- In Cold Blood- (2-Set: Studio disc (4-Song 12" 45-RPM) / Live disc (33 1/3rd) w/ Joe Mazzari) France / New Rose M $40
TIL TUESDAY- Voices Carry- (lyric innersleeve) Epic M- $16
THE TIME BEINGS- Journey To Tyme With The Time Beings- (founding member Jay Martorano, w/ Preston Wayne ex-Odds & Steve Aquino ex-Lyres deliver 13 blistering garage rock blasts, including the Kenny & The Kasuals' title track) Dino (CD ONLY) SS $14
THE TIMES- Hip, Isn't It- (Alternative rock from Louisiana produced by Johnny Palazzotto. Original innersleeve) Skratch M $18
TIN HUEY- Contents Dislodged During Shipping- (Ohio free-jazz art-prog w/ lyric innersleeve) Warner Bros M $20 More Info
TOMMY GUN & THE HIT SQUAD- Hail To he Chief!- (6-Song 12" Mini-LP by this Boston punk trio, produced by Tom Hamilton at Syncro Sound. Comes w/ insert & poster) Spit EX+ $20
THE TONE BAND- "Germany Calling" bw/ "Calculator"- (12" 45-RPM Special Maxi Version)- Germany / Polydor unplayed M $5
THE TOURISTS- Reality Effect- Epic DJ M- $10
THE TOURISTS- Luminous Basement- (lyric innersleeve) M $10 or EX $7
THE TUBES- Now- A&M SS $25
THE TUBES- "Prime Time" bw/ "No Way Out"- (2-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM produced by Todd Rundgren) A&M DJ M $12
TUBEWAY ARMY- Same (w/ Gary Numan) UK / Beggars Banquet unplayed M $17
TUFF DARTS- Same- Sire SS $33
THE TURBINES- Last Dance Before Highway- (Boston band featuring Jack Hickey) Big Time M $55
THE TURBINES- Magic Fingers & Hourly Rates- France / New Rose M $55
THE TURN UPS- Turn Up- (Harrisburg, PA group noted for having backed Billy Synth. Includes their version of The Balloon Farm classic, "Question Of Temperature") Cracked M $45

U - V - W

ULTRAVOX- Vienna- Chrysalis DJ M $10
ULTRAVOX- Quartet- Chrysalis SS $18
THE UNCLAIMED- Primordial Ooze Flavored Unclaimed- (6-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM. Shelly Gantz w/ future Thee Fourgiven members Ray Flores; Rich Coffee ex-Gizmos pre-Tommyknockers; & Matt Roberts; plus uncredited Sid Griffin pre-Long Ryders) Hysteria M $58
UNCLE SAM- Heaven Or Hollywood- (Rare uncensored cover photo depicts fully nude female w/ razor. Includes lyric insert) Skeller M $80
THE UNDERACHIEVERS- Underfoot- (Boston new wave w/ Bob MacKenzie, ex-Hopelessly Obscure; Lyres; Beachmasters; GG Allin; Mighty Ions; Lou Miami & The Kosmetix) Throbbing Lobster M $33
THE UNDERTAKERS- The Greatest Stories Ever Told- Midnight M- $18
THE UNDERTONES- Same- (w/ correct innersleeve) Sire (SRK-6071) EX+ $77 or Sire (SRK-6081- different cover) SS $60 or M- $33
THE UNDERTONES- Hypnotized- (w/ correct innersleeve) Sire SS $53
THE UNDERTONES- All Wrapped Up- (singles collection) Capitol EX+ $28
UNITS- Digital Stimulation- (Debut LP by San Franciscoo electro-pop new wave pioneers) 415 Records SS $125
THE UNKNOWNS- Same- (w/ Bruce Joyner of The Stroke Band) Invasion SS $58
THE UNKNOWNS- Dream Sequence- (6-Song 12" Mini LP w/ Press Kit & glossy photo) Sire M $55
UNTOLD FABLES- Every Mother's Nightmare- (w/ Robert Butler pre-Miracle Workers. Engineering by Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion). Produced by Lee Joseph) Dionysus M $48
RONNIE URINI & THE LAST POETS- The Slough Of Iggy & The Iguanas- (4-Songs by The Psychedelic Stooges on 10" w/ German versions of "Dirt" bw/ "I Got A Right", "I Need Somebody", "No Fun") Paradox M $48
U.X.A.- Illusions Of Grandeur- (pre-release copy w/ rubber stamped plain white cover) Posh Boy SS $48
V;- The V; EP- So!- (Scarce Boston art punk 4-Song 12" Single w/ Matt Burns & Susan Anyway. The song "1926" was later covered by Thalia Zedek) Propeller SS $33
VALLEY GIRLS- "Marina Men" b/w "Standards" (2-Song 12" Maxi-Single) Rhino (RNTI-402) SS $16
CHERRY VANILLA- Bad Girl- (ex-scene actress for Andy Warhol & publicist for David Bowie. w/ Louis Lepore, guitar) RCA SS $26
VENUS & THE RAZORBLADES- Songs From The Sunshine Jungle- (Sal Maida ex-Roxy Music; & Dyan Diamond, produced by Kim Fowley; w/ lyric innersleeve) Visa SS $35 or M $28
TOM VERLAINE- Same- (Solo Debut by ex-Television & Patti Smith. Includes "Kingdom Come", covered by David Bowie on 'Scary Monsters'. w/ correct innersleeve) Elektra M- $44
THE VERNON WALTERS / INDIREKT- Present History- (2-LP Set w/ poster cover. Two sides by each group) Holland / Let's Make Our Own Records M $33
HOLLY BETH VINCENT- Holly & The Italians- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Epic M $18
THE VINDICATORS- Live It Up- (Boston rockers self-released 5-Song Mini LP) SS $44
THE VIPERS- Out Of he Nest!- (w/ 2-page press release) PVC M $18
THE VIPERS- How About Somemore?- (LP is Fully Autographed by entire band! Comes w/ insert & bonus single: "Psycho" bw/ "All I Want" & "I'm Not Like Everybody Else") Midnight M- $75
THE VISIBLE TARGETS- Same- (4-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM) Park Avenue M $18
VISIGOTHS- I.B.B.Y.- (Boston punkers 4-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ Buck Cherry) Rexco SS $48
VIVISECT-Same- (obscure Boston punkers w/ Kennedy Kenmore, pre-Toecutter. Photo by David Henry) Gutterock SS $48
THE VOODOO LOVE GODS- Same- (w/ insert) Bona Fide SS $28
THE VP'S- Annual Report- (1988 female fronted 4-piece bizrock) VPs Recording Ltd. SS $33
THE WAITRESSES- Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?- (includes "I Know What Boys Like", w/ lyric innersleeve) Ze VG+ $38
WARHEAD- If-Then-Else- (ex-Weirdos Dix & John Denney. Homemade cover art. Two copies available: #0113 & #0114) unplayed M $68
THE WEIRDOS- Action-Design EP- (4-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM includes The Doors classic "Break On Through") Rhino SS $48 or M- $35
THE WET ONES- It's A Premoistened World- (All-girl Aussie band 4-Song 12" 45-RPM) Australia M $38
WHIRLWIND- Blowing Up A Storm- (great rockabilly) UK / Chiswick M $38
WHITE BOY- Kissing At Midnight- (4-Song 12") Doodleysquat SS $33
JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS- "Contort Yourself" (6:19) bw/ "(Tropical) Heatwave" (3:52)- (2-Song 12" by James Chance, aka James White & The Blacks, aka The Contortions, w/ Pat Place of The Bush Tetras. August Darnell of Kid Creole remixed this version of the jazzy post-punk free-funk dance floor classic) ZE (12-004) M $45
WHODINI- The Haunted House Of Rock- (12" 45-RPM of old-school hip-hop) Arista / Jive M- $12
WILD GIRAFFES- Right Now- (Cleveland, Ohio based mod-punk group) Neck SS $66 or Neck (fully autographed by each band member) M $99
WILD OATS- Same- (Mark Levy w/ lyric innersleeve) Clouds EX+ $18
WENDY O. WILLIAMS- W.O.W.- (Her post-Plasmatics solo debut punk-metal PICTURE DISC rarity w/ backing by Kiss: Paul Stanley; Ace Frehley; Eric Carr & Vinnie Vincent. Gene Simmons also plays, produced & co-wrote 5 of the 9 songs) UK / Music For Nations / Passport (MFNP-24 Picture Disc) M $99
PAT WILSON- Bop Girl- (5-Song 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM EP) Warner Bros M $12
WIPERS- Youth Of America- (w/ Greg Sage. AUTOGRAPHED by Each Band Member on Front Cover!) Park Avenue M $245
WIRE- 154- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Warner Bros M $28
THE WITCH TRIALS- Same- (6-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ Jello Biafra & Christian Lunch of The Dead Kennedys, plus East Bay Ray; Adrian Borland; & Morgan-Fisher) Subterranean / Alternative Tentacles M- $44
JAH WOBBLE- The Legend Lives On... Jah Wobble In 'Betrayal'- (of PIL) UK / Virgin EX+ $22
JAH WOBBLE- Snake Charmer- (5-Song mini-LP w/ The Edge & Holger Czukay) Island M- $33
JAH WOBBLE- V.I.E.P.- (featuring "Blueberry Hill") UK / Virgin M $33
JAH WOBBLE- "Dreadlock Don't Deal In Wedlock" bw/ "Pthilius Pubis- (early 12" 45-RPM) UK / Virgin M $38
WRECKLESS ERIC- Same- (8-Song 10" Mini-LP on Brown Vinyl w/ printed innersleeve) UK / Stiff M $16
WRECKLESS ERIC- The Wonderful World Of Wreckless Eric- (Green Vinyl w/ correct innersleeve) UK / Stiff (SEEZ-9) M $28

X - Y - Z

X- Wild Gift- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Slash M- $18
X- More Fun In The New World- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Elektra M- $18 or Elektra DJ EX $18 or Canada / Elektra M- 24
X- True Love Part II- (PROMO ONLY 12" 33 1/3rd-RPM Single w/ 3 different versions of title song: AOR Edit; Album Version; Club Mix. Originally came without a cover) Elektra (EAOR-4943) DJ ONLY M $90
X-RAY SPEX- "Oh Bondage Up Yours" bw/ "I Am A Cliché"- (2-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ Poly Styrene & Lora Logic) UK / Virgin M $48
X-RAY SPEX- Germ Free Adolescents- (Poly Styrene w/ Paul Dean & Rudi Thompson pre-Agent Orange. Original 1st pressing w/ lyric innersleeve. Masters were destroyed shortly after release, & future re-releases were from the vinyl) UK / EMI $145
XTC- Black Sea- (w/ lyric innersleeve) RSO / Virgin SS (in green paper bag) $55 or EX $12
XTC- Drums & Wires- (w/ lyric innersleeve) Virgin SS $28
XTC- 3-D EP- (3-Song 12" 45-RPM EP w/ 3D cover. "Science Friction" bw/ "She's So Square" & "Dance Band") UK / Virgin M $45 or EX- $25
XTC- White Music- (w/ embossed cover) Holland / Virgin M $38
YARD TRAUMA- Same- (debut LP for Joe Dodge & Lee Joseph) Bona Fide SS $75
YARD TRAUMA- Must've Been Something I Took Last Night- Dionysus M $66
ROSA YEMEN- Same- (no wave Mini-LP w/ Lizzy Mercier Descloux) France / Ze M $88 Rare!
THE YOBS- Christmas Album- (UK Only release) UK / Safari M $35
YOUNG CANADIANS- This Is Your Life- (4-Song 12" 45-RPM w/ original innersleeve) Canada / Quintessence SS $58 or M- $38
YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS- Colossal Youth- Rough Trade SS $55
THE ZANTEES- Same- (pre-A-Bones 4-Song 12" EP) Midnight SS $50
THE ZANTEES- Out For Kicks- Bomp M $44
PETER ZAREMBA'S LOVE DELEGATION- Spread The Word- (w/ Peter Zaremba & Keith Streng of The Fleshtones; Barrence Whitfield of The Savages; Wendy Wild of The Mad Violets; Kenny Margolis of Lucky 7; Dave Faulkner of The Hoodoo Gurus; Pat Dinizio of The Smithereens) Moving Target M $14
THE ZIPPERS- Same- (6-Song Mini-LP produced by Ray Manzarek) Rhino SS $58