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LOUIS ARMSTRONG- New Orleans Jazz- (3 songs by Satchmo, plus 4 songs by The Decibels) American Tape Corp M- $4
ASBURY PARK- The Sounds Of- (Various Artists) Visa SS $10


BAY CITY ROLLERS- Greatest Hits- Arista M- $8
BEACH BOYS- Endless Summer- Capitol EX+ $9
THE BEATLES- The Beatles 1962-1966 Part 1- Apple (Black Cart 8XK-3405) EX- $9
THE BEATLES- Beatles Vol 2- Boot (White Cart 187) VG $
THE BEATLES- Revolver- Capitol (Black Cart, first issue: 8XT-2576) VG $22
THE BEATLES- The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl- Capitol (Black Cart 8XW-11638) EX- $9
THE BEATLES- Rarities Capitol (Black Cart 8XA-12060) M- $9
CHUCK BERRY- Golden Hits- Mercury EX $7
GRAHAM BOND- Holy Magick- (Blues-jazz-soul-rock, featuring Bond's distinctive organ, female soul backup vocals, & John Gross on tenor sax, put magic rituals to song) Mercury SS $14
DAVID BOWIE- David Live- (At The Tower Theater, Philadelphia) RCA EX $10
BULL ANGUS- Free For All- Mercury SS $28


CHAMBERS BROTHERS- Unbonded- Avco SS $16


THE DOORS- Strange Days- Elektra EX+ $10
BOB DYLAN- Greatest Hits- (w/ "Positively 4th Street") Columbia EX+ $14

E - F

ARTHUR FIEDLER & THE BOSTON POPS- Saturday Night Fiedler- (Songs made popular in the John Travolta movie "Saturday Night Fever") Midsong International EX- $2
FRESH- Fresh Out Of Borstal- ( Supposedly recorded by actual inmates at England's notorious school for recalcitrant youth. Involvement by Peter Sarstedt; Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, produced by Simon Napier-Bell) RCA SS $9


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GEORGE HARRISON- All Things Must Pass- (2-Tape Set)- Apple Box is G / Tapes are VG+ $22
GEORGE HARRISON- Same- Dark Horse (3255) EX+ $9
JIMI HENDRIX & CURTIS KNIGHT- Get That Feeling- Mark-8 EX $8
THE HOUR GLASS- Same- (formed by Duane & Gregg Allman out of the ruins of the Allman Joys; w/ Johnny Sandlin & Paul Hornsby. SONGS: Out Of The Night; I Can Stand Alone; Love Makes The World Go 'Round; Cast Off All My Fears; I've Been Trying; No Easy Way Down; Heartbeat; So Much Love; Got To Get away; Now Is The Time; Bells; Power Of Love; Changing Of The Guard; To Thing Before; I'm Not Afraid; Nothing But Tears; Down In Texas; I Still Want Your Love; Home For The Summer; I'm Hanging My Heart For You; Going Nowhere; Norwegian Wood; Silently) United Artists SS $12

I - J

MILLIE JACKSON- Caught Up- Spring/ Polydor SS $14
TOM JONES- The Body & Soul Of Tom Jones- Parrot/London VG+ $4


KISS- Rock & Roll Over- Casablanca EX+ $14


LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL- Original Soundtrack- (80 minute double-play cartridge) Bell VG $5
JERRY LEE LEWIS- Monsters- Sun VG+ $7
JERRY LEE LEWIS- Rockin' Rhythm & Blues- Sun EX- $8
ENOCH LIGHT & THE LIGHT BRIGADE- Spaced Out- (Discrete 4-Channel Quad Sound for the a-Channel 8-track player) Project-3/Ampex M- $20


THE MANDRAKE MEMORIAL- Medium- (Jazz & Middle Eastern influences w/ guitarist Craig Anderton) Poppy SS $14 (Rare)
CARLOS MONTOYA- Plays Flamenco- (w/ Jose Moreno, Flamenco Singer) Altone M- $1

N - O

GRAHAM NASH- Songs For Beginners- Stereo-8 M- $2

P - Q

PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC- Get It On- (ex-Bluesberry Jam members Tom Marshall & Charlie Allen w/ Frank Cook ex-Canned Heat. SONGS: Wade in the Water 6:11; Cry Cry Cry Malone 5:25; Motor City Is Burning Smith 6:45; Hunter Jackson, Jones, Wells 3:21; Long Handled Shovel 3:31; Jelly, Jelly Cotton 6:39; Stormy Times Block 2:43; Live Love Marshall 3:21) United SS $14 (Rare)
ELVIS PRESLEY- The Elvis Presley Story- RCA (Special Products) /Candlelite M $9 (Write for more Elvis Presley 8-Track Tapes that are available)


THE ROLLING STONES- Emotional Rescue- (Scarce 1980 Promotone B.V. issue) Rolling Stones Records (TP 16015) M $20


THE SAVAGE ROSE -Your Daily Gift- (prog-rock from Denmark ala Jefferson Airplane, Doors, Pink Floyd, mixed w/ classical jazz & Danish-Euro folk elements. Wispy lead singer Annisette can suddenly break into Janis Joplin meets Yoko Ono, a style that foreshadows Kate Bush) Gregar SS $12
SOUTH SHORE COMMISSION - Scepter / Wand SS $9 More Info
MORTON STEVENS- Hawaii Five-O- Music From The TV Soundtrack- (A CBS Television Series Starring Jack Lord) Capitol (8XT-410) EX $2


TEN WHEEL DRIVE- Brief Replies- (w/ Genya Ravan, often compared to Janis Joplin) Polydor SS $8
TEN WHEEL DRIVE- Peculiar Friends- (their final release, w/ Genya Ravan) Polydor SS $6

U - V - W

THE VENTURES- $1,000,000.00 Weekend- (Sonic Spectrum + Technology) Liberty VG+ $8
THE WHO- Odds & Sods- MCA VG $5

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